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The Protector

The Protector

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The Protector

Donavon Barney is a Iraq War Marine Corps veteran who embraces his traditional Navajo beliefs and connection to culture, but also understands that his people are in desperate need of technological development and the transition of accessing technology. Faced with crumbling infrastructure on the Navajo reservation, Barney finds ways to advocate for his people through a career in Cybersecurity.
Clip Length 05:01 Premiere: 11.11.19

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The Warrior Tradition

About The Warrior Tradition

The Warrior Tradition tells the astonishing, heartbreaking, inspiring, and largely-untold story of Native Americans in the United States military. Why would Indian men and women put their lives on the line for the very government that took their homelands? The film relates the stories of Native American warriors from their own points of view – stories of service and pain, of courage and fear.

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