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Targeting the Taliban

Fighting the Afghanistan War, in Pakistan.
Season 6 Episode 2 Length 25:39 Premiere: 01/07/10

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Kentucky Edition host Renee Shaw in a green dress with the logo superimposed over the image along with a CHECK SCHEDULE button.Kentucky Edition host Renee Shaw in a green dress with the set behind her and the logo superimposed over the image along with a CHECK SCHEDULE button.

Season 6 Episodes

The Best of NOW: Issues and Insight

S6 E18 Length 24:03 Premiere Date 04/29/10

The Best of NOW: The Wars

S6 E17 Length 24:15 Premiere Date 04/22/10

The Best of NOW: In-Depth Investigations

S6 E16 Length 24:20 Premiere Date 04/15/10

A Town Revitalized?

S6 E15 Length 24:09 Premiere Date 04/08/10

Maximum Capacity

S6 E14 Length 24:22 Premiere Date 04/01/10


S6 E13 Length 23:45 Premiere Date 03/25/10

Hunting Wolves, Saving Wolves

S6 E9 Length 25:26 Premiere Date 02/25/10

Angry Voters

S6 E8 Length 25:33 Premiere Date 02/18/10

Caring About Congo

S6 E7 Length 25:05 Premiere Date 02/11/10

Democrats and the New Politics of Abortion

S6 E6 Length 25:40 Premiere Date 02/04/10

Saving Haiti's Mothers

S6 E5 Length 25:33 Premiere Date 01/28/10

Saving American Journalism

S6 E3 Length 25:37 Premiere Date 01/14/10

Targeting the Taliban

S6 E2 Length 25:39 Premiere Date 01/07/10

Soap Opera for Social Change

S6 E1 Length 25:33 Premiere Date 12/31/09

Trailer: Fixing The Future

Preview Length 02:14 Premiere Date 10/17/10

Animation: Growth in the New Economy

Clip Length 01:50 Premiere Date 11/10/10

Animation: Well-Being in the New Economy

Clip Length 03:16 Premiere Date 11/10/10

Animation: Jobs in the New Economy

Clip Length 01:28 Premiere Date 11/10/10

Economist: Wake up to "Misplaced Priorities"

Clip Length 12:57 Premiere Date 11/15/10

Banking on the Locals

Clip Length 04:13 Premiere Date 11/15/10

Economist: 401K Meet Local Co-op

Clip Length 11:24 Premiere Date 11/15/10

Economist Editor: Think Long-Term

Clip Length 05:26 Premiere Date 11/15/10

Living Large in Tiny Homes

Clip Length 02:24 Premiere Date 11/15/10

Good Jobs, Locally Grown

Clip Length 06:30 Premiere Date 11/15/10

Industrial-sized Co-ops?

Clip Length 06:31 Premiere Date 11/15/10

Swapping Ditch-digging for Legal Services

Clip Length 08:11 Premiere Date 11/15/10

Learning to Run a Co-op

Clip Length 04:32 Premiere Date 11/15/10

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