Presents an array of groundbreaking and distinctive perspectives on contemporary life as chronicled by some of America' s and Europe's most visionary non-fiction filmmakers.

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On Her Shoulders

01:26:46 | #3205 | TV-PG

Nadia Murad, a 23-year-old Yazidi, survived genocide and sexual slavery committed by ISIS. Thrust onto the international stage as the voice of her people, she must navigate bureaucracy, fame, and people's good intentions.

Bisbee '17

01:56:46 | #3204 | TV-PG

Community members in Bisbee, Arizona commemorate the story of the Bisbee Deportation when 1,200 immigrant miners were taken from their homes by a deputized force, shipped to the desert on cattle cars and left to die.

Call Her Ganda

01:26:46 | #3203 | TV-14

Three women pursue justice for Jennifer Laude, a Filipina transgender woman who was brutally murdered by a U.S. Marine.

The Gospel of Eureka

01:26:46 | #3202 | TV-M

Evangelical Christians and drag queens step into the spotlight to dismantle stereotypes in an Arkansas town. With verve, humor, and unfailing compassion, The Gospel of Eureka builds unexpected bridges between religious faith and sexual orientation.

Roll Red Roll

01:26:46 | #3201 | TV-M

Go behind the headlines of the assault of a teenage girl by members of a high school football team, uncovering the deep-seated and social media-fueled "boys will be boys" culture at the root of high school sexual assault in America.

306 Hollywood

01:56:46 | #3117 | TV-14

After the owner of a house dies, her two grandchildren begin an epic excavation of her belongings. Lip-synced conversations and dramatic animations come to life in this magical realist documentary.

Minding the Gap

01:26:46 | #3116 | TV-14

Three young men bond together to escape volatile families in their Rust Belt hometown. As they face adult responsibilities, unexpected revelations threaten their decade-long friendship.

The Apology

01:26:46 | #3115 | TV-14

Women who were forced into military sexual slavery by the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II discuss the ordeal.

Dark Money

01:26:46 | #3114 | TV-PG

Follow an investigative reporter through a political thriller to expose the shadowy world of unlimited, anonymous campaign contributions threatening to upend Montana's government and the very integrity of American democracy.


01:26:46 | #3113 | TV-14

Meet two Sierra Leonean healthcare workers who heroically face the Ebola epidemic in their country, chronicling their remarkable stories during one of the most acute public health crises of the modern era.


01:26:46 | #3112 | TV-PG

Visit the Hasidic enclave of Borough Park, Brooklyn and meet a group of tenacious women who are smashing the patriarchy in their community by creating the first all-female volunteer ambulance corps in New York City.

Voices of the Sea

01:26:46 | #3111 | TV-PG

A 30-something Cuban mother of four longs for a better life and is desperate to leave the country. The tension between wife and husband builds into a family drama after her brother and the couple's neighbors escape.

Nowhere to Hide

56:46 | #3110 | TV-14

Follow male nurse Nori Sharif through five years of dramatic change in dangerous central Iraq. Here, hopes of a better future after the U.S. retreat in 2011 give way to the sudden rise of ISIS.

Still Tomorrow

56:46 | #3109 | TV-PG

Breakout writer Yu Xihua, a woman with cerebral palsy, has become China's most famous poet.

Whose Streets?

01:26:46 | #3108 | TV-14

When unarmed teenager Michael Brown is killed by police and left lying in the street for hours, it marks a breaking point for St. Louis. This film takes an unflinching look at the Ferguson uprising.

The War to Be Her

01:26:46 | #3107 | TV-PG

In Waziristan in Pakistan, Maria Toorpakai defies the Taliban by disguising herself as a boy to compete in sports freely.

Lindy Lou, Juror Number 2

56:46 | #3106 | TV-PG

Twenty years ago, Lindy sat on a jury ago that handed down the death penalty to a Mississippi man convicted in a double homicide. Now, living with an unbearable feeling of guilt, Lindy commits to tracking down her fellow jurors to tackle past demons.

The Workers Cup

01:26:46 | #3105 | TV-PG

In 2022, Qatar will host the biggest sporting event in the world, the FIFA World Cup. But right now, far from the bright lights, star athletes, and adoring fans, the tournament is being built on the backs of 1.6 million African and Asian migrant workers.

Brimstone & Glory

56:46 | #3104 | TV-PG

The National Pyrotechnic Festival in Tultepec, Mexico is a festivity unlike any other in the world. For the three-quarters of Tultepec residents who work in pyrotechnics, the 10-day celebration anchors their way of life.

Singing with Angry Bird

56:46 | #3103 | TV-G

Jae-chang Kim, nicknamed "Angry Bird," runs a children's choir in Pune, India. Their parents, however, are reluctant to let them sing instead of work. To convince them, Angry Bird decides to train everyone to sing for a joint concert.


01:26:46 | #3102 | TV-PG

Christopher "Quest" Rainey, and his wife, Christine's "Ma Quest," raise a family and nurture a community of hip-hop artists in Philadelphia.

Bill Nye: Science Guy

01:26:46 | #3101 | TV-PG

Follow Bill Nye, once the host of the popular kids show, as he seeks to change the world through science. He's shedding the "Science Guy" costume with the goal of creating a more scientifically literate world.

Do Not Resist

01:26:46 | #3016 | TV-14

This program explores the rapid militarization of the police in the United States. Viewers get a look inside a police training seminar that teaches the importance of "righteous violence" to the floor of a congressional hearing on the proliferation of military equipment in small-town police departments.

Almost Sunrise

01:56:46 | #3015 | TV-M

In an attempt to put haunting combat experiences behind them, two friends embark on a 2,700-mile trek on foot across America.


01:26:46 | #3014 | TV-14

A boxing match in Brooklyn; life in postwar Bosnia; the daily routine of a Nigerian midwife. A work that combines documentary, autobiography, and ethical inquiry, this is a thoughtful examination of what it means to train a camera on the world.


01:26:46 | #3013 | TV-PG

Take an intimate look at a maternity hospital in the Philippines, the busiest on the planet. In a hospital literally bursting with life, witness the miracle and wonder of the human condition.

The Islands and the Whales

56:46 | #3012 | TV-14

On the isolated Faroe Islands, the longtime whale-hunting practices of the Faroese are threatened by dangerously high mercury levels and anti-whaling activists. Their tale sounds a warning to the rest of the world.

Swim Team

01:26:46 | #3011 | TV-PG

This film chronicles the overwhelming struggles and extraordinary triumphs of three young athletes with autism, and shows how a swim team can bring hope to a community.

My Love, Don't Cross That River

56:46 | #3010 | TV-PG

Spouses 89-year-old Kang Gye-yeol and 98-year-old Jo Byeong-man have shared a home for 76 years. While they spend every day together like a newlywed couple, they now must face the reality of their aging romance.

The Grown-Ups

56:46 | #3009 | TV-PG

In a school for individuals with Down Syndrome, four middle-aged friends yearn for a life of greater autonomy in a society that marginalizes them as disabled. Get a humorous and at times tragic look at the limbo of conscious adults.

Raising Bertie

01:26:46 | #3008 | TV-PG

African-American boys coming of age in rural North Carolina navigate unemployment, institutional racism, violence, first love, fatherhood, and estrangement from family members and mentors.

Tribal Justice

01:26:46 | #3007 | TV-PG

Native-American judges use traditional concepts of justice in order to reduce incarceration rates, foster greater safety for their communities, and create a more positive future for their youth.

Memories of a Penitent Heart

56:46 | #3006 | TV-PG

Filmmaker Cecilia Aldarondo investigates her uncle Miguel's death during a time when AIDS was synonymous with sin.

Joe's Violin/Shalom Italia

01:26:46 | #3005 | TV-PG

A violin forges an unexpected friendship between a Holocaust survivor and a Bronx schoolgirl. Three Italian Jewish brothers seek the cave where they hid as children to escape the Nazis.

Presenting Princess Shaw

01:26:46 | #3004 | TV-PG

The true story of Princess Shaw, an aspiring musician down on her luck, who inspired famous YouTube artist Kutiman to create a magical collaboration, is told.

Last Men In Aleppo

01:26:46 | #3003 | TV-PG

After five years of war in Syria, the remaining citizens of Aleppo are readying themselves for a siege. Through the volunteers known as the White Helmets, experience firsthand the daily struggle for sanity in a country at war.

The War Show

01:26:46 | #3002 | TV-M

Obaidah Zytoon captures the fate of Syria through the intimate lens of a circle of friends. Beginning with peaceful Arab Spring protests in 2011, take a four-year, ground-level look at how the country spiraled into bloody civil war.

Dalya's Other Country/4.1 Miles

01:56:46 | #3001 | TV-PG

Follow the nuanced story of a family displaced by the Syrian conflict, walking the line between their Muslim values and the new world they inhabit, and a Greek Coast Guard captain caught in the middle of the biggest refugee crisis since WWII.

Seven Songs for a Long Life

56:46 | #2913 | TV-PG

Visit Strathcarron, a Scottish hospice center where patients face pain, uncertainty, and the possibility of life's end with song and humor.

What Tomorrow Brings

56:46 | #2912 | TV-PG

Go inside the very first girls' school in a small Afghan village. Never before have fathers allowed their daughters to be educated. Now the Taliban threatens. As they learn to read and write, the girls discover the lives they dream of leading.

Thank You for Playing

01:26:46 | #2911 | TV-PG

When Ryan Green, a video game programmer, learns that his young son Joel has cancer, he and his wife document their emotional journey with a video game, "That Dragon, Cancer."

Hooligan Sparrow

01:26:46 | #2910 | TV-M

Follow Hooligan Sparrow and other activists across southern China seeking justice for schoolgirls allegedly sexually abused by their principal. Named enemies of the state, the activists face interrogation and prison.

From This Day Forward

01:26:46 | #2909 | TV-14

Sharon Shattuck's father came out as transgender, living as Trisha. Her mother stayed with him. Now Sharon wants to understand how the family survived intact.

Kingdom of Shadows

01:26:46 | #2908 | TV-PG

Take an unflinching look at the hard choices and destructive consequences of the U.S.-Mexico drug war.

All The Difference

01:26:46 | #2907 | TV-PG

Accompany two African-American teens from Chicago on their journey to graduate from college.

The Birth of Sake

01:26:46 | #2906 | TV-14

A brotherhood of artisans follow an age-old process to create sake at Japan's Yoshida Brewery.


01:26:46 | #2905 | TV-PG

Meet Iris Apfel, the quick-witted, flamboyantly dressed 93-year-old style maven who's had an outsized presence on the New York fashion scene for decades.

Pervert Park

56:46 | #2904 | TV-M

Florida Justice Transitions trailer park is home to 120 sex offenders, all battling their own demons as they work toward rejoining society.

The Look of Silence

01:56:46 | #2903 | TV-14

In this Oscar-nominated film, an optometrist identifies the men who killed his brother in the 1965 Indonesian genocide. He confronts them while testing their eyes and demands they accept responsibility.

Of Men and War

01:26:46 | #2902 | TV-14

Iraq and Afghanistan veterans try to make peace with their pasts at a PTSD treatment center in California.

The Return

01:26:46 | #2901 | TV-PG

In 2012, California amended its "Three Strikes" law, shortening the sentences of thousands of "lifers." See this unprecedented reform through the eyes of freed prisoners, disrupted families, and attorneys and judges wrestling with an untested law.

Ai Weiwei: The Fake Case

56:46 | #2814 | TV-14

Persecuted by the government, Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has become a symbol of free speech and human rights around the globe.

Art and Craft

01:26:46 | #2813 | TV-PG

The jig is up for art forger Mark Landis, who has donated his expert copies to museums for 30 years.

Don't Tell Anyone

01:26:46 | #2812 | TV-PG

Meet immigrant activist Angy Rivera, the country's only advice columnist for undocumented youth.

Cutie and the Boxer

01:26:46 | #2811 | TV-14

This candid New York tale explores the chaotic 40-year marriage of famed "boxing" painter Ushio Shinohara and artist Noriko Shinohara.

The Storm Makers

56:46 | #2810 | TV-14

The story of a young girl sold into slavery sheds light on Cambodia's human trafficking underworld.

Point and Shoot

01:26:46 | #2809 | TV-PG

Matt VanDyke films his transformation from a shy young man to a rebel fighting in the Libyan revolution.


01:26:46 | #2808 | TV-14

Young migrants in a Swiss integration class make long and arduous journeys for a new life. Separated from their families, they struggle to learn a new language and prepare for employment.

Beats of the Antonov

56:46 | #2807 | TV-PG

Discover how music and dance bind a community in the war-ravaged Sudan region in Africa.

Tea Time

56:46 | #2806 | TV-PG

Chilean women gather monthly for a ritual of tea and pastries that has sustained them through 60 years of personal and societal change.

Return to Homs

01:26:46 | #2805 | TV-14

A Syrian national soccer team player and peaceful advocate for reforms becomes an armed insurgent.

Web Junkie

56:46 | #2804 | TV-PG

Chinese teenagers who prefer the virtual world to the real one are treated for obsessive gaming.

Tough Love

01:26:46 | #2803 | TV-PG

Having lost custody of their children, two parents fight to win back the trust of the courts and reunite their families.

The Overnighters

01:56:46 | #2802 | TV-PG

In a North Dakota town where the oil business is booming, busloads of newcomers find slim prospects. Pastor Jay Reinke converts his church into a makeshift dorm, allowing hundreds of job-seekers, some with checkered pasts, to stay despite the congregation's objections and neighbors' fears.

Out in the Night

56:46 | #2801 | TV-14

Examine the uphill battle of a group of African-American lesbians charged with attempted murder when they fought back after being threatened. The case reveals the role that race, gender identity, and sexuality play in the criminal justice system.

The Act of Killing

01:56:46 | #2713 | TV-M

Indonesian death-squad leaders re-enact their crimes in the style of gangster movies and westerns.


01:26:46 | #2712 | TV-PG

New York City Mayor Ed Koch brought bravado and egocentricity to the office in his three terms.

The Genius of Marian

01:26:46 | #2711 | TV-PG

An emotionally complex story about one family's struggle to come to terms with Alzheimer's disease.

After Tiller

01:26:46 | #2710 | TV-14

A portrait of the four doctors in America who still openly perform third-trimester abortions.

Big Men

01:26:46 | #2709 | TV-PG

An inside look at global deal-making follows a Texas company's quest to develop oil fields in Ghana.

A World Not Ours

01:26:46 | #2708 | TV-PG

Mahdi Fleifel looks back at his time living in a refugee camp for exiled Palestinians in Lebanon.

15 to Life: Kenneth's Story

56:46 | #2707 | TV-PG

Imprisoned for over a decade, a teenager sentenced to life without parole struggles for redemption.

Fallen City

56:46 | #2706 | TV-PG

The rebuilding of a destroyed city in China reveals a country torn between tradition and modernity.

Dance for Me

01:26:46 | #2705 | TV-PG

Two strikingly different young dancers in Denmark team up for a ballroom dance competition.

Getting Back to Abnormal

01:26:46 | #2704 | TV-PG

Witness a provocative mix of race, corruption, and politics in the New Orleans re-election campaign of Stacy Head, a white woman in a city council seat traditionally held by a black representative.

My Way to Olympia

56:46 | #2703 | TV-PG

Niko von Glasow, the world's best-known disabled filmmaker, covers the London Paralympics.

American Revolutionary: The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs

01:26:46 | #2702 | TV-PG

Grace Lee Boggs, 98, a Chinese American philosopher and activist in Detroit with a thick FBI file, is profiled.

When I Walk

01:26:46 | #2701 | TV-PG

A candid and brave chronicle of a young man's struggle to adapt to the harsh realities of multiple sclerosis, while holding on to his personal and creative life.

American Promise

01:56:46 | #2615 | TV-PG

This film spans 13 years as cameras follow two African-American boys as they make their way through one of the most prestigious private schools in the country.

Listening Is An Act of Love: A Storycorps Special

26:46 | #2614 | TV-PG

Everyday people share memories and tackle life's important questions in this StoryCorps animated special.

56 Up

02:26:46 | #2613 | TV-PG

In 1964, a group of British seven-year-olds were interviewed about their lives and dreams in a groundbreaking documentary, Seven Up. Renowned director Michael Apted has returned to film the same subjects every seven years. This visit finds the group settling into middle age and surprisingly upbeat.

Brooklyn Castle

01:26:46 | #2612 | TV-PG

A look at how chess became a Brooklyn public school's unlikely inspiration for academic success.

Best Kept Secret

01:26:46 | #2611 | TV-PG

At John F. Kennedy High School in Newark, New Jersey, a high school teacher races to make preparations for her autistic students before graduation.

The World Before Her

56:46 | #2610 | TV-PG

This tale of two Indias follows a female militant leader and a woman competing in a beauty pageant.

Ping Pong

56:46 | #2609 | TV-PG

Elderly players compete in the Over 80 World Table Tennis Championships in China's Inner Mongolia.

5 Broken Cameras

01:26:46 | #2608 | TV-14

A deeply personal first-hand account of life and nonviolent resistance in Bil'in, a West Bank village where Israel is building a security fence.

The Law In These Parts

01:26:46 | #2607 | TV-PG

The system of military administration used by Israel since the Six Day War of 1967 is examined.


56:46 | #2606 | TV-PG

An exploration of autism is showcased from the point of view of autistic people themselves.

High Tech, Low Life

01:26:46 | #2605 | TV-PG

Two of China's first citizen-reporters document the underside of China's rapid economic development.

Only The Young

01:26:46 | #2604 | TV-PG

Three unconventional Christian teenagers come of age in a small Southern California town.

Herman's House

01:26:46 | #2603 | TV-14

An unusual project proposed by artist Jackie Sumellon focuses on prisoner Herman Wallace who has been in solitary confinement for 40 years.

Special Flight

56:46 | #2602 | TV-PG

The plight of undocumented foreigners at the Frambois detention center in Geneva, Switzerland is revealed.


56:46 | #2601 | TV-PG

The beauty and grace of African American funerals are explored from New York City's historic Harlem neighborhood.

Girl Model

01:26:46 | #2514 | TV-PG

A look at the modeling industry focuses on an American model scout and a 13-year-old Siberian girl.


56:46 | #2513 | TV-PG

Journalists at a Tijuana-based newsweekly stubbornly ply their trade as the drug war intensifies.

Nostalgia for the Light

01:26:46 | #2512 | TV-14

Archaeologists dig for ancient civilizations, women search for their loved ones, and astronomers scan the skies for new galaxies in Chile's Atacama Desert.

Sun Kissed

56:46 | #2511 | TV-PG

When a Navajo couple discovers their children have a disorder that makes exposure to sunlight fatal, they also learn their reservation is a hotbed for this rare genetic disease.

Give Up Tomorrow

01:26:46 | #2510 | TV-PG

One of the most sensational trials in the Philippines exposes shocking corruption in the country's judicial system. Two grieving mothers, entangled in a case that ends a nation's use of capital punishment but fails to free an innocent man, dedicate more than a decade to executing or saving him.

El Velador (The Night Watchman)

56:46 | #2509 | TV-PG

Follow a guard as he watches over the extravagant mausoleums of Mexico's most notorious drug lords.

I'm Carolyn Parker: The Good, the Mad, and the Beautiful

01:26:46 | #2508 | TV-PG

Academy Award-winning director Jonathan Demme documents a fearless woman's life to rebuild her beloved neon-green house, her church, and her community in New Orleans after the devastation by Hurricane Katrina.

POV Short Cuts

56:46 | #2507 | TV-PG

Brief documentaries including "The Barber of Birmingham: Foot Soldier of the Civil Rights Movement," a 2012 Academy Award-nominated short film; "Sin Pa?s (Without Country)", a 2011 Student Academy Award-winner; and "StoryCorps."

Up Heartbreak Hill

56:46 | #2506 | TV-PG

Thomas and Tamara are track stars at their rural New Mexico high school. Like many teenagers, they are torn between the lure of brighter futures and ties to home on a Navajo reservation.

The Light In Her Eyes

56:46 | #2505 | TV-G

Houda al-Habash, a conservative Muslim preacher, challenges the women of her community to live according to Islam, without giving up their aspirations.

Guilty Pleasures

56:46 | #2504 | TV-14

Every four seconds a romance novel published by Harlequin or its British counterpart, Mills & Boon, is sold somewhere in the world. This film portrays five romance devotees who must, ultimately, find their dreams in the real world.

The City Dark

56:46 | #2503 | TV-PG

Blending a humorous, searching narrative with poetic footage of the night sky, this film provides a fascinating look at the science of the dark and our relationship to the stars.

Granito: How to Nail A Dictator

01:26:46 | #2502 | TV-14

The story of how a 1983 documentary film influenced a Guatemalan court to charge former dictator Efrai-n Rios Montt with genocide for his brutal war against the country's Mayan people in the 1980s.

My Reincarnation

01:26:46 | #2501 | TV-PG

The story of exiled Tibetan Buddhist master Chogyal Namkhai Norbu and his Western-born son, Yeshi. As Norbu rises as a teacher in the West, Yeshi, recognized from birth as the reincarnation of a famed Buddhist master, breaks away to embrace the modern world.

Racing Dreams

01:26:46 | #2415 | TV-PG

Fondly described as "Talladega Nights meets Catcher in the Rye," this film chronicles a year in the life of three tweens who dream of becoming NASCAR drivers.

Where Soldiers Come From

01:26:46 | #2414 | TV-PG

From a snowy, small town in northern Michigan to the mountains of Afghanistan, this film follows the four-year journey of childhood friends who join the National Guard after graduating from high school.

Last Train Home

01:26:46 | #2413 | TV-PG

This award-winning film travels with a Chinese couple, part of the 130 million migrant workers who journey to their home villages every spring for the New Year.

The Learning

01:26:46 | #2412 | TV-PG

Four Filipino women, with idealistic visions of the teacher's craft and of life in America, confront Baltimore's tough realities.

If A Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front

01:26:46 | #2411 | TV-PG

Marshall Curry's film explores two of America's most pressing issues - environmentalism and terrorism - by lifting the veil on a radical environmental group.

Better This World

01:26:46 | #2410 | TV-PG

The radicalization of boyhood friends, accused of intending to firebomb the 2008 Republican National Convention, is a tale of idealism, loyalty, crime, and betrayal.


01:26:46 | #2409 | TV-14

In 2009, Janus Metz and cameraman Lars Skree captured the lives of young Danish soldiers fighting the Taliban in a hostile and confusing environment.

Short Cuts

56:46 | #2408 | TV-PG

Short films include the subjects of competitive bird watching, a long distance relationship, a Tiffany lamp, voices of everyday people, and a Florida Sunday school teacher.

Steam of Life

56:46 | #2407 | TV-PG

A moody, comic, and moving study of Finnish men, as framed by the national obsession with the sauna.

Mugabe and the White African

01:26:46 | #2406 | TV-PG

The alarming story from one of the world's most troubled nations. In Zimbabwe, de facto dictator Robert Mugabe has unleashed a "land reform" program aimed at driving whites from the country through violence and intimidation.

Biblioburro, The Donkey Library

56:46 | #2405 | TV-PG

A look at a Colombian teacher who used two hard-working donkeys to bring books to poor children.

Enemies of the People

01:26:46 | #2404 | TV-14

Sheds light on the Khmer Rouge slaughter of nearly two million people in the late 1970s in Cambodia.


01:26:46 | #2403 | TV-PG

The last modern-day cowboys lead their sheep up into the breathtaking mountains of Montana.

My Perestroika

01:26:46 | #2402 | TV-PG

An intimate look at the last generation of Soviet children. Five classmates go from living sheltered childhoods to experiencing the hopes of Gorbachev's reforms and the confusion of the USSR's dissolution to searching for their places in today's Moscow.

Kings of Pastry

01:26:46 | #2401 | TV-PG

Sixteen chefs, including Jacquy Pfeiffer, co-founder of Chicago's French Pastry School, whip up the most gorgeous, delectable, gravity-defying concoctions and edge-of-your-seat drama as they deliver their spun-sugar desserts to the display table. The inevitable disasters and successes prove both poignant and hilarious.

The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers

01:56:46 | #2314 | TV-PG

A comprehensive look at the release of the Pentagon Papers in 1971 and the resultant political firestorm, but also an intensely intimate look into the conscience of a gifted and intelligent man who National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger told his staff was "the most dangerous man in America who must be stopped at all costs."

The Oath

01:26:46 | #2313 | TV-PG

Filmed in Yemen and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, this program interweaves the stories of Abu Jandal, Osama bin Laden's former bodyguard, and Salim Hamdan, a prisoner at Guantanamo facing war crimes charges.

In the Matter of Cha Jung Hee

56:46 | #2312 | TV-PG

Her passport said she was Cha Jung Hee. She knew she was not. So began a 40-year deception for a Korean adoptee who came to the United States in 1966. Filmmaker Deann Borshay Liem returns to her native Korea to find her "double," the mysterious girl whose place she took in America.

Off and Running

01:26:46 | #2311 | TV-PG

Brooklyn teenager Avery, a track star with a bright future, is the adopted African-American child of white Jewish lesbians. When Avery decides to write her birth mother the response throws her into crisis. She struggles over her "true" identity, the circumstances of her adoption, and her estrangement from black culture.

Wo Ai Ni (I Love You) Mommy

01:26:46 | #2310 | TV-G

The transformation of a Chinese orphan adopted by an American family. Accompanied by an animated short about an infantryman's experience in the Battle of the Bulge.

The Edge of Dreaming

01:26:46 | #2309 | TV-PG

Filmmaker Amy Hardie's investigation into the human subconscious when her dreams become reality.


56:46 | #2308 | TV-PG

Remarkable photos and video diary of the boundless, desolate yet beautiful salt flats in South Australia. Accompanied by shorts: "A Healing Art," "Danny and Annie, Part I" and "Danny and Annie, Part II."

Presumed Guilty

56:46 | #2307 | TV-PG

The award-winning story of two young lawyers and their struggle to free a man wrongfully convicted of murder in Mexico City.

El General

01:26:46 | #2306 | TV-PG

Award-winning filmmaker Natalia Almada brings to life audio recordings she inherited from her grandmother, daughter of Plutarco Elias Calles, a revolutionary general who became Mexico's president in 1924.

Good Fortune

01:26:46 | #2305 | TV-PG

A provocative exploration of how massive international efforts to alleviate poverty in Africa may be undermining the very communities they aim to benefit.

Promised Land

56:46 | #2304 | TV-PG

Captures multiple perspectives of citizens struggling to create just solutions to land disputes — South Africa's "ticking time bomb."

The Beaches of Agnes

01:56:46 | #2303 | TV-PG

Award-winning French filmmaker Agnès Varda employs the magic of cinema to juxtapose the real and the imagined, the past and the present, pain and joy. The 81-year-old artist uses film clips, old photos, and gorgeous re-enactments to revisit her Belgian youth, her association with the French New Wave, her marriage to director Jacques Demy, and the making of her movies.

William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe

01:26:46 | #2302 | TV-PG

William Kunstler's daughters seek to recover the real story of what made their late father one of the most beloved — and hated — lawyers in America.

Food, Inc.

01:56:46 | #2301 | TV-PG

As recounted in this shockingly informative documentary, sick animals, environmental degradation, tainted and unhealthy food, obesity, diabetes, and other health issues are all the more obvious with a highly mechanized and centralized system, like America's, that touts efficiency as the supreme value in food production.

Patti Smith: Dream of Life

01:56:46 | #2214 | TV-14

A remarkable plunge into the life, art, memories, and philosophical reflections of the legendary rocker.

The Way We Get By

01:26:46 | #2213 | TV-PG

On call 24-hours a day for the past five years, a group of senior citizens has made history by greeting nearly 800,000 American troops at a tiny airport in Bangor, ME.

Bronx Princess

56:46 | #2212 | TV-PG

A tumultuous coming-of-age story about a Bronx-bred teenager who rebels against her mother and flees to her father in Ghana.

The Principal Story

56:46 | #2211 | TV-PG

A dramatic portrait of the challenges facing America's public schools – and of the great difference a dedicated principal can make.

The English Surgeon

01:26:46 | #2210 | TV-14

The story of British neurosurgeon Henry Marsh, who has traveled to Ukraine for 15 years to treat patients who have been left to die.

Ella Es el Matador (She Is the Matador)

56:46 | #2209 | TV-PG

Profiles of two female matadors currently in the arena: the acclaimed Mari Paz Vega and neophyte Eva Florencia.

This Way Up

56:46 | #2208 | TV-PG

By examining the security wall Israel is constructing on the West Bank, the program looks at the social, economic, and religious barriers that arise from physical ones.

P.O.V. Shorts Program

56:46 | #2207 | TV-PG

A collection of acclaimed documentary shorts by established and emerging filmmakers.

Hold Me Tight, Let Me Go

01:26:46 | #2206 | TV-PG

A close look at Oxford's Mulberry Bush School for emotionally disturbed children. Mulberry's heroically forbearing staff greets extreme, sometimes violent, behavior with consolation and gentle restraint.

The Betrayal (Nerakhoon)

01:26:46 | #2205 | TV-PG

Academy Award®-nominated film about Laotian Thavisouk Phrasavath's harrowing escape to America and the life he and his family found here.

The Reckoning: The Battle for the International Criminal Court

01:26:46 | #2204 | TV-14

Follows dynamic International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo and his team for three years across four continents.

Life. Support. Music.

01:26:46 | #2203 | TV-PG

Jason Crigler's life after a near-fatal brain hemorrhage. He was one of New York's hottest young guitarists, his new CD was due for release and his wife was pregnant with their first child. Then, at a gig in Manhattan, Jason suffered a near-fatal brain hemorrhage. His doctors doubted he could ever emerge from his near-vegetative state.

Beyond Hatred

01:26:46 | #2202 | TV-PG

New Muslim Cool

01:26:46 | #2201 | TV-PG

Puerto Rican-American rapper Hamza Pérez pulled himself out of drug dealing and street life and became a Muslim. He moved to Pittsburgh's tough North Side to start a new religious community, rebuild his shattered family, and take his message of faith to other young people through hard-hitting hip-hop music.


01:26:46 | #2115 | TV-14

Monika Hertwig, the daughter of mass murderer Amon Goeth, has spent her life in the shadow of her father's sins, trying to come to terms with her "inheritance."

Soldiers of Conscience

01:26:46 | #2114 | TV-14

Eight U.S. soldiers reflect on the tensions that can arise between spiritual values and military orders.

Up the Yangtze

01:26:46 | #2113 | TV-PG

Explores lives transformed by the Three Gorges Dam, the biggest hydroelectric dam in history and a hotly contested symbol of the Chinese economic miracle.

In the Family

01:26:46 | #2112 | TV-14

A filmmaker who tested positive for the "breast cancer gene" at age 27 chronicles the heart-wrenching decisions she is forced to make about the life that lies ahead of her.

Critical Condition

01:26:46 | #2111 | TV-PG

The stories of four critically ill Americans put a human face on the nation's growing health care crisis. As they struggle with their medical problems, they also discover that being uninsured can cost them their jobs, their health, their homes, their savings, and even their lives.

Calavera Highway

01:26:46 | #2110 | TV-PG

When brothers Armando and Carlos Peña set off to carry their mother's ashes to south Texas, their road trip turns into a quest for answers about a strangely veiled past. As they reunite with five other brothers, the two men try to piece together their family's shattered history.

The Judge and the General

01:26:46 | #2109 | TV-PG

Traces Chilean judge Juan Guzmán's criminal cases against the country's ex-dictator, General Augusto Pinochet, whose 1973 coup left the democratically elected president, Salvador Allende, and thousands of others dead or "disappeared."

Belarusian Waltz

56:46 | #2108 | TV-PG

A lone performance artist stages public stunts mocking Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko's pretensions.

Johnny Cash: The Man, His World, His Music

01:26:47 | #2107 | TV-PG

A classic 1969 documentary captures the Man in Black fresh off the success of his Folsom Prison album—the first of what would be a series of peaks in a roller-coaster career. Cash displays the dark intensity and raw talent that would make him a country music star and cultural icon.


56:46 | #2106 | TV-PG

An insider's view of Japanese electoral politics follows the odyssey of a man plucked from obscurity to run for a critical seat on a suburban city council.

9 Star Hotel

56:46 | #2105 | TV-PG

Illuminates the plight of young Palestinian men working illegally as construction laborers in the Israeli city of Modi'in. Caught between Israeli security laws and a Palestinian Authority they believe has failed them, they work for Israeli contractors by day while hiding from police by night.

The Last Conquistador

56:46 | #2104 | TV-PG

El Paso splits along lines of race and class over a monument to the Spanish conquistador Juan de Oñate.

The Ballad of Esequiel Hernandez

01:26:46 | #2103 | TV-PG

The tale of a young man mistaken for a drug runner and killed by U.S. Marines patrolling the Texas-Mexico border. Tommy Lee Jones narrates.

Election Day

01:26:46 | #2102 | TV-PG

12 stories shot simultaneously on Election Day, November 2, 2004, combine to form an entertaining, inspiring, and sometimes unsettling tapestry of citizens determined to make their votes count.

Traces of the Trade: A Story from the Deep North

01:26:46 | #2101 | TV-PG

Descendants of the largest slave-trading family in U.S. history retrace the Triangle Trade: from their old hometown in Rhode Island to slave forts in Ghana to sugar plantation ruins in Cuba. They uncover the vast extent of Northern complicity in slavery while stumbling through the minefield of contemporary race relations.

Wrestling with Angels: Playwright Tony Kushner

01:56:46 | #2014 | TV-PG

A profile of celebrated playwright Tony Kushner, whose epochal Angels in America won both a Tony Award and a Pulitzer Prize. Actresses Marcia Gay Harden, Meryl Streep, Tonya Pinkins, and Emma Thompson; directors Mike Nichols and George C. Wolfe (a Frankfort native); and writer/artist Maurice Sendak are seen collaborating with Kushner on some of his works. Oscar winner Freida Lee Mock directs.

49 Up

02:23:13 | #2013 | TV-PG

The seventh program in a series of films that has profiled the same group of English children every seven years since 1964.


56:28 | #2012 | TV-14

The story of Lumo Sinai, a young woman facing reconstructive surgery after a brutal gang rape, illustrates the agonies endured by women at the hands of soldiers and bandits in war-torn areas of Africa.

The Camden 28

01:26:18 | #2011 | TV-PG

In 1971, a group of "Catholic left" activists raided a Camden, NJ draft board office to protest the Vietnam War and its effects on urban America. In interviews taped 35 years later, the participants take stock of their motives, their fears, and the costs of their activism.

Made in L.A.

01:26:29 | #2010 | TV-PG

Follows the journey of three Latina immigrants who work in Los Angeles garment factories as they wage a three-year battle to bring a major clothing retailer to the negotiating table.

Libby, Montana

01:26:46 | #2009 | TV-PG

In the small town of Libby, hundreds of people are sick or have already died from exposure to asbestos as a result of industrial pollution.

Arctic Son

01:26:18 | #2008 | TV-14

The clash of tradition and modernity puts a Native father and son at odds in the remote village of Old Crow, 80 miles above the Arctic Circle.

Following Sean

01:26:29 | #2007 | TV-PG

Thirty years after making a celebrated student film about a free-spirited 4-year-old living in San Francisco's Haight Ashbury district at the height of the 1960s, Ralph Arlyck goes in search of the impish, barefoot kid who both delighted and horrified audiences.

Prison Town, USA

01:26:35 | #2006 | TV-PG

A study of how the boom in prison construction is transforming rural America, focusing on what happened when the town of Susanville, CA tried to resuscitate its economy by building a prison.

The Chances of the World Changing

01:26:46 | #2005 | TV-PG

Richard Ogust, a 50-year-old writer who has dedicated his time and resources to rescuing endangered turtles, shares his Manhattan loft with 1,200 turtles, including five species extinct in the wild.

Revolution '67

01:26:46 | #2004 | TV-PG

In Newark in 1967, a spontaneous revolt against poverty and police brutality became a six-day street battle that is now considered a milestone in America's struggles over racial and economic justice.

Standing Silent Nation

56:46 | #2003 | TV-PG

Alex White Plume and his Lakota family planted industrial hemp on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota after other crops had failed. But when federal agents raided the White Plumes' fields, the Lakota Nation was swept into a struggle over tribal sovereignty and economic rights.

Sierra Leone's Refugee All-Stars

01:26:46 | #2002 | TV-14

A reggae-inflected band born in the camps of West Africa, Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars are a real-life story of survival and hope.

Rain in a Dry Land

01:26:46 | #2001 | TV-PG

Chronicles the fortunes of two Somali Bantu families as they try, after years of civil war and refugee camps, to build new lives in America—one in Atlanta and one in Springfield, MA.

My Country, My Country

01:26:40 | #1913 | TV-PG

Filmmaker Laura Poitras creates a powerful mosaic of daily life in Iraq from deep inside the Sunni community, the U.S. military, and the U.N.

Maquilapolis (City of Factories)

56:46 | #1911 | TV-PG

Carmen and Lourdes, two workers in the U.S.-Mexico borderlands, confront labor violations, environmental devastation, and urban chaos in Tijuana. As they struggle for survival, they organize a group for change, taking on both the Mexican and U.S. governments and a major television manufacturer.

No Bigger Than a Minute

56:46 | #1912 | TV-PG

Filmmaker Steve Delano, born with the genetic mutation that causes dwarfism, presents a very personal look at how the condition marks a person for life. He reveals the isolation of his school years and his "ludicrous" strategies to fit in as well as the mixed blessings of dwarfism.

Twelve Disciples of Nelson Mandela

01:26:46 | #1910 | TV-PG

Filmmaker Thomas Allen Harris travels to South Africa to learn more about the life of his late stepfather, B. Pule Leinaeng. Along with 11 comrades, Leinaeng went into exile in 1960 to raise support for the fledgling African National Congress and its leader, Nelson Mandela.

The Boys of Baraka

01:26:46 | #1909 | TV-PG

Four African-American boys leave the violent inner city of Baltimore for the Baraka School in rural Kenya, in hopes that its teacher-student ratio of 1:5, strict disciplinary program, and comprehensive curriculum can help them in their journey toward manhood.

Waging a Living

01:26:46 | #1908 | TV-PG

Chronicles the day-to-day battles of four low-wage earners fighting to lift their families out of poverty.

Lomax the Songhunter

56:32 | #1907 | TV-PG

Alan Lomax devoted his entire life to recording the world's folk tunes before the rise of the modern music industry could wipe them out. Dutch director Rogier Kappers captures Lomax's story through interviews and archival footage of greats such as Woody Guthrie and Leadbelly as well as scenes of the places where the songhunter captured America's quintessential music.

Al Otro Lado (To the Other Side)

56:34 | #1906 | TV-PG

Filmmaker Natalia Almada follows Magdiel, an aspiring corrido composer from the drug capital of Mexico, as he faces two difficult choices: to traffic drugs or to cross the border illegally into the United States. His story illuminates Mexico's narcotics underworld, illegal immigration, and the corrido music that chronicles it all.

The Tailenders

56:46 | #1905 | TV-PG

Global Recordings Network, founded in Los Angeles in 1939, has produced audio versions of Bible stories in more than 5,500 languages—and aims to record in every language on Earth. The recordings are distributed, along with ultra-low-tech hand-wound players, in isolated regions and among displaced migrant workers. GRN calls that audience "the tailenders" because they are the last to be reached by worldwide evangelism.

The Fall of Fujimori

01:26:46 | #1904 | TV-PG

An intimate, chilling portrait of Alberto Fujimori, former president of Peru, featuring never-before-seen footage from his regime.

TinTin and I

01:26:46 | #1903 | TV-PG

Rare and surprisingly candid 1970s interviews reveal the profound insecurities and anxieties that drove Hergé, the work-obsessed Belgian creator of the cartoon character Tintin. Hergé's stories, starring a hero who reflected both his creator's inner life and Europe's changing values, have not only entertained millions of children, but also helped to satisfy a personal longing for self-expression.

Kokoyakyu: High School Baseball

56:46 | #1902 | TV-G

Only one team will win each year, but the quest to appear on the "sacred" dirt of Koshien Stadium has been a life-changing experience for generations of Japanese youth.

No More Tears Sister

56:46 | #1901 | TV-PG

A biography of courageous and vibrant human rights activist Dr. Rajani Thiranagama explores the price of truth in times of war and chronicles the violent ethnic conflict that has enveloped Sri Lanka for decades.

Omar and Pete

01:26:46 | #1812 | TV-PG

Follows two long-time friends after what they hope will be their final release from prison as their lives take divergent paths in their native Baltimore. One wrestles with addiction and fear, while the other finds success and freedom through helping others. A look behind the scenes at Maryland's innovative re-entry programs—many run by former drug addicts and convicts themselves—also provides a rare glimpse into an intense and very personal web of support.

The Hobart Shakespeareans

56:46 | #1811 | TV-PG

Teaching in Los Angeles at one of the nation's largest inner-city grade schools, Hobart Elementary, Rafe Esquith leads his 5th graders through an uncompromising curriculum of English, mathematics, geography, and literature. He inspires them along the way with cross-country trips to learn history firsthand. And at the end of the semester, every student performs in a full-length Shakespeare play, with advice from professional actors. Despite language barriers and poverty, these "Hobart Shakespeareans" move on to attend outstanding colleges.

Hiding and Seeking: Faith and Tolerance After The Holocaust

01:26:46 | #1810 | TV-PG

An Orthodox Jewish father tries to alert his adult sons to the dangers of creating barriers between themselves and those outside their faith by taking them on an emotional journey to Poland in search of the family who risked everything to hide their grandfather during World War II. Like many children of survivors, the sons begin the trip believing that Poland is incurably anti-Semitic. Yet there they meet people who personify the highest levels of compassion.

Bright Leaves

01:56:46 | #1809 | TV-PG

Filmmaker Ross McElwee (Sherman's March), whose great-grandfather created the famous Bull Durham brand in his native North Carolina, takes an autobiographical journey across that state's social, economic, and psychological tobacco terrain. Wise and often hilarious, his meditation on the allure of cigarettes looks at loss and preservation, addiction and denial, and the art of filmmaking itself.


26:46 | #1808 | TV-PG

Director Hubert Davis, the son of former Harlem Globetrotter Mel Davis, takes a personal journey through his own family history. Mel fell in love with Hubert's mother, a white woman, at first sight, but the racism of the time seemed to make their union impossible. Despite their emotional bond—still resonating more than 20 years later—Mel subsequently chose to marry a black woman, with whom he had another son. The filmmaker unites both sides of his family, speaking movingly about the complex web of love, betrayal, and blood ties that binds them all.

In the Realms of the Unreal

01:26:46 | #1807 | TV-14

Reclusive janitor by day, visionary artist by night, outsider artist Henry Darger moved through life virtually unnoticed. But after his death, a treasure trove was discovered in his one-room Chicago apartment: a staggering 15,000-page novel and hundreds of illustrations that continue to inspire artists around the world. Academy Award-winning filmmaker Jessica Yu uses dreamlike animation, a haunting musical score, and poignant narration to explore Darger's startling universe of innocence and pain and show how he forged magic out of the bleakest of lives.

The Self-Made Man

56:46 | #1806 | TV-PG

On Independence Day at Stern Ranch in central California, 77-year-old solar energy pioneer Bob Stern finds out he is seriously ill—possibly dying. Meanwhile, an elderly in-law is slowly declining on artificial life support in a hospital. Bob decides to cheat that fate and take his own life. As his family tries to stop him, daughter Susan Stern chronicles her father's quirky, inspiring life as well as the difficult end-of-life choices the family now faces. The result is a true-life drama about a controversial issue: Should we control how we die?

The Brooklyn Connection

56:46 | #1805 | TV-PG

Florin Krasniqi runs a roofing business in Brooklyn. But he is also one of the driving forces behind Kosovo's fight for independence. With terrifying ease, this charming businessman raised $30 million during the Kosovo War, purchased weapons across the U.S., and shipped them legally to Albania to be smuggled into Kosovo. That war ended in 1999, but Krasniqi warns that there could be another struggle—with arms again provided by a Brooklyn roofer.

The Fire Next Time

56:46 | #1804 | TV-PG

The people of the Flathead Valley in Montana were stunned when a domestic terror cell's plot to kill local leaders was uncovered. Ex-cop Brenda Kitterman and environmentalist Mike Raiman wanted to do something to ease local tensions, but the community was torn. With timber and mining jobs disappearing, many residents blamed people like Mike—egged on by a radio talk show host who declared environmentalists to be "an enemy ... to be annihilated." Native Americans, teachers, and civic leaders also began receiving threats. Over a stormy two-year period, a deeply divided group of Montana citizens was caught in a web of conflicts intensified by rapid growth and the power of talk radio.

Street Fight

01:26:46 | #1803 | TV-PG

This urban David and Goliath story follows Cory Booker, a 32-year-old Rhodes Scholar/Yale Law graduate, as he challenges four-term incumbent Sharpe James for the mayorship of Newark, NJ. As the young candidate struggles against the city's entrenched political machine, which routinely uses strong-arm tactics to hold onto power, his crusade sheds light on important questions about democracy, power, and poverty. And when James accuses his Ivy League-educated challenger of not being "really black," the campaign forces voters to examine how they define race in America.

Big Enough

56:38 | #1802 | TV-G

Several dwarfs who appeared in Jan Krawitz and Thomas Ott's 1982 film Little People welcome the camera back into their lives for an intimate look at how they confront physical and emotional challenges with humor, grace, and sometimes frustration. What is it like to date or find a spouse? What about the decision to have children when you know there's a 75 percent chance your offspring will be a dwarf? And what does the future hold now that many genetic conditions, including dwarfism, can be diagnosed in utero?

The Education of Shelby Knox

01:26:46 | #1801 | TV-14

As a devout Christian, 15-year-old Shelby Knox of Lubbock, TX pledged celibacy until marriage. But because Lubbock has some of the highest teen pregnancy and STD rates in the state, she also spearheaded a campaign for comprehensive sex education in the high schools, opposing the established "abstinence-only" curriculum. When the campaign broadens with a fight for a gay-straight alliance club in the high school, Shelby confronts her parents and her own faith as she begins to understand how deeply personal beliefs can inform political action.

Tobacco Blues

56:40 | #1102

Can a good person grow tobacco? As the cigarette war rages, small-scale American tobacco farmers have been the overlooked casualties. Dynamic filmmaking duo Eren McGinnis and Christine Fugate travel across Kentucky to meet families who have been growing this crop for generations and examine how they are facing the consequences of this fuming controversy. Produced with support from the KET Fund for Independent Production.

Chisholm '72—Unbought & Unbossed

01:26:46 | #1713 | TV-PG

In 1972, a Democratic member of Congress from New York announced a bid for the presidency. While such announcements are nothing out of the ordinary, the candidate definitely was: Shirley Chisholm was an African American and a woman. By daring to claim an equal place on the presidential dais, she set off currents that affect American politics and social perceptions to this day.

Lost Boys of Sudan

01:26:46 | #1712 | TV-PG

Profiles two of the thousands of "lost boys" who have been forced to flee Sudan's brutal 20-year-old civil war. Though lucky enough to be resettled in the U.S. after escaping through the bush to refugee camps in Kenya, these children of war find that the terrors of the past and the demands of an environment so different from pastoral Africa present formidable challenges.

A Panther in Africa

01:26:46 | #1711 | TV-PG

On October 30, 1969, Pete O'Neal, a young Black Panther in Kansas City, MO, was arrested for transporting a gun across state lines. One year later, O'Neal fled. For more than 30 years, he has lived in Tanzania as one of the last American exiles from an era when activists considered themselves at war with the U.S. government. Today, this community organizer confronts very different challenges and finds himself living between two worlds: America and Africa, his radical past and his uncertain future.

Freedom Machines

56:46 | #1710 | TV-PG

Filmmakers Jamie Stobie and Janet Cole explore the world of assistive technology, exposing the gap between the promises of the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act and everyday reality for the 54 million Americans with disabilities. Real-world stories of unforgettable people examine deeply held ideas about ability and disability and show how engineers, designers, and users are challenging barriers inherent in built environments.


01:56:47 | #1709 | TV-14

Mel Stuart's cult-classic concert film documenting Wattstax, a 1972 benefit concert staged by the legendary Stax recording label in Los Angeles. Hosted by Rev. Jesse Jackson and attended by 90,000 people, Wattstax starred a who's who of gospel, soul, and R&B and came to be known as the Black Woodstock. This newly restored version features trenchant commentary from Richard Pryor; performances by Rufus Thomas, the Staple Singers, the Emotions, and the Bar-Kays; and a grand finale not seen in the original film: Isaac Hayes' electrifying performance of the theme from Shaft.

Speedo: A Demolition Derby Love Story

01:26:46 | #1708 | TV-PG

Captures the collisions and confrontations during one tumultuous year in the promising racing career and troubled family life of Ed "Speedo" Jager, one of the nation's top demolition-derby drivers. Trapped in a failing marriage, Speedo channels his frustrations onto the track, hoping to parlay his talents into a "real" racing career. When he falls for Liz, a racetrack official from New Jersey, his life takes a surprising turn.

Every Mother's Son

56:46 | #1707 | TV-PG

In the late 1990s, three victims of police brutality in New York made headlines around the country: Amadou Diallo, the West African street vendor whose killing sparked intense public protest; Anthony Baez, killed in an illegal choke-hold; and Gary Busch, a Hasidic Jew shot outside his Brooklyn home. The three men's mothers unexpectedly found themselves united in seeking justice and have transformed their grief into an opportunity for profound social change.

A Family Undertaking

56:46 | #1706 | TV-PG

Before the 20th century, most Americans prepared their dead for burial with the help of family and friends. Today, most funerals are part of a multi-million-dollar industry run by professionals. But some families are attempting to reclaim the end of life by forgoing typical mortuary funerals and caring for their departed loved ones at home.

Last Man Standing: Politics—Texas Style

01:26:46 | #1705 | TV-PG

Award-winning filmmaker Paul Stekler takes his camera to Texas for a lively, behind-the-scenes look at a pair of 2002 elections—one for state representative in a district that includes Lyndon Johnson's hometown, the other a polarizing race for governor. In the end, the program shows how politics in Texas has become the blueprint for Washington.


56:46 | #1704 | TV-PG

As global corporations rapidly buy up local water supplies, communities face losing control of one of their most precious resources. This look at tensions in Bolivia, India, and Stockton, CA reveals how water is becoming the catalyst for explosive community resistance to globalization. In this clash between public stewardship and private profit, activists claim water as a human right while corporations declare it a commodity.

War Feels Like War

56:46 | #1703 | TV-PG

As the invading armies sweep into Iraq, some of the journalists stationed in Kuwait decide to circumvent military media control to gain access to the real war. Risking their lives to discover the true impact of war on civilians, they find frustration, fear, and horror as they fight their way to Baghdad and witness events ignored by other news media.

Bill's Run: A Political Journey in Rural Kansas

56:46 | #1702

Filmmaker Richard Kassebaum documents seven weeks on the campaign trail with his younger brother, Bill, a rancher and country lawyer running for the Kansas House of Representatives. Bill's journey through the primary becomes a comical and sometimes painful quest of quixotic proportions as he takes on the Republican incumbent and fights to preserve a lifestyle quickly disappearing from rural America—and the exciting outcome shows, once again, that every vote counts.


01:26:46 | #1701

The shocking hate-based attempted murders of two Mexican day laborers catapulted a small Long Island town into national headlines, unmasking a new frontline in the border wars: suburbia. Filmmakers Carlos Sandoval and Catherine Tambini lived and worked in the New York town for nearly a year to capture firsthand the stories of residents, day laborers, and activists on all sides of the immigration debate.

Love and Diane

01:56:46 | #1613 | TV-14

A frank and intimate real-life drama of a mother and daughter desperate for love and forgiveness but caught in a devastating cycle. As a crack cocaine epidemic ravages their impoverished inner-city neighborhood in the 1980s, Diane succumbs to addiction, and her daughter Love enters the foster care system. Ten years later, they are reunited and struggle to reconnect. Now 18 and a mother herself, Love must reconcile her anger and confront the ways in which her mother's past mistakes haunt her life. For her part, Diane must make new choices for herself to break free from the treadmill of addiction and poverty.

What I Want My Words To Do to You

01:26:46 | #1612 | TV-14

Playwright Eve Ensler leads a writing workshop for inmates at New York's Bedford Hills Correctional Facility. Her 15 students, most of whom were convicted of murder, include former Weather Underground members Kathy Boudin and Judith Clark. As they grapple with the nature of their crimes and their own culpability through writing, their words are read by actresses Mary Alice, Glenn Close, Hazelle Goodman, Marisa Tomei, and Rosie Perez.

State of Denial

01:26:46 | #1611 | TV-PG

With five million people already infected and nearly 2,000 new infections every day, South Africa has a higher number of people living with HIV than any other country in the world. Profiles of six of them depict their struggle to survive in the face of social stigma, a severe lack of access to life-saving treatments, and president Thabo Mbeki's controversial denial of the connection between HIV and AIDS.

Soldados: Chicanos in Viet Nam/The Sixth Section

56:46 | #1610 | TV-14

Based on the 1991 American Book Award winner of the same name, Soldados recounts the experiences of a generation of Mexican-American boys who fought in Vietnam. The Sixth Section opens a surprising window on today's immigrants as it follows a group of Mexicans from the tiny desert town of Boqueron to Newburgh, NY, where they have formed a "union" to support themselves and their hometown.

Family Fundamentals

01:26:46 | #1609 | TV-PG

Looks at three fundamentalist Christian parents who have responded to gay offspring by actively opposing homosexuality.

West 47th Street

01:26:46 | #1608 | TV-14

An intimate and unblinking portrait of four people struggling with mental illness at the Fountain House, a renowned rehabilitation center in New York City's Hell's Kitchen.

Georgie Girl

56:46 | #1602 | TV-14

Georgina Beyer, born George Beyer, was elected to New Zealand's Parliament in 1999, becoming the first transsexual in the world to hold a national office. This profile of the prostitute-turned-politician chronicles her transformations from farm boy to celebrated cabaret diva to grassroots community leader. Interviews and images capture both Beyer's nightclub and film performances and a day in her new life as a legislator.

American Aloha: Hula Beyond Hawai'i

56:46 | #1607 | TV-PG

For Hawaiians, the hula is not just a dance but a way of life—even for those who no longer live on the islands. While most Americans know only the stereotypes of grass skirts and coconut bras, the hula is a living tradition that tells of the rich history and spirituality of Hawaii through music, language, and dance.

90 Miles

56:46 | #1606 | TV-PG

A personal memoir from Cuban-born filmmaker Juan Carlos Zaldívar, who came to America during the dramatic Mariel boatlift in 1980. His recounting of the strange fate that brought him, a teenage communist, to exile in Miami offers a rare glimpse into Cuba.

The Flute Player

56:46 | #1605 | TV-PG

Arn Chorn-Pond was only a boy when the brutal Khmer Rouge regime overran Cambodia and turned his country into a ghastly land of "killing fields." Most of his family, and 90 percent of the country's musicians, were killed, but Arn was kept alive to play propaganda songs for his captors. Now, after living in the U.S. for 20 years, he journeys back to Cambodia to seek out surviving "master musicians" and to face the dark shadows of his war-torn past.

Discovering Dominga

56:46 | #1604 | TV-PG

When a shy young Iowa housewife returns to her native Guatemalan village, her journey of self-discovery becomes a mission to uncover the truth about the massacre that left her orphaned. Denese Becker, born "Dominga," unearths the remains of a tragedy and becomes a powerful spokesperson for the survivors.

Larry vs. Lockney

56:46 | #1603 | TV-PG

A lone Texas farmer's fight against mandatory drug testing at his 12-year-old son's school. Larry Tannahill's historic case against Lockney Independent School District made headlines around the country and sparked debate about individual liberty versus personal safety.

Flag Wars

01:26:46 | #1601 | TV-14

In Columbus, Ohio, gentrification has created a painful conflict between two historically oppressed groups. Black residents, working-class or poor and often elderly, fight to hold on to their homes and heritage while realtors and gay home buyers see the enormous, often run-down houses as fixer-uppers. The inevitable clashes expose prejudice and self-interest on both sides—as well as the common dream to have a home to call one's own.

Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin

01:26:46 | #1511 | TV-PG

A master strategist and tireless activist, Bayard Rustin achieved national prominence as organizer of the 1963 March on Washington, one of the largest and most jubilant peaceful protests ever held in the U.S. He is also credited with bringing Gandhi's protest techniques to the American civil rights movement and with helping to mold Martin Luther King Jr. into an international symbol of peace and nonviolence. Despite these achievements, Rustin was silenced, threatened, beaten, imprisoned, and frozen out of important leadership positions—sometimes due to his uncompromising political beliefs but most often because he was an openly gay man in a fiercely homophobic era.

Two Towns of Jasper

01:26:46 | #1512 | TV-14

Filmmakers tell the story of what happened in Jasper, Texas after an African-American man was chained to a truck and dragged to death.

Afghanistan Year 1380

56:46 | #1510 | TV-14

Recounts efforts by volunteers from the human rights group EMERGENCY to establish a hospital in Kabul, despite a never-ending series of obstacles. Their attempt to provide medical and humanitarian support to civilian war victims became a part of rebuilding Afghanistan.


00:00 | #1509 | TV-PG

The saga of the migrant Luis family ("La Boda") continues as Liliana begins her freshman year in high school. As the Mexican-American teenager navigates the difficult terrains of school, puberty, and migrant life, her story offers a personal take on juggling work, education, and family life.

Señorita Extraviada

00:00 | #1508 | TV-14

Since 1993, authorities have dug up the remains of more than 200 murdered girls in the desert around Juarez, Mexico—an industrial zone for the U.S. economy known for its supply of cheap labor and its countless unsolved rapes and murders.

Mai's America

00:00 | #1507 | TV-PG

A daughter of Ho Chi Minh's revolution leaves cosmopolitan Hanoi for a high school exchange program in the U.S. Anticipating Hollywood, Mai crash-lands in rural Mississippi, where her relationships with white Pentecostal and black Baptist host families, self-proclaimed rednecks, transvestites, and South Vietnamese immigrants challenge her long-held ideas about freedom, America, Vietnam, and herself.

Sweet Old Song

56:46 | #1506 | TV-PG

The late Howard "Louie Bluie" Armstrong performed with the fiddle for most of his 90+ years. The two great loves of Howard's life were his music and artist Barbara Ward, age 60. Their two-decade romance defied assumptions about what it means to grow older.

Fenceline: A Company Town Divided

00:00 | #1505 | TV-PG

A real-life drama of how one small community and one big corporation are struggling to come to terms. Norco, Louisiana is a true company town and home to two distinct communities: one black and one white. African-American residents believe pollution is increasing as their health goes downhill and demand to be relocated. The white neighborhoods, home largely to employees of Norco, see no problem—and neither does the company.

Refrigerator Mothers

56:46 | #1504 | TV-PG

Autism is now recognized as a neurological condition, but it was once thought to be the result of poor mothering. This film looks at the traumatic legacy of blame, guilt, and self-doubt suffered by a generation of women who were branded "refrigerator mothers" by those who believed that their emotional frigidity had caused their children's autism.


00:00 | #1503 | TV-PG

A quirky, poetic portrait of visionary farmer Milford Beeghly, whose company, Beeghly's Best Hybrids, led the charge for hybrid corn in the coming agricultural revolution. At home, though, Beeghly's obsession with corn took a toll on his family.


00:00 | #1502 | TV-PG

Follows the Suquamish tribe of Bainbridge Island, near Seattle, during fireworks season—a chaotic five-week sales period—while exploring life, liberty, and the politics of Indian sovereignty in America.

The Smith Family

00:00 | #1501 | TV-PG

Steve and Kim Smith have two sons and a strong commitment to the Mormon Church. But their nine-year marriage is rocked when Steve confesses to infidelities with men and both learn that they are HIV-positive. Struggling to preserve family and faith while redefining forgiveness in the face of daunting tragedy, Kim makes an unlikely decision.


00:00 | #1411 | TV-PG

A poignant account of the bitter and historically complex struggle of war and peace in the Middle East, from the point of view of children. Their stories provide an extraordinary window into the minds and hearts of Jerusalem's young people—on both sides of the checkpoints that divide the area.

5 Girls

01:56:46 | #1410 | TV-PG

Captures the tumultuous days of adolescence in Chicago's diverse neighborhoods, tracking struggles and transformations in the lives of Corrie, Toby, Amber, Aisha, and Haibinh as they confront the challenges of growing up female in the United States.

High School

00:00 | #1409 | TV-PG

Frederick Wiseman's landmark 1968 film follows students, teachers, and administrators through a Philadelphia school year. Set against the backdrop of the Vietnam War and the civil rights movement, the film revisits a particular time in history while also portraying a nearly universal American experience and documents the ways in which school is used by one generation to pass its values on to the next.

Life and Debt

00:00 | #1408 | TV-PG

An alternative view of economic globalization dissects the "mechanism of debt" that is destroying local agriculture and industry while substituting sweatshops and cheap imports.

In the Light of Reverence

00:00 | #1407 | TV-G

An account of the struggles to protect their sacred sites by the Lakota in the Black Hills, the Hopi in Arizona, and the Wintu in California.

Take It from Me

00:00 | #1406 | TV-PG

An intimate portrait of three working-class New York women and their families as they struggle to move off public assistance under the nation's new welfare laws.

True-Hearted Vixens

00:00 | #1405 | TV-PG

Profiles three young women following their dreams of becoming professional football players in a fledgling all-female professional tackle football league.

Of Civil Wrongs and Rights: The Fred Korematsu Story

56:46 | #1404 | TV-PG

The story of a Japanese-American civil rights hero who resisted forced internment during World War II, was arrested, and won a landmark Supreme Court settlement 39 years later.

My American Girls: A Dominican Story

00:00 | #1403 | TV-PG

Captures joys and struggles during a year in the lives of the Ortiz family, first-generation immigrants from the Dominican Republic.

The Sweetest Sound

00:00 | #1402 | TV-PG

An essay on the power, meaning, and mystery of people's names, revealing how a name can profoundly influence one's sense of identity.

Scout's Honor

00:00 | #1401 | TV-PG

Profiles a 13-year-old heterosexual boy who launched a national grassroots campaign to overturn the Boy Scouts of America's anti-gay policies.

First Person Plural

56:46 | #1310 | TV-G

A moving, personal documentary from an American-adopted Korean woman who journeys back in time to find her roots, discovering much more than she expected.

Live Free or Die

00:00 | #1309 | TV-PG

A small-town doctor's office become the front line for a New Hampshire community divided over abortion rights.

KPFA on the Air

00:00 | #1308 | TV-PG

Founded in 1949 in Berkeley, CA by pacifists and poets, radio station KPFA defied Cold War conformity and continues its role as a listener-supported alternative to commercial radio.

American Gypsy: A Stranger in Everybody's Land

00:00 | #1307 | TV-PG

A glimpse inside the Romani world in America explores the 1,000-year-old culture of Gypsies and their code of secrecy.


00:00 | #1306 | TV-PG

Examines gambling and the dream behind it, as told through the lives of Las Vegas' local community.

Our House in Havana

00:00 | #1305 | TV-PG

After 40 years, Sylvia Morini returns to the palatial house of her youth in Cuba. Her nostalgia for a pre-Castro world contrasts sharply with modern Cuban reality.


00:00 | #1304 | TV-14

Greg Withrow, once a fanatical rising star in the white supremacist movement, struggles with a legacy of hatred handed down across generations—and often condoned by American culture—as he tries to break with his virulently racist past.

Stranger with a Camera

00:00 | #1303 | TV-PG

In 1967, filmmaker Hugh O'Connor was killed in Eastern Kentucky for trespassing. Native Kentuckian Elizabeth Barret turns the story into an indictment of the media and a meditation on Appalachia's place in the American imagination.

La Boda

00:00 | #1302 | TV-G

The wedding of two young people from the U.S.-Mexican border region becomes a touching evocation of migrant life and the enduring strength of family tradition.


00:00 | #1301 | TV-PG

A close look at one chapter in the intense, long-running dispute over the fate of Northern California's old-growth forests offers a primer on the logging industry and on direct-action environmentalism.

The Vanishing Line

00:00 | #1108 | TV-PG

Physician/filmmaker Maren Monsen explores the timeless question of the "art of dying" in a world that taught her how to prolong life, but offered few prescriptions for coping with death.

Well-Founded Fear

00:00 | #1210 | TV-PG

Follows several cases of people seeking political asylum in the U.S. through the levels of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, where notions of human rights and American ideals are put to the test in real people's lives.

Regret To Inform

00:00 | #1209 | TV-PG

Filmmaker Barbara Sonneborn makes a pilgrimage to the remote Vietnamese countryside where her husband died to explore the meaning of war and loss on a human level.

In Whose Honor?

00:00 | #1007 | TV-PG

Native American Charlen Teter crusades to rid her university and other institutions of ethnic and racist nicknames and caricatures.

The Double Life of Ernesto Gomez Gomez

00:00 | #1208 | TV-PG

The story of a son of Puerto Rican revolutionaries who, with his mother in prison and his father in exile, was sent as a baby to Mexico to be raised in safety and anonymity.

School Prayer: A Community at War

00:00 | #1207 | TV-PG

A Mississippi mother takes a stand on prayer in her children's public school, precipitating an impassioned clash of principles in which the constitutional right of an individual collides with the deep-rooted tradition of a community.

Corpus: A Home Movie for Selena

00:00 | #1206 | TV-G

At age 23, Tejana singer Selena was murdered on the brink of blockbuster crossover fame. This profile looks beyond the tabloid headlines to show how this unique Mexican-American voice still echoes in the hearts of her fans.

Rabbit in the Moon

00:00 | #1205 | TV-G

Like many Japanese Americans released from World War II internment camps, filmmaker Emiko Omori and her sisters did their best to erase the memories and scars of life under confinement. But the experience had far-reaching personal and political consequences, often pitting family member against family member as Issei (born in Japan; immigrated to U.S.) clashed with Nisei (second-generation; born in America). American loyalty was the litmus test that ultimately divided a community.

The Green Monster

00:00 | #1204 | TV-PG

Without a high school diploma, engineers, or even blueprints, small-town Midwestern mechanical prodigy Art Arfons designed, built, and drove—and broke land speed records in—a series of supercharged automobiles he dubbed "The Green Monster." Director David Finn offers an unvarnished portrait of a flinty, single-minded, slyly charming, obsessive man who was literally driven to continue his race against time long after he had established himself as a living legend.

In My Corner

00:00 | #1203 | TV-PG

Joey Rios and Jose, two young amateur boxers from the South Bronx, pursue their dreams of becoming professional boxers while learning lessons for life from their trainers, Luis Camacho and Angel Alejandro.

If I Can't Do It

00:00 | #1106 | TV-PG

An unflinching, intensely personal portrait of Kentuckian Arthur Campbell Jr., one disabled man who is pushing for independence and an equal slice of the American pie. Produced by Walter Brock with support from the KET Fund for Independent Production, the film won a 1998 duPont-Columbia Award.

Golden Threads

00:00 | #1202 | TV-PG

Christine Burton reinvented her life at age 80 by founding Golden Threads, an international network for older gay women.

The Legacy: Murder & Media, Politics & Prisons

00:00 | #1201 | TV-PG

Examines the heated debate over California's "three strikes, you're out" criminal justice reform bill, which establishes mandatory sentences for anyone convicted of three felonies, through the stories of two men who lost their daughters to violent crimes. Is this approach a draconian measure or an obvious solution?

Barbie Nation: An Unauthorized Tour

An irreverent look at the history of this enduring cultural icon, a sometimes funny, sometimes frightening look a Barbie-mania, fans, foes, fetishists and even Barbie's creator reveal how people use this toy to express their fears, longings and creativity in an increasingly mass-produced world.


Explores the lives of four young, rural girls from Burma who were sold or lured into prostitution in Thailand.

She Shorts

Selection of short films that explore the sometimes fun, sometimes dark but always dramatic range of the female experience and the complexity of being female in today's changing world.

Family Name

Filmmaker Macky Alston traces his roots during a whirlwind ride through the South, interviewing his white relatives—and possible black relatives—about the history of his slave-owning ancestors and the legacy they left behind.

A Perfect Candidate

Follows the 1994 Senate campaign of Iran-Contra figure Oliver North and takes a clear-eyed look at the world of electoral politics, where issues take a back seat to the machinations of spin doctors and voters' interests are lost in a media hall of mirrors.

Baby, It's You

When 40-something filmmaker Anne Makepeace couldn't get pregnant, she turned the camera on herself, her husband, and their siblings to record their journey through the complex maze of contemporary fertility science.

Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision

Architect/sculptor Lin was a 21-year-old college student when her design for the Washington, DC Vietnam Veterans Memorial was selected in 1981. This profile follows the controversy that ensued as well as her work on a variety of other projects.

Battle for the Minds

Filmmaker Steven Lipscomb chronicles his mother's quest to become a Southern Baptist pastor—and uncovers a whirlwind of change and a rising tide of opposition to women as senior church leaders.

The Band

David Zeiger films his son Danny's high school band for a year and celebrates the hormones, havoc and hope of teenage years.

Licensed to Kill

Filmmaker Arthur Dong goes to prison to probe the minds and souls of men whose attitudes toward homosexuality have led them to murder.

Kelly Loves Tony

Video diary of a young Southeast Asian couple wrestling with the demands of parenting in the nebulous cultural zone between first and second generation immigrants.

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