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Thomas Jefferson

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Part 1

Jefferson also made himself into a true renaissance man – a scholar, a philosopher, a diplomat, an aesthete, and an architect. As a young man, he was transformed by the fire of the Enlightenment into America’s most articulate voice for human liberty.
Season 1 Episode 1 Length 1:26:50 Premiere: 2/1/97

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Thomas Jefferson

About Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson is a two-part portrait of our enigmatic and brilliant third president. Thomas Jefferson embodies within his own life the most profound contradictions of American history: as the author of the Declaration of Independence, he gave voice to our fervent desire for freedom, but he also owned more than 150 slaves and never saw fit to free them.


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Part 2

S1 E2 Length 1:29:05 Premiere Date 2/1/97

Part 1

S1 E1 Length 1:26:50 Premiere Date 2/1/97

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