World of Our Own: Kentucky Folkways

World of Our Own: Kentucky Folkways

Eight half-hour programs highlight the rich cultural heritage of rural and urban Kentucky. Each program features Kentuckians from different communities, walks of life, and ethnic backgrounds who represent aspects of traditional culture in their work, play, art, and religious lives. A 1998 KET production.

All Past Episodes

Customs and Beliefs (Part 2)

28:28 | #108

The Old Regular Baptists, homemade Catholic shrines, the art of rangoli, and Cherokee lore.

Customs and Beliefs (Part 1)

28:25 | #107

Focuses on gospel music, funeral and burial rites, traditional Hindu mehendi body decoration, and Cherokee religious traditions.

Art of the Everyday (Part 2)

28:11 | #106

Old-time methods of fence building, shake and chair making, and hunting with hounds.

Art of the Everyday (Part 1)

28:30 | #105

Heirloom seeds; traditions of gardening, canning, weaving, and quilting; and a folk-art gathering.

The Culture of Play (Part 2)

28:46 | #104

Community holiday celebrations, the Dirt Bowl Homecoming, homemade Halloween figures, and a long-standing Saturday-night community dance.

The Culture of Play (Part 1)

25:59 | #103

Kentucky folk musicians from a variety of cultures and traditional marbles games.

The Culture of Work (Part 2)

28:36 | #102

Traditions of river work, mussel brailling, and trucking and the importance of food in cultural identity.

The Culture of Work (Part 1)

28:30 | #101

An Owensboro music impresario, a ginseng hunter, a farrier, two whiskey tasters, and a tobacco farmer discuss the traditions of their occupations. A KET production.

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