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Military Families Handbook Promo

Military Families Handbook Promo

This Emotional Life in partnership with the Defense Center of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury developed a FREE handbook to help the friends and support network of our country's service members understand what to expect from deployment, build the skills to strengthen relationships, and gain the tools to keep their family strong throughout separation.
Preview Length 01:00 Premiere: 05/10/11

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This Emotional Life

About This Emotional Life

This 3-part series represents what television does best. It opens a window into real lives, exploring ways to improve our social relationships, cope with emotional issues, and become more positive, resilient individuals. Hosted by Daniel Gilbert, Harvard psychologist and best-selling author of Stumbling on Happiness.

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Your Friends' Friends Can Make You Happy

Length 01:30 Premiere Date 01/04/10

Racing Hearts

Length 02:19 Premiere Date 12/31/09

Career and friendship

Length 00:37 Premiere Date 12/31/09

Love's intensity

Length 00:52 Premiere Date 12/31/09

When Chevy Met Jayni

Length 01:44 Premiere Date 12/31/09

Love's Antichamber

Length 00:49 Premiere Date 12/31/09

Born on a Sunny Day

Length 02:07 Premiere Date 12/31/09

The Price of Being Human

Length 02:07 Premiere Date 12/31/09

Tennis Friends

Length 00:46 Premiere Date 12/31/09

You can't buy happiness

Length 01:05 Premiere Date 12/31/09

Choosing Friends

Length 01:00 Premiere Date 12/31/09

A Special Emotion

Length 00:58 Premiere Date 12/31/09

The Rituals of Courtship

Length 01:56 Premiere Date 12/31/09

The Roots of Love

Length 02:00 Premiere Date 12/31/09

Asperger's Syndrome

Length 02:27 Premiere Date 12/31/09

The First Connection

Length 01:14 Premiere Date 12/31/09

The Tap Code

Length 02:11 Premiere Date 11/09/09

Sorting out the good from the bad

Length 03:34 Premiere Date 09/25/09

Porcupine Love

Length 01:50 Premiere Date 09/25/09

This Emotional Life Trailer

Length 04:11 Premiere Date 09/23/09

Happiness? What happiness?

Length 00:49 Premiere Date 09/03/09

Fleeting moment or state of being?

Length 01:02 Premiere Date 09/03/09

Life's a rigged game

Length 00:28 Premiere Date 09/03/09

Moments of absolute absorption

Length 00:41 Premiere Date 09/03/09

That juicy state of happiness

Length 00:27 Premiere Date 09/03/09

The $20M key to happiness

Length 00:47 Premiere Date 09/03/09

Happiness demystified

Length 01:15 Premiere Date 09/03/09

Quit wasting your time

Length 00:38 Premiere Date 09/03/09

A cookie with Russy

Length 00:36 Premiere Date 08/20/09

The lingering war

Length 02:36 Premiere Date 08/20/09

We are what we choose to think

Length 04:27 Premiere Date 08/18/09

Understanding stress

Length 02:57 Premiere Date 08/18/09

Understanding PTSD

Length 02:17 Premiere Date 08/18/09

Reclaiming a life

Length 02:31 Premiere Date 08/18/09

Shopping for stress

Length 01:17 Premiere Date 08/18/09

The space between your thoughts

Length 01:45 Premiere Date 08/18/09

A survivor's story

Length 04:01 Premiere Date 08/18/09

Eat, Pray, Love....and Relax

Length 03:19 Premiere Date 08/18/09

Remembering to exhale

Length 02:10 Premiere Date 08/18/09

Meditation and kindness

Length 00:53 Premiere Date 08/18/09

Behind the scenes with Dr. Phil

Length 03:42 Premiere Date 08/18/09

Positive and negative stress

Length 02:22 Premiere Date 08/18/09

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