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Celebrate family as the four remaining cooks prepare two dishes inspired by their friends and families. Whether it’s a neighbor’s lasagna or a dish passed down from grandma, the judges are in for some heartfelt food.
Season 1 Episode 7 Length 52:50 Premiere: 08/05/22

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Season 1 Episodes

The Great American Recipe

S1 E8 Length 52:49 Premiere Date 08/12/22


S1 E7 Length 52:50 Premiere Date 08/05/22

Mix it Up

S1 E6 Length 52:50 Premiere Date 07/29/22

Party on a Plate

S1 E5 Length 52:49 Premiere Date 07/22/22

Moveable Feasts

S1 E4 Length 52:50 Premiere Date 07/15/22

Love Language

S1 E3 Length 52:50 Premiere Date 07/08/22

The Daily Dish

S1 E2 Length 52:50 Premiere Date 07/01/22

If I Were a Recipe

S1 E1 Length 52:50 Premiere Date 06/24/22

Family Preview

Preview Length 00:31 Premiere Date 08/05/22

Foos Eggrolls

Clip Length 02:21 Premiere Date 08/05/22

Stuffed Seafood Showdown

Clip Length 04:24 Premiere Date 08/05/22

Official Teaser

Preview Length 00:31 Premiere Date 04/28/22

Official Preview

Preview Length 00:32 Premiere Date 05/05/22

Exploring The Great American Recipe

Preview Length 02:01 Premiere Date 05/10/22

Meet Alejandra Ramos

Clip Length 00:53 Premiere Date 06/24/22

Meet Tiffany Derry

Clip Length 00:52 Premiere Date 06/24/22

Meet Graham Elliot

Clip Length 00:59 Premiere Date 06/24/22

Meet Leah Cohen

Clip Length 00:51 Premiere Date 06/24/22

Meet Bambi Daniels

Clip Length 00:50 Premiere Date 06/24/22

Meet Brian Leigh

Clip Length 00:52 Premiere Date 06/24/22

Meet Christina Mcalvey

Clip Length 01:00 Premiere Date 06/24/22

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