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"Home" - Amber Iman and APO

"Home" - Amber Iman and APO

Broadway star Amber Iman and the American Pops Orchestra perform Diana Ross's standout hit from the musical "The Wiz," "Home."
Clip S1 E1 Length 03:08 Premiere: 5.28.21

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One Voice: The Songs We Share

About One Voice: The Songs We Share

Join us for a series featuring the American Pops Orchestra celebrating uniquely American music. Each episode features music that has transcended its original genre and audience.

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Season 1 Episodes

The Sacred

S1 E2 Length 25:48 Premiere Date 5.28.21


S1 E1 Length 26:02 Premiere Date 5.28.21

Episode 1 Preview | Broadway

Preview Length 00:30 Premiere Date 5.28.21

"Home" - Amber Iman and APO

Clip Length 03:08 Premiere Date 5.28.21

"It's De-Lovely" - Luke Hawkins and APO

Clip Length 02:02 Premiere Date 5.28.21

"I Am What I Am" - Alexis Michelle and APO

Clip Length 02:35 Premiere Date 5.28.21

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