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Why Do Microagressions Hurt?

Artist Kiyun Kim explains that there are many subtle, unconscious and prejudicial comments
Clip Season 1 Episode 1 Length 00:45 Premiere: 03/16/17

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Season 1 Episodes

When Did You Become Gay?

S1 E10 Length 07:15 Premiere Date 03/10/17


S1 E9 Length 07:11 Premiere Date 03/15/17

Code Words

S1 E8 Length 06:38 Premiere Date 03/12/17

What Are You?

S1 E7 Length 06:39 Premiere Date 03/13/17

I'm Not A Feminist

S1 E6 Length 05:56 Premiere Date 03/12/17

Cultural Appropriation vs. Appreciation

S1 E5 Length 06:38 Premiere Date 03/15/17


S1 E4 Length 06:20 Premiere Date 03/15/17

White Pride

S1 E3 Length 07:06 Premiere Date 03/15/17

Model Minority

S1 E2 Length 07:07 Premiere Date 03/15/17

Race Card

S1 E1 Length 06:19 Premiere Date 03/16/17

Who Needs an Escape?

Clip Length 00:28 Premiere Date 03/16/17

Microaggressions Begin At Birth

Clip Length 00:52 Premiere Date 03/16/17

Why Do Microagressions Hurt?

Clip Length 00:45 Premiere Date 03/16/17

Oh, You’re Going to Pull the Race Card?

Clip Length 00:23 Premiere Date 03/16/17

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