College Financial Aid 2020: Education Matters

College Financial Aid 2020: Education Matters

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College Financial Aid 2019: Education Matters

57:30 | #1001

Experts from Kentucky colleges and universities provide practical information about applying for financial aid.

College Financial Aid Call-In 2018

56:40 | #901

Experts from Kentucky colleges and state agencies provide essential information about financial aid and field questions from viewers.

Stephen Pruitt, Kentucky Commissioner of Education

26:40 | #804

Kentucky Commissioner of Education Stephen L. Pruitt provides an update on K-12 education in Kentucky, including the status of a new accountability system. Renee Shaw hosts.

Help Wanted Kentucky: Education Matters

27:46 | #803

Hal Heiner, secretary of the Kentucky Education and Workforce Development Cabinet, discusses the new Help Wanted Kentucky initiative and the Governor's Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship Program.

Innovation and Technology

28:51 | #802

Hal Heiner, Secretary of the Kentucky Education and Workforce Development Cabinet; Stephen L. Pruitt, Kentucky Commissioner of Education; and Beth Benjamin, Director of the Owensboro Innovation Academy, discuss innovative approaches to high school in Kentucky. Footage of the iLead Academy in Carrollton is featured.

College Financial Aid Call-In 2017

56:40 | #801

In this special live edition, experts from Kentucky colleges and state agencies provide essential information about financial aid and field questions from viewers.

Empowering Students Through Technology

58:30 | #703

Recorded at the state Student Technology Leadership Program competition, this special edition of Education Matters explores how Kentucky K-12 students are using technology for project-based learning. The show includes video segments produced teens from Hardin County who are part of the PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs program.

Student Voices

57:50 | #702

A panel of young people from the Prichard Committee Student Voice Team share their perspectives on important educational issues, including the role of students in school decision-making, state funding for need-based scholarships, and common barriers to postsecondary success.

College Financial Aid Call-In 2016

56:40 | #701

In this special live edition, experts from Kentucky colleges and state agencies provide essential information about financial aid and field questions from viewers. Scheduled panelists include: Michael Birchett, Director of Financial Aid, Bluegrass Community and Technical College; Bob Fultz, Director of Financial Aid, Georgetown College; Becky Gilpatrick, Director of Student Aid Services, Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority; and Sandy Neel, Executive Director of Financial Aid, University of Louisville. Additional guests include: Amanda Wahlstedt, a senior at Knox Central High School, Tsage Douglas and Keith Guy, both seniors from Scott County High School, and Lydia Burns, a senior at West Jessamine High School.

Reading By Third Grade

56:40 | #603

Studies show that children who can't read by the end of third grade are at much greater risk for academic failure. This program looks at ways in which Kentucky preschools, elementary schools, libraries, and community groups are helping all children become successful readers.

Inside The Common Core

56:40 | #602

Host Bill Goodman and guests explore the implementation of Common Core State Standards in Kentucky classrooms. Video visits to two schools-Second Street Elementary in Frankfort and Lafayette High School in Lexington-demonstrate how teachers are successfully integrating the standards into their classrooms.

College Financial Aid Call-In 2015

56:40 | #601

In this special live edition, experts from Kentucky colleges and state agencies provide essential information about financial aid and field questions from viewers.

Growing Leaders

56:40 | #505

Bill Goodman and guests discuss how Kentucky schools are helping students acquire the leadership skills they need for success. The episode includes video segments about "The Leader in Me" program in Warren County and about Kentucky's statewide Student Technology Leadership Program.

Teacher Professional Growth and Effectiveness

22:34 | #504

This program explores how the new statewide Professional Growth and Effectiveness System helps Kentucky teachers improve their professional practice. The show includes video visits to Marshall and Boone counties to see how schools are implementing the new system.

College Financial Aid Call-In 2014

56:40 | #503

In this special live edition, experts from Kentucky colleges and state agencies provide essential information about financial aid and field questions from viewers. The program also features a video segment with Kentucky students discussing their concerns about financing their college educations.

Meeting The Challenges of Poverty

58:40 | #502

This program features two panel discussions: a look at the economic, educational, and social policies that impact academic success among students at risk due to poverty; and an exploration of how school, community, and family can counter the effects of poverty and help students succeed.

Wanted: More GED Grads

58:35 | #501

Approximately 700,000 Kentucky adults lack a high-school diploma. Host Bill Goodman and guests discuss this important issue, explore what adult learners can do now to complete the current GED test, and explain how and why the GED test will change starting January 2, 2014. Panelists: Rodney Johnson, program director, Russell County Adult Education Center; Martin Kehe, vice president for products, GED Testing Service; Cristina Marsh, county adult education manager, Jefferson Community and Technical College; and Reecie Stagnolia, vice president, Kentucky Adult Education, Council on Postsecondary Education.

Kindergarten Readiness

57:40 | #406

Host Bill Goodman and guests explore the Brigance Kindergarten Screen, an assessment tool recently adopted by the Kentucky Department of Education, and take a look at how preschools, parents, and informal learning experiences can help young children arrive at kindergarten ready to succeed and thrive.

Environmental Education In Kentucky

58:30 | #405

Join Bill Goodman and his guests as they discuss how environmental education helps Kentucky students master science and other academic content through engaging, hands-on learning experiences that demonstrate ways in which their choices and actions affect the world around them.

Innovations In Student-Directed Learning

48:05 | #404

Host Bill Goodman and his guests explore how Kentucky schools are using innovative strategies to put technology into the hands of students, give students more control over their education, and encourage teachers to become learners themselves.

College Financial Aid Call-In 2013

56:44 | #403

Experts from Kentucky colleges and state agencies provide general information about college financial aid and field questions from viewers. Panelists include: Megan Cummins, KEES coordinator, Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority (KHEAA); Mary Givhan, director of financial aid, Thomas More College; Michael Morgan, student financial aid program coordinator, Kentucky Community & Technical College System (KCTCS); and Michael Abboud, associate director of student financial aid, University of Louisville.

Student Voices, Election 2012

59:30 | #402

Guest host Renee Shaw and a panel of Kentucky high school students discuss the election issues that matter most to today's young people.

Taking The Pulse of Kentucky Education

58:10 | #401

Host Bill Goodman and a panel of education leaders discuss the state's progress in implementing the new Kentucky Core Academic Standards. Featured guests include Dr. Terry Holliday, education commissioner; Robert King, president of the Council on Postsecondary Education; Dr. Lu Young of Jessamine County Schools, the 2012 Kentucky Superintendent of the Year; and Kimberly Shearer of Boone County High School, the 2012 Kentucky Teacher of the Year.

Inside the Teaching Profession

56:40 | #307

This program focuses on issues related to the teaching profession in Kentucky and nationwide. Topics addressed include the challenges and successes of teaching in the U.S., evaluating classroom performance, compensation, and attracting and retaining teachers.

Implications of Year-Round High School Athletics

57:06 | #306

This program explores the impact of year-round sports on students, families, coaches, and schools. Panelists explain the new interpretation of the Kentucky High School Athletic Association's Bylaw 25, which gives school officials the responsibility of deciding whether school coaches can work with athletes during the off-season. The panelists also discuss possible ramifications. Panelists are: Julian Tackett, commissioner, Kentucky High School Athletic Association; Dr. Bobby Barton, professor and former head trainer, Eastern Kentucky University; Owens Saylor, deputy superintendent, Jessamine County Public Schools; and Lea Wise Prewitt, KHSAA Board of Control, former coach, former college basketball player.

New Directions In Arts Education

56:27 | #305

This program examines how studying dance, drama, visual arts, and music contributes to student success. It also explores Kentucky's changing approach to teaching and assessing the arts as well as community partnerships that support the arts in schools. Guests include: Robert Duncan, arts and humanities consultant, Kentucky Department of Education; Sara Francis, orchestra teacher, Athens-Chilesburg Elementary School and Edythe J. Hayes Middle School, Fayette County; and Scottie Billiter, assistant principal, Letcher County Central High School.

Education Matters: 2012 College Financial Aid Call-In

56:42 | #304

Experts from Kentucky colleges and universities answer viewers' questions about paying for college. Featured panelists: Megan Cummins, coordinator of the Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship (KEES) program; Michael Abboud, associate director of financial aid at the University of Louisville; Runan Pendergrast, director of financial aid at Bluegrass Community and Technical College; and Sandy Neel, senior associate director of the Office of Financial Aid at Bellarmine University.

From Student to Graduate

56:50 | #303

This program examines how Kentucky schools and communities are encouraging young people to persevere to graduation while striving to help all Kentucky students find the pathway to a successful, fulfilling life. Guests include Dr. Dewey Hensley, associate commissioner, Office of District 180, Kentucky Department of Education; Delquan Dorsey, executive director, Governor's Office of Minority Empowerment; and Bonita Compton, director of pupil personnel, Floyd County Public Schools.

Parents-Empowered, Engaged, and Involved

57:00 | #302

To succeed academically, students not only need excellent teachers, they also need active, engaged parents or guardians. This program examines ways in which Kentucky educators encourage parental involvement in schools, including strategies that make families feel more connected to their children's educational experiences and programs that train parents for leadership roles. Panelists: Stu Silberman, executive director, Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence; Rob Carroll, principal, South Heights Elementary School in Henderson County; and Jennifer Anderson, parent of a seventh-grader and a ninth-grader, Rowan County Schools.

Technology for Next Generation Learning

56:30 | #301

In a world in which even toddlers use electronic devices, school districts are increasingly turning to technology to deliver content, ensure high-quality learning, and prepare students - our "Next Generation" - for the future. This program examines the important role of technology in today's classrooms and includes video from LaRue County and Todd County schools, where technology tools have become an essential part of daily instruction. Panelists are: David Couch, associate commissioner, Office of Knowledge, Information and Data Services, Kentucky Department of Education; Charlotte Chowning, KETS field engineer, Office of Education Technology, Kentucky Department of Education, Kentucky Department of Education; and Benny Lile, director of instruction and technology, Barren County Schools.

Learning World Languages To Prepare for College and Careers

56:48 | #206

Host Bill Goodman and guests explore the importance of world language study in the global society, where fluency in other languages and familiarity with other cultures are prerequisites for success. In the face of this reality, Kentucky high schools and colleges are turning to performance-based assessments and real-world experiences to help students acquire life-long foreign language skills. Guests: Dr. Jacqueline Van Houten, world languages and international education consultant, Kentucky Department of Education; Randy Barrette, Spanish teacher, Menifee County High School; Alicia Vinson, world languages immersion program coordinator, Fayette County Public Schools; and Dr. John Millay, superintendent, Cloverport Independent Schools. A 2011 KET production.

Implementing Kentucky's New Academic Standards

56:15 | #205

In August 2010, the state Board of Education adopted the new Kentucky Core Academic Standards, which include the national Common Core Standards for math and English/language arts. This program explores how innovative statewide networks of teachers and administrators are deconstructing, disseminating, and implementing these new standards. Guests: Michael Miller, director, Division of Program Standards, Kentucky Department of Education; Dr. Leslie Burns, program chair, English Education, University of Kentucky; Kricket McClure, assistant superintendent, Henry County Public Schools; Seth Hunter, math specialist and regional consultant, Ohio Valley Educational Cooperative. A 2011 KET production.

Serving Kentucky's Adult Learners

56:29 | #204

Over 785,000 Kentucky adults have never received a high school diploma, putting them at higher risk for unemployment and poverty. This program explores how Kentucky Adult Education is helping these Kentuckians overcome learning obstacles, earn GED credentials, and move on to higher education and the workplace. Guests: Reecie Stagnolia, vice president for Kentucky Adult Education, Council on Postsecondary Education; Cris Crowley, adult education program director, Madisonville Community College; Dr. Cheryl King, president, Kentucky Wesleyan College; and James Meyer, student, University of Louisville. A 2011 KET production.

Seamless Transition to College and Careers

56:48 | #203

Based on ACT scores and training certificates, only 34 percent of Kentucky's 2010 public school graduates left their high schools prepared for college or the workplace. This program explores how Kentucky educators are working together to make more of our students college and career ready. Guests: Deborah Anderson, branch manager, College and Career Readiness, Kentucky Department of Education; Dr. Cheryll Crowe, mathematics professor, Eastern Kentucky University; Dr. Barbara Veazey, president, West Kentucky Community and Technical College; and Frank LaBoone, principal, Opportunity Middle College, Fayette County Public Schools. A 2010 KET production.

Early Childhood Education: The Path to School Success

56:00 | #202

Host Bill Goodman and his guests explore why early childhood education is so important to intellectual and academic development. The panelists also discuss innovative programs here in Kentucky that improve access to high-quality educational experiences for the state's youngest students. Guests: Annette Bridges, director, Division of Early Childhood Development, Kentucky Department of Education; Cindy Heine, interim executive director, Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence; Thomas Floyd, superintendent, Madison County Public Schools; and Rick Hulefeld, executive director, Children, Inc. A 2010 KET production.

Transforming Education in Kentucky

56:40 | #201

In this live edition, host Bill Goodman and guests Governor and Mrs. Steve Beshear, Education Commissioner Terry Holliday, and Robert King, president of the Council on Postsecondary Education, discuss the governor's statewide education task force. The panelists also will answer questions from 10 community forums taking place around Kentucky. A 2010 KET production.

Turning Around Struggling Schools

56:40 | #104

Host Bill Goodman and guests discuss how Senate Bill 1, the 2009 Kentucky education reform act, addresses the issue of helping the state's lowest-performing schools better prepare their students for college and careers in the 21st century. Guests: Sally Sugg, associate commissioner, Office of Leadership and School Improvement, Kentucky Department of Education; Dr. Aaron Thompson, interim vice president for academic affairs, Council on Postsecondary Education; and Brady Link, superintendent, Christian County Schools. A 2010 KET production.

Assessment in Teaching and Learning

58:34 | #103

Host Bill Goodman and guests discuss "data-driven instruction" - using assessment data collected throughout the school year to inform teaching and meet each student's learning needs. The panel also discusses how the new testing system, coupled with new content standards, will help Kentucky students compete both nationally and internationally. Guests: Ken Draut, associate commissioner, Office of Assessment and Accountability, Kentucky Department of Education; Susan Perkins Weston, education consultant, Danville, Kentucky; and Jana Beth Francis, director of assessment, research, and curriculum, Daviess County Public Schools. A 2010 KET production.

New Approaches for Quality Teaching

56:31 | #102

The discussion focuses on recruiting, developing, rewarding, and retaining teachers in Kentucky. It also focuses on teacher effectiveness - what it is, how it's measured, and how to help teachers achieve it. Guests: Dr. Felicia Cumings Smith, associate commissioner, Office of Next Generation Learning, Kentucky Department of Education; Kem Cothran, principal, Benton Middle School, Marshall County Schools; and Brent McKim, president, Jefferson County Teachers Association. A 2010 KET production.

The New Vision for Kentucky Schools

56:18 | #101

Concentrates on Senate Bill 1, which became law in Dec. 2009, and its potential impact on Kentucky education in the areas of teacher quality and student assessment and achievement. Guests include: Phillip Rogers, executive director, Education Professional Standards Board; Terry Holliday, commissioner of education, Kentucky Department of Education; and Robert King, president, Council on Postsecondary Education. A 2010 KET production.

Education Matters

The panelists continue their discussion of how SB1-09RS affects teaching and learning, especially how the adoption of the Common Core Standards will improve the quality of instruction in Kentucky. They also discuss Kentucky's Race to the Top application and the importance of teacher professional development.

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