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The Statue of Liberty

For more than 100 years, the Statue of Liberty has been a symbol of hope and refuge for generations of immigrants. In this compelling and provocative portrait of the statue, Ken Burns explores both the history of America’s premier symbol and the meaning of liberty itself. Featuring archival photographs, readings from diaries, letters and newspapers of the day the story of the monument is told
Season 1 Episode 1 Length 55:00 Premiere: 10/24/85

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The Statue of Liberty

About The Statue of Liberty

This 1985 Ken Burns film chronicles the creation and history of the Statue of Liberty and what it represents to all Americans. Narrated by David McCullough, the film traces the development of the monument--from its conception, to its complicated and often controversial construction, to its final dedication--and offers interviews with a wide range of Americans to explore the meaning of the statue.


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The Statue of Liberty

S1 E1 Length 55:00 Premiere Date 10/24/85

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What is Liberty?

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Self-Evident Truth

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A Difficult Delivery

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