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How Smart Can We Get?

How Smart Can We Get?

See inside Einstein's brain, learn how to boost your memory, meet people who became savants after an injury, and more.
S6 E7 Length 52:16 Premiere: 11.15.12

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NOVA scienceNOW

About NOVA scienceNOW

From the award-winning producers of NOVA, NOVA scienceNOW is a fast-paced and provocative science magazine show that highlights four timely science and technology stories per episode. Launched in 2005, the show is hosted by renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson. Buy

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Season 6 Episodes

How Smart Can We Get?

S6 E7 Length 52:16 Premiere Date 11.15.12

How Smart Can We Get? Preview

Preview Length 00:29 Premiere Date 9.18.12

NOVA scienceNOW Season 6 Promo

Preview Length 03:05 Premiere Date 7.23.12

Unravelling Bolero

Clip Length 04:28 Premiere Date 10.22.12

Cook's Illustrated Burgers

Clip Length 02:59 Premiere Date 10.24.12

Cook's Illustrated Potatoes

Clip Length 02:46 Premiere Date 10.24.12

Cook's Illustrated Sugar

Clip Length 02:49 Premiere Date 10.24.12

Cook's Illustrated Sauces

Clip Length 03:05 Premiere Date 10.24.12

Sneak Peek: What Will the Future Be Like?

Clip Length 04:23 Premiere Date 11.13.12

Criminal Minds: Born or Made?

Clip Length 15:40 Premiere Date 12.20.12

Cooking with Chemicals

Clip Length 00:27 Premiere Date 6.3.13

Fastest Glacier

Clip Length 06:06 Premiere Date 7.1.05

Video Short: Found It!

Clip Length 01:11 Premiere Date 1.1.06

Video Short: Hunting Meteorites

Clip Length 03:43 Premiere Date 9.1.06


The Science of Choking

Length 04:07 Premiere Date 7.28.13

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