Food Flirts

Food Flirts

Sisters Sheila and Marilyn Brass explore their culinary 'bucket list' of foods and ingredients unknown to them or never before tasted. The sisters uncover both sweet and savory culinary delights, as they 'flirt' with ingredients and friends, in and out of the kitchen, then return home to create culinary masterpieces, comprised of ingredients and dishes they encounter along the way.

Recent Episodes

What is a Food Incubator? | Saturday, July 14 at 2:30 AM ET / Saturday, July 14 at 1:30 AM CT

Pretzel Meets Chocolate | Tuesday, July 17 at 5:30 AM ET / Tuesday, July 17 at 4:30 AM CT

Burger Meets Dosa | Saturday, July 21 at 2:00 AM ET / Saturday, July 21 at 1:00 AM CT

Pastrami Meets Ramen | Saturday, July 21 at 2:30 AM ET / Saturday, July 21 at 1:30 AM CT

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