Mourning the Creation of Racial Categories

Mourning the Creation of Racial Categories

Follow sociologist Joan Ferrante's efforts to draw on the transformative powers of the arts to mourn the creation of racial categories in the United States - categories created without regard for family, ancestral, or romantic ties.

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Let Our Loss Be Heard

56:40 | #102

This episode explores the lives of Margaret and Robert Garner, an enslaved couple who in 1856 ran from Kentucky toward freedom into Ohio with their four children all under six years of age. The documentary highlights the children's complexion and ancestry to show how family/biological relationships were severed and rearranged to comply with the concept of race.

The Categories Black and White

57:57 | #101

This student-narrated documentary brings attention to the laws and financial incentives enacted in 17th century Virginia, which planted the seeds of racial categorization, allowed it to thrive through the Jim Crow era, and become so important that even the most intimate of human bonds were severed to create them.

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