From the makers of Downton Abbey, this series follows the lives of three women as they wrestle with the challenges of a new life in a beautiful yet forbidding land. In the 17th century, on the edge of the breathtaking but untamed Virginian wilderness, sits the English colony of Jamestown. The settlement barely survived its first decade but is on the brink of change summoned by the arrival of a new governor, Yeardley, and 90 so-called "maids to make brides" - a bid from the presiding Virginia Company to establish the town as a prosperous place for all. Yeardley also brings with him a charter, granting land to the earliest settlers in reward for their loyalty, but new laws cause power struggles within the town and with the native inhabitants.

All Past Episodes

Season 3 - Episode One

56:46 | #301 | TV-14

After the burning of her plantation, Jocelyn regains her thirst for advancement. Banished Silas is devoted to his life with the Pamunkey, forcing Alice to make a devastating decision. Yeardley proves that disloyalty will not be tolerated.

Season 2 - Episode Five

52:37 | #205 | TV-14

Farlow returns with an alchemist in tow, which leads to an unusual revelation. The Sharrows await their first tobacco profits from overseas. Maria and Pedro are framed for a crime and seek help from the Rutters.

Season 2 - Episode Four

49:59 | #204 | TV-14

A ship spotted offshore heralds the arrival of James Read's new wife. Jocelyn uses a devious plan to exploit the Sharrows' special relationship with the Pamunkey for political gain, and the Rutters face Massinger's vengeance.

Season 2 - Episode Three

47:58 | #203 | TV-14

A challenge from the Pamunkey leads to heartache for the Sharrows and tests Yeardley's ability to defuse the conflict. Maria's behavior comes under scrutiny, while Christopher joins the town's political games to impress Jocelyn.

Season 2 - Episode Two

47:54 | #202 | TV-14

The Rutters embark on a money-making adventure with brutal consequences. Pedro plans for advancement but needs Jocelyn's help. The Sharrows look for a way out of a compromising situation which Alice accidentally makes worse.

Season 2 - Episode One

48:59 | #201 | TV-14

Jamestown's first baby brings joy to the settlement, but the discovery of a terrible crime throws suspicion upon all inhabitants. When Jocelyn's position in the colony comes under threat, she forges a surprising new connection.

Season 1 - Episode Eight

46:39 | #108 | TV-14

A boat from England arrives, and Yeardley receives instructions heralding a political change. Redwick strikes a covert business deal. As the farmers celebrate summer harvest, a new and deplorable chapter in the town's history begins.

Season 1 - Episode Seven

46:46 | #107 | TV-14

Henry presents his newfound riches to the townsfolk and soon acquires himself an array of eager friends. His return pushes Alice to take matters into her own hands, and a scientific discovery alters the hopes of all within Jamestown.

Season 1 - Episode Six

46:46 | #106 | TV-14

Disillusioned with the leaders of the settlement, Verity falls back into bad habits. The Sharrows' crop comes under a potentially devastating threat. As the settlers mark the harvest, an arrival in town disrupts the celebrations.

Season 1 - Episode Five

46:45 | #105 | TV-14

Governor Yeardley falls ill and Farlow is quick to seize power, but Redwick sees an opportunity. An accusation by Alice spurs James into finding out what really happened to Henry. Jocelyn realizes she underestimated Temperance.

Season 1 - Episode Four

45:06 | #104 | TV-14

Rumors of a gold mine map send suspicion around the settlement. Farlow and Redwick try to get the better of Jocelyn, while James Read finds himself indebted to Alice. Jocelyn learns who possesses the map. Henry and Davie pursue the gold.

Season 1 - Episode Three

46:43 | #103 | TV-14

Pamunkey warriors descend upon the colony, and the settlers meet with powerful tribal leader Opechancanough. When Massinger tries to cause trouble for Silas, Alice unearths a damning secret from the plantation owner's past.

Season 1 - Episode Two

46:33 | #102 | TV-14

Farlow and Redwick's disdain for the women intensifies. When a mysterious illness spreads, they see an opportunity to exploit the outspoken Verity. Jocelyn must use her guile to help her friend. Alice faces her own battle with the authorities.

Season 1 - Episode One

51:43 | #101 | TV-14

A new governor arrives in Virginia in 1619 along with women destined to marry the beleaguered men, including courtier Jocelyn Woodbryg, farm girl Alice Kett, and streetwise Verity Bridges. All three see prospects of freedom and adventure.

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