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Coming Around One Table with Common Earth Gardens

Coming Around One Table with Common Earth Gardens

Maggie and Lindsey take part in the kitchen skills classes taught at the Common Table, a six-week program preparing refugees and others for careers in hospitality. They visit the vibrant vegetable beds of Common Earth Gardens, where refugees from around the world are able to make a living from the earth.
S1 E5 Length 26:44 Premiere: 2.15.20

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The Farmer and the Foodie

About The Farmer and the Foodie

The Farmer & The Foodie aims to cultivate healthy communities through education and the celebration of diverse food traditions, with a mission of enriching people's lives by teaching them to cook simple meals to share with family and friends. Hosts Maggie Keith and Lindsey McClave have a knack for creating delicious recipes using fresh, local ingredients.

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Coming Around One Table with Common Earth Gardens

S1 E5 Length 26:44 Premiere Date 2.15.20

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