Food News and Chews

Food News and Chews

This series looks at Kentucky food trends, along with recipes and cooking demonstrations.

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Bologna Isn't Phoney

28:00 | #207

Chef Jeremy and Sylvia make a pit stop at the famous Jot-Em-Down Store for sandwiches and moon pies. Then Chef Jeremy makes the ultimate fried bologna sandwich with buffalo sauce and pimiento cheese.

Food News and Brews

28:00 | #206

Chef Jeremy and Sylvia belly up to the bar at the Alltech Craft Brews and Food Fest. Then Chef Jeremy makes a "hair of the dog" beer cheese soup to get over the hangover.

School Days

27:59 | #205

Chef Jeremy and Sylvia visit an after school program at William Wells Brown Elementary and teach the kids how to make healthy hot pockets.

One Fish Two Fish

27:58 | #204

Chef Jeremy and Sylvia pay a visit to the Kentucky State University Aquaculture Center and Chef Jeremy makes a buttermilk brined fried tilapia salad.

Yes, We Can

27:59 | #203

Chef Jeremy and Sylvia get a crash course in canning at the Jackson Co. Regional Food Center and find out how Lucky Clover Farm uses the center to make their jellies. Chef Jeremy makes fried pickles with pickle remoulade.

Everything's Better with Bourbon

27:58 | #202

Chef Jeremy and Sylvia visit Bourbon Barrel Foods to see how they're infusing bourbon flavor into soy sauce and other condiments. Then Chef Jeremy uses Bourbon Barrel Foods products to make roasted duck.

All You Need Is Love....And Chocolate

27:59 | #201

Chef Jeremy and Sylvia visit Ruth Hunt Candies to see how chocolaty confections like bourbon balls are made and Chef Jeremy makes home made chocolate truffles with bourbon and mint.

Heritage Foods

27:59 | #112

Chef Jeremy and Sylvia explore heritage foods at the Incredible Food Show and see some heritage hogs at Cane Ridge Cattle Co. Chef Jeremy makes a coal miner's country ham carbonara.

Growing Appalachia

27:58 | #111

Chef Jeremy and Sylvia meet David Cooke of Grow Appalachia and learn how high tunnels can increase food production. Chef Jeremy makes a three cheese stuffed eggplant with a vodka tomato sauce.

The Bees Knees

27:58 | #110

Chef Jeremy and Sylvia find out what all the "buzz" is about with local honey and beekeeping. Then Chef Jeremy makes a flatbread pizza with beer cheese, sausage, and honey.

The Incredible Food Show

27:59 | #109

Chef Jeremy and Sylvia get an inside look at The Kentucky Proud Incredible Food Show from Chef Brigitte Nguyen. Chef Jeremy and Chef Brigitte make chorizo and nachos.

By The Light of the Silvery Moon

27:59 | #108

Chef Jeremy and Sylvia travel to Moonshine University where people are learning how to make legal moonshine. Chef Jeremy makes sorghum marinated pork chops with moonshine chutney.

Planting Gardens, Growing Opportunities

27:59 | #107

Chef Jeremy and Sylvia visit a high school where the kids are managing their own farm, talk to the co-chair of the ARC about food economy, and teach kids at a cooking camp how to make fresh fruit popsicles.

Flour Power

28:01 | #106

Chef Jeremy and Sylvia learn how flour and cornmeal are made at six generation-owned Weisenberger Mill. Chef Jeremy makes pimiento cheese grit cakes.

Goddesses of Food

28:00 | #105

Inspired by Time's all-male "Gods of Food" list, Chef Jeremy and Sylvia talk to local female chefs. Then Sylvia makes a cauliflower steak with a curry tomato sauce.

Feeding 9 Billion People By 2050

28:00 | #104

Chef Jeremy and Sylvia discuss alternate and sustainable food sources and tour an algae production plant. Chef Jeremy makes an Omega-3 and DHA packed tilapia with spinach pesto, chickpeas, and squash.

A-Hunting We Will Go

28:00 | #103

A local hunter talks about the increasing popularity of hunting and gives a lesson in shooting. Chef Jeremy makes a venison, duck, and pork burgoo with dumplings.

Henry Clay: The Statesman, The Farmer

28:00 | #102

Visit the historic Henry Clay Estate at Ashland and learn about Henry Clay's contributions to government and farming. Chef Jeremy prepares a steak with oyster sauce.

All About Beans with Bill Best

28:00 | #101

Learn about heirloom beans and seeds from the legendary seed saver Bill Best. Chef Jeremy makes creamy Southern style grits and leather britches.

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