The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!

The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!

The Cat in the Hat whisks pre-schoolers off on a voyage of scientific discovery. The series features six-year-olds Sally & Nick, best friends and next door neighbors, who are transported on magical journeys to all corners of the globe where the natural world becomes their playground.

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The Song Flower Solution/The Hard Weigh

28:55 | #320 | TV-Y

Nick and Sally visit the Song Flower Sisters, who need just the right mixture of water and soil before they'll sing.The Cat takes the kids to The Bazaar at Balance Point where the Things throw everything off balance.

Checking the Boxes/Batteries Not Included

28:55 | #319 | TV-Y

Sally and Nick wrap Father's Day gifts, but when they get mixed they can't tell which is which! The Thinga-ma-jigger runs out of Go-Go-Go juice, and the Cat and kids have to find alternative forms of energy to make it go.

Treehouse Handshake/The Big Pictures

28:55 | #318 | TV-Y

Nick and Sally visit Over-and-Overton and learn how to get through obstacles by recognizing patterns. The kids find out about how air is matter (takes up space and has mass) and can push on objects.

Mind to Change/Curious Minds

28:55 | #317 | TV-Y

Sally is convinced that a tall thin glass of juice holds more than a short wide glass. Nick and Sally wonder if they can walk on a cloud, and the Cat takes them to Mount Knowmore.

Enough Is Enough/Back on Track

28:55 | #316 | TV-Y

Sally thinks that the three sticks she has aren't enough to make anything. The Cat shrinka-ma-doodles Nick and Sally so they are small enough to be in a train set.

The Smart Move/Simply Simple

28:55 | #315 | TV-Y

In Machine-a-ma-zoo the kids discover there's a much easier way to move that log than by lifting it. In Odds n' Endsville, Nick and Sally discover that there can be too much of a good thing.

Cause and Effect/Good Vibrations

28:55 | #314 | TV-Y

The Cat takes Nick and Sally to the Great Causeway to discover the world of cause and effect. The Cat takes the kids to the Jingly Jungle for a concert by the great Vibrato.

All Sorts of Things/Bubble Trouble

28:55 | #313 | TV-Y

Nick and Sally can't agree on the "right" way to sort their toys. The Cat takes them to Toborrowland. In Odds-n-Endsville the kids find out that landing bubbles on some surfaces help the bubbles last longer.

Bump Bump Bump Around/Snow Difference

28:55 | #312 | TV-Y

The kids visit Arcade Island and find out the magic of bumping things around. Nick and Sally visit Coldsnap Island and learn that when they warm up ice or snow it becomes water.

You're It/The Holes Story

28:55 | #311 | TV-Y

Cat takes Nick and Sally to Tagaloo to meet a great seeker. Sally loses her special bead in the sandbox and the Cat takes the kids to the Hole-Lot-of Funhouse.

Clever Levers/Going, Going, Gong

28:55 | #310 | TV-Y

The kids need to move a big rock in their backyard so the Cat takes them to Machine-a-Ma-Zoo. In Gongolia, the kids find out that bigger things make lower sounds and smaller things make higher sounds.

Design Time/A Prize Surprise

28:55 | #309 | TV-Y

Sally has trouble making a vase for her mother. The kids learn about magnets at Arcade Island.

Nick's Cricket/Go with the Flow

28:55 | #308 | TV-Y

Nick wants to create a new home for the cricket in their backyard, but the cricket won't go in. Nick and Sally are frustrated by a puddle that always forms at an inconvenient spot on the sidewalk.

Who Can See the Wind?/Gravity Drop

28:55 | #307 | TV-Y

The Cat takes the kids to Windnasium where they learn to "see" wind in all kinds of ways.Cat takes Nick and Sally to Gravity Drop where they discover what happens when there's more or less gravity.

Opposites Attract/The Talents of Balance

28:55 | #306 | TV-Y

The Cat takes the kids to the Magnetic Fields where they learn how magnets work. Nick is trying to learn how to ride his bike so the Cat takes him and Sally to Balence Point.

The Search for String/Mirror Mirror

28:55 | #305 | TV-Y

Nick and Sally need a strong piece of string to pull their train, but they don't have anything stronger in their craft box. The Cat takes Nick and Sally to a mirror world where they learn how reflections work and they concoct a periscope that allows them to watch a bird build a nest.

Shadow Ball/Play Ball

28:55 | #304 | TV-Y

The Cat takes the kids to Silhouette Valley where they learn that shadows are made by blocking light. Nick and Sally go to Ballaballo and learn how different balls are made of different materials.

Pulling Together/Fact and Friction

28:55 | #303 | TV-Y

The kids go to the Machine-a-Ma-Zoo, where they're introduced to simple machines, and learn about the pulley. The kids go to the Frictionarium and find out that there's a force called friction that can stop a person from sliding.

Accidents Happen....If You're Lucky/Making Waves

28:55 | #302 | TV-Y

The Cat takes the kids to meet Sara of Serendip, an inventor who helps them understand that you can make new discoveries through your mistakes. The Cat takes the kids to the Soundy Sea and they learn that sound travels in waves.

Whatever Floats Your Boat/Building Bridges

28:55 | #301 | TV-Y

When Nick and Sally's boat sinks, they need to build another boat, but don't know how. Nick is in pursuit of finding out how to build a drawbridge.

The Skin I'm In/Fishy Washy

28:55 | #220 | TV-Y

The kids visit Dr. Giggles and learn all about how super skin is! The kids meet Rufus the cleaner fish who doesn't clean the ocean, he cleans other fish!

Biggest Bird/Drum Di Drum

28:55 | #219 | TV-Y

The kids meet Os the ostrich, Os' wife, and ostrich chicks and realize that being moms and dads are what ostriches do best! Dr. Giggles, the Cat, and the kids shrink down and go inside Thing One's ear to explore the ear drum and sound.

Name That Sound/Fabulous Feathers

28:55 | #210 | TV-Y

Clarence the Cricket teaches the kids how a cricket makes its noise in the Grassy-Grove-Dell. Puranjay the peacock helps Sally play dress-up and supplies new feathers for her hat.

Take a Walk/Cotton Patch

28:55 | #211 | TV-Y

Sid the centipede, Spinny the spider, and Bugsy the beetle teach the kids how to walk on many legs. Dr. Twiggles shows the kids how to pick the cotton, clean and dry it, comb it, and spin it into thread to make clothes.

Balancing Act/Marvelous Marbles

28:55 | #218 | TV-Y

Zappa the snow leopard teaches the kids about balance. Sharky McGee shows the kids how sand is turned into glass and all the wonderful things you can make with it.

Step This Way/Anything You Can Do

28:55 | #213 | TV-Y

Emily the teal, Mikey the lemur, and Greg the gecko show the kids their differently shaped feet. Mimi the Mimic Octopus gives the kids some tips on how to pretend to be someone else.

Paper Chase/A Polar Adventure

28:55 | #217 | TV-Y

Cat's friend Dr. Twiggles shows Sally and Nick how to make new paper out of old paper by recycling! The kids meet Polly the polar bear and learn how her thick fur keeps her warm.

Wrapper's Delight/Dive Swim Scoop

28:55 | #216 | TV-Y

Gina the Giraffe Weevil shows Nick and Sally how she uses leaves to wrap her eggs to protect them. Penny the Pelican teaches the kids how to catch things in water!

Gorillas in the Nest/Tale of a Dragon

28:55 | #214 | TV-Y

Gordon the Gorilla shows the kids how to make a comfortable bed in the Twisty-Misty Mountains. Ignacio the green iguana, Draco the flying lizard, and Kimora the komodo dragon show the kids how to pretend to be dragons.

Little Lemmings/Keep the Beat

28:55 | #209 | TV-Y

Lars the Lemming from the Wundra-Bundra-Tundra teaches the kids how to stay warm out in the cold. Dr. Giggles shows the kids how the heart pumps.


28:55 | #208 | TV-Y

The kids learn about carrying babies from Wilma the spider, Dilly the crocodile, and Coco the Koala. The kids meet Perry the Peregrine Falcon, the fastest creature in the world.

Top of the Sky/Jiggle Bones

28:55 | #215 | TV-Y

Nick and Sally launch a rocket into the sky and find it in Audrey the Astronaut's space station. The kids visit Dr. Giggles to learn about bones.

Rumbly Tumbly/Planet Name Game

28:55 | #212 | TV-Y

The kids take a super shrunken trip into Thing One's stomach to learn why stomachs make noises. The kids take a trip on Cat's Space-a-ma-racer and learn the names of the seven planets.

Tough Enough/How Cool Is Coral

28:55 | #207 | TV-Y

Nick and Sally debate which animal is the toughest and meet Wally the Waterbear, who is tough enough to live anywhere. The Cat needs to get Ting Tang Tony back to his family.

Manatees and Mermaids/The Last Chocolate

28:55 | #206 | TV-Y

Matilda the manatee and her son, Marlin, teach Nick and Sally how to swim slowly. Nick and Sally help make chocolate.

Meet the Beetles/Tongue Tied

28:46 | #205 | TV-Y

Three of the Cat's beetle friends help Nick and Sally protect their cookie jar. Nick and Sally learn about different tongues.

Big Cats/Fantastic Flour

28:46 | #136 | TV-Y

When Sally and Nick have difficulty sneaking up on Nick's Mom to surprise her, The Cat brings them to meet some great sneaker-uppers - cats! Nick and Sally are making their "Best Ever Yummy For Your Tummy" muffins when they run out of flour. Cat knows just where to get more - Finola's Farm!

Stripy Safari/Wool

28:55 | #132 | TV-Y

Nick and Sally set off on a safari with The Cat in the Hat to find all kinds of stripes. Nick wants to learn how to knit a scarf like Sally, but they've run out of wool! A visit to Finola's Farm is the perfect place to get more.

The Surprising Bean/Hear Here

28:46 | #202 | TV-Y

Nick keeps trying to surprise Sally, but he just can't do it! The Cat takes them to find a real surprise in the Skippylarito Fields! The kids hear chirping but can't find where it's coming from. If only they had better ears. The Cat takes them to meet animals with amazing ears.

Bounce/Timmy Tippy Toe

28:46 | #203 | TV-Y

Nick and Sally are wondering why their ball is so bouncy. Fish tells them it's because it's made from rubber, and rubber comes from trees. Nick and Sally are playing on a climbing frame but just can't manage to get to the top. Cat takes them to see Timmy Tippy Toe, the Klipspringer who is an expert climber!

No Night Today/Fun in the Sun

28:46 | #204 | TV-Y

Nick and Sally want to keep playing, but it's getting dark. They meet Astronaut Audrey and learn about the solar system. The kids meet Hilda the Hippo who teaches them that hippos make their very own sunscreen to protect them from the hot sun.

Jumping on the Moon/Sneezy Riders

28:55 | #201 | TV-Y

Nick and Sally try to jump high enough to touch the moon. Nick keeps sneezing.

Flutter by Butterfly/Pretty in Pink

28:55 | #128 | TV-Y

Sally and Nick pretend to be butterflies, but they're not very good at it. They meet Bernadette the Monarch. Cat shows the kids cool moves he learned them from Pinkie the flamingo.

Amazing Eyes/Water Walkers

28:55 | #134 | TV-Y

Three different animals with very different ways of seeing help the kids find a missing guinea pig. Cat takes the kids to Splishy Splashy Pond to meet Walker the water strider, who shows them how he can stay on top of the water with the help of air bubbles.

Super Cleaner Uppers/Itty Bitty Water

28:55 | #135 | TV-Y

Sandy the Sand Hopper teach the kids the difference between natural "garbage" and man-made trash. The Cat takes the kids to Drippety Dry Desert to meet three creatures who are experts at conserving water.

When I Grow Up/Doing It Differently

28:46 | #139 | TV-Y

Cat is sure Nick and Sally will never guess what his friend Puggle will be when she grows up. Nick and Sally can't find Harvey the guinea pig. Cat suggests that they might find him by meeting three friends who always do things differently.

Seasons - Spring and Summer/Seasons - Fall and Winter

28:46 | #140 | TV-Y

For Show and Tell at school, Nick and Sally must bring something from their favorite season. But how can they choose which is their favorite? The Cat in the Hat takes them to the magical Garden of Seasons, where they can visit any season they like, any time they like!

A Sweet Deal/King of Swing

28:55 | #133 | TV-Y

Sally and Nick are having a hard time getting customers to come to their "cafe". What can they do? Swinging from a rope isn't so easy for Sally and Nick. Good thing the Cat knows the king of swing, Charlie the chimpanzee!

Be Cool/Elephant Walk

28:55 | #127 | TV-Y

Phew, it's hot outside! How are Sally and Nick going to stay cool? They visit the Dizzle-dazzle Desert. Nick and Sally wonder if there's such thing as a one-thing-does-it-all tool.

Hooray for Hair/Ice Is Nice

28:46 | #138 | TV-Y

Sally and Nick are getting their hair cut today; maybe they should try new hairstyles! A trip to meet three of Cat's friends (and some styling help from the Wig-o-lator) will help them decide! Nick and Sally want some nice cold lemonade, but there's no more ice cubes in the fridge. A trip to Freeze-your-knees Snowland will fix that!

Minnie Meerkat/Leaves

28:46 | #137 | TV-Y

The Cat's friend Minnie Meerkat teaches Sally and Nick all about camping safe in Peekaboo Plains. The kids go to Kaloo-Kalee for some leaf collecting!

Help with Kelp/Treetop Tom

28:55 | #130 | TV-Y

Gary the Garibaldi fish helps Nick and Sally pick a special present for Fish's birthday. The kids meet Treetop Tom in the So Sunny Savannah.

Digging the Deep/Puddle Puzzle

28:55 | #129 | TV-Y

The kids travel to the bottom of the Swirly Whirly Ocean! Nick and Sally learn how their puddle turned into water vapour.

Blue Feet are Neat/A Little Reef Magic

28:55 | #126 | TV-Y

Nick and Sally are trying out their new blue rubber boots but they keep getting stuck in the mud! The Cat takes Nick and Sally to the coral reef of Scoobamareen.

Aye Aye!/Trick or Treat

28:46 | #141 | TV-Y

Nick and Sally make Halloween masks and meet Aiya, the Aye Aye, in the forest of Spookywoowoo. It's Halloween! The Cat in the Hat takes Sally and Nick trick or treating - his way!

Trick or Treat/King Cecil the Seahorse

28:55 | #131 | TV-Y

The kids meet three new friends who teach them each of the tricks they do and share the treats that they like to eat. Sally and Nick meet King Cecil the Seahorse, he takes all his babies wherever he goes!

Sniff and Seek/Aye Aye!

28:55 | #125 | TV-Y

Sally is not sure what her favorite smell is so she plays sniff and sneak with Whiffy the skunk. The kids meet Aiya, the Aye Aye, in the forest of Spookywoowoo.

Secret Super Digger/Pucker Up and Blow

28:55 | #124 | TV-Y

Sally tries to grow a flower for her mom, but it won't grow. Diggery the earthworm lends a hand. Nick and Sally learn to whistle from Rocky the Winter Wren.

Surprise Surprise/A Howling Good Time

28:55 | #123 | TV-Y

Nick and Sally can't learn to do a somersault, but Luis the Armadillo is the king of the roly polys! Grayson shows the kids how wolves howl to communicate and to find each other.

Thump/Squirreled Away

28:55 | #119 | TV-Y

Twitch the rabbit teach Nick and Sally how to stop, look, and listen for danger. The kids meet Bucky the squirrel who is good at both hiding and finding things! Nick and Sally learn how to use landmarks to help them remember where they put things.

Teeny Weeny Adventure/I See Seeds

28:55 | #122 | TV-Y

Cat takes Nick and Sally to meet a variety of single-celled creatures, the smallest anywhere! The kids see how trees send their seeds on trips.

Finola's Farm/Pick Your Friends

28:55 | #120 | TV-Y

The kids visit Finola's Farm and discover that cows' milk can be made into butter, cheese, and ice cream. It's Valentine's Day and Nick and Sally disagree hotly on how to decorate the card they're making for the Cat.

Incredible Journey/Bamboozled

28:55 | #118 | TV-Y

With the help of the Subber-e-blubber, the kids follow Samantha underwater and upriver on her incredible journey! Zhu Zhu the giant panda helps the kids discover all the wonderful things you can do with bamboo.

A Long Winter's Nap/The Tree Doctor

28:55 | #117 | TV-Y

Sally and Nick are so excited to go ice skating tomorrow they can't asleep! Boris the bear can help! Dr. Twiggles the tree doctor teaches the kids how trees eat - through their leaves and roots.

Reindeer Games/Along Came a Spider

28:55 | #121 | TV-Y

Magnus the reindeer helps locate a missing sled. Mabel teaches Nick and Sally how to weave a web.

Chasing Rainbows/Follow the Prints

28:55 | #116 | TV-Y

The kids are painting a picture of a rainbow and get help from color expert King Kaleidoscope. Cluey Looey teaches the kids about the differently shaped feet, paws, or hooves of various animals.

Jump!/Slow Down for Sloths

28:55 | #115 | TV-Y

Nick and Sally go to Jumpalaroo to learn how to jump higher. Nick and Sally try to draw a picture of a butterfly but can't get close enough to see it. Cat takes the kids to meet Onslow the sloth, who teaches them that when you slow down, the world comes to you.

The Lost Egg/Hold on Tight

28:55 | #114 | TV-Y

The most fantabulous decorator, Stan the bower bird, shows the kids how to decorate for their party. Nick and Sally learn how to hang onto rocks like Larry the limpet.

Maps/Termite Towers

28:55 | #113 | TV-Y

The kids go on a pirate adventure by following a treasure map! Termites help the kids make a tower.

You Should Be Dancing/Batty for Bats

28:55 | #112 | TV-Y

The kids get dancing lessons from one of the best dancers in the world, Tango, a bird of paradise! Zapata the bat teaches the kids about echolocation.

Flight of a Penguin/Let's Go Fly a Kite

28:55 | #111 | TV-Y

Sally and Nick meet Percy the penguin and learn that not all birds fly. The Cat takes Sally and Nick to Huff-Puff-Maguff to fly a kite.

Night Lights/Go Snails Go!

28:55 | #110 | TV-Y

The kids jump into the Thingamajigger and shrink down to visit the fireflies that live in the backyard. Nick, Sally and the Cat jump into the Thingamajigger and shrink down to go on a snail expedition!

A Tale About Tails/Sticky Situation

28:55 | #109 | TV-Y

The kids visit the Jungle of Wagga-Tag-Tail and meet many animals with very different tails. Betty Beaver finds Nick the perfect drumstick, but when her dam springs a leak, Nick, Sally, and the Cat help her fix it.

Rain Game/No Sssweater Is Better

28:55 | #108 | TV-Y

Nick and Sally explore each level of the rain forest and meet some toucans and howler monkeys. Slyde the snake who shows Nick and Sally how he sheds his skin when it gets too small for him.

Trees Company/Now You See Me

28:55 | #107 | TV-Y

In Jimmer Jammer Jungle, the kids learn how different animals spend their entire lives in trees. Through a game of hide and go seek in the jungle, the kids learn how Gecko not only hides, but how he runs and climbs.

Dress Up Day/Bathtime

28:55 | #106 | TV-Y

Mindy the caterpillar shows Sally how she makes silk and uses the silk thread to fix Sally's dress! In Bana Bana Savanah, Nick and Sally meet three different animals who all keep clean in very different ways.

Flower Power/Snowman's Land

28:55 | #105 | TV-Y

Nick and Sally visit the forest of Flora-Fah-Zoom where they meet three different creatures that all depend on flowers to live. Sally and Nick visit the arctic skate on a frozen lake, make snow sculptures, and learn that water can freeze and melt when it's cold or warm outside.

A Plan for Sand/Whale Music

28:55 | #104 | TV-Y

Carmela the Camel teaches the kids how camels are adapted to live in a dry, sandy climate. Humphrey the Humpback Whale teaches the kids that whales communicate by singing, and that it's not how you sing that matters, but what you're saying in the song.

Many Ants Make Light Work/Nest Best Thing

28:55 | #103 | TV-Y

Nick and Sally visit an ant colony and learn that you can do anything when you work together! Mrs. Robin shows the children how to build a nest for the robin eggs they found in their backyard.

I Love the Nightlife/Oh Give Me a Home!

28:55 | #102 | TV-Y

The Cat takes the kids to the forest of Wagamaroo at night to find his favorite hat. Sally and Nick meet Tucker, a hermit crab who is looking for a new shell because he's outgrown his.

Show Me the Honey/Migration Vacation

28:55 | #101 | TV-Y

Sally and Nick visit Queen Priscilla Buzzoo who invites them to join in the bee dance to learn how to make honey. The kids learn how and why birds migrate.

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