Ask This Old House

Ask This Old House

Host Kevin O'Connor and the experts make personal house calls, guiding viewers through home improvement techniques.

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Humidity Mystery, Deck Staining

26:46 | #1724 | TV-G

Richard diagnoses and repairs an HVAC system, Mark builds a fire, and Mauro stains a deck.

Scorched Floor, Hardy Plantings

26:46 | #1723 | TV-G

Nathan repairs a floor, Tom talks table saw techniques, and Jenn improves foundation plants.

Fireplace Restoration, Porch Swing

26:46 | #1722 | TV-G

Mark restores a fireplace, Richard and Ross discuss thermostats, and Tom hangs a swing.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #1721 | TV-G

Tom replaces stair treads, Jenn discusses pruners, and Richard shortens a gas pipe.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #1720 | TV-G

Mark repoints a fieldstone foundation and Mauro smooths a textured ceiling.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #1719 | TV-G

Richard updates a water filter, Mark compares jointers, and Tom re-caulks a bathtub.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #1718 | TV-G

Jenn upgrades an irrigation system and Kevin builds an outdoor chair with Jimmy DiResta.

Prairie Grasses, Wildfires, Solar Flower

26:46 | #1717 | TV-G

Jenn learns about prairie grass, Kevin discusses wildfires, and Ross sees a robotic solar panel array.

Paint Metal Railing, Wine Rack

26:47 | #1716 | TV-G

Mauro helps a homeowner clean up and repaint a rusty metal railing. Richard discusses some innovations that can make clearing a clogged sink easier. Tom and Kevin build a wine rack out of a reclaimed beam.

Stucco Repair, Gas Dryer

26:46 | #1715 | TV-G

Mark travels to San Diego to repair a crack in a concrete retaining wall with a stucco finish.

Vertical Garden, Toilet Factory

26:46 | #1714 | TV-G

Jenn installs a vertical garden to maximize space and Tom explains the uses for different drill bits.

Closet Door, Bathroom Paint

26:46 | #1713 | TV-G

Tom replaces a bi-fold closet door in Pittsburgh with one that is more appropriate for the house.

Soft Close Cabinets, Secret Garden

26:46 | #1712 | TV-G

Nathan upgrades a kitchen to have soft close cabinets, Richard and Kevin discuss how gas regulators work, and Jenn cleans up an overgrown garden and redesigns it as a secret garden.

Seismic Retrofit, Dryer Vent

26:46 | #1711 | TV-G

Kevin travels to Portland, Oregon to learn how to protect homes from earthquakes. Mark stains concrete. Tom explains why and how to change the locks in a new home. Richard travels to Cleveland to reroute a lengthy dryer vent.

Concrete Walkway, Jimmy Diresta

26:46 | #1710 | TV-G

Mark replaces a concrete walkway with brick pavers. Richard explains how gas piping is installed. Kevin returns to Upstate New York to build a farmhouse table with maker Jimmy DiResta.

Swing Set, Robotic Construction

26:46 | #1709 | TV-G

Tom travels to Colorado to help a couple build a DIY swing set for their young son. Nathan demonstrates how to build saw horses using leftover materials from the job site. Ross learns about automated home construction.

Fireplace Makeover, Drip Edges

26:46 | #1708 | TV-G

Mark replaces a chipped brick in a fireplace surround and then Mauro updates it with a whitewashed look. Richard shares some advice on maintaining water heaters. Tom demonstrates the importance of a properly installed drip edge.

Swap Door Swing, Tropical Yard

26:46 | #1707 | TV-G

The team discusses tools that make good gifts. Jenn returns to her home state of Florida to help a homeowner design a tropical landscape for his backyard. Former apprentice Nathan returns to help Tom change the swing of an entry door.

Storage Bench, Old Shower Valve

26:46 | #1706 | TV-G

Tom and Kevin build a modern storage bench out of a single sheet of MDF and then Mauro paints it. Richard travels to Seattle to help a homeowner whose shower runs cold whenever there's a demand for hot water elsewhere in the house.

Crown Molding, Strip Wallpaper

26:46 | #1705 | TV-G

Tom installs crown molding on cabinets with full overlay doors and Mauro teaches apprentice Mary how to strip wallpaper without using any chemicals.

Garage Heat; DIY Security System

26:46 | #1704 | TV-G

Richard installs a garage heater, Tom teaches sanding, and Ross installs a security system.

Stone Walkway

26:46 | #1703 | TV-G

Mark installs a stone walkway, Mauro breaks down painter's tape, and Tom builds a headboard.

Window Repair, Space House Tour

26:46 | #1702 | TV-G

Mark explains how to make concrete and Tom replaces a broken pane in a basement window. Ross travels to NASA Johnson Space Center to learn about the technology they use on the International Space Station to keep the astronauts alive.

Ask This Old House

26:47 | #1701 | TV-G

Jenn installs a new type of pool and Richard installs a heat pump water tank in Florida.

Net Zero Community, Live Edge

26:46 | #1626 | TV-G

A community that plans to have all net zero energy housing is visited and a console table is built.

Drafty Door, Clean Paintbrushes

26:46 | #1625 | TV-G

Tom uses multiple techniques to make a drafty door weathertight and Mauro cleans a paintbrush.

Reface Fireplace, Kitchen Faucet

26:46 | #1624 | TV-G

Mark demonstrates how to reface a granite fireplace. Jenn gives tips on starting an organic garden. Richard helps a homeowner replace her kitchen faucet.

Paint Stripping, Fridge Hookup

26:46 | #1623 | TV-G

Mauro shows a homeowner the safe way to strip paint. Tom explains basic chiseling techniques. Richard helps a special homeowner hook up a refrigerator with an icemaker.

Gutterless Gutters, Desert Plan

26:46 | #1622 | TV-G

Tom installs an alternative to a gutter, Ross and Richard update Kevin on a Future House technology, and Jenn heads to Phoenix to re-create the desert in a homeowner's front yard.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #1621 | TV-G

Mauro demonstrates how to paint a metal door. Mark explains how to match mortar for repointing jobs. Tom teaches apprentice Austin how to make a variety of different wood joints.

Shower Valve, Chainsaws, Bucket Stool

26:46 | #1620 | TV-G

In Nashville, Richard repairs and replaces a leaking shower valve. Roger explains safety features built into all chainsaws. Kevin makes a bucket stool with Ben Uyeda.

Stair Railing, Smart Show House

26:46 | #1619 | TV-G

Richard discusses the possible causes and solutions for a frozen air conditioner, Tom fixes an end cap, Ross tours a house that's testing a variety of interconnected smart home devices.

Jimmy Diresta, Trough Planter

26:46 | #1618 | TV-G

Richard replaces a water main shutoff, Jenn builds a planter out of an animal feeding trough, Mark waterproofs brick, and Kevin builds a sign with Jimmy DiResta.

Metal Railing, Tile Replacement

26:46 | #1617 | TV-G

Mark installs a metal railing, Richard weighs the pros and cons of steam heat, and Tom replaces a cracked kitchen floor tile.

Houston After Harvey

26:46 | #1616 | TV-G

The guys head to Texas in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey to profile nonprofits working to tear down, clean out, and rebuild homes that were destroyed during the storm.

Spitting Faucet, Painting 101

26:46 | #1615 | TV-G

Richard diagnoses and repairs a water system with air in it, Tom analyzes a staircase that is not to code, and Mauro makes his first house call to teach a homeowner the basics of painting a room.

Lawn Care, Workshop of the Future

26:46 | #1614 | TV-G

Roger tends to a lawn that was seeded in the summer and is not doing well, Richard goes over low-budget kitchen upgrades, and Tom travels to a futuristic workshop in San Francisco.

Rain Chain, Vanity Installation

26:46 | #1613 | TV-G

Roger installs a downspout alternative, painter Mauro Henrique explains the differences between various types of paintbrushes, and Richard installs a vanity for homeowners who gave up on it 7 years ago.

Dutch Door, Landscape Checkers

26:46 | #1612 | TV-G

Richard shows the proper way to ventilate a sink and Tom converts a regular door into a Dutch door.

Tankless Water Heater, Retaining Wall

26:46 | #1611 | TV-G

Richard heads to Milwaukee to install an instantaneous water heater. Mark rebuilds a retaining wall.

Silica Dust, Wobbly Toilet

26:46 | #1610 | TV-G

Mark tests different tools that collect silica dust more efficiently. Richard shims a wobbly toilet.

Walkway Reset, Patch Chipped Floor

26:46 | #1609 | TV-G

Roger teaches his apprentice how to repair a damaged walkway. Tom patches a chipped wood floor.

Window Gap, Solar Drinking Water

26:47 | #1608 | TV-G

Tom teaches a homeowner how to tile. Richard demonstrates a wireless leak detector that prevents floods. Jenn installs a water feature that collects and reuses rainwater.

Happy Holidays from AskTOH!

26:46 | #1607 | TV-G

A toy box is built for Tom's grandson. Kevin learns about preventing fires from holiday decorations.

Tree Removal, Stud Finders

26:46 | #1606 | TV-G

Tom demonstrates different ways to locate studs in a wall. A smart garage door opener is installed.

Radiator Swap, Brick Repointing

26:46 | #1605 | TV-G

Richard replaces a small radiator and Mark McCullough teaches a homeowner how to repoint brick.

Patch Lawn, Swap Toilet, Off-Grid

26:46 | #1604 | TV-G

Roger helps a homeowner reseed a dead section of lawn and blend it in with the rest of the yard.

Backsplash, Leak Detection, Rainwater

26:46 | #1603 | TV-G

A homeowner has never tiled before, so Tom teaches her how using a simple technique.

Toolbox, Smoke Detector, Leaking Valve

26:46 | #1602 | TV-G

Tom teaches a fan how to build a toolbox. Scott installs smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Water Softener, App, Shadow Box

26:46 | #1601 | TV-G

Ross demonstrates a home organization app. Tom builds a shadow box using wood from an old door.

Hawaii Makes 50

26:45 | #1526 | TV-G

Tom creates a unique keepsake box from island materials. An organic garden is featured.

Rain Garden, Cabinet Hardware

26:46 | #1525 | TV-G

Jenn plants a rain garden to keep runoff and waste out of marshlands. Scott brightens up a dim bedroom with new overhead lighting. Tom gives tips on installing cabinet hardware accurately and consistently.

Build It, Future House, Surge

26:46 | #1524 | TV-G

Tom and Kevin use western red cedar to create a planter box. A tablet attachment that makes 3D scans of home interiors and Scott explains the need for surge protection.

Clogged Pipe, Convection Heat

26:46 | #1523 | TV-G

A clogged drain has Richard fishing cameras through pipes to locate the problem.

Alaska Generator, Wood Floor

26:47 | #1522 | TV-G

Scott heads to Alaska to hook up a portable generator capable of powering an entire house.

Water Filter, Fire Pit, Wood

26:46 | #1521 | TV-G

A whole house filter is installed. A backyard sanctuary with a patio and granite fire pit is made.

Build It, Cable Lighting

26:45 | #1520 | TV-G

A home message center is built and a room is brightened up by adding cable-powered fixtures.

Water Heater, Storm Door

26:46 | #1519 | TV-G

Tom makes a house more energy efficient while adding a special treat for the homeowner's dog.

Passage Set, Landscape

26:46 | #1518 | TV-G

Landscape designer Jenn Nawada uses a historic plan to revive a homeowner's backyard.

Kentucky Lawn, Chandelier

26:46 | #1517 | TV-G

Roger travels to Kentucky for tips on lawn care. Tom pieces together a tutorial on the jigsaw.

Build It, Lighting, Mousetrap

26:46 | #1516 | TV-G

Scrap heart pine is used to make a cutting board. An overly bright room is transformed with LEDs.

Water Heat, Panels, Astronaut

26:46 | #1515 | TV-G

An indirect route is used to solve a hot water problem. Tom uses molding to spruce up a dining room.

Future House, Nick Offerman

26:46 | #1514 | TV-G

Kevin heads to Los Angeles to visit comedian Nick Offerman and tour his woodworking shop.

Rooftop Garden, Stains, Shed

26:46 | #1513 | TV-G

Landscape designer Jenn Nawada climbs learns about rooftop and small-space gardening.

Radiator, Saws, Garage Lights

26:46 | #1512 | TV-G

Richard diagnoses a malfunctioning hot water radiator and gives a lesson on diverter tees.

Bluestone, Mead, Wire Splices

26:46 | #1511 | TV-G

A dilapidated entrance becomes a welcoming walkway. Scott explains how to make wire connections.

Wood Shop, Wireless Switch

26:46 | #1510 | TV-G

A one-car garage is transformed into a woodworking shop and a wireless light switch is installed.

Microgreens, Wheelchair Lift

26:46 | #1509 | TV-G

An accessibility contractor assembles a home elevator for a teen injured in the war in Afghanistan.

Laundry, 3-Way Switch, Saw

26:46 | #1508 | TV-G

Richard helps a couple pick an efficient washer and dryer. Tips on table saw safety are shared.

Reclaimed Bench, Robotic Wall

26:46 | #1507 | TV-G

A robotic wall is used to furnish a micro-apartment and a stylish bench is made.

HVAC Zoning, Plaster Patch

26:46 | #1506 | TV-G

A new technology that could revolutionize the way we heat and cool homes is showcased.

Molding Raceway, Deck Board

26:46 | #1505 | TV-G

Richard replaces a tank water heater with a more efficient model. Roger shows a homeowner how to start her own orchard. Tom gives tips on circular saws.

Molding Raceway, Deck Board

26:46 | #1504 | TV-G

Tom skillfully replaces a cracked deck board on a front porch. Scotts break the mold with an outlet install that uses crown molding to conceal wires. Richard answers a question about blue stains in the bathtub.

Bookshelf, Foundation Plants

26:46 | #1503 | TV-G

Tom and Kevin create a bookshelf using stair treads and minimal tools in "Build It." Landscape designer Jenn Nawada turns wild foundation plantings into an enviable front garden.

Fire Prevention, Strainer

26:46 | #1502 | TV-G

Kevin heads to Chicago to learn about fire dangers in homes and how to prevent them. Richard replaces a rusty kitchen sink strainer and explains why it failed.

Window, Robotic Mower, Lead

26:46 | #1501 | TV-G

Tom pulls off a balancing act to repair an old window. Roger shows Kevin the future of lawn care with a robotic mower and Richard addresses concerns of lead in drinking water.

Doorbell, Home Gym, Pipes

26:46 | #1426 | TV-G

Tom Silva and Kevin O'Connor head to Montana to build a home gym for a wounded Navy Seal.

Murphy Door, House Hydrant

26:46 | #1425 | TV-G

Tom Silva works his magic in Salem as he transforms a bookshelf into a secret passage.

Nick Offerman, Pipe Shelf

26:46 | #1424 | TV-G

Actor Nick Offerman showcases his woodworking expertise and a pond-less waterfall is constructed.

Deck Lighting, Fireplaces

26:46 | #1423 | TV-G

A deck is jazzed up with festive lighting and the best tools for first-time gardeners are featured.

Short Door, Grow Herbs

26:46 | #1422 | TV-G

An antique door is repaired and Roger gets the dirt on growing edible herbs indoors.

Washer/Dryer, Chandelier

26:46 | #1421 | TV-G

A dining room is spruced up with an elegant chandelier and facts about power drivers are shared.

Potato Farm, Track Lighting

26:46 | #1420 | TV-G

Visit a potato farm in Idaho. The Weather Channel's Jim Cantore discusses home weather stations.

Wildlife Garden, Floor Patch

26:46 | #1419 | TV-G

A ho-hum front yard is converted into a wildlife oasis and ways to unclog a sink are shared.

Overflow, Antique Fixture

26:46 | #1418 | TV-G

Scott visits a 19th-century home in Saint Paul to install a light fixture that mirrors its history.

Chimney, Exhaust Fan, Shingle

26:46 | #1417 | TV-G

Scott rescues a homeowner from unwanted aromas by installing an exhaust fan.

Maple Syrup, Chicken Coop, USB

26:46 | #1416 | TV-G

Food expert Chris Kimball discusses maple syrup and takes a few for a taste test.

Philly Sconce, Trim Closet

26:46 | #1415 | TV-G

Contractor Tom Silva completes a closet by adding a coat rack, shelving, and a new door.

Smart Lock, Outdoor TV

26:46 | #1414 | TV-G

Host Kevin O'Connor replaces a front door deadbolt with a smart lock controlled by Bluetooth.

Kitchen Makeover, Attic Stair

26:46 | #1413 | TV-G

On a trip to Minneapolis, Tom takes the right steps to install a new attic staircase. Kevin uses a special paint to give a dated kitchen an elegant makeover. Richard explains which blowtorches are best.

Post Light, Pedestal Sink

26:46 | #1412 | TV-G

Replacing a pedestal sink is a tall task, but Richard is up for the challenge in Delaware. Scott fixes a troublesome outdoor switch and a wobbly post light in South Dakota. Jenn Nawada turns popular plants into a work of art.

Coffee Table, Grass Paver

26:46 | #1411 | TV-G

Tom and Kevin turn some old oak into a popular coffee table. On Cape Cod, Roger transforms a patch of grass into a driveway lawn. Richard explains how to avoid frozen pipes.

Winter Weather Special

26:46 | #1410 | TV-G

Scott offers an electrical solution to ice dams.Roger gives his checklist for snow blower maintenance and Richard offers tips for furnace tune-ups.

Childproofing, Falling Sink

26:46 | #1409 | TV-G

Kevin visits Delaware to help a new mom keep her little one safe from household hazards. Richard gives a lift to a falling fixture and Scott stays current with a tutorial on the latest voltage testers.

Home Brew Beer, Rain Barrel

26:46 | #1408 | TV-G

Kevin learns about ales and lagers from Bridget Lancaster of "America's Test Kitchen."

Butterfly Garden, Dark Closet

26:46 | #1407 | TV-G

Roger tracks the path of Monarchs and sets up a garden just for them in Fort Worth.

Sink Mistake, Security Light

26:46 | #1406 | TV-G

Richard rescues an Atlanta homeowner by replacing a trendy mistake in the bathroom.

Home Composting, Steam Boiler

26:46 | #1405 | TV-G

It's trash day and Jenn is ready to recycle. Learn how organic garbage can be used to create soil. Richard tries to figure out why a steam boiler is losing water.

Renewable Energy

26:46 | #1404 | TV-G

Richard and Kevin investigate mechanical rooms on their trip to Germany. Kevin installs a residential wind turbine in Texas.

Driveway Patch, Shaker Table

26:46 | #1403 | TV-G

Roger patches a driveway pothole. Tom and Kevin get a history lesson from the Shakers on how to build a nightstand. Scott refurbishes an old railroad lantern.

Garage Power, Chainsaw Safety

26:46 | #1402 | TV-G

Roger and Kevin go over the dos and dont's of chainsaw use. Scott helps a homeowner improve the electrical connection to a garage. Tom silences squeaky floors.

Classroom Garden, House Fan

26:46 | #1401 | TV-G

Watch Tom keep things cool on the West Coast with a whole house fan installation. Roger and Jenn work with students to liven up a school's garden. Richard explains new water heater regulations.

Smart Thermostat Install/Barn Solar Install

26:46 | #1326 | TV-G

A thermostat that interfaces with a smartphone to save energy and money is installed in Pittsburgh.

Electrical Vehicle Charger Install/Kitchen Sink Install

26:46 | #1325 | TV-G

Electrician Scott Caron helps a homeowner install an electric vehicle charger next to his house.

Maine Tropical Houseplants/USA Flag Build

26:46 | #1324 | TV-G

Roger heads to Maine to help a homeowner plant an indoor tropical garden with plants from Jamaica.

Noisy Baseboard Heating Fix/Recessed Kitchen Lighting Install

26:46 | #1323 | TV-G

Tom and Kevin discuss kitchen island dimensions. Richard helps a homeowner quiet a noisy baseboard heating system.

Mailbox Replacement/Indow Anatomy/Old Door Re-Use

26:46 | #1322 | TV-G

A mailbox that was damaged by a snowplow is replaced and window anatomy is discussed.

Exterior Lighting Install/Main Water Shutoff Replacement

26:46 | #1321 | TV-G

Electrician Scott Caron installs landscape lighting and Richard replaces a water main shutoff.

Lightning Protection/Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Install

26:46 | #1320 | TV-G

A lightning protection system and and a reverse osmosis filter for drinking water are highlighted.

Ceiling Fan Replacement/Bonsai Tree

26:46 | #1319 | TV-G

Electrician Scott Caron replaces an undersized ceiling fan with a more appropriate one.

Entry Shelf Build/Rough Electric Install

26:46 | #1318 | TV-G

A basic entry shelf is built from poplar and plywood. Electrician Scott Caron wires a basement room.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #1317 | TV-G

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #1316 | TV-G

Kevin helps a homeowner transform an old backsplash. A new kitchen faucet is installed.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #1315 | TV-G

A whole house ductless heating and cooling system is installed and a plaster ceiling is repaired.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #1314 | TV-G

Overgrown shrubs are removed from a front yard and replaced with an edible landscape. Richard shares some tips on snaking drains and Tom helps a homeowner replace some damaged pieces of vinyl siding.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #1313 | TV-G

Tom helps a homeowner install interior window trim. Scott Caron wires an above-ground pool.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #1312 | TV-G

Tom and Kevin build a watertight fire pit cover and Richard upgrades and vent a bathroom sink.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #1311 | TV-G

A broken window is replaced with a safer solution. Richard shows a homeowner how to rotate a toilet.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #1310 | TV-G

Electrician Scott Caron connects a homeowner's basement lighting system to one switch.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #1309 | TV-G

A hydroponic garden is built in Florida and a hot and cold water outdoor faucet is installed.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #1308 | TV-G

A beekeeper discusses honey harvesting and electrician Scott Caron adds outlets to a home.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #1307 | TV-G

Landscaper Roger Cook learns from a beekeeper how to set up a beehive for a homeowner.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #1306 | TV-G

Richard helps a homeowner install a natural gas line for a new grill in Kansas City.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #1305 | TV-G

Contractor Tom Silva teaches a homeowner how to repair some structural problems in his home.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #1304 | TV-G

Practical solutions for drought are tackled. A water-guzzling lawn is replaced with an alternative.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #1303 | TV-G

Roger educates Kevin on beneficial insects and Richard repairs an outdoor garden faucet.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #1302 | TV-G

Roger learns about citrus greening, a disease that's killing citrus trees across Florida.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #1301 | TV-G

A pass-through is installed in a load-bearing wall and a poorly built fence gate is replaced.

Starting Plants from Seed/Building a Moveable Kitchen Island

26:46 | #1219 | TV-G

How to start plants from seed, replacing an outdoor hose spigot, and building a moveable kitchen island are featured.

Building a High Tunnel Greenhouse in Mississippi/Converting Recessed Lights into Pendants

26:46 | #1217 | TV-G

Roger builds a high tunnel greenhouse, Richard explains the best types of pliers and wrenches, and electrician Scott Caron converts three recessed lights into pendants.

All About Kitchen Renovations/Chef Michael Symon

26:46 | #1226 | TV-G

Tom and Kevin help a homeowner install new cabinets and Kevin visits the Cleveland home and restaurant kitchens of Chef Michael Symon.

Replacing Outdated Fluorescent Under Cabinet Lights/Working With Concrete

26:46 | #1225 | TV-G

Electrician Scott Caron replaces outdated fluorescent under-cabinet lights with new LED fixtures.

Making a Home Accessible/Modifying a Bathroom and Dangerous

26:46 | #1224 | TV-G

Tom Silva and Kevin O'Connor rebuild a staircase for a survivor of the Boston Marathon bombing.

Building A Simple Table/Getting Rid of Tree Stumps

26:46 | #1223 | TV-G

A table is built from solid fir and Kevin works with a wood-finishing expert to stain and finish it.

Celebrating 300 Episodes

26:46 | #1222 | TV-G

The guys look back at some of their best moments and reveal some behind-the-scenes secrets.

Patching A Hole In Baseboard/Maintaining A Lawn Mower

26:46 | #1221 | TV-G

Richard helps a homeowner replace a shower valve. Tom shows how to patch a hole in baseboard.

Planting a Low-Cost Privacy Screen/Sealing Ductwork from the Inside

26:46 | #1220 | TV-G

Roger plants a low-cost, low-maintenance privacy screen. Uses for a speed square are demonstrated.

Installing A Clawfoot Tub with Shower/Installing a Permanent Fire Escape Ladder in a Bedroom

26:46 | #1216 | TV-G

Richard installs a clawfoot tub with shower and Tom installs a fire escape ladder in a bedroom.

Fitting A Mattress Up A Narrow Staircase/Repairing a Light-Switch in Seattle

26:46 | #1215 | TV-G

Tom helps a homeowner fit a box spring mattress up a narrow staircase. Kevin repairs a light switch.

Repairing A Rotted Porch Post/Dealing with High Indoor Humidity

26:46 | #1214 | TV-G

Tom repairs a rotted porch post. Richard help a family deal with indoor humidity in New Orleans.

Waffle Gardening In Santa Fe/Adding Mechanical Dampers to a Forced-Air Heating System

26:46 | #1213 | TV-G

Roger learns about "waffle gardening" and Richard adds mechanical dampers to a forced-air heating system.

Installing a Whole-House Humidifier in North Carolina/Installing Hardwired Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

26:46 | #1212 | TV-G

Stripped screws are removed and a whole-house humidifier and a smoke detector are installed.

Installing Crown Molding in Seattle/Replacing a Rotted Fence Post

26:46 | #1211 | TV-G

Crown molding and a fence post are highlighted. Cement, concrete, and mortar are discussed.

Installing an Irrigation System in New Mexico/Installing a Heat-Pump Water Heater

26:46 | #1210 | TV-G

An irrigation system designed for a desert climate and a new heat-pump water heater are featured.

Demonstrating Uses for a Router/Replacing An Air Conditioning Unit

26:46 | #1209 | TV-G

Uses for a router are demonstrated. An air conditioning unit that freezes when it runs is replaced.

Preparing for Severe Weather

26:46 | #1208 | TV-G

A safe room is installed in Oklahoma for tornado protection. Hurricane window protection is tested.

Planting A Maple Tree/Working On An Underground Bathroom

26:46 | #1207 | TV-G

Roger Cook plants a maple tree and Richard Trethewey begins work on an underground master bathroom.

Replacing A Leaky Skylight/Repairing A Noisy Toilet

26:46 | #1206 | TV-G

Tom Silva and Kevin O'Connor replace a leaky skylight and Richard Trethewey repairs a noisy toilet.

Installing A Shade Sail Over A Deck In Santa Fe/Installing a Hybrid Water Heater to Save Energy

26:46 | #1205 | TV-G

A shade sails is used over a deck to cut down on sun exposure. A hybrid water heater is installed.

Installing a Pre-hung Front Door/Using Big Containers for Screening and Shading

26:46 | #1204 | TV-G

A pre-hung front door is installed and containers are used for screening and shading in a backyard.

Replacing a Kitchen Faucet with a Hands-Free Model/Installing a Channel Drain to Divert Rainwater

26:46 | #1203 | TV-G

A leaking kitchen faucet is replaced with a hands-free model. Rechargeable batteries are discussed.

Building A Garden Bed In New Mexico/Repairing A Leaky Toliet

26:46 | #1202 | TV-G

Roger builds a garden bed for chili pepper plants in New Mexico and Richard repairs a leaky toilet.

Replacing An Old Door/Hot Water Without Waiting

26:46 | #1201 | TV-G

Tom replaces an old, rusted bulkhead door. Richard discusses ways to get hot water without waiting.

Installing Surge Protection/Hardscaping Projects

26:46 | #1124 | TV-G

Several types of surge protection are installed. Rocks are cut and shaped for hardscaping projects.

Using Ladders Safely/Replacing A Shower Valve

26:46 | #1123 | TV-G

General contractor Tom Silva and Kevin O'Connor demonstrate how to use all types of ladders safely.

Solving a Melted Mystery/Performing a Whole-House Energy Audit

26:46 | #1122 | TV-G

Tom Silva helps a homeowner solve the mystery of her melted vinyl siding. Plus, Kevin and a specialist perform a whole-house energy audit.

Installing Interior Window Trim/Heating A Swimming Pool

26:46 | #1109 | TV-G

Interior window trim is installed and a device that will heat a swimming pool for free is showcased.

Installing a Privacy Fence/Replacing a Clogged Shower Valve

26:46 | #1108 | TV-G

Installing a vinyl privacy fence and replacing a clogged shower valve.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets/Installing a Smart Thermostat to Reduce Energy Use

26:46 | #1126 | TV-G

Kevin O'Connor learns how subway trains are serviced in Chicago and helps paint kitchen cabinets.

Making Custom Concrete Countertops/Cordless Landscape Tools

26:46 | #1125 | TV-G

Custom concrete countertops are installed and watertight connections are made without soldering.

Installing A Ductless Heat Pump/Led Lighting

26:46 | #1121 | TV-G

Installing a ductless heat pump, driving eye screws, new technologies and applications for LED lighting, and selecting houseplants are featured.

Insulating Ductwork/Maintaining Clothes Washers And Dryers

26:46 | #1120 | TV-G

Insulating ductwork and how to maintain clothes washers and dryers are featured.

Caring for Orchids as Houseplants/Purchasing a Kitchen Wall Cabinet

26:46 | #1119 | TV-G

Roger Cook learns how to care for orchids at a tropical botanic garden and a kitchen wall cabinet is installed.

Building A Storage Bench/Making Watertight Connections

26:46 | #1118 | TV-G

Building a storage bench for an entryway, soldering copper pipes properly, and maintaing an overgrown perennial garden are featured.

Maintaining Kitchen Appliances/Installing A Rain Gutter

26:46 | #1117 | TV-G

How to maintain kitchen appliances and installing a rain gutter, downspout, and rain barrel.

Hanging a Flat Panel TV/Controlling Insects Without Pesticides

26:46 | #1116 | TV-G

Hanging a flat panel television on the wall, different types of electrical outlets, and controlling yard insects without the use of pesticides.

Installing A Toilet/Patching A Lawn with Grass Seed

26:46 | #1115 | TV-G

Installing a toilet, tips about driving eye screws, and patching a lawn with grass seed.

Restoring Terrazzo Floors/Repairing a Cracked Floor Joist

26:46 | #1114 | TV-G

Restoring terrazzo floors and repairing a cracked floor joist.

Transplanting a Mature Rose Bush/Replacing Old Outdoor Lighting

26:46 | #1113 | TV-G

Temporarily transplanting a mature rose bush and replacing old outdoor lighting with new fixtures.

Installing A Ceiling Fan/Installing A Water Softener

26:46 | #1112 | TV-G

Installing a ceiling fan on a cathedral ceiling and installing a water softener.

Using Hand Planes/Repairing A Cracked Stone Walkway

26:46 | #1111 | TV-G

The proper way to use hand planes and repairing a cracked stone walkway.

Properly Mulching Garden Beds/Installing A Natural Gas Line

26:46 | #1110 | TV-G

How to properly mulch garden beds and installing a natural gas line for a barbeque grill.

Installing a New Kitchen Sink and Faucet/Installing Insulated Sidelights on a Front Door

26:46 | #1107 | TV-G

Installing a brand new kitchen sink and faucet and insulated sidelights on a front door.

Special New York Episode

26:46 | #1106 | TV-G

A scale model of New York City is toured, adding task lighting to a dark kitchen in Brooklyn, a visit to a new park built atop an old train line, and adding a cable railing system to a deck.

Planting Palm Trees/Replacing an Old Heating System With One That's More Efficient

26:46 | #1105 | TV-G

Planting palm trees, information on new light bulbs, replacing an old heating system and hot water heater with a much smaller and more efficient single appliance.

Laying Sod in the Backyard/Installing A Wireless Thermostat

26:46 | #1104 | TV-G

Laing sod, finding measurements without doing math, and installing a wireless thermostat to control a heating system are highlighted.

Building A Custom Fireplace Mantel/Repairing A Leaking Kitchen Faucet

26:46 | #1103 | TV-G

A fireplace mantel is built, a leaking kitchen faucet is fixed, and garden edging tips are shared.

Installing Bluestone Patio/Hanging Bikes in a Garage

26:46 | #1102 | TV-G

Installing a bluestone patio in an urban backyard and hanging bikes in a small garage are featured.

Transforming Stock Shelving/Installing A New Washing Machine Valve

26:46 | #1101 | TV-G

Stock shelving is transformed into a custom built-in and a new washing machine valve is installed.

Restoring Old Windows; Installing a Kitchen Sink Water Filter

26:46 | #1024 | TV-G

Restoring the windows in a home built by George Washington and installing a water filter at a kitchen sink.

Financing Solar Panels; Framing Walls for Basement-Remodeling

26:46 | #1023 | TV-G

A new way to finance solar photovoltaic panels and framing the walls for a basement remodeling project.

Tiling A Bathroom Floor; Weatherstripping A Front Door

26:46 | #1022 | TV-G

Tiling a bathroom floor and weatherstripping a front door.

Building a Porch Railing; Selecting Stone for Building Walls

26:46 | #1009 | TV-G

Building a railing for a porch and types of stone used to build walls.

Fixing a Kitchen Sink Drain; Quieting Squeaky Hardwood Floors

26:46 | #1008 | TV-G

Fixing a kitchen sink drain and quieting squeaky hardwood floors.

Refinishing With Spray Paint; Installing a Pre-Finished Wood Floor

26:46 | #1026 | TV-G

Refinishing worn out items using spray paint, removing wall-to-wall carpet and installing a pre-finished wood floor, and new household devices that can be operated "hands-free."

Installing a Manual Transfer Switch; Fixing a Clogged Sewer Line

26:46 | #1025 | TV-G

Installing a manual transfer switch for a portable generator and fixing a sewer line that is clogged with tree roots.

Planting a Garden Using Native Species; Replacing a Door with a Window

26:46 | #1021 | TV-G

Planting a garden using native species that are drought-tolerant and replacing a door with a window.

Installing New Vinyl Trim; Installing a New Dishwasher

26:46 | #1020 | TV-G

Installing new vinyl trim around a window and installing a new dishwasher.

Installing a Recirculation Pump; Lining a Fireplace Chimney

26:46 | #1019 | TV-G

Installing a recirculation pump to provide hot water quickly to a bathroom, a tip for fixing the handle on a casement window, and lining a fireplace chimney.

Upgrading a Neglected Urban Patio; Hanging a Heavy Mirror

26:46 | #1018 | TV-G

Upgrading a neglected urban patio and hanging a heavy mirror on a wall.

Reusing Water from a Washing Machine; Maintaining Small Gasoline Engines

26:46 | #1017 | TV-G

Installing an irrigation system that reuses water from a washing machine, toilets that are also designed for hand washing, and how to maintain small gasoline engines.

Staining A Cedar Fence; Installing Window Boxes

26:46 | #1016 | TV-G

Staining a cedar fence and installing and planting window boxes.

Upgrading Electrical Service; Attracting Butterflies to Gardens

26:46 | #1015 | TV-G

Upgrading a homeowner's electrical service from 100 to 200 amps and a garden designed to attract butterflies.

Installing a Solid Oak Front Door; Driving Rebar Into the Ground

26:46 | #1014 | TV-G

Installing a solid oak front door and tips for driving rebar into the ground.

Preventing Ice Dams; Applying Closed-Cell Spray Foam Insulation in an Attic

26:46 | #1013 | TV-G

Applying a closed-cell spray foam insulation, connecting gutter downspouts, and planting trees on a busy city street.

Installing a Battery Back-up Sump Pump; Fixing a Rusty Metal Railing

26:46 | #1012 | TV-G

Installing a battery back-up sump pump, fixing a rusty metal railing, and how to store a wheelbarrow.

Installing A Front Porch Light; Splitting Firewood

26:46 | #1011 | TV-G

Installing a front porch light, a tip for efficiently splitting firewood, and fixing a faucet.

Finishing a Backyard Pizza Oven; Working with Threaded Pipe Connections

26:46 | #1010 | TV-G

Putting on the finishing touch on a backyard pizza oven and how to apply teflon tape, pipe dope, and wicking to threaded pipe connections.

Repairing a Crack in an Asphalt Walkway; Getting Rid of Mold

26:46 | #1007 | TV-G

Repairing a crack in an asphalt walkway and getting rid of mold in an attic.

Removing Overgrown Shrubs; Quieting a Noisy Baseboard Heater

26:46 | #1006 | TV-G

Removing overgrown shrubs and quieting a noisy baseboard heater.

Insulating a Wall; Repointing a Fieldstone Foundation

26:46 | #1005 | TV-G

The proper way to insulate a wall using fiberglass batts and repointing a fieldstone foundation.

Pruning an Overgrown Hedge; Installing a Kitchen Tile Backsplash

26:46 | #1004 | TV-G

Pruning an overgrown evergreen hedge and installing a tile backsplash in the kitchen.

Replacing a Corroded Fitting on a Water Heater; Installing a Vented Range Kitchen Hood

26:46 | #1003 | TV-G

Replacing a corroded fitting on a water heater and installing a vented range hood in in the kitchen.

Repairing a Shower Valve; Rebuilding a Wobbly Stair Banister

26:46 | #1002 | TV-G

Repairing a faulty shower valve and rebuilding a wobbly stair banister.

Transplanting Trees; Hooking up Plumbing to a Washing Machine

26:46 | #1001 | TV-G

Helping a homeowner transplant two trees and hooking up the plumbing to a washing machine.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #924 | TV-G

How to build a tool storage cabinet perfect for any basement or garage and how to protect a house from catastrophic flood damage caused by faulty plumbing.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #923 | TV-G

Different methods and tools for splitting firewood; how to choose, use, and care for paintbrushes; and connecting a basement bar sink to a sewer drain by means of an electric pump.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #922 | TV-G

How to select and install antique and reproduction door hardware and how a geothermal home heating-and-cooling system works.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #909 | TV-G

Repairing uneven stone patio and repainting a rusty bulkhead door.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #908 | TV-G

Installing an energy-efficient storm door, and cutting and soldering copper plumbing pipes and fittings.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #926 | TV-G

Yard clean-up, HVAC technology, and installing carpet tiles over a concrete basement floor.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #925 | TV-G

Removing a vinyl kitchen floor, Kevin tours a well-stocked architectural salvage yard for parts, and a bathroom repair.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #921 | TV-G

Installing a solar water heating system, making residential electrical systems safer, and replacing rotting support posts underneath a backyard deck.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #920 | TV-G

Installing an outdoor electrical outlet, planting flower bulbs, and replacing kitchen cabinet hardware.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #919 | TV-G

Planting a narrow garden bed, home improvement workshops, and installing a wood-burning insert.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #918 | TV-G

Painting an interior wall and installing a new water heater.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #917 | TV-G

Dealing with rainwater from gutters and insulating an attic floor.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #916 | TV-G

Completing backyard deck construction and deck fastening systems.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #915 | TV-G

Lawn mowing techniques and building a backyard deck.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #914 | TV-G

Installing a second bathroom sink and repairing cracks in concrete block foundation.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #913 | TV-G

Fixing a leaky rain gutter and installing a fiberglass bathtub and shower enclosure.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #912 | TV-G

Installing forced-air furnance and air-conditioning, and repairing water-damaged oak floors.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #911 | TV-G

Repairing loose carpeting, different types of shovels, and installing recessed lighting.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #910 | TV-G

Installing hot-water radiant tubing and using a wheelbarrow properly.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #907 | TV-G

Building a circular patio and fire pit, and repairing brick stairs.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #906 | TV-G

Choosing groundcover and installing hydronic baseboard heaters.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #905 | TV-G

Building a wheelchair accessible raised garden bed and fixing a leaky roof.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #904 | TV-G

Repairing a rotted windowsill and installing an outdoor faucet.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #903 | TV-G

Creating storage space in an attic and repairing a broken doorbell.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #902 | TV-G

Installing balusters on a staircase and laying a stone footpath.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #901 | TV-G

Connecting water supply and drain lines for a kitchen island sink and rescuing improperly planted trees.

Attracting Different Bird Species/Dual-Flush Toilet Valves

26:46 | #824 | TV-G

Attracting different bird species and dual-flush toilet valves.

Using String Trimmers/Stripping Dangerous Lead Paint

26:46 | #823 | TV-G

Using string trimmers and stripping dangerous lead paint.

Reviving A Damaged Lawn/Unclogging Kitchen Sink Drains

26:46 | #822 | TV-G

Reviving a damaged lawn and unclogging kitchen sink drains.

Organic Lawn Care/Re-Routing Bathroom Fan

26:46 | #809 | TV-G

The new organic lawn-care program at Harvard University and re-routing a bathroom fan.

Building A Basic Picnic Table/Installing Utility

26:46 | #808 | TV-G

Building a basic picnic table and installing a utility sink.

Replacing an Outdoor Faucet/Sharpening Lawn Mower Blades

26:46 | #826 | TV-G

Replacing a leaky outdoor faucet, how to properly sharpen a lawn mower blade, and building custom shelving for a walk-in closet.

Repairing Newel Posts/Cutting Rigid Pipes

26:46 | #825 | TV-G

Repairing a wobbly newel post, cutting rigid pipes and flexible tubing, and reproducing plants from cuttings and by grafting.

Utilizing Energy Efficient Water Heaters/Maintaining Propane - Fueled Mosquito Traps

26:46 | #821 | TV-G

Replacing an old electric water heater with a "heat pump" water heater, propane-fueled mosquito traps, and installing install exterior trim.

Remodeling Kitchen Area/ Improving Drainage In Planters

26:46 | #820 | TV-G

Remodeling a kitchen and how to improve drainage in the bottom of a flowerpot.

Applying Protective Furniture Finish/Winterizing Outdoor Gardens

26:46 | #819 | TV-G

Replacing the broken sash locks on vinyl windows, staining furniture and applying protective finishes, and protecting plants from winter.

Installing Crown Molding/Replacing Rotting Fence Posts

26:46 | #818 | TV-G

Installing crown molding using an innovative fastening system and how to replace a rotting cedar fence post.

Installing Ductless Air Conditioning/Eliminating Ceiling Leaks

26:46 | #817 | TV-G

Installing ductless air conditioning and eliminating ceiling leaks.

Conserving Rainwater/Removing An Interior Wall

26:46 | #816 | TV-G

Conserving rainwater and removing an interior wall.

Updating Bathroom Installations/Comparing Wall Insulation

26:46 | #815 | TV-G

Updating bathroom installations and comparing wall insulation.

Installing Mantel and Hearth/Rejuvenating Baseboard Radiator

26:46 | #814 | TV-G

Installing a mantel and hearth and rejuvenating a baseboard radiator.

Fixing Broken Water Softener/Repairing and Preventing Deer Damage in Home Garden

26:46 | #813 | TV-G

Fixing a broken water softener and repairing and preventing deer damage in a home garden.

Concealing Retaining Walls/Quieting PVC Plumbing Vents

26:46 | #812 | TV-G

Concealing retaining walls and quieting PVC plumbing vents.

Building Laminate Kitchen Countertops/Installing Steel Edging

26:46 | #811 | TV-G

Building laminate kitchen countertops and installing steel edging.

Installing Stone Veneer/Retrofitting Hvac Ducts

26:46 | #810 | TV-G

Installing stone veneer over an ugly concrete retaining wall, how to retrofit dampers in forced-air HVAC ducts, and getting the most from your can of insulating foam.

Installing Weather Stripping/Energy-Efficiency Tips & Analysis

26:46 | #807 | TV-G

Installing weather stripping and energy-efficient tips.

Container Gardening/Installing Rooftop Antennas

26:46 | #806 | TV-G

Container gardening and installing rooftop antennas.

Installing Sliding Glass Door

26:46 | #805 | TV-G

Installing a sliding glass door.

Installing Aluminum Gutters & Downspouts/Energy-Efficient

26:46 | #804 | TV-G

Installing aluminum gutters and downspouts and an energy-efficient washer and dryer.

Utilizing Outdoor Living Space/Installing Fiber Cement Siding

26:46 | #803 | TV-G

Utilizing outdoor living space and installing fiber cement siding.

Installing Home Intercom System/Energy-Efficient Fireplace

26:46 | #802 | TV-G

Installing a home intercom system and energy-efficient fireplace.

Building a Campfire Pit/Installing Range Hood & Microwave Oven

26:46 | #801 | TV-G

Building a campfire pit and installing a range hood and microwave oven.

Installing Garage Door/Preventing Frozen Pipes

26:46 | #724 | TV-G

Installing a garage door and winterizing plumbing to prevent frozen pipes.

Finished Wallboards/Storm-Damaged Trees

26:46 | #723 | TV-G

Preparing concrete basement walls for finished wallboard, how to tie basic knots, and caring for storm-damaged trees.

Heating & Cooling System Controller/Re-Grout Tile Floor

26:46 | #722 | TV-G

Installing a "zoning" controller for a forced-air heating and cooling system and re-grouting a tile floor.

Installing A Whole-House Water Filter/Repairing Roof

26:46 | #710 | TV-G

Installing a whole-house filter, repairing a hole in a rubber roof, and cutting a PVC pipe without a saw.

Building a Retaining Wall/Loud Faucet

26:46 | #709 | TV-G

Building a retaining wall using pressure-treated timbers and an easy fix for a kitchen faucet that is making a loud, shuddering noise.

Leaky Pvc Drain Trap/Installing Bamboo Flooring

26:46 | #726 | TV-G

Repairing a leaking PVC drain trap underneath his kitchen sink, install a new bamboo "floating" floor, and a viewer tip for cleaning roof gutters without a ladder.

Installing A Ventilation Fan/Chemical Free Lawn Care

26:46 | #725 | TV-G

Installing a new ventilation fan in the bathroom and how to care for their lawn without using chemicals or pesticides.

Water Saving Toilet/In-Ground Sprinkler System

26:46 | #721 | TV-G

Installing a new 'dual flush' water-saving toilet and an in-ground sprinkler system.

Special Projects for Kids: Building A Vegetable Garden/Constructing a Mini-Golf Course

26:46 | #720 | TV-G

Special projects for kids including building a vegetable garden and constructing a mini-golf course.

Banging Pipes/Installing Fiberglass Door

26:46 | #719 | TV-G

Fixing banging pipes by installing a water hammer shock suppressor and installing a pre-hung finberglass exterior door.

Pruning a Tree/Installing a Shower Mixing Valve

26:46 | #718 | TV-G

Pruning a crabapple tree and installing a new "anti-scald" shower-mixing valve.

Staining a Deck/Preventing Sewage Backups

26:46 | #717 | TV-G

Cleaning and staining a backyard deck, replacing a flood control system, and a viewer tip on how to remove a wood plug from a hole saw.

Converting a Bathtub/Solar-Powered Fountain

26:46 | #716 | TV-G

Converting a claw foot bathtub into a shower, how to use different types of "fillers" for both wood and PVC trim, and installing a solar-powered fountain in her yard.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets/Installing Cabinet Accessories

26:46 | #715 | TV-G

Painting kitchen cabinets and installing useful accessories.

Repairing Backyard Gate/Drafty Window

26:46 | #714 | TV-G

Repairing a sagging backyard gate and how to use different types of expanding foam for insulating against drafts.

Energy-Efficient Water Heater/Leveling Concrete Walkway

26:46 | #713 | TV-G

Replacing an old tank-type water heater with a new, energy-efficient tankless unit; leveling a sagging concrete walkway using a method called "mudjacking"; and removing dents from a piece of wood.

Removing A Boulder/Securing Loose Pipes

26:46 | #712 | TV-G

Removing a large boulder, securing loose pipe inside a shower stall, and how to get a secure grip on a hammer.

Repairing A Deck/Hydrangea Bush

26:46 | #711 | TV-G

Repairing a dangerous deck, and a hydrangea bush that won't flower.

Waterproofing System/Installing a Privacy Screen

26:46 | #708 | TV-G

Preparing a shower enclosure for tile using a new type of waterproofing system; creating a privacy screen using bushes and a decorative flower garden.

Reducing Heating Costs/Using a Whole House Fan

26:46 | #707 | TV-G

Saving on energy costs by installing a weather-responsive control on a boiler and a whole-house fan.

Repairing Laminate Countertops/Rebuilding A Brick Walkway

26:46 | #706 | TV-G

Repairing damaged laminate countertops, rebuilding a brick walkway, and different types of filters for forced-air heating and cooling systems.

Increasing Water Pressure/Transplanting a Bush

26:46 | #705 | TV-G

Increasing water pressure with an electric booster and transplanting a large rhododendron bush.

Damaged Lawn/Curved Stair Molding

26:46 | #704 | TV-G

Repairing the lawn after a well is dug; making a piece of curved stair molding with some red oak and a few simple power tools.

Pendant Lighting/Care for Succulents

26:46 | #703 | TV-G

Installing pendant lighting and how to care for cactus plants and other succulents.

Mature Tree/Noisy Heating System

26:46 | #702 | TV-G

How to instantly add a mature tree to your yard and quiet a noisy heating system.

Collapsing Garage Roof/Installing a Dry Well

26:46 | #701 | TV-G

Replacing a rotting support post and installing a dry well to handle discharge from a sump pump.

Tribute to Tile Expert Joe Ferrante

26:46 | #624 | TV-G

A special episode dedicated to the life and work of tile expert Joe Ferrante, who worked on many projects for This Old House over the course of more than 20 years.

Lawn Improvements/Leaky Ceiling

26:46 | #623 | TV-G

How to improve a lawn by using a slice seeder, how to drive a nail into a tight spot, tips from a real estate specialist on how to prepare a home for sale, and fixing a leaky ceiling.

Replacing Rotted Stairs/Leaky Polybutylene Pipes

26:46 | #622 | TV-G

Replacing rotted stairs and leaky polybutylene pipes.

Christmas Trees/Caulking a Leaky Window

26:46 | #609 | TV-G

Picking the perfect Christmas tree; caulking a leaky window.

Transforming a Backyard/Dripping Bathroom Fan

26:46 | #608 | TV-G

Transforming a backyard and fixing a dripping bathroom fan.

Tips for Watering Lawns/Building a Bookcase

26:46 | #626 | TV-G

Tips for watering lawns and building a simple but elegant bookcase.

Pressure Reducing Valve/Problems with Crown Molding

26:46 | #625 | TV-G

Installing a pressure-reducing valve; adding crown molding on kitchen cabinets.

Installing A Pellet Stove/Gasoline-Free Lawn Mowers

26:46 | #621 | TV-G

Installing a pellet stove; lawnmowers that don't need any gas.

Building a Soccer Goal/Constructing a Sandbox

26:46 | #620 | TV-G

How to build a soccer goal using PVC pipes, how to make a pair of stilts out of wood, and how to build a sandbox and make replicas of fossils.

Low Voltage Landscape Lighting/Replacing Old Faucet

26:46 | #619 | TV-G

Increasing insulation in the attic, adding low-voltage landscape lighting, and replacing a kitchen faucet.

Water Softening System/Fiber-Cement Shingles

26:46 | #618 | TV-G

Installing a new water softening system and fiber-cement shingles.

Lawn Soil Test/Identifying Water Supply Pipes

26:46 | #617 | TV-G

A simple lawn soil test and types of water supply pipes.

Leaky Skylight/Repairing a Light Switch

26:46 | #616 | TV-G

Replacing a leaky skylight and repairing a three-way light switch.

An Unpleasant Smelling Dishwasher/Transplanting A Rose Bush

26:46 | #615 | TV-G

Fixing an unpleasant-smelling dishwasher and transplanting a rose bush.

Controlling Radiators/Tangled Bungee Cords

26:46 | #614 | TV-G

How to control radiator temperatures and tame tangled bungee cords.

Installing Vinyl Fence/Protective Coating for Garage Floor

26:46 | #613 | TV-G

Installing a vinyl fence and applying protective coating for a garage floor.

Determining The Grade of Landscape/Repairing A Bathtub

26:46 | #612 | TV-G

Determining the grade of landscape and repairing a bathtub.

Replacing Cracked Flagstone/Replacing Electric Stove

26:46 | #611 | TV-G

Replacing cracked flagstone and installing a new gas range.

Handling Storm-Water Runoff/Refinishing Hardwood Floors

26:46 | #610 | TV-G

Handling stormwater runoff and refinishing hardwood floors.

Energy-Efficient Windows/Reducing Electrical Consumption

26:46 | #607 | TV-G

Energy-efficient windows; reducing electrical consumption.

Removing Old Tree/Installing Wood Trim

26:46 | #606 | TV-G

Removing an old tree and installing wood trim.

Jammed Garbage Disposer/Removing Exterior Paint

26:46 | #605 | TV-G

Fixing a jammed garbage disposal and removing exterior paint.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #604 | TV-G

Preventing plumbing floods and repairing a rotted windowsill.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #603 | TV-G

Replacing a broken cast-iron "closet flange" on a toilet, plus a new adhesive system for repairing cracked plaster.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #602 | TV-G

Different types of squares used for general carpentry, plus a patio project using concrete paving bricks.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #601 | TV-G

Replacing a drain trap and repairing cracked drywall.

Damaged Mailbox/Mortar

26:46 | #524 | TV-G

Repairing a damaged mailbox and repointing falling mortar.

Hand Planes/Preventing Crabgrass

26:46 | #523 | TV-G

Installing a new bathroom radiator; the proper use of hand planes; preventing crabgrass.

Replacing Shut-Off Valves/Climbing Rose Bushes

26:46 | #522 | TV-G

Replacing shut-off valves; and planting climbing rose bushes.

Childproofing/Sump Pump Installation

26:46 | #509 | TV-G

Childproofing a home; sump pump installation.

Stone Countertops/Chain-Link Fence

26:46 | #508 | TV-G

Maintaining stone countertops and protecting them from stains; installing a chain-link fence.

Building a Workbench/Installing a Bypass Duct

26:46 | #526 | TV-G

Building a workbench and installing a bypass duct.

Mowing and Edging/Electric Water Heaters

26:46 | #525 | TV-G

Mowing and edging a lawn, installing electric water heaters, and repairing a broken stair tread using a new type of wooden dowel.

Replacing Deck Boards/Quieting A Steam Heating System

26:46 | #521 | TV-G

Removing the cracked and warped boards on an old deck and installing new composite decking using hidden fasteners.

Replacing Shrubs/Attic Ventilation

26:46 | #520 | TV-G

Roger shows a homeowner how the brick stairs in front of his house have created a blistering "micro-climate," causing damage to an adjacent shrub. Together, they remove the ailing shrub and replace it with a heat-tolerant yew.

Refinishing Cast Iron Radiators/Installing Standby Generators

26:46 | #519 | TV-G

Refinishing cast-iron radiators; installing a standby generator in an area with frequent power outages.

Patching Vinyl Floor/Repairing Leaky Sprinkler System

26:46 | #518 | TV-G

Patching a hole in a vinyl kitchen floor and repairing a leaky in-ground sprinkler system.

Wall-to-Wall Carpet/Table Saw Safety

26:46 | #517 | TV-G

Kevin and a guest professional help a homeowner select and install wall-to-wall carpet. While demonstrating the proper way to use a table saw, Tom shows a new type of emergency brake that helps prevent injury.

Extension Cords/Pop-Up Drains

26:46 | #516 | TV-G

Roger heads to Denver to help a pair of homeowners remove an overgrown juniper bush. Kevin and Tom demonstrate the proper way to coil extension cords, and Richard helps replace a pop-up drain assembly on a pedestal sink.

Clogged Drains/Installing Kitchen Cabinets

26:46 | #515 | TV-G

Richard shows Kevin several ways to clear clogged drains, and the two of them join Roger and Tom for a round of "What is it?" Tom helps a homeowner install new kitchen cabinets.

Pruning/Hot Water Heating

26:46 | #514 | TV-G

Roger and arborist Matt Foti help a homeowner prune his overgrown willow tree. In Denver, Richard updates a water heating system that does not provide sufficient heat to a newly built addition.

Mulching/Sash Balancers

26:46 | #513 | TV-G

Roger takes a homeowner shopping for mulch and shows her how to remulch and edge her garden beds. Tom helps replace the broken sash balancers in a set of double-hung windows.

Shower Valve/Recycling Batteries

26:46 | #512 | TV-G

Richard helps a San Francisco homeowner repair an old shower mixing valve. Kevin and Tom meet with battery expert Tim Pugh to discuss battery technology in cordless power tools and the proper way to recycle batteries.

Cedar Clapboards/Chainsaw Etiquette

26:46 | #511 | TV-G

Tom shows Kevin how to replace damaged cedar clapboards on the exterior of a house. Roger and guest expert Tim Ard show a homeowner how to safely fell trees with a chainsaw.

Kitchen Backsplash/Installing Sod

26:46 | #510 | TV-G

Tile contractor Joe Ferrante helps one homeowner install a brand-new kitchen backsplash using delicate glass tile, and Roger helps another replace a damaged section of lawn with new sod.

Energy Efficiency/Replacing a Toilet Seat

26:46 | #507 | TV-G

Kevin and energy efficiency expert Bruce Torrey conduct an energy audit of a house, using an infrared camera to locate areas where weatherstripping and insulation can be improved. Richard demonstrates how to remove an old toilet seat with corroded bolts.

Replacing an Exterior Deck

26:46 | #506 | TV-G

Rebuilding a small exterior deck using pressure-treated lumber and composite deck boards.

Planting Flower Bulbs/Quieting Noisy Pipes

26:46 | #505 | TV-G

Roger and Kevin head outside to plant flower bulbs. Tom demonstrates how to make straight rip cuts with a circular saw using a customized jig, and Richard helps a homeowner install shock suppressors to quiet some noisy water pipes.

Garage Organization/Ceiling Fan Installation

26:46 | #504 | TV-G

New cabinets designed specifically for garages, a new type of vacuum-assisted posthole digger, and advice on installing a ceiling fan.

Installing a Shower Base/Rain Barrels

26:46 | #503 | TV-G

Installing a new shower base and a rain barrel.

Replacing A Clogged Aerator: Proper Houseplant Care

26:46 | #502 | TV-G

Replacing a clogged aerator on a bathroom faucet, caring for houseplants, and using special "breakaway" screws to quiet a squeaky subfloor.

Repairing Interior Door: Creating Privacy with Plants

26:46 | #501 | TV-G

Repairing an interior door that refuses to latch shut and selecting bamboo plants to create a unique privacy screen.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #424 | TV-G

Selecting and installing a new dishwasher, sharpening wood chisels, and the proper use of lawn spreaders.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #423 | TV-G

Replacing a hollow-core door with a heavier solid-core door; repairing kitchen faucets.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #422 | TV-G

How to repair stripped threads on a radiator, stabilize a wobbly newel post, and refinish an old cast-iron bathtub to make it look like new.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #409 | TV-G

Richard shows how to use a common wire nut to save a partially used tube of caulk and demonstrates a new replacement caulk tip, while Tom helps a pair of homeowners replace the worn-out roof on an old garage.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #408 | TV-G

Tom gives Kevin a lesson on the proper use of a circular saw. Richard installs a new outdoor faucet for a homeowner using a flexible plastic tubing called PEX, and arborist Matt Foti helps prevent a tree from splitting in half by installing steel cables and through-bolts.

Energy Efficiency Special

26:46 | #426 | TV-G

The crew shares ideas for keeping fuel costs in line by increasing energy efficiency around the house. Richard helps an Atlanta homeowner install a high-efficiency instantaneous water heater that's guaranteed to pay for itself, and Tom helps a couple blow cellulose into the wall cavities of their underinsulated house. Kevin explains what can be learned from a "home energy audit," and Roger demonstrates how the proper siting of shade trees can help with heating and cooling.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #425 | TV-G

The proper ways to cut several different types of tile and to install a sump pump.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #421 | TV-G

Focuses on projects to help make a home more energy-efficient. Richard helps an Atlanta homeowner install an instantaneous water heater, and Roger shows how strategic planting of deciduous and evergreen trees can help reduce heating and cooling costs. Tom helps a pair of homeowners insulate the walls of their antique Victorian house and demonstrates how to add more fiberglass insulation to an attic.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #420 | TV-G

Roger and a specialist help a homeowner install a granite address marker, and Richard travels to Philadelphia to help a pair of homeowners repair a hot-water radiator.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #419 | TV-G

Tom shows Kevin how to build a custom cover for a radiator. Richard helps a homeowner install a steam humidifier on her forced-air heating system, then shows portable units that don't require any installation.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #418 | TV-G

Roger shows a homeowner how to move a spruce tree that was planted too close to her house. In Seattle, Tom helps extend a staircase handrail using a new type of fastening system.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #417 | TV-G

Richard is joined by a specialist to repair one homeowner's residential well pump and supply tank, while Tom helps another repair a small hole in his vinyl siding.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #416 | TV-G

Tom shows different types of hammers and how to safely use them, Richard helps a homeowner repair a pressure-assisted toilet, and Tom and Kevin patch a large hole in a wall using veneer plaster and blueboard.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #415 | TV-G

Roger heads to Dallas to help a homeowner install a low-cost, in-ground sprinkler system, and Tom helps pour new concrete footings for a backyard deck.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #414 | TV-G

Kevin heads to Minneapolis to help a pair of homeowners who have discovered dangerous levels of radon gas in their finished basement. Roger shows how to prune an apple tree to produce healthy fruit.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #413 | TV-G

Tom heads to New York's Lower East Side to help a pair of apartment dwellers install a new vinyl floor. Richard discusses ways to prevent pipes from freezing and shows what to do if you have frozen pipes.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #412 | TV-G

A Southern California expert shows Kevin the proper tool techniques for window washing. Richard helps a pair of homeowners flush the sediment out of their aging electric water heater and demonstrates some water heater maintenance tips.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #411 | TV-G

Roger and Kevin bundle up for a lesson on choosing and using snow throwers, and Tom helps a homeowner replace a drafty exterior door with a new energy-efficient unit.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #410 | TV-G

Roger helps a pair of homeowners tame an overgrown privet hedge with some "rejuvenation pruning," and Richard installs a laundry sink in the basement of a townhouse.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #407 | TV-G

Tom shows a homeowner how to remove moss and lichen from a shade-covered roof and keep them from coming back, Richard repairs a leaky valve by replacing the washer and valve seat, and Roger helps another homeowner plant shade-loving ground cover under a 100-year-old beech tree.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #406 | TV-G

Roger helps a young couple build a raised garden bed using composite landscape timbers made from recycled plastic and sawdust, then shows several other types of timbers—including one that has been pressure-treated with liquid glass. Richard pays a call to help clear a slow-draining bathtub using a plumbing snake.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #405 | TV-G

In Grandview, MO, Roger helps a homeowner revive an ailing rosebush. Richard offers a number of solutions for steadying a wobbly toilet, and Tom helps a homeowner prevent water from leaking through a hole in the foundation to his basement.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #404 | TV-G

Roger shows how to repair a flat wheelbarrow tire and presents a new type of "flat-free" tire. Tom helps a homeowner repair an aluminum rain gutter and demonstrates how to drill a hole in ceramic tile. Called in to check out a leaking T&P valve on a water heater, Richard solves the problem by installing a thermal expansion tank.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #403 | TV-G

Richard helps a homeowner improve the quality of her drinking water by installing an under-sink filter, and filtration expert Bill McTighe explains several other types of residential water filters. Roger advises a homeowner in selecting a drought-resistant tree and gives her a hand planting it in her sloped front yard.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #402 | TV-G

Tom gives some homeowners a little peace and quiet by fixing their squeaky stairs, then lends a hand to replace a broken baluster. Richard helps a homeowner prevent a flood—and costly water damage—by installing an automatic shut-off valve for her washing machine.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #401 | TV-G

Roger guides a homeowner through the repair of a loose flagstone in his mortared front walkway, and Tom helps another install a seamless patch in a hardwood floor to cover the spot where an interior wall once stood.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #324 | TV-G

Richard helps homeowners Sharie and Katherine of Arlington, MA install an electronic air cleaner on their forced-air furnace, and Roger shows tools and materials for removing ice from concrete walkways. Tom travels to Swampscott, MA to show homeowner Enza how to vent a bathroom fan to the outside.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #323 | TV-G

Richard helps homeowner Tom Pulkowski of Chelmsford, MA clear a clogged vent stack with the aid of a fiber optic plumbing snake. In Duxbury, Roger helps homeowner Dennis Cronin build an ice-skating rink in his backyard.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #322 | TV-G

Roger heads to Alpharetta, GA to help homeowner Dale Eneberg shop for a new riding lawnmower. Tom replaces a rotting wooden threshold for homeowners Steve Chapman and Maggie Hale of Arlington, MA. And back in the loft, Richard shows how garbage disposers work and explains how to keep them working like new.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #309 | TV-G

Richard gives Kevin a lesson on repairing leaky valves. Tom heads to Waltham, MA to help homeowners David Anderson and Alicia Beneteau replace a rusty cellar door with a new fiberglass model, and Roger visits Carlisle to help homeowner Christine Dinardo repair a leaky drip irrigation hose.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #308 | TV-G

Tom helps homeowners Rich and Sarah Paisner of Brighton, MA get organized by installing adjustable shelves on the wall of their den. Soil expert Roberta Clark from the University of Massachusetts offers tips on testing soil before planting. And in Tewksbury, MA, Richard gets homeowner Paige Impink into some hot water by installing a re-circulator pump in her upstairs bathroom.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #326 | TV-G

Tom makes a call in Atlanta to show homeowner Terry Andrews how to use masonry fasteners to install windowboxes on his brick townhouse, and Richard demonstrates several different ways to connect copper pipes. In Carlisle, MA, Roger helps homeowner Alan Lear install a perimeter drain to catch rainwater running off his roof.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #325 | TV-G

Tom shows a few tricks for using one of the most basic tools—a tape measure. Allen helps homeowner Kristen Berger of Leominster, MA brighten up a dimly lit basement with new fluorescent fixtures; Kevin demonstrates a 3D landscape design software package; and Richard shows Wendy Smith of Duxbury, MA how to replace the banged-up aluminum cover on an old baseboard heater.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #321 | TV-G

Tom shows what's inside a typical residential electrical service panel. Allen helps homeowner Steve Bankowitz of Burlington, MA install a new 220-volt receptacle in his garage-turned-woodshop. Roger shows the hand tools every home gardener should own, and Richard helps homeowner Scott Jones of Arlington, MA install a macerating toilet in his basement.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #320 | TV-G

Tom helps homeowner Mark Andrews of Charlestown, MA level an uneven concrete floor so he can install hardwood flooring. Richard shows homeowner Jenna Williams of Rex, GA a simple repair for a leaky water shut-off valve. Tom tries out air compressors and explains how to select the right one for the job.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #319 | TV-G

Roger and homeowner Doug Ferguson of Hudson, MA look into recycling yard waste through composting, visiting a compost-bin test site to consult with expert Ann McGovern from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. Richard helps Kate Smukler of Arlington, MA remove an old cast-iron house trap on her main sewer line so that a clog can be cleared.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #318 | TV-G

Richard explains the mystery behind clogged bathtub drains. Tom heads to Marblehead, MA to help homeowner Terry Lavelle replace his double-hung window weights with spring-loaded sash balancers, then shows how to insulate the empty window weight pockets to prevent cold winter drafts. Roger helps a thoughtful tenant, Brett Campbell of Arlington, MA, plant a low-maintenance garden for his elderly landlady.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #317 | TV-G

Tom teaches a homeowner some funny math that makes for perfectly spaced balustrades, and Richard visits Salem just in time to make ice for a Halloween party.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #316 | TV-G

Kevin gets a lesson in replicating moulding, Roger goes to Chicago to help some homeowners repair their brick patio, and Jim shows a new way to strip wallpaper.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #315 | TV-G

Roger tucks shrubs in for the winter, Tom shows how to install a storm window, and Richard helps New York City homeowners Sophia and Ray Pachecano install a carbon monoxide detector.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #314 | TV-G

Tom visits Chicago to help replace a broken pane of glass, and Roger helps a homeowner shed a little more light on her shadowy front yard.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #313 | TV-G

Roger helps homeowner Mary Brintnall plant a healthy new lawn, and Richard travels to Michigan to advise Tim and Donna Mackey on replacing their chipped kitchen sink.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #312 | TV-G

Tom heads to Los Angeles to help homeowner Joshua Tano repair some cracked exterior stucco. Roger shows how to keep a lawnmower humming all summer long by cleaning underneath the deck. And in Bedford, MA, Richard helps water-logged homeowner Karen Kostegan install a pump to remove condensate from her basement dehumidifier.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #311 | TV-G

Kevin learns about ladder safety from expert John Drengenberg. Roger and homeowner Colin White of Wakefield, MA rebuild a crumbling retaining wall with interlocking concrete blocks.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #310 | TV-G

Richard visits Stephen Davidson of Littleton, MA to find the source of a mysterious "foghorn" sound coming from his plumbing. Tom demonstrates the three basic cuts necessary to install crown molding. In Cambridge, tile contractor Joe Ferrante helps homeowner Brandon Ingersoll replace some hard-to-match bathroom tiles.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #307 | TV-G

Richard demonstrates how to extend the life of a water heater by replacing the sacrificial anode rod. Tom and homeowner Alison Hardy of Topsfield, MA install a "cricket," or rain diverter, to shunt water away from her front steps. In Brighton, Richard helps homeowner Kim McMahon cool off by installing thermostatic valves on her steam radiators.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #306 | TV-G

Tom helps spruce up the front of Stacy Keller's house in Acton, MA by building windowboxes for flowers. In Needham, Roger installs sod in homeowner Peter Burdick's backyard, giving him a new lawn just in time for his family's annual barbecue.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #305 | TV-G

Tom shows how to remove bolts and screws with stripped or damaged heads. Roger helps homeowner Lauren Speisman of Waltham, MA create an edge along a concrete walkway using jumbo cobblestones. In Wenham, Tom helps homeowner Francine Molay jack up the roof of her front porch and fix a rotting post.

Ask This Old House

26:15 | #304 | TV-G

Tom visits homeowners David and Patti Dobrindt in Milton, MA to help them cut a pass-through in their kitchen wall. In West Roxbury, Rich solves the mystery of the continuously running toilet for homeowner Peter Fay.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #303 | TV-G

Roger mends a few fences with teenage neighbor Amanda Rao. Richard gets a homeowner out of hot water by fixing an anti-scald mixing valve in her shower. And Tom shows how to upgrade an old drill by installing a "keyless" chuck.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #302 | TV-G

Richard makes a call in Wellesley, MA to help homeowner Ziad Tarawneh replace the trap under his bathroom sink. Roger shows some design options for laying out a brick walkway. And in Watertown, Tom shows homeowners Rudd Coffey and Melissa Liazos how to make their cracked plaster ceiling look like new by covering it with drywall.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #301 | TV-G

Roger travels to Beverly, MA, where he helps smooth out a few rough edges on a lawn for new homeowners Todd and Chrissy Fratzel. Tom gives a lesson on drill bits, and Kevin visits the pros—Boston's firefighters—to learn all about fire extinguishers.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #224 | TV-G

In Watertown, MA, Allen shows Kimberly Mascaro how to install track lighting in the kitchen of her condominium. Richard heads to Everett to show frustrated homeowners John and Leigh LaCorcia how to quiet their noisy baseboard heaters.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #223 | TV-G

Richard helps Framingham, MA homeowner Scott Wadland prepare his bathroom for a remodeling, then returns afterward to help install radiant heat. Jim shows John Chernis of Arlington how to get aluminum siding ready for new paint.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #226 | TV-G

After a gust of wind blows their storm door off, Dennis and Brenda Finn of Wilmington, MA call on Tom to help repair the damaged jamb and install a new door. Roger helps Kevin choose the right garden tools for his spring clean-up.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #225 | TV-G

Richard and a materials engineer examine some corroded copper pipes for Medford, MA homeowner Richard Bradley and determine that the problem is a rusty water heater. In Stoneham, Tom helps Josh Frances conserve energy during a bitterly cold winter by replacing the worn-out weatherstripping around his kitchen door.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #222 | TV-G

Tom travels to Somerville, MA to help homeowners Rachel and Jason Evans install a curved basecap molding in their stairwell; electrician Allen Gallant shows Kevin how to buy electrical wire by the foot; and the Gilfeather family of Topsfield enlists Roger's help in collecting sap from their maple trees and turning it into syrup.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #221 | TV-G

In the Watertown, MA apartment of Liz and Denny Bromley, Richard replaces an air vent and repairs the shut-off valve on a steam radiator. Roger helps a Pepperell homeowner prepare his raised garden beds for the winter.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #220 | TV-G

Hoping to save money on heating costs, homeowner George Dailey from Lancaster, MA calls on Richard to install a new programmable thermostat. In Andover, Tom shows homeowner Cristen Farrell how to repair a cracked plaster-and-lath wall.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #219 | TV-G

In need of a tutorial, Kevin asks Tom the proper way to cut a pane of glass. In Carlisle, MA, Roger plants climbing vines to soften the look of a homeowner's fieldstone wall. Richard helps Elisabeth and Fritz Nelson install a portable air conditioning unit in their attic apartment in Rowley, MA.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #218 | TV-G

Roger teaches Haverhill, MA homeowner Joe Walsh how to protect his shrubs from the ravages of hungry deer. Back in the loft, Richard answers a viewer's question about PVC pipe connections. And in Concord, MA, Tom helps the Ryan family fix a shower door that won't close properly.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #217 | TV-G

Tom shows homeowner Meg Picornell of Sudbury, MA how to snake wires through an exterior wall of her house. Roger teaches Kevin the best way to plant a magnolia tree.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #216 | TV-G

Richard and water specialist Mike Barone show homeowner Marcia Coffin of Sudbury, MA how to examine her water quality and discuss installing a water softener and filter. Tom visits an apartment in Newton, MA to help Alison O'Maley replace a rotten board in her oak hardwood flooring.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #215 | TV-G

Tom travels to Venice, CA to help homeowners Brandon and Marlene Gauthier fix their stubborn sliding closet doors. Richard answers a viewer's question about electric radiant floor heat. And in Melrose, MA, Kevin and preservation specialist Sally Zimmerman show homeowners Rick and Mimi Woods how to select exterior paint colors for their Queen Anne Victorian.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #214 | TV-G

In North Reading, MA, Roger helps homeowner Anthony Manupelli install a brick walkway in front of his home. Tom teaches Kevin different ways to cut a perfect miter in wood trim.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #213 | TV-G

Chicago viewer Matthew Guski works with Tom to silence the squeaky hardwood floors in his apartment. Roger helps homeowner Melanie Hale build a set of timber stairs on a short slope of her front yard in Amesbury, MA.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #212 | TV-G

Roger Cook travels to Agua Dulce, in the California desert outside Los Angeles, to repair homeowner Sherry Steele's drip irrigation system. Richard and tile expert Joe Ferrante help Bobby DiFraia of Melrose, MA repair his leaky bathtub.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #211 | TV-G

Tom helps homeowner Leverett Flint of Winchester, MA install a handrail in his split-level stairway. In Melrose, Roger shows Mario and Jennifer Finocchiaro how to transplant a large rhododendron.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #210 | TV-G

Chimney expert Mark Schaub helps Dracut, MA homeowner Terry Peterson fix the water heater flue in his chimney to keep fireplace smoke out of the basement. Richard visits homeowner Ajay Chebbi to install an "anti-sweat" valve to prevent condensation on a toilet tank.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #209 | TV-G

In Woburn, MA, Roger shows homeowner Brian Grace how to remove poison ivy without using herbicides. Tom helps homeowner Dan Nutton weave new cedar shingles on an outside corner of his house in Lowell, MA.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #208 | TV-G

Tom helps John and Mary Kiley of Westwood, MA replace the wall-to-wall carpeting in their son's bedroom with a cost-effective pre-finished hardwood floor. Back in the loft, he explains the pros and cons of different types of floors, including pre-finished engineered floors, laminates, and hardwoods. Richard heads to Minneapolis to help homeowner Anne McCandless replace a rusty bathroom sink stopper.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #207 | TV-G

Roger helps homeowner Roseann Farini replace the ailing grass in her Westwood, MA front yard with a new ground cover of ivy and pachysandra. Tom is off to Florida to help Miami homeowner Marc Jacobson open some double-hung windows that are painted and swollen shut.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #206 | TV-G

Tom shows Kevin how to install interior window trim, including the stool, stops, apron, and casing. Roger enlists the help of landscape architect Tom Wirth to help homeowner Marie Gibbs of Canton, MA hide a group of unsightly utility boxes in front of her reproduction saltbox-style house. In Revere, MA, Richard shows homeowner Rick Thompson and his mother, Jeanne, a simple fix for the broken spray hose on their kitchen faucet.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #205 | TV-G

Roger helps Cambridge, MA homeowner Rob Faris install a backyard drywell to handle the torrent of rainfall from his roof gutters. In Newton, MA, Tom shows Sal and Joanne Scarpato how to install a safety grab bar in their bathtub.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #204 | TV-G

Tom shows Kevin how to repair small and large holes in drywall. Richard helps Newton, MA homeowner Kent Portney replace a large 1920s wall-mounted toilet with a new model designed to fit his existing flange.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #203 | TV-G

Roger helps Arlington, MA homeowner Molly Simmons turn her neglected slate walkway back into an attractive and safe footpath. Over in Shrewsbury, Richard helps homeowner Mark Harney diagnose and repair a frustrating leak in a fiberglass shower stall.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #202 | TV-G

Tom helps homeowner Christian Dierkes of Arlington, MA secure a shaky newel post at the top of his stairway. Richard replaces a 50-year-old water heater that's dangerously close to the end of its life with a new model designed to meet strict new national safety regulations.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #201 | TV-G

Tom and new host Kevin O'Connor discuss different types of deadbolts and demonstrate how to install one in a solid wood door. Roger helps homeowner Paul Garside of Watertown, MA trim his hedges. And in Shrewsbury, MA, Richard and Kevin visit homeowner Jinny Troiano to fix a heating system that can't provide enough hot water to fill a bathtub.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #123 | TV-G

Tom installs crown molding. Richard helps a Chicago-area homeowner install insulation to prevent his bathroom pipes from freezing.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #122 | TV-G

Richard helps fix a leaky shower tub faucet. Jim helps homeowners remove painted wallpaper. Tom and Steve demonstrate several hot glue guns, including a new cordless model.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #126 | TV-G

Richard shows several different ways to clear a toilet stoppage. Tom helps install a new set of folding attic stairs, and Roger shows Steve how to start tomato plants from seeds.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #125 | TV-G

Tom helps homeowners repair their exterior door jamb by installing a dutchman. Richard prevents a basement from flooding by installing a leak sensor and automatic water shut-off valve on a water heater.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #124 | TV-G

Richard helps install a new garbage disposal. Roger and guest expert Dr. Mark Stephenson test the decibel levels of several power tools and discuss new types of hearing protection.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #121 | TV-G

Steve and Roger demonstrate different types of snow shovels and snow. Tom repairs broken sash cords on an old window.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #120 | TV-G

Tom helps remove the aluminum siding around a window and repair the damaged sill. Jim shows Steve how to use different types of paint rollers, while Roger and guest expert Stan Watson use several different stones to sharpen kitchen knives.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #119 | TV-G

Tom installs insulation around window weight pockets. Richard helps homeowner John Johnstone of Billerica, MA install a sewage ejection pump for a new basement toilet.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #118 | TV-G

Tom shows several products designed to keep leaves and other debris out of rain gutters. In Burlington, MA, Richard helps homeowners Steve and Maureen Parker repair a wobbly toilet.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #117 | TV-G

Richard installs an automatic water shut-off valve on a combination washer/dryer. Tom shows Steve the proper technique for preparing drywall joints, and Richard discusses different types of plumbing torches.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #116 | TV-G

Painting contractor Jim Clark shows the proper way to paint the exterior of a double-hung window. Tom shows different ways to hang a picture on a hollow wall.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #115 | TV-G

Roger helps homeowner Mark Wegener remove the ivy covering his home in Madison, WI, then joins Steve, Tom, and Richard back in the loft to examine two unfamiliar objects and try to guess how they're used. Tom then helps homeowner Christian Hansen replace the window in his third-floor condominium bathroom in Brighton, MA.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #114 | TV-G

Richard visits homeowners Stacey and Dick Davis in Concord, MA and installs a new shower faucet that will eliminate the chance of scalding. Roger and Steve head outside to test the latest robotic lawn mowers. In the company of an animal control expert, Tom visits Judy O'Gara in Millis, MA to help her "critter-proof" her house.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #113 | TV-G

Steve enlists the help of chimney expert Mark Schaub to replace a broken fireplace damper for Abby Yozell of Sherborn, MA. Back in the loft, Steve, Tom, Roger, and Richard examine two unfamiliar objects and try to guess how they're used.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #112 | TV-G

Tom shows different types of store-bought sawhorses and teaches Steve how to build a pair from scratch in the loft. Richard hits the road to install a new frost-proof outdoor faucet for a homeowner.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #111 | TV-G

The Winchester kitchen addition is nearly complete, and Tom installs the last of the new, historically accurate double-hung windows on the sun porch. Inside, mineral wool is sprayed into the walls. This old-style insulation, known for its fire resistance and sound deadening, has now been revamped for the residential market.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #110 | TV-G

Steve and Richard take apart an old washing machine to determine why it's making a loud rumbling sound. Roger uses a pressure washer to clean off a slippery brick walkway.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #109 | TV-G

Tom hits the road to replace a rotting basement window and install a new dryer vent for a homeowner. Jim shows the proper technique for painting a pre-hung six-panel door.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #108 | TV-G

Tom shows Steve how to cut wooden bung holes and install them in decking. Jim visits a homeowner to demonstrate why the new paint in her bathroom is cracking and peeling, and Tom helps a young couple build an attractive outdoor lattice.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #107 | TV-G

Tom hits the road and visits a homeowner with a sagging floor. Together, they jack up the failing beam, pour new concrete footings, and install several new lally columns. Back at the barn loft, Roger consults with chainsaw expert Tim Ard and answers a viewer's question on the best ways to sharpen and maintain saw blades.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #106 | TV-G

Tom pays a call on a young couple who need help repairing a cracked plaster ceiling in their condominium. At the barn loft, Richard and Steve respond to a homeowner's inquiry on how to rebuild a toilet to prevent it from continuously filling. Roger uses a stump grinder to help a homeowner remove an old tree stump. And back in the loft, Tom replaces a broken pane of glass and reglazes a window sash.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #105 | TV-G

Tom and Steve demonstrate two types of floor sanders: a traditional drum sander and a random orbital sander. Richard travels to a historic district in Pittsburgh and helps a viewer replace a corroded pipe. Back in the barn loft, Tom gives Steve a lesson in proper caulking.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #104 | TV-G

Steve consults painting contractor Jim Clark on a letter asking advice on cleaning and maintaining old paintbrushes. When a young couple ask for help filling in the gaps in their 160-year-old pine floor, Tom shows them how sisal and jute rope can do the job.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #103 | TV-G

Tom visits some homeowners who are in search of a modest way to hide their ugly back stoop. Steve and Roger demonstrate a new product that promises to rid backyards of mosquitoes, and Richard shows the proper technique for installing a thermostat on an old radiator.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #102 | TV-G

Roger demonstrates different ways to mend a damaged garden hose, and Richard shows the basic plumbing tools everyone should have. Tom explains how to use a square as a guide for cross-cutting with a circular saw, then helps a homeowner fix a noisy garage door opener using the rubber mud guard from an old truck. Roger installs artificial turf to take care of a mud problem under a backyard swing set.

Ask This Old House

26:46 | #101 | TV-G

Tom shows Steve how to build a replacement window screen using inexpensive parts purchased from a home center. Roger turns an old olive barrel into a rain collector that can be used to water a garden. Richard and Steve advise a homeowner on how to find and fix a leak in a 20-year-old dishwasher, and Roger demonstrates the proper technique for sharpening lawnmower blades. On the road, Tom helps a stumped do-it-yourselfer create some much-needed headroom at the entrance to a basement by cutting back stair treads.

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The Winchester kitchen addition is nearly complete, and general contractor Tom Silva installs the last of the new historically accurate double-hung windows on the sun porch. In the kitchen, mineral wool—an old-style insulation known for its fire resistance and sound deadening capabilities, now revamped for the residential market—is sprayed into the walls.

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