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A World Without War

A few weeks after the death of President Roosevelt shocks the country, Germany surrenders. Meanwhile, American sailors, soldiers and Marines endure the worst battle of the Pacific - Okinawa. In August, American planes drop atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the Japanese, too, surrender. Millions return home - to try to learn how to live in a world without war.
Season 1 Episode 7 Length 2:07:27 Premiere: 8.8.12

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A promotional shot of the two main cast characters.A promotional shot of the two main cast characters.

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The War

About The War

The War is the story of the Second World War through the personal accounts of a handful of men and women from four American towns. The war touched the lives of every family on every street in every town in America and demonstrated that in extraordinary times, there are no ordinary lives.


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Season 1 Episodes

A World Without War

S1 E7 Length 2:07:27 Premiere Date 8.8.12

The Ghost Front

S1 E6 Length 1:59:26 Premiere Date 8.7.12


S1 E5 Length 2:06:58 Premiere Date 8.6.12

Pride of our Nation

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A Deadly Calling

S1 E3 Length 1:52:42 Premiere Date 8.2.12

When Things Get Tough

S1 E2 Length 1:57:14 Premiere Date 8.1.12

A Necessary War

S1 E1 Length 2:24:51 Premiere Date 9.22.07

A World Without War | Preview

Preview Length 00:30 Premiere Date 10.1.07

Mobile Shipyards

Clip Length 09:56 Premiere Date 9.22.07

African-Americans Troops Training

Clip Length 04:10 Premiere Date 9.22.07

The War Comes Home to Luverne

Clip Length 01:24 Premiere Date 9.22.07

D-Day in Luverne

Clip Length 05:10 Premiere Date 9.22.07

The Four Towns

Clip Length 11:00 Premiere Date 9.22.07


Clip Length 12:43 Premiere Date 9.22.07

Rationing and Recycling

Clip Length 07:22 Premiere Date 9.22.07

Babe Ciarlo in Anzio

Clip Length 05:52 Premiere Date 9.22.07

That's War

Clip Length 01:26 Premiere Date 9.22.07

'Knew I'd Killed Men'

Clip Length 01:42 Premiere Date 9.22.07


Clip Length 05:22 Premiere Date 9.22.07

Made into an enemy

Clip Length 07:14 Premiere Date 9.22.07

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