Esme & Roy

This animated series from the makers of Sesame Street follows youngsters Esme and her best monster friend, Roy, on adventures in Monsterdale, where they are considered the best "monstersitters." This pre-school series brings little viewers along on relatable monster adventures and is packed with playful learning, humor, heart, and musical monster-y fun.

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Monster Mash; Block Party

28:55 | #113 | TV-Y

Simon needs help to boogie down for the dance party. Tillie has a hard time cleaning up her blocks.

Training Day; Cloudy Comet Calamity

28:55 | #112 | TV-Y

It's Monster Sitter Training Day and Esme and Roy are excited to practice their skills. Simon is excited to see the Great Swoozle Comet fly across the sky.

When Figs Fly; Tillie's Tough Break

28:55 | #111 | TV-Y

While playing superheroes, Fig decides she wants to fly like Hugo. Tillie hurt her leg and can't go on a trip to the amusement park.

Birds of a Feather; Cowgirl Fig

28:55 | #110 | TV-Y

Esme and Roy take three little monsters to the science museum. Hugo makes a film starring Fig.

Take a Hike; Simon's Sleepover

28:55 | #109 | TV-Y

Roy, Esme, and Snugs get lost in the woods. Simon begins to miss home during a sleepover.

Monster's Little Helper; Sing Out, Roy!

28:55 | #107 | TV-Y

Esme and Roy are Monster Sitting when their quirky neighbor, Lottie, accidentally shrinks Baby Fig! It's time for the Monsterdale Talent Show, but Roy has stage fright!

Game Plan; A Way to Play

28:55 | #106 | TV-Y

Tillie's headed to Camp Monsterdale, but she needs Esme and Roy's help to get ready in time for the bus. Simon and Tillie arrive at Monster Sitters' HQ for a playdate.

Hugo, We Have a Problem; A New Chapter

28:55 | #108 | TV-Y

It's a rainy day and Esme and Roy take Hugo and baby Fig to the planetarium. Esme and Roy watch Simon, who can't wait to read his new Mighty Monster book.

Supermarket Match; Imitation Frustration

28:55 | #103 | TV-Y

Esme and Roy take Tillie to the supermarket. Esme and Roy take Sid and Lucy to the park.

The Case of the Missing Cuddles; Gentle, Gentle

28:55 | #105 | TV-Y

Esme and Roy are putting Snugs to bed when they discover his favorite lovey has gone missing! Esme and Roy bring their pet, Dumpling, to baby Fig's house.

The Hugo Express; Noisy Naptime

28:55 | #104 | TV-Y

Hugo loves playing trains with Esme and Roy, but when it comes time to clean up, Hugo doesn't want the game to end. The Monster Sitters watch Hugo while Baby Fig takes a nap.

Dark and Stormy Knight; Two Can Play That Game

28:55 | #102 | TV-Y

Esme and Roy watch Snugs, who is scared of thunder. Frank and Franny want to play something different.

Monster Trucks!; Lunch Crunch

28:55 | #101 | TV-Y

Esme and Roy watch a car-loving monster, but when bath time comes, she refuses. Esme and Roy teach Simon about trying new foods.

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