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Comment on Kentucky logo and a "Check Schedule" button.A close-up of Comment on Kentucky host Bill Bryant smiling in a dark suit and purple tie against an image of Kentucky's capitol building. with a "Check Schedule" button.

Season 1 Episodes

Human Worlds

S1 E5 Length 55:55 Premiere Date 08/03/22

Desert Worlds

S1 E4 Length 55:55 Premiere Date 07/27/22

Seasonal Worlds

S1 E3 Length 55:55 Premiere Date 07/20/22

Water Worlds

S1 E2 Length 55:55 Premiere Date 07/13/22

Tropical Worlds

S1 E1 Length 55:55 Premiere Date 07/06/22

How Do You Pollinate 40 Million Almond Trees?

Clip Length 02:33 Premiere Date 08/03/22

One Sharpshooter Way to Stop an Invasive Plant

Clip Length 02:20 Premiere Date 08/03/22

How "Weeds" Grow in the Sidewalk

Clip Length 02:32 Premiere Date 08/03/22

Seeds that Literally Run Away

Clip Length 02:27 Premiere Date 08/03/22

The Green Planet - Teaser

Preview Length 00:30 Premiere Date 07/06/22

Official Preview

Preview Length 00:30 Premiere Date 07/06/22

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