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Nurses Needed

By the year 2020, a nationwide shortage of up to 500,000 trained nurses could mean that hundreds of thousands of patients will receive less attention and substandard treatment. NOW on PBS takes a hard look at the strains this crisis is placing on the entire medical system, as well as innovative efforts to reverse the trend.
Season 5 Episode 42 Length 23:49 Premiere: 10/15/09

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Season 5 Episodes

The Marines Are Landing

S5 E50 Length 25:08 Premiere Date 12/11/09

Climate Crisis

S5 E48 Length 21:38 Premiere Date 11/27/09

Who's Helping Our Wounded Vets?

S5 E47 Length 25:37 Premiere Date 11/19/09

Elizabeth Warren on the Economy

S5 E46 Length 24:16 Premiere Date 11/12/09

David Sirota On The 2009 Election

S5 E45 Length 24:04 Premiere Date 11/05/09

Electric Car Dreams

S5 E44 Length 23:50 Premiere Date 10/29/09

Water World

S5 E43 Length 25:35 Premiere Date 10/22/09

Nurses Needed

S5 E42 Length 23:49 Premiere Date 10/15/09

Life Panel? Death Panel?

S5 E41 Length 25:37 Premiere Date 10/08/09

Pre-existing Conditions

S5 E39 Length 23:03 Premiere Date 09/25/09

Surrogacy: Wombs for Rent?

S5 E38 Length 24:04 Premiere Date 09/18/09

Africa: House Calls and Health Care

S5 E37 Length 23:48 Premiere Date 09/10/09

After Guantanamo

S5 E36 Length 25:32 Premiere Date 09/03/09

Keep on Trucking?

S5 E35 Premiere Date 08/27/09

Gambling With Health Care

S5 E33 Length 25:17 Premiere Date 08/13/09

Power Struggle

S5 E32 Length 22:58 Premiere Date 08/06/09

Fighting Child Prostitution

S5 E31 Length 22:59 Premiere Date 07/30/09

Wall Street Reform and You

S5 E30 Length 25:34 Premiere Date 07/23/09

Inside Israel's Army

S5 E29 Length 25:36 Premiere Date 07/16/09

Peace and Prosperity in the West Bank?

S5 E28 Length 25:23 Premiere Date 07/09/09

Obama's Border Fence

S5 E27 Length 11:54 Premiere Date 07/02/09

Homes for the Homeless?

S5 E26 Length 25:36 Premiere Date 06/25/09

Student Loan Sinkhole?

S5 E25 Length 25:40 Premiere Date 06/18/09

Abortion Providers Under Siege

S5 E24 Length 25:38 Premiere Date 06/11/09

Food, Inc.

S5 E23 Length 24:10 Premiere Date 06/04/09

Green Jobs: Hope or Hype?

S5 E22 Length 24:10 Premiere Date 05/21/09

Rehab for Terrorists?

S5 E21 Length 26:36 Premiere Date 05/21/09

Can the U.N. Keep the Peace?

S5 E20 Length 26:46 Premiere Date 05/14/09

Predicting Pandemics

S5 E19 Length 26:46 Premiere Date 05/07/09

A Radical Fix for Schools?

S5 E18 Length 26:46 Premiere Date 04/30/09

Justice Delayed

S5 E17 Length 23:04 Premiere Date 04/23/09

On Thin Ice

S5 E16 Length 56:46 Premiere Date 04/16/09

Help for the Homeowners?

S5 E6 Length 25:32 Premiere Date 02/06/09

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