America's Test Kitchen from Cook's Illustrated


Chefs, cooks, testers and tasters reveal the best ways to prepare favorite dishes. Bridget Lancaster and Julia Collin Davison host.

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Better Breakfast

26:46 | #1919 | TV-G

Recipes include easy pancakes and creamy French-style scrambled eggs.

Middle Eastern Dinner

26:46 | #1918 | TV-G

Making foolproof falafel at home and the ultimate Moroccan lentil and chickpea soup (Harira) are featured.

Classic Chinese at Home

26:47 | #1917 | TV-G

Dan Souza makes the ultimate Chinese pork dumplings and Keith Dresser makes Beijing-style meat sauce and noodles (Zha Jiang Mian).

A Taste of Brazil

26:46 | #1916 | TV-G

Brazilian dishes include shrimp and fish stew (Moqueca) and Brazilian cheese bread (Pao de Queijo).

How to Braise Everything

26:46 | #1915 | TV-G

Test cook Dan Souza and host Julia Collin Davison teach viewers how to make braised oxtails with white beans, tomatoes, and aleppo pepper. Becky Hays makes foolproof fava beans with artichokes, asparagus, and peas.

Spring Dinner for Company

26:46 | #1914 | TV-G

Recipes include perfect roasted whole side of salmon and buttery spring vegetables.

Brunch Favorites

26:46 | #1913 | TV-G

Coffee cake with pecan-cinnamon streusel and foolproof broccoli and feta frittata are prepared.

Weeknight Italian

26:46 | #1912 | TV-G

Dan Souza prepares a one-hour pizza, and Elle Simone unlocks the secrets to the ultimate beef short rib ragu.

Mexican Fare

26:46 | #1911 | TV-G

Crispy tacos (Tacos Dorados) and roasted poblano and black bean enchiladas are prepared. Jack Bishop challenges Julia to a dry vermouth tasting.

Cooking at Home with Bridget and Julia

26:46 | #1910 | TV-G

Julia and Bridget uncover the secrets to the perfect hearty beef and vegetable stew. Then make cod baked in foil with leeks and carrots.

Chicken and Biscuits

26:46 | #1909 | TV-G

Recipes include the perfect indoor pulled chicken and the ultimate flaky buttermilk biscuits.

Sous Vide for Everybody

26:46 | #1908 | TV-G

Sous vide seared steaks and soft-poached eggs are prepared. Adam Ried reviews his top pick for sous vide machines.

Elegant Dinner Party

26:46 | #1907 | TV-G

Bridget and Julia uncover the secrets to braised brisket with pomegranate, cumin, and cilantro. Adam Ried reviews his top pick for twist corkscrews. Test cook Dan Souza makes a decadent duchess potato casserole.

The Perfect Cookie

26:46 | #1906 | TV-G

Highlights include a festive recipe for easy holiday sugar cookies, top picks for parchment paper, silicone baking mats, and lemon bars.

Chinese Favorites

26:46 | #1905 | TV-G

Flat hand-pulled noodles with chili oil vinaigrette and Chinese-style barbecued spareribs are made.

The Perfect Cake

26:46 | #1904 | TV-G

Bridget and Julia reveal the secrets to making the perfect gingerbread layer cake at home.

Roast Chicken and Sprouts

26:46 | #1903 | TV-G

Julia and Bridget unlock the secrets to the ultimate roast chicken with warm bread salad.

Chocolate Delights

26:46 | #1902 | TV-G

Bridget and Julia uncover the secrets to making all-butter pie dough and chocolate cream pie.

Pork Chops and Oven Fries

26:46 | #1901 | TV-G

Test cook Elle Simone makes the ultimate deviled pork chops. Thick-cut oven fries are prepared.

Pub-Style Favorites, Revisited

25:49 | #1826 | TV-G

Bridget and Julia uncover the secrets to making the ultimate pub-style steak and ale pie at home.

Elegant Desserts

25:49 | #1825 | TV-G

Julia and Bridget uncover the secrets to millionaire's shortbread, a decadent bar cookie recipe.

To Meat or Not to Meat (Sauce)

25:49 | #1824 | TV-G

The secrets to making a weeknight-friendly recipe for tagliatelle with bolognese sauce are shared.

Summer Cookout

25:49 | #1823 | TV-G

Perfect spice-rubbed chicken drumsticks on the grill and New England baked beans are prepared.

Chinese Classics

25:49 | #1822 | TV-G

Recipes include Chinese barbecued pork and Sichuan braised tofu with beef (mapo tofu).

Pork Chops and Corn Fritters, Perfected

26:19 | #1821 | TV-G

Julia and Bridget uncover the secrets to making perfect pan-seared thick-cut boneless pork chops. Keith Dresser makes foolproof corn fritters.

Spicing Up the Grill

26:46 | #1820 | TV-G

Thai grilled Cornish hens with chili dipping sauce and grilled pita stuffed with lamb are prepared.

Grilled Steak and Fruit Tart

26:46 | #1819 | TV-G

Dan Souza makes perfect grill-smoked and herb-rubbed flat iron steaks. Elle Simone makes the ultimate fresh fruit tart.

Vibrant Mediterranean Cooking

25:49 | #1818 | TV-G

Dan Souza makes foolproof swordfish skewers with tomato-scallion caponata on the grill. Becky Hays makes a vibrant Mediterranean favorite: Egyptian barley salad.

Simple Chinese Staples

25:49 | #1817 | TV-G

The secrets to three cup chicken and a refreshing recipe for smashed cucumbers are shared.

Brunch at Home

25:49 | #1816 | TV-G

Bridget and Julia uncover the secrets to making foolproof eggs Benedict at home. Dan Souza makes a show-stopping German pancake.

Weeknight Japanese Suppers

25:49 | #1815 | TV-G

Julia Collin Davison and Bridget Lancaster uncover the secrets to crispy pan-fried chicken cutlets. Miso-marinated salmon is prepared.

Mediterranean Sweets

25:49 | #1814 | TV-G

Dan Souza makes the ultimate olive oil cake. Julia and Bridget uncover the secrets to making foolproof baklava at home.

Mexican Dinner Party

25:49 | #1813 | TV-G

Bridget and Julia uncover the secrets to the ultimate tamales with red chicken chili. Chorizo and potato tacos are prepared.

Italian Seafood Suppers

26:46 | #1812 | TV-G

Bridget and Julia uncover the secrets to making perfect linguine allo scoglio. Tuscan shrimp and beans is prepared.

Diner-Style Favorites with a Twist

26:46 | #1811 | TV-G

Italian-style turkey meatballs and kale Caesar salad are prepared.

Pressure Cooker Perfection

26:46 | #1810 | TV-G

Farmhouse chicken noodle soup and pressure cooker pot roast are prepared.

Soup for Dinner

26:46 | #1809 | TV-G

Recipes include chicken bouillabaisse; cinnamon and Greek chicken and rice soup with egg and lemon.

Just Add Apples

26:46 | #1808 | TV-G

A recipe for apple strudel and the secrets to the perfect cider-glazed apple bundt cake are shared.

Vegan for Everyone

26:46 | #1807 | TV-G

Recipes for a vegan pinto bean-beet burger and Buffalo cauliflower bites are shared. Also, a taste test of vegan mayo and a look at spiralizers.

Modern Weeknight Meals

26:47 | #1806 | TV-G

Recipes for one-hour broiled chicken and pan sauce and modern cauliflower gratin are shared.

Ultimate Italian

26:47 | #1805 | TV-G

Porchetta, ricotta, wine coolers, and the secrets to parmesan farrotto are featured.

All Chocolate, All the Time

26:46 | #1804 | TV-G

Boston cream pie and and chocolate sheet cake with milk chocolate frosting are prepared.

How to Roast Everything

26:46 | #1803 | TV-G

Recipes include beef tenderloin with smoky potatoes and persillade relish and turkey breast en cocotte with pan gravy.

Flavors of Thailand

26:46 | #1802 | TV-G

Everyday pad thai and panang beef curry are prepared. A tasting of coconut milk and electric kettles are reviewed.

Grown Up Comfort Classics

26:46 | #1801 | TV-G

The secrets to simple stovetop macaroni and cheese and how to make turkey meatloaf with ketchup-brown sugar glaze.

Comfort Classics

26:46 | #1726 | TV-G

The best roast chicken with root vegetables is served and almost no-knead sourdough bread is made.

Summer Pork Supper

26:46 | #1725 | TV-G

Julia Collin Davison shows Bridget Lancaster how to make smoked pork loin with dried-fruit chutney.

Summer Dinner Party

26:46 | #1724 | TV-G

The ultimate grill-roasted beef tenderloin and an elegant pear-walnut upside-down cake are prepared.

Fast Food Makeovers

26:46 | #1723 | TV-G

Test cook Dan Souza shows host Julia Collin Davison how to make the perfect grilled pizza at home.

A Spanish Affair

26:46 | #1722 | TV-G

Host Julia Collin Davison reveals the secrets to making the best paella on the grill.

Mediterranean Grill

26:46 | #1721 | TV-G

The secrets to making the best grilled shrimp and vegetable kebabs are shared. Persian-style rice with golden crust is prepared..

Steak and Veggies

26:46 | #1720 | TV-G

Recipes for pan-seared flank steak with mustard-chive butter and walkaway ratatouille are featured.

Canning Classics

26:46 | #1719 | TV-G

The secrets to making classic strawberry jam and the ultimate bread and butter pickles are revealed.

Elegant Fall Dinner

26:46 | #1718 | TV-G

Recipes for Tuscan-style roast pork with garlic and rosemary and perfect farro salad with asparagus, sugar snap peas, and tomatoes are featured.

Chinese Takeout, Revised

26:46 | #1717 | TV-G

Learn how to make the best beef stir-fry with bell peppers and black pepper sauce at home.

Autumn Desserts

26:46 | #1716 | TV-G

Recipes for chewy oatmeal cookies and the secrets to ultra-nutty pecan bars are featured.

Italian Chicken

26:46 | #1715 | TV-G

The secrets to better chicken marsala and the ultimate skillet-roasted chicken in lemon sauce are featured.

Baked Alaska Showstopper

26:46 | #1714 | TV-G

Julia Collin Davison and Bridget Lancaster uncover the secrets to making the ultimate baked Alaska.

Refreshing Desserts

26:46 | #1713 | TV-G

Ginger frozen yogurt is prepared and Tim Chin makes perfect lemon posset with berries.

Pantry Pastas

26:46 | #1712 | TV-G

Bridget Lancaster uncovers the secrets for making perfect pasta e ceci. Penne arrabbiata is served.

Big Easy Favorites

26:46 | #1711 | TV-G

Bridget Lancaster makes the ultimate chicken and sausage gumbo. Red beans and rice are served.

Korean Feast

26:46 | #1710 | TV-G

Host Julia Collin Davison shows Bridget Lancaster how to make the ultimate Korean rice bowl.

Outsmarting Thanksgiving

26:46 | #1709 | TV-G

Dan Souza shows host Julia Collin Davison how to make the ultimate roast turkey. Becky Hays uncovers the secrets to foolproof boiled corn.

Hearty One Pot Meals

26:46 | #1708 | TV-G

The recipes for the best ground beef chili and the ultimate red lentil soup are shared.

The Ultimate Sticky Buns

26:46 | #1707 | TV-G

Julia Collin Davison and Bridget Lancaster uncover the secrets to making the ultimate sticky buns.

Seafood Supper

26:46 | #1706 | TV-G

The steps for making perfect pan-seared salmon and secrets to making the shrimp scampi are shared.

Italian Vegetarian

26:46 | #1705 | TV-G

How to make cheese and tomato lasagna and the secrets to making good garlic bread are shared.

New England Classics

26:46 | #1704 | TV-G

Home-corned beef with vegetables and the ultimate snickerdoodles are featured.

Back to Basics

26:46 | #1703 | TV-G

How to make roasted bone-in chicken breasts and the secrets to making baked potatoes are revealed.

Two Modern Stews

26:46 | #1702 | TV-G

The ultimate Portuguese-style beef stew and the best quinoa and vegetable stew are prepared.

Cast Iron Staples

26:46 | #1701 | TV-G

Julia Collin Davison and Bridget Lancaster debunk cast iron myths and share the basics for cast iron care.

Revolutionizing Classic Fruit Desserts

26:46 | #1626 | TV-G

The test cooks prepare perfect strawberry-rhubarb pie and cherry clafouti.

Grilled Chicken and Salad with a Kick

26:46 | #1625 | TV-G

The perfect peri peri grilled chicken and pita bread salad with tomatoes and cucumber are prepared.

Mexican Mole and Drunken Beans

26:46 | #1624 | TV-G

Chicken mole poblano and the secrets to making the ultimate drunken beans are showcased.

Pork Kebabs and Steaks Hit The Grill

26:46 | #1623 | TV-G

Test cook Dan Souza makes the ultimate charcoal-grilled steaks. Lisa McManus uncovers the best jar spatulas and jar openers.

Country Ribs and Corn Muffins

26:46 | #1622 | TV-G

Sweet and tangy grilled country-style pork ribs and savory corn muffins are prepared.

Pass The Pasta

26:46 | #1606 | TV-G

Sausage meatballs with spaghetti and tagliatelle with prosciutto and peas are showcased.

Dinner In Cuba

26:46 | #1621 | TV-G

Cuban braised shredded beef; fried sweet plantains; and mango, orange, and jicama salad are served.

Braised to Perfection

26:46 | #1620 | TV-G

Braised halibut with leeks and mustard and slow-cooked whole carrots are prepared.

Vegetarian Essentials

26:46 | #1619 | TV-G

Test cook Julia Collin Davison demonstrates how to make the ultimate black bean burgers.

Ultimate Chinese

26:46 | #1618 | TV-G

Bridget Lancaster shows how to make the ultimate mu shu pork. Crispy orange beef is served.

French Pork Chops and Bisque

26:46 | #1617 | TV-G

French-style pork chops with apples and calvados and mushroom bisque are prepared.

Italian with Ease

26:46 | #1616 | TV-G

Test cook Julia Collin Davison uncovers the secrets to making semolina gnocchi at home.

Serving Up Noodles and Rice

26:46 | #1615 | TV-G

Japanese-style stir-fried noodles with beef and fried brown rice with pork and shrimp are featured.

Dinner In Italy

26:46 | #1614 | TV-G

The ultimate thick-crust Sicilian-style pizza and homemade ricotta cheese are served.

Roast Chicken and Potatoes Revisited

26:46 | #1613 | TV-G

Test cook Julia Collin Davison makes slow-roasted chicken parts with shallot-garlic pan sauce.

Pork and Pears

26:46 | #1612 | TV-G

Milk-braised pork loin and roasted pears with dried apricots and pistachios are made.

A Roast for the Holidays

26:46 | #1611 | TV-G

The ultimate fennel-coriander top sirloin roast and duck fat-roasted potatoes are prepared.

Sweet and Spicy Asian Specialties

26:46 | #1610 | TV-G

Salt and pepper shrimp, Sichuan peppercorns and Vietnamese-style caramel chicken with broccoli are prepared.

Saucing Up Chicken and Roasting Mushrooms

26:46 | #1609 | TV-G

Test cook Bryan Roof shows host Christopher Kimball how to make quick sauces for sauteed chicken.

Why Not Add Wine?

26:46 | #1608 | TV-G

Test cook Bridget Lancaster reveals the secrets to making the best coq au riesling at home.

Chocolate-Caramel Layer Cake

26:46 | #1607 | TV-G

Test cook Bridget Lancaster demonstrates how to make the perfect chocolate-caramel layer cake.

Spanish Chicken and Israeli Couscous

26:46 | #1605 | TV-G

Spanish braised chicken with sherry and saffron and simple Israeli couscous are served.

A Hearty Fall Feast

26:46 | #1604 | TV-G

Roasted rack of lamb, roasted brined turkey, and root vegetable gratin are highlighted.

A Hearty Start to The Day

26:46 | #1603 | TV-G

Eggs piperade, chocolate hazelnut spread, and 100 percent whole wheat pancakes are prepared.

New York Natives

26:46 | #1602 | TV-G

Test cook Julia Collin Davison uncovers the secrets to foolproof New York cheesecake.

French Bistro Favorites

26:46 | #1601 | TV-G

Test cook Dan Souza shows host Christopher Kimball how to make a simple pot-au-feu at home.

Baguettes at Home

26:46 | #1526 | TV-G

The best baguette is showcased. Adam Ried uncovers the essential tools for baking baguettes.

A Meal to Celebrate Fall

26:46 | #1525 | TV-G

Recipes include slow-roasted bone-in pork rib roast and roasted butternut squash with browned butter and hazelnuts.

Two Ways to Unlock Asian Flavor

26:46 | #1524 | TV-G

Thai chicken curry with potatoes and peanuts and Chinese braised beef are served.

Let's Make Bread

26:46 | #1523 | TV-G

Easy sandwich bread, a tasting of artisanal cream cheese, and zucchini bread are showcased.

Get A Rise Out of Your Eggs

26:46 | #1522 | TV-G

Recipes include pasta frittata with sausage and hot peppers and cheese souffle.

Introducing Caldo Verde and White Gazpacho

26:46 | #1521 | TV-G

A traditional Portuguese soup, Caldo Verde, and Spanish garlic and almond Soup are made.

Scallops and Shrimp Hot Off The Grill

26:46 | #1520 | TV-G

Recipes include grilled bacon-wrapped scallops and southern shrimp burgers.

Spicing Up The Backyard Barbecue

26:46 | #1519 | TV-G

Garlic-lime grilled pork tenderloin steaks and quinoa pilaf with herbs and lemons are served.

Dinner in the Mediterranean

26:46 | #1518 | TV-G

Recipes include grilled chicken souvlaki and tabbouleh.

Favorite Ways with the Catch of the Day

26:46 | #1517 | TV-G

Recipes include grilled fish tacos and sesame-crusted salmon with lemon and ginger.

Great Grilled Burgers and Sweet Potato Fries

26:46 | #1516 | TV-G

Recipes for the grilled burgers thick-cut sweet potato fries are shared.

Southeast Asian Specialties

26:46 | #1515 | TV-G

Delicious recipes include Vietnamese Beef Pho and Singapore Noodles.

Pizza and Cookies Go Gluten-Free

26:46 | #1514 | TV-G

Gluten-free pizza, gluten-free spaghetti, and gluten-free chocolate chip cookies are showcased.

Spa Cuisine Gets A Makeover

26:46 | #1513 | TV-G

Perfect poached chicken breasts and the freshest carrot-ginger soup are served up.

The Italian Vegetarian

26:46 | #1512 | TV-G

Recipes for perfect Eggplant Involtini and fusilli with ricotta and spinach are shared.

Mahogany Chicken and Asparagus Stir-Fry

26:46 | #1511 | TV-G

Mahogany chicken thighs and perfect stir-fried asparagus with shiitake mushrooms are prepared.

Springtime Sweets

26:46 | #1510 | TV-G

Test cook Bridget Lancaster creates lemon pudding cake. Fresh strawberry mousse is served.

Classic Fare with Flair

26:46 | #1509 | TV-G

Test cook Bridget Lancaster reinvents a classic, cornish game hens. French apple tart is made.

Seafood Specials

26:46 | #1508 | TV-G

Test cook Julia Collin Davison creates the best homemade Cioppino. Shrimp Fra Diavolo is served.

Chicken and Rice Get An Upgrade

26:46 | #1507 | TV-G

Crispy-skinned chicken breasts, a tasting of jasmine rice, and rice and pasta pilaf are showcased.

Sweet On Custard and Cookies

26:46 | #1506 | TV-G

Latin American-style flan and the ultimate chocolate crinkle cookies are served.

Pasta Rustica

26:46 | #1505 | TV-G

Rigatoni with beef and onion ragu and pasta with pesto, potatoes, and green beans are prepared.

Beefing Up Mexican Favorites

26:46 | #1504 | TV-G

Test cook Dan Souza shows host Christopher Kimball how to make Mexican-style grilled steak.

Pork Tenderloin Dinner

26:46 | #1503 | TV-G

The perfect broiled pork tenderloin and rice and lentils with crispy onions are prepared.

Almond Cake and British Scones

26:46 | #1502 | TV-G

Bridget Lancaster makes the best almond cake and the ultimate British-style currant scones are made.

Comfort Food Revisited

26:46 | #1501 | TV-G

Test cook Dan Souza uncovers the secrets to the best chicken stew. Cream cheese brownies are made.

Sweet American Classics

26:46 | #1426 | TV-G

The ultimate lemon chiffon pie and perfect marbled blueberry bundt cake are showcased.

Grilling Goes International

26:46 | #1425 | TV-G

A Turkish favorite, grilled lamb kofte, and delicious Tunisian-style grilled vegetables are prepared.

Grilled and Glazed

26:46 | #1424 | TV-G

Grilled glazed pork tenderloin roast and grilled glazed boneless, skinless chicken breasts are prepared.

Summertime Desserts

26:46 | #1423 | TV-G

The secrets to making the best summer berry trifle and the ultimate fresh peach pie are showcased.

Quick and Easy Rib Dinner

26:46 | #1422 | TV-G

The secrets to grilled glazed baby back ribs and grilled corn with basil and lemon butter are showcased.

Easy Summer Supper

26:46 | #1421 | TV-G

The best grilled lemon chicken with rosemary and the ultimate beets with lemon and almonds are prepared.

Best Barbecued Chicken and Cornbread

26:46 | #1420 | TV-G

The ultimate sweet and tangy barbecued chicken and fresh corn cornbread are highlighted.

Spiced-Up Cuban Cuisine

26:46 | #1419 | TV-G

Cuban-style picadillo is prepared, tortilla presses are reviewed, and Cuban shredded beef is made.

Elegant Brunch Favorites

26:46 | #1418 | TV-G

Man on the street Doc Willoughby learns all about brioche at Hi-Rise Bakery. Lemon ricotta pancakes are prepared.

At The Seafood Counter

26:46 | #1417 | TV-G

Bridget Lancaster makes garlicky roasted shrimp with Parsley. Oven-steamed mussels are served.

Great American Sandwiches

26:46 | #1416 | TV-G

Bridget Lancaster reveals the secrets to making the best Philly Cheesesteaks right at home! Julia Collin Davison shows Chris how to make the perfect New England Lobster Roll.

Hearty Spanish and Italian Soups, Revamped

26:46 | #1415 | TV-G

Homemade Italian Wedding soup and hearty Spanish-style lentil and chorizo soup are prepared.

Oatmeal Muffins and Granola

26:46 | #1414 | TV-G

Oatmeal muffins and almond granola with dried fruit are made. Plus, the top pick for drip coffee makers.

It's Pasta Night!

26:46 | #1413 | TV-G

The secrets to foolproof spaghetti carbonara are shared and summer pasta puttanesca is prepared.

Let's Start with Soup

26:46 | #1412 | TV-G

The secrets to making wild rice and mushroom soup and creamy cauliflower soup are shared.

Special-Occasion Roasts

26:46 | #1411 | TV-G

The best pepper-crusted beef tenderloin roast and perfect roast butterflied leg of lamb are prepared.

Decadent Desserts

26:46 | #1410 | TV-G

Recipes for a chocolate tart and butterscotch pudding are shared. Favorite kitchen gadgets are reviewed.

Revisiting Julia Child's Roast Turkey

26:46 | #1409 | TV-G

Julia Child's Thanksgiving turkey are served with roasted root vegetables. Tools for making turkey are reviewed.

Classic Italian Fare

26:46 | #1408 | TV-G

The best chicken parmesan and the secrets to foolproof Pasta alla Norcina are showcased.

Salmon and Latkes

26:46 | #1407 | TV-RE

Perfect herb-crusted salmon, stovetop smokers, and the best crispy potato latkes are highlighted.

From An Italian Bakery

26:46 | #1406 | TV-G

Florentine lace cookies are created at Lakota Bakery outside of Boston. Almond biscotti is made.

French-Style Dutch Oven Dinners

26:46 | #1405 | TV-G

French-style chicken, stuffing in a pot, and a French-style pork stew are showcased.

A Modern Take On Pizza and Grilled Cheese

26:46 | #1404 | TV-G

Dan makes thin-crust whole-wheat pizza and Bridget reveals the secrets to grilled cheese sandwiches.

Three Ways with Eggs

26:46 | #1403 | TV-G

The best soft-cooked eggs, a classic fluffy omelet, and perfect fried eggs are made.

A Fancy Finale

26:46 | #1402 | TV-G

Chocolate-espresso dacquoise is made and the science behind egg whites is explored.

Meat and Potatoes with Panache

26:46 | #1401 | TV-G

An updated classic beef burgundy and braised red potatoes with lemon and chives are created.

Sunday Brunch

26:46 | #1326 | TV-G

The test cooks prepare foolproof cinnamon swirl bread and baked eggs Florentine. Also, the science behind perfect baked eggs is featured.

French Sweets, Refined and Rustic

26:46 | #1325 | TV-G

The test cooks make perfect chocolate truffles and French apple cake. Mast Brothers Chocolate Factory in Brooklyn is visited.

Chili and Stew Go Vegetarian

26:46 | #1324 | TV-G

Christopher Kimball travels to Foxy Farms in the Salinas Valley. The test cooks prepare vegetarian chili and the ultimate Italian vegetable stew.

Ultimate Grilled Turkey Burgers

26:46 | #1323 | TV-G

Juicy grilled turkey burgers, potato burger buns, and a tasting of cheddar cheese are showcased.

Indian Classics Made Easy

26:46 | #1322 | TV-G

Test cook Becky Hays makes two classic Indian recipes: Indian flatbread and Indian-style spinach with fresh cheese.

Short Ribs and Chops Hit The Grill

26:46 | #1321 | TV-G

The test cooks prepare easy grilled boneless pork chops and the best grill-roasted beef short ribs.

Skewered and Wrapped

26:46 | #1320 | TV-G

The secrets to making grilled beef satay and quick Chinese chicken lettuce wraps are uncovered.

Rethinking Seafood Classics

26:46 | #1319 | TV-G

The best crab cakes and perfect grill-smoked salmon with lots of smoke flavor are created.

Perfecting Summer Classics

26:46 | #1318 | TV-G

Grilled steak with New Mexican chile rub and perfect raspberry sorbet are prepared.

Spicing Up The Grill

26:46 | #1317 | TV-G

Spicy pork tacos on the grill, perfect jerk chicken, and the best grilling tools are highlighted.

Asian Takeout Favorites

26:46 | #1316 | TV-G

Sichuan stir-fried pork in garlic sauce and Thai-style stir-fried noodles with chicken are created.

Great Italian Pasta Sauces

26:46 | #1315 | TV-G

Perfect Pasta all'Amatriciana quick mushroom ragu with lots of mushroom flavor are prepared.

Chicken Classics, Improved

26:46 | #1314 | TV-G

Skillet chicken fajitas and classic chicken salad are made and new kitchen gadgets are reviewed.

Turkey on the Grill

26:46 | #1313 | TV-G

Bridget Lancaster shows how to make a simple grill-roasted turkey served with cranberry chutney.

Breakfast Standbys

26:46 | #1312 | TV-G

How to make the best bowl of 10-minute steel cut oatmeal and the secrets to making perfect home fries are shared.

Company's Coming

26:46 | #1311 | TV-G

Julia Collin Davidson makes the best prime rib and perfectly roasted brussels sprouts.

Spicy Fall Sweets

26:46 | #1310 | TV-G

How to make the best pumpkin bread and the secrets to perfect gingersnaps are shared.

Big, Bold Chicken Braises

26:46 | #1309 | TV-G

Test cook Bridget Lancaster updates the recipe Chicken Marbella and how to make perfect Filipino Chicken Adobo.

Two Ways with Fish

26:46 | #1308 | TV-G

Perfect poached fish fillets with sherry-tomato vinaigrette and easy salmon cakes are prepared.

Irish Comfort Classics

26:46 | #1307 | TV-G

A recipe for Shepherd's Pie is updated and New England-style corned beef and cabbage is made.

Ultimate Italian

26:46 | #1306 | TV-G

Learn the secrets of homemade pasta from the pros in New York City and the ultimate Ragu alla Bolognese is made.

Pork Chops and Lentil Salad

26:46 | #1305 | TV-G

The secrets to perfect red wine-braised pork chops and how to make the best lentil salad at home are shared.

Simple & Satisfying Vegetable Mains

26:46 | #1304 | TV-G

Great mushroom and leek galette with gorgonzola and farmhouse vegetable and barley soup are made.

A Taste of Spain

26:46 | #1303 | TV-G

Catalan-style beef stew with mushrooms and Spanish-style toasted pasta with shrimp are prepared.

Great American Classics

26:46 | #1302 | TV-G

Recipes are shared for the ultimate carrot layer cake and the best peanut butter sandwich cookies.

Meat and Potatoes A La Francaise

26:46 | #1301 | TV-G

A classic recipe for French-style pot-roasted pork loin is updated and knife sets are reviewed.

Bistro-Style Steak and Potatoes

26:46 | #1226 | TV-G

How to make the five-star meal at home and equipment expert Adam Ried reveals his top pick for wine openers.

Summertime Supper

26:46 | #1225 | TV-G

The secrets to making perfect grilled stuffed pork tenderloin and the ultimate lighter corn chowder.

Southeast Asian Favorites

26:46 | #1224 | TV-G

How to make the ultimate Thai grilled beef salad and uncover the secrets to foolproof Indonesian-style fried rice.

Sweet Summer Endings

26:46 | #1223 | TV-G

The secrets to fresh strawberry pie are revealed and the ultimate summer peach cake is prepared.

Time to Grill

26:46 | #1222 | TV-G

The ultimate grilled bone-in pork roast and foolproof grilled scallops are prepared.

Gnocchi and Panzanella

26:46 | #1221 | TV-G

Foolproof gnocchi and an Italian recipe for bread and tomato salad, Panzanella, are featured.

Cold-Weather Comfort

26:46 | #1220 | TV-G

The secrets to making easy caramel cake and foolproof split pea and ham soup are revealed.

Mediterranean Specials

26:46 | #1219 | TV-G

The secrets to making the ultimate beef kebabs and perfect Greek spinach and feta pie are revealed.

Slow-Cooker Revolution

26:46 | #1218 | TV-G

A slow-cooker is used for old-fashioned chicken noodle soup and chocolate-hazelnut bread pudding.

Backyard Chicken Dinner

26:46 | #1217 | TV-G

The secrets to grill-smoked chicken and salt-baked potatoes.

Cool and Creamy Desserts

26:46 | #1216 | TV-G

How to make the homemade ice cream and the secrets to the perfect chocolate pudding.

Vegetarian Pasta Night

26:46 | #1215 | TV-G

A recipe for vegetable lasagna and the secrets to perfect Spaghetti al Limone.

A Moroccan Feast

26:46 | #1214 | TV-G

Recipes for a Moroccan-style Chicken Tagine at home with foolproof couscous that's better than any store-bought brand.

Soup and Bread from Scratch

26:46 | #1213 | TV-G

How to make the ultimate whole wheat sandwich bread and broccoli cheese soup with lots of broccoli flavor.

Salmon and Sole

26:46 | #1212 | TV-G

How to make perfect glazed salmon and the secrets to the ultimate baked sole fillets with herbs and bread crumbs.

Crepes and Croissants

26:46 | #1211 | TV-G

Christopher Kimball takes a trip to Paris in search of the best croissants. Learn how to make foolproof croissants at home and the secrets to flawless crepes.

Here's The Beef

26:46 | #1210 | TV-G

Recipes for perfect chili juicy pub-style burgers. Also, a review on meat grinders.

Shake and Bake Reinvented

26:46 | #1209 | TV-G

Tasty recipes include the best nut-crusted chicken cutlets and crisp pan-fried pork chops.

New York-Style Pizza at Home

26:46 | #1208 | TV-G

Host Christopher Kimball visits Di Fara Pizza in Brooklyn to learn how to make the perfect New York-style pizza. The ultimate thin-crust pizza is made.

A Latin Celebration

26:46 | #1207 | TV-G

How to prepare authentic Peruvian roast chicken and perfect black beans and rice.

A Slow and Easy Thanksgiving

26:46 | #1206 | TV-G

A slow and easy Thanksgiving with braised turkey and bread stuffing are made.

Pasta, Please

26:46 | #1205 | TV-G

How to make foolproof spaghetti and meatballs and a recipe for the perfect spring vegetable pasta.

Chocolate Torte

26:46 | #1204 | TV-G

Christopher Kimball visits the Hotel Sacher Vienna to taste Sacher torte, and test cook Yvonne Ruperti shows him how to make foolproof chocolate torte at home.

Rise and Shine Breakfast

26:46 | #1203 | TV-G

The science behind scrambled eggs with science expert Guy Crosby and cranberry nut muffins are made.

Fall Classics

26:46 | #1202 | TV-G

The ultimate pot-roasted pork loin is made and the secrets of classic gingerbread are revealed.

Simply Chicken

26:46 | #1201 | TV-G

Learn how to prepare a French classic, Chicken Fricassee, and roast chicken.

Lazy Day Breakfast

26:46 | #1126 | TV-G

Recipes for extra-crispy buttermilk waffles and french toast.

Grilled Steak and Gazpacho

26:46 | #1125 | TV-G

Recipes for grilled Argentine steaks and creamy gazpacho Andaluz with lots of tomato flavor.

Summertime Supper Fare

26:46 | #1124 | TV-G

Recipes include charcoal-grilled stuffed chicken breasts and foolproof grilled tuna steaks.

Great Grilled Roast Beef

26:46 | #1123 | TV-G

Chris reveals how to buy the best sirloin cuts at the right price. Then, a recipe for charcoal-grill-roasted beef at home with roasted smashed potatoes.

Simply Italian

26:47 | #1122 | TV-G

How to make rosemary focaccia and authentic Cacio e Pepe (spaghetti with pecorino romano and black pepper).

Grilled Pork Chops and Ribs

26:46 | #1121 | TV-G

Chris visits Boston's famous East Coast Grill to learn about Memphis ribs from BBQ expert Chris Schlesinger. He returns and learns how to make Memphis-style barbecued spareribs and charcoal grill-smoke pork chops on a home grill.

All-American Fruit Desserts

26:46 | #1120 | TV-G

The secrets to making the perfect sweet cherry pie and how to make the ultimate skillet apple crisp.

Deep Dish Pizza

26:46 | #1119 | TV-G

Chris ventures to Chicago in an effort to find a recipe for Chicago-style deep dish pizza. He returns to reveal how to make not only the ultimate deep dish pizza at home but also the perfect chopped salad.

Shrimp in a Skillet

26:46 | #1118 | TV-G

How to buy the freshest shrimp on the market, how to make Greek-style shrimp at home, and the secrets to perfect shrimp stir-fries.

Steak Frites

26:46 | #1117 | TV-G

Chris takes a trip to Paris in search of the best steak frites and how to bring the dish home. Also, the secrets behind foolproof vinaigrette.

Easier Italian Favorites

26:46 | #1116 | TV-G

How to make hearty minestrone at home using supermarket ingredients and the secrets to almost hands-free risotto.

Thanksgiving Turkey

26:46 | #1115 | TV-G

The perfect old-fashioned stuffed turkey and the science behind stale bread.

Weeknight Workhorses

26:46 | #1114 | TV-G

The perfect pan-seared chicken breasts and sauteed pork cutlets.

Sweet Endings

26:46 | #1113 | TV-G

The secrets to the ultimate chewy sugar cookies and how to make a foolproof berry fool at home.

Stuffed Beef Tenderloin

26:46 | #1112 | TV-G

The secrets behind the best roasted carrots and horseradish-crusted beef tenderloin.

Southern Fare, Reinvented

26:46 | #1111 | TV-G

How to make pulled pork without using a grill a recipe for easier fried chicken. Plus, the science behind brining.

Asian Favorites at Home

26:46 | #1110 | TV-G

How to create Thai chicken with basil stir-fry and a foolproof method for making Shu Mai.

Dutch Oven Classics

26:46 | #1109 | TV-G

A recipe for beef stew and the ultimate chicken and dumplings.

Coffee Break Sweets

26:46 | #1108 | TV-G

How to make ultimate banana bread and secrets to cream cheese coffee cake.

Seafood in a Skillet

26:46 | #1107 | TV-G

How to make perfect pan-seared scallops and skillet-roasted fish fillets.

Fall Favorites

26:46 | #1106 | TV-G

The secrets to perfect slow-roasted pork shoulder and the best baked apples.

Italian Comfort Classics

26:46 | #1105 | TV-G

Host Christopher Kimball visits a Vermont farm to learn about chickens, old and new. Then, how to make authentic chicken Canzanese (Italian braised chicken) and no-fuss creamy polenta.

Chewy Brownies and Chocolate Cupcakes

26:46 | #1104 | TV-G

Man on the street Doc Willoughby investigates boxed versus homemade brownies in a head-to-head tasting. Chris visits Magnolia Bakery in New York City. Then, how to make chewy brownies at home and the ultimate chocolate cupcakes.

Tostadas and Empanadas

26:46 | #1103 | TV-G

Host Christopher Kimball ventures to Chicago to visit Rick Bayless to learn all about his infamous empanadas. Also, how to make the ultimate beef empanadas and pork tostadas at home.

Desserts with an English Accent

26:46 | #1102 | TV-G

How to make the ultimate classic bread pudding and unravel the secrets of making shortbread. Also, the virtues of stale bread versus dried bread.

Old-Fashioned Sunday Dinners

26:46 | #1101 | TV-G

How to create an old-fashioned pot roast, the science behind salting meat, and how to cook the best chicken pot pie.

Old-Fashioned Fruit Desserts

26:46 | #1026 | TV-G

How to make the best upside down apple cake and an easy, yet elegant berry gratin.

Turkey on the Grill

26:46 | #1025 | TV-G

the secrets to perfectly grilled turkey and how to make perfect crispy roast potatoes.

Classic Asian Appetizers

26:46 | #1024 | TV-G

the secrets to super-light and crispy tempura and a recipe for Thai pork lettuce wraps.

The Italian Grill

26:46 | #1023 | TV-G

How to make authentic Italian grilled chicken and the secrets to foolproof stuffed flank steak on the grill.

Best Burgers and Fries

26:46 | #1022 | TV-G

Christopher Kimball takes a trip to New York City to find out what makes so many line-up for the Shake Shack burger. Plus, how to make old-fashioned burgers at home and a new way to fry French fries.

South-of-the-Border Supper

26:46 | #1021 | TV-G

How to make Mexican pulled pork at home with a traditional side dish of street corn.

All-Time Cookie Favorites

26:46 | #1020 | TV-G

The secrets to super chewy chocolate cookies and how to make thin and crispy oatmeal cookies.

Chicken and Rice—Indian-Style

26:46 | #1019 | TV-G

How to make tandoori chicken without a tandoor oven and the secrets to perfectly cooked rice pilaf.

Great Glazed Chicken

26:46 | #1018 | TV-G

How to make a glazed-roast chicken with crispy skin and moist tender meat and the secrets to perfectly roasted broccoli.

Italian Bread and Sauce

26:46 | #1017 | TV-G

How to make authentic ciabatta at home and the secrets to a quick, but intensely flavorful tomato sauce.

Salmon—Indoors and Out

26:46 | #1016 | TV-G

The secrets to perfect oven-roasted salmon and the foolproof method to perfectly grilled salmon steaks.

Coconut Layer Cake

26:46 | #1015 | TV-G

Tips for foolproof cake baking and how to make the ultimate coconut layer cake.

An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving

26:46 | #1014 | TV-G

The secrets to slow roasted turkey with gravy and a recipe for the best pumpkin pie.

Who Wants Pasta?

26:46 | #1013 | TV-G

A recipe for ultimate baked ziti and how to get the perfect balance of flavors in garlic shrimp pasta.

An Austrian Supper

26:46 | #1012 | TV-G

The secrets to pork schnitzel with a perfect coating and a quick and light recipe for Austrian potato salad.

Sensational Skillet Recipes

26:46 | #1011 | TV-G

How to roast chicken in a skillet and secrets to foolproof skillet lemon souffle.

Egg Dishes with an Accent

26:46 | #1010 | TV-G

French onion and bacon tart with an easy pat in the pan crust and adapting adapts a restaurant recipe for Spanish tortilla using a skillet.

Rolls and Loaves

26:46 | #1009 | TV-G

How to make rustic dinner rolls with a crusty exterior at home and the secrets to light and airy multigrain bread.

Meat and Potatoes for Company

26:47 | #1008 | TV-G

Buying beef tenderloin at the right price and making the best roast beef tenderloin and French mashed potatoes at home.

Saucy Italian Favorites

26:47 | #1007 | TV-G

How to make a hearty Italian meat sauce at home and an authentic Sicilian pesto with a little help from Italian cooking expert Lidia Bastianich.

The Cookie Jar

26:46 | #1006 | TV-G

Secrets for the best chocolate chip cookies and light and crumbly French butter cookies.

Two Ways with Pork

26:46 | #1005 | TV-G

How to roast pork chops in a skillet. and perfectly glazed pork tenderloin.

Classic Beef Braises

26:46 | #1004 | TV-G

How to make an authentic Hungarian beef stew at home and the secrets to rich and tender braised short ribs.

Best Weekend Breakfast

26:46 | #1003 | TV-G

How to make the best blueberry muffins with real blueberry flavor and the secrets to the perfect French omelet.

Chicken Classics, Reinvented

26:46 | #1002 | TV-G

Perfectly cooked roast chicken with an extra-crispy skin and quick and hearty chicken noodle soup.

Triple-Chocolate Mousse Cake

26:46 | #1001 | TV-G

How to make the ultimate triple chocolate mousse cake and recommended chocolate varieties.

Puddings—From Simple to Spectacular

26:46 | #926 | TV-G

The secrets to achieving a perfect creme caramel with a creamy and tender custard and mellow flavor that is neither too rich nor too eggy. Also, stovetop rice pudding.

French Country Cooking

26:46 | #925 | TV-G

How the test kitchen translates the flavors of Provence to an American home kitchen. Also, glossy and white meringue cookies.

Weeknight Summer Supper

26:46 | #924 | TV-G

The test kitchen technique to perfectly grilled chicken breasts with tender and succulent meat and golden, crisp skin. Also, cherry tomato salads.

Breadmaking, Simplified

26:46 | #923 | TV-G

Inspired by the original no-knead bread from the Sullivan St. Bakery, the test kitchen upgraded this recipe to yield loaves with deeper flavor and consistent shape and texture every time. Also, Irish soda bread.

Four-Star Stuffed Chicken Breasts

26:46 | #922 | TV-G

How to achieve the same flavorful chicken and filling found in a traditional French ballotine, but using a much simpler procedure. Also, green beans amandine.

Grilled Rack of Lamb Dinner

26:46 | #921 | TV-G

Making the most of rack of lamb on the grill with a summer vegetable gratin.

Backyard Steak and Potatoes

26:46 | #920 | TV-G

A grilled flank steak with a marinade that boosts flavor without over-tenderizing the meat and the secrets to achieving potent garlic and rosemary flavors in grilled potatoes without bitterness and charring.

Old-Fashioned Snack Cakes

26:46 | #919 | TV-G

Oatmeal cake with an icing that features chewy coconut, crunchy nuts and butterscotch-like flavor; and the secrets to achieving a moist and substantial spice cake with warm, bold spices that don't overpower and a rich, complementary cream cheese frosting.

Pork on the Grill

26:46 | #918 | TV-G

The team grills a center-cut pork loin and uncovers the technique for keeping this cut moist without brining. (The trick is in the stuffing.) Host Christopher Kimball demonstrates the professional method for tying a butcher's knot. Also, sauteed spinach.

Let's Do Chinese

26:46 | #917 | TV-G

The team solve the problem of greasy takeout pork lo mein and demonstrates an easy recipe for making this Chinese favorite at home. Also, how to consistently produce a great stir-fry at home without a wok.

Holiday Ham and Biscuits

26:46 | #916 | TV-G

A moist and tender holiday ham, with a glaze that complements but doesn't overwhelm the meat; and no-nonsense drop biscuits.

A Grand, Sweet Finale

26:46 | #915 | TV-G

A foolproof method for making a creamy, rich Grand Marnier souffle; and make-ahead chocolate souffle

Fish Made Easy

26:46 | #914 | TV-G

An alternative method for poaching salmon and secrets to moist and flavorful oven-baked fish fillets coated in a crunchy crust.

Lunchtime Specials

26:46 | #913 | TV-G

The team makes pizza bianca, an Italian-style pizza dough with a crisp exterior and a chewy, bubbly middle. Also, a recipe for tomato soup.

South-of-the-Border Supper

26:46 | #912 | TV-G

How to make restaurant-style enchiladas verdes at home and the secret to making a Mexican casserole.

Resurrecting the Roast Beef Dinner

26:46 | #911 | TV-G

The secrets to turning an inexpensive cut into a tender, rosy, beefy-tasting roast worthy of Sunday dinner. Also, a recipe for mashed potatoes and root vegetables.

Everyone's Favorite Cake

26:46 | #910 | TV-G

The team makes an old-fashioned yellow layer cake and and tops it with a foolproof chocolate frosting with satiny texture and deep chocolate flavor.

Bringing Home Italian Favorites

26:46 | #909 | TV-G

The team make chicken saltimbocca with the three key elements - chicken, prosciutto and sage. Also, a recipe for Tiramisu.

Soups of the Day

26:46 | #908 | TV-G

How to make beef and vegetable soup in just an hour, without sacrificing the intense flavor of a long-simmered homemade beef stock. Also, Tuscan bean soup.

One Great Thanksgiving

26:46 | #907 | TV-G

The secrets to achieving intensely herbed turkey, with a powerful, aromatic flavor that permeates well beyond the meat's surface. Also, fluffy mashed potatoes.

Easy Apple Desserts

26:46 | #906 | TV-G

A new no-frills approach that converts apple pie to an everyday dessert. Also, applesauce cake.

Perfecting Pasta Sauces

26:46 | #905 | TV-G

How to make a weeknight meat sauce that tastes like it's been simmering all day. Also, a creamy tomato sauce.

The Crunchiest Breaded Pork Chops Ever

26:46 | #904 | TV-G

The keys to achieving juicy, flavorful chops with a crisp, substantial crust. Also, how to make applesauce with a pure, deep apple flavor and a smooth, pudding-like texture.

Dinner with a Latin Accent

26:46 | #903 | TV-G

The team prepares Arroz con Pollo and sizzling shrimp in a pool of olive and garlic.

French Classics, Re-imagined

26:46 | #902 | TV-G

The team prepares French chicken in a pot and French onion soup.

The Best Blueberry Pie

26:46 | #901 | TV-G

Bridget Lancaster shows host Christopher Kimball how to make a blueberry pie filling that is firm and full of fresh, bright flavor, and still-plump berries.

Favorite Slow-Cooker Stews

26:46 | #826 | TV-G

The team prepares a hearty meal of beef Burgundy and beer-braised short ribs.

Drive-In Specials

26:46 | #825 | TV-G

Kimball and his team re-create classic drive-in movie theater food: well-done hamburgers grilled over charcoal and oven-fried onion rings.

Shrimp Two Ways

26:46 | #824 | TV-G

Recipes for garlicky shrimp with bread crumbs and shrimp salad.

Four-Cheese Lasagna

26:46 | #823 | TV-G

A cheese lover's lasagna and a spicy salad topped with mustard and balsamic vinegar.

Easy Skillet Suppers

26:46 | #822 | TV-G

Two delicious one-pot recipes: skillet-baked ziti and skillet beef stroganoff.

Grilled Cornish Hens

26:46 | #821 | TV-G

Grill-roasted Cornish game hens and rice salad with oranges, olives, and almonds.

Indian Favorites Simplified

26:46 | #820 | TV-G

Easy-to-follow recipes for Indian-style curry with potatoes, cauliflower, peas, chickpeas, and chicken tikka masala.

Fish on the Grill

26:46 | #819 | TV-G

Charcoal-grilled blackened red snapper and glazed grilled salmon.

Lightening Up Chocolate Desserts

26:46 | #818 | TV-G

Guilt-free recipes to indulge any chocolate craving, including low-fat mousse and brownies.

Bistro Steak Dinner

26:46 | #817 | TV-G

Recipes for pan-seared thick-cut steaks and mashed potatoes with garlic and olive oil.

Pasta and Tomatoes Reimagined

26:46 | #810 | TV-G

Penne with vodka sauce and pasta Caprese.

Old-Fashioned Breakfast Cakes

26:46 | #816 | TV-G

Kimball and his team create New York-style crumb cake and blueberry boy bait, a Yankee-style coffee cake.

Holiday Beef Tenderloin Dinner

26:46 | #809 | TV-G

Foolproof recipes for roast beef tenderloin with caramelized onions and mushroom stuffing, plus a side of creamy mashed potatoes.

Pizza Party

26:46 | #815 | TV-G

Recipes for pepperoni pan pizza and antipasto pasta salad.

Chicken in a Skillet

26:46 | #814 | TV-G

Parmesan-crusted chicken breasts and pan-roasted chicken with crispy potatoes.

French Apple Tart

26:46 | #813 | TV-G

A delicious French apple tart complete with the perfect crust.

White Chicken Chili and Cornbread

26:46 | #812 | TV-G

Two favorites for a cold night: white chicken chili and cornbread to crumble in it.

Salted Turkey and Green Beans

26:46 | #811 | TV-G

A surprising ingredient delivers delicious flavor in this recipe for roast salted turkey served with a side of roasted green beans.

Asian Take-Out at Home

26:46 | #808 | TV-G

Recipes for Thai-style chicken soup and stir-fried portabellas with ginger-oyster sauce.

Coffeehouse Treats

26:46 | #807 | TV-G

Recipes for blueberry scones and bran muffins.

French Classics

26:46 | #806 | TV-G

Recipes for coq au vin and chocolate pots de crème.

Kansas City Barbecue

26:46 | #805 | TV-G

Sticky ribs and beans bring Kansas City-style barbecue into the test kitchen.

Cookie Jar Favorites

26:46 | #804 | TV-G

Recipes for chocolate chip cookies and brown sugar cookies.

Summer Cookout

26:46 | #726 | TV-G

Two summer barbecue recipes: picnic chicken and grilled shrimp.

Italian-American Classics

26:46 | #803 | TV-G

Recipes for baked manicotti and cheesy garlic bread.

30-Minute Skillet Casseroles

26:46 | #725 | TV-G

Chicken pot pie and tamale pie.

Lemon Layer Cake

26:46 | #802 | TV-G

Kimball and crew put lemon layer cake through the rigors of the test kitchen.

Beef and Beer Stew

26:46 | #724 | TV-G

Carbonnade with egg noodles and acorn squash.

Rainy Day BBQ Pork Chops

26:46 | #801 | TV-G

Skillet-made barbecued pork chops are paired with creamy macaroni salad.

Grand Slam Breakfast

26:46 | #723 | TV-G

Classic diner breakfast food: omelets, hash browns, and eggs-in-a-hole.

Apple Desserts

26:46 | #722 | TV-G

Recipes for apple brown Betty and apple strudel fill the kitchen with the aromas of autumn.

Brisket BBQ

26:46 | #721 | TV-G

Two Southern specialties: barbecued brisket and corn fritters.

Chicken and Stuffing

26:46 | #720 | TV-G

Roast-stuffed chicken and sautéed spinach.

More Low-Fat Makeovers

26:46 | #719 | TV-G

Low-fat versions of macaroni and cheese and chicken Parmesan with tomato sauce.

Chocolate Cake

26:46 | #718 | TV-G

Channel the "good old days" with a recipe for old-fashioned chocolate layer cake.

Fancy Meat and Potatoes

26:46 | #717 | TV-G

Recipes for pepper-crusted filet mignon and potatoes Lyonnaise easily transform a home kitchen into a restaurant kitchen.

Beer-Can Chicken

26:46 | #716 | TV-G

Enticing recipes for beer-can chicken and pesto pasta salad.

Flame On!

26:46 | #715 | TV-G

Lighting a fire at the dinner table with steak Diane and crêpes Suzette.

Skillet Dinners

26:46 | #714 | TV-G

The team cooks up delicious one-pot recipes for skillet chicken, rice and skillet chicken, and broccoli and ziti.

Staying in for Chinese Takeout

26:46 | #713 | TV-G

Home-kitchen recipes for velveted chicken with bok choy, noodle cake, and hot and sour soup.

Pucker Up—Citrus Desserts

26:46 | #712 | TV-G

Lemon bundt cake and Key lime bars.

Spaghetti House Favorites

26:46 | #711 | TV-G

Chicken Francese and marinara sauce are Italian comfort food at its best.

Rainy Day BBQ

26:46 | #710 | TV-G

The chefs bring a taste of summer inside on a rainy afternoon with oven-barbecued ribs, quick BBQ sauce, and buttermilk coleslaw.

Fish and Chips

26:46 | #709 | TV-G

Kimball and his team re-create a classic pub dish.

More Meat and Potatoes

26:46 | #708 | TV-G

The team prepares the perfect Sunday dinner: an all-beef meatloaf served with skillet-roasted potatoes.

Strawberry Cream Cake

26:46 | #707 | TV-G

Step-by-step instructions for creating a spectacular dessert.


26:46 | #706 | TV-G

Pork medallions, glazed pork chops, and other new dinner options.

More Tex-Mex Favorites

26:46 | #705 | TV-G

South of the Border specialties: chicken fajitas and huevos rancheros.

Chicken Kiev

26:46 | #704 | TV-G

Chicken Kiev served with a surprising side of pan-roasted broccoli.

Chocolate Desserts

26:46 | #703 | TV-G

Kimball and crew demonstrate their skill with chocolate in new recipes for dark chocolate mousse and chocolate cupcakes.

Not Your Average Stir Fry

26:46 | #702 | TV-G

A new spin on classic stir-fry recipes with potstickers and Thai chili beef.

Low-Fat Cheesecake

26:46 | #701 | TV-G

The team makes a German chocolate cake, and OddTodd explains the science of cooking with butter.

German Chocolate Cake

27:28 | #626 | TV-G

The team makes a German chocolate cake, and OddTodd explains the science of cooking with butter.

BBQ Pulled Pork

27:28 | #625 | TV-G

Served with cornbread, barbecued pulled pork will delight even the most dedicated BBQ purists.

Seafood for Supper

27:05 | #624 | TV-G

Easy-to-master recipes for sesame-encrusted tuna and pan-roasted halibut.

High-Roast Chicken

27:03 | #623 | TV-G

High-roast butterflied chicken, a novel approach to chicken on the grill, is delicious with potatoes and asparagus.

Summer Fruit Desserts

27:32 | #622 | TV-G

Recipes for blueberry cobbler and a free-form fruit tart.

Grilled Pizza

26:51 | #621 | TV-G

The chefs make pizza on the grill, and OddTodd reveals the science behind yeast.

Grill-Roasted Pork Loin

27:23 | #620 | TV-G

A recipe for grill-roasted pork loin with French potato salad.


26:38 | #619 | TV-G

Shrimp curry in yogurt and green curry with chicken.

BBQ Pulled Chicken

27:41 | #618 | TV-G

The team cooks up a delicious barbecue with recipes for pulled BBQ chicken and cabbage salad.

Meat and Potatoes II

26:49 | #617 | TV-G

Braised brisket and smashed potatoes make for a delicious cold-weather meal. OddTodd explains the science behind tenderizing meat.

Tex-Mex Faves

27:28 | #616 | TV-G

South-of-the-border recipes for salsa and for corn and black bean quesadillas.


26:31 | #615 | TV-G

The team chooses squash to create healthy and delicious risotto and soup recipes.

Birthday Baking

27:39 | #614 | TV-G

A classic layer cake.

Italian Classics

27:40 | #613 | TV-G

Flavorful recipes for fettuccine Alfredo and beef in Bartolo bring Italy into the test kitchen, while OddTodd explains the science of braising.

Catch of the Day

26:18 | #612 | TV-G

The team prepares delicious seafood favorites, including pan-seared scallops and sole muniere.

Paella and Sangría

27:28 | #611 | TV-G

The team provides a taste of Spain with recipes for paella and sangría.

One-Skillet Dinners

27:32 | #610 | TV-G

Easy, one-skillet versions of lasagna and jambalaya.


27:21 | #609 | TV-G

The team fine-tunes classic spritz and oatmeal cookie recipes, while OddTodd explains the science behind convection ovens.

Occidental Chicken

27:34 | #608 | TV-G

Home versions of two take-out favorites: chicken teriyaki and orange-flavored chicken.

Eggs for Brunch

27:12 | #607 | TV-G

The perfect recipes for quiche and frittatas.

Let's Talk Turkey

27:36 | #606 | TV-G

Advice on the best way to roast a turkey, plus a sweet potato casserole to accompany it.

Dos Sopas Deliciosas

27:43 | #605 | TV-G

South-of-the-border soups.

More American Classics

26:57 | #604 | TV-G

Nothing says American cuisine like these fully tested recipes for chicken and dumplings and baked beans. In the science segment, OddTodd explains the correlation between beans and acid.

Blue-Ribbon Apple Pie

27:38 | #603 | TV-G

Flavorful recipes for fettuccine alfredo and beef in bartolo bring Italy into the test kitchen, while OddTodd explains the science of braising.

Dinner on a Dime

27:15 | #602 | TV-G

Steak with buttermilk mashed potatoes.


27:38 | #601 | TV-G

The challenges of cooking thick-cut pork chops and the secrets of roasted pork tenderloin.

There's a Hole in Your Cake

27:30 | #526 | TV-G

Recipes: chocolate sour cream bundt cake and angel food cake. Equipment: bundt pans. Tasting: chocolate ice cream.

Grill-Roasted Beef Tenderloin

27:36 | #525 | TV-G

Recipes for grill-roasted beef tenderloin, paired with salsa verde and broiled asparagus. Equipment: thermometer meat forks. Tasting: tenderloins.

Pumpkin Cheesecake

25:59 | #524 | TV-G

Recipe: pumpkin cheesecake. Tasting: cream cheese.

Bake Sale Favorites

27:12 | #523 | TV-G

Recipes: congo bars and all-American brownies. Tasting: boxed brownie mixes. Equipment: 9 X 13 baking pans.

Winter Supper

26:43 | #522 | TV-G

Recipes for osso buco and polenta—sophisticated comfort food for any occasion.

A Passage to India

27:35 | #521 | TV-G

Recipes for mulligatawny soup and chicken biryani. Tasting: curry powder.

New Flavors for Old Grilled Favorites

27:26 | #520 | TV-G

Salmon and chicken get a makeover with new recipes for the grill. Tasting: fish sauce. Equipment: portable grills.

Quick Pastas

27:19 | #519 | TV-G

Recipes for pasta with asparagus, pasta with raw tomato sauce, and three quick pestos. Tasting: sun-dried tomatoes. Equipment: pasta pots.

Soup for Supper

27:25 | #518 | TV-G

Recipes for cheese bread and lentil soup. Tasting: mail-order bacon. Equipment: Dutch ovens.

Texas Rib House

27:34 | #517 | TV-G

A recipe for Texas beef ribs. Tasting: cornbread mixes. Equipment: cast-iron skillets.

Pork Chops and Gravy

27:23 | #516 | TV-G

A traditional dinner is upgraded with stuffed pork chops, all-purpose gravy, and glazed carrots.

Holiday Cookies

26:58 | #515 | TV-G

Tried-and-tested recipes for holiday cookies and nut crescents.

Italian Classics

27:46 | #514 | TV-G

Recipes: pasta all'Amatriciana and mushroom risotto. Tasting: jarred pasta sauces. Equipment: rotary cheese graters.


26:42 | #513 | TV-G

Pizza becomes extraordinary with a special recipe for pissaladiere. Equipment: pizza cutters and pizza stones.

In an Italian-American Kitchen

26:46 | #512 | TV-G

Bringing a little bit of Italy to any kitchen with eggplant parmesan and pasta with chicken and broccoli.

Ultimate Sticky Buns

26:37 | #511 | TV-G

The team prepares the ultimate sticky buns, tastes supermarket coffees, and tests new coffee makers.

Fiesta at Home

26:49 | #510 | TV-G

Recipes for mastering the restaurant favorites enchiladas and Mexican rice at home, plus a comparison of spice grinders.

Bistro Classics, Part Deux

26:30 | #509 | TV-G

Recipes for two popular French classics: salad with baked goat cheese and French onion soup. Tasting: goat cheeses. Equipment: Santoku knives.

Four-Star Desserts

25:52 | #508 | TV-G

Mouth-watering dessert recipes and a comparison test of hand-held mixers.

Flash in the Pan

26:47 | #507 | TV-G

Recipes for chicken paillard and pan-seared shrimp that make great use of a skillet. Equipment: cleaning products. Tasting: chicken.

Homemade Soups

26:35 | #506 | TV-G

Recipes for chicken noodle soup and pasta fagioli to warm up a cold evening, plus a comparison of fat separators.

Family Favorites

26:53 | #505 | TV-G

The team prepares a home-style dinner with oven-barbecued chicken and a new recipe for macaroni and cheese. Equipment: stain-removal products. Tasting: microwave popcorn.


27:46 | #504 | TV-G

Recipes for spiced nuts, beef satay with sauce, and spinach dip, plus a taste test of salsas.

American Regional Favorites

26:53 | #503 | TV-G

Gumbo from New Orleans, chili from Cincinnati, a taste test of long-grain white rice brands, and a look at some useful gadgets.

Restaurant Favorites at Home

26:56 | #502 | TV-G

The team makes a special dinner featuring crab towers with avocado-and-gazpacho salsas and pan-roasted lobster. Equipment: meat cleavers.

Roast Chicken Two Ways

26:37 | #501 | TV-G

An old favorite is reinvented with two fresh takes on roast chicken. Equipment: countertop rotisserie ovens.

Tea Time

26:46 | #426 | TV-G

Oatmeal scones and lemon pound cake make for a delightful afternoon tea break. The team also compares supermarket teas.

Summer Berry Desserts

26:46 | #425 | TV-G

Using the best fruit of the season, the team members make summer berry pie and berry gratin with lemon sabayon. Later, they test ice cream makers and taste whipped cream.

Asian Noodles

26:46 | #424 | TV-G

What to keep on hand to prepare pad Thai and cold sesame noodles at home; tests of flat-bottomed woks and peanut butter.

Sunday Brunch

26:46 | #423 | TV-G

The team members prepare a delicious wake-up call of Denver omelets and corn muffins. They also test rubber spatulas.

Maple-Glazed Pork Roast

26:46 | #422 | TV-G

Delicious recipes for maple-glazed pork loin and wild rice pilaf, ideal for a cold-weather meal, and a comparison of wild rice varieties.

More Cookie Jar Favorites

26:46 | #421 | TV-G

The team members make thin and crisp chocolate chip cookies and coconut macaroons, test potholders, and taste refrigerated cookie dough.

Freedom from Red Sauce

26:46 | #420 | TV-G

It's easy to break out of a pasta rut with these easy recipes for pasta with mushrooms and orecchiette with broccoli rabe and sausage. The team tests herb mills and choppers.

Summer Tomatoes

26:46 | #419 | TV-G

Only the best tomatoes should be used in these recipes for gazpacho and a quick tomato tart. The team also compares brands of tomato juice.

Truck Stop Classics

26:46 | #418 | TV-G

At-home recipes for two favorites of big-rig drivers: chicken-fried steak with gravy and coconut cream pie. The team also tests meat pounders and tastes packaged graham cracker crusts.

Meat and Potatoes

26:46 | #417 | TV-G

The best technique for grilling steaks and recipes for combining them with caramelized onions and blue cheese mash. The team tests large saucepans and tastes mail-order steaks.

French Classics Made Easy

26:46 | #416 | TV-G

Tried-and-true recipes for cassoulet and tart tatin are presented as welcome additions for a dinner party repertoire. The team also tastes a variety of canned diced tomatoes.

Classic Stir-Fries

26:46 | #415 | TV-G

The team demonstrates how to make superior versions of stir-fried beef and broccoli as well as stir-fried pork with eggplant, onion, garlic, and black pepper. In addition, electric woks are tested and soy sauces compared.

The Pot Roast Show

26:46 | #414 | TV-G

Pot roast, the old standby, is prepared with style. The team also scrutinizes vegetable slicers and dicers.

Quick Classic Pastas

26:46 | #413 | TV-G

Quick recipes for Bolognese and four-cheese pasta and a tomato-paste taste-test.

Salad 101

26:46 | #412 | TV-G

Versions of Greek salad and wilted spinach salad are offered as dinner alternatives. The team tastes red wine vinegars.

The Pancake Show

26:46 | #411 | TV-G

The team shares recipes for German apple and blueberry pancakes, tests griddles, and samples frozen blueberries.

15-Minute Italian Classics

26:46 | #410 | TV-G

Delectable but quick recipes for frico, chicken à la diavolo, and strawberries with balsamic vinegar. The experts also compare balsamic vinegars.

Easy Sheet Cakes

26:46 | #409 | TV-G

Recipes for carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. The team also tastes several varieties of milk chocolate to determine the best.

Better Than Applebee's

26:46 | #408 | TV-G

Tips on tips: preparing steak tips. While cooking up this American favorite, the team also tests various grill brushes.

Chicken in a Skillet

26:46 | #407 | TV-G

Tender and juicy pan-roasted and nut-crusted chicken breasts.

Everybody Loves Lemon

26:46 | #406 | TV-G

A lemon cheesecake recipe, plus tests of springform pans and bottled lemon juice.

Chicken in a Pot

26:46 | #405 | TV-G

The team prepares flavorful chicken dinners using recipes with paprikash and cloves, tests kitchen shears, and samples vermouth.

New Orleans Menu

26:46 | #404 | TV-G

A meal from the Big Easy, with jambalaya and bananas Foster, and tests of ice cream scoops and canned diced tomatoes.

East Coast Classics

26:46 | #403 | TV-G

The chefs bring East Coast seafood favorites into the kitchen with the best recipes for New England clam chowder and Maryland crab cakes. They also test oyster knives and taste mayonnaise.

Showstopper Desserts

26:46 | #402 | TV-G

Two foolproof and spectacular desserts: chocolate mousse cake and chilled lemon soufflé. The team also tastes unsweetened chocolate.

One-Pot Wonders

26:46 | #401 | TV-G

Simplifying chili and an indoor clambake, plus tests of crock pots and tastes of tomato purees.

Rustic Bread at Home

27:08 | #326 | TV-G

The mysteries of yeast and how to make delicious bread at home.

Uptown BBQ

26:00 | #325 | TV-G

Barbecued salmon served with cucumber salad, plus a comparison of charcoal grills.

Holiday Dinner Menu

27:10 | #324 | TV-G

Roast tenderloin and scalloped potatoes make for a wonderful holiday meal.

Dressing Up Vegetables

26:53 | #323 | TV-G

Recipes for twice-baked potatoes and stuffed peppers that make these side dishes sing, plus a comparison of pepper mills.

Simple Fruit Desserts III

27:36 | #322 | TV-G

Baking soda is a key ingredient in two delicious fruit desserts: strawberry shortcake and cherry cobbler.

Backyard BBQ

27:44 | #321 | TV-G

Improved recipes for two backyard barbecue favorites, baby back ribs and American potato salad; secrets for a winning barbecue sauce; and tips on grilling with wood chunks and chips.

Ham Dinner

26:36 | #320 | TV-G

An easy technique for preparing spiral ham at home—at far less cost than a supermarket would charge—and a new treatment of the classic green bean casserole.

Italian Pasta Classics

27:42 | #319 | TV-G

Demonstrations of spaghetti puttanesca and pasta Bolognese illustrate the importance of choosing just the right sauté pan.

Bistro Classics

27:46 | #318 | TV-G

Well-tested recipes for steak au poivre and crème bruleé—bistro classics that can easily be made at home.

American Cookies

27:30 | #317 | TV-G

A few easy recipes for chocolate chip and molasses cookies.

Beef Burgundy: A French Classic

27:31 | #316 | TV-G

A perfect beef broth is the key ingredient in preparing this classic recipe.

Chinese Take-Out

27:45 | #315 | TV-G

Recipes that satisfy the urge for fried rice and kung pao shrimp, plus several methods for boiling white rice.

Lemon Meringue Pie

27:41 | #314 | TV-G

The definitive recipe for this dessert favorite.

Party Foods

27:19 | #313 | TV-G

Buffalo wings and nachos—no longer strictly sports-bar fare—and a recipe for sangria.

Quick Breads

26:45 | #312 | TV-G

Simple recipes for bakery favorites, including cinnamon buns and banana bread, as well as a comparison of loaf pans.

Quick Chicken Dishes

26:24 | #311

Recipes for chicken Milanese, oven-roasted chicken, and chicken piccatta prove that poultry doesn't have to be boring. While preparing them, the testers also compare inexpensive non-stick skillets.

New York Cheesecake

27:05 | #310

A tasty graham cracker crust, smooth cheesecake filling, and a delicious strawberry sauce combine for a classic New York dessert.

Pork Chops

27:44 | #309 | TV-G

It's easy to turn a bad pork chop experience into a good one with simple cooking techniques. For a twist, smother them with bacon and onions. Gas grills also are put to the test.

Hearty Soups

27:22 | #308 | TV-G

Recipes for split pea with ham and rustic potato leek soups.

Thanksgiving III

27:44 | #307 | TV-G

New recipes for grill-roasted turkey, mashed sweet potatoes, and a special cranberry sauce to liven up the traditional Thanksgiving meal. The team tests potato masher to see which makes the job the easiest.

Weekend Brunch

27:43 | #306 | TV-G

A perfect Sunday morning is created with sour cream coffee cake and three versions of fruit salad. Tips include how to make a great cup of coffee.

Steakhouse Dinner

27:08 | #305 | TV-G

The team picks out tenderloin, makes a delicious pan sauce, and tosses a salad with homemade blue cheese dressing.

American Casseroles

26:47 | #304 | TV-G

Casserole recipes including macaroni and cheese and turkey tetrazzini.

Pasta from Nothing

26:24 | #303 | TV-G

Two weeknight recipes featuring garlic: quick lasagna and pasta aglio e olio.

Texas Chili

26:52 | #302 | TV-G

The team presents step-by-step instructions for Texas chili, including guidelines for adding heat with chili powder.

Chocolate Cakes

27:06 | #301 | TV-G

Two kinds of chocolate cakes—chocolate pudding cake and flourless chocolate cake—that also include vanilla as an important element.

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