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Christopher Kimball

Host Christopher Kimball and his test cooks search the world over looking for the best recipes, and finding home cooks who can teach better ways to prepare a meal at home. Chris travels overseas to cook with several internationally renowned chefs and authors.

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West African Weeknight Supper

26:46 | #223 | TV-G

Senegalese braised chicken with onions and lime and a Senegalese avocado and mango salad are served.

Singapore Satay, Soup and Sling

26:46 | #222 | TV-G

Singapore chicken satay, Singapore shrimp and chicken noodle soup (laksa), and a Singapore sling are prepared.

From Vietnam to Burma

26:46 | #221 | TV-G

Vietnamese meatball and watercress soup, coconut cashew cake, and stir-fried chicken are prepared.

Everyday Turkish Favorites

26:46 | #220 | TV-G

Turkish beans with pickled tomatoes, Turkish red lentil soup, and Turkish scrambled eggs are served.

South American Classics

26:46 | #219 | TV-G

Colombian braised beef, a Colombian avocado salsa and lomo saltado, and a Peruvian stir-fry are made.

Chicken the Chinese Way

26:46 | #218 | TV-G

Crispy Sichuan-chili chicken, Sichuan chicken salad, and ginger-scallion steamed cod are showcased.

A Trip to Senegal

26:46 | #217 | TV-G

Recipes include black-eyed pea and sweet potato stew and a mango and coconut rice pudding.

New Breads

26:46 | #216 | TV-G

Nutty and tender pumpkin seed rolls and earthy and hearty Portuguese cornbread are prepared.

Middle East Favorites

26:46 | #215 | TV-G

A vibrant salmon chraimeh and a bulgur-tomato salad with herbs and pomegranate molasses are served.

The Japanese Quick Cook

26:46 | #214 | TV-G

Japanese-style rice with flaked salmon and shiitake mushrooms and yakiudon are prepared.

Chicken from Paris to the Middle East

26:46 | #213 | TV-G

The team elevates simple chicken recipes by using techniques and flavors from around the world.

Porchetta at Home

26:46 | #212 | TV-G

A hearty fennel-rosemary porchetta and more perfect recipes for a wintertime meal are highlighted.

South African BBQ

26:46 | #211 | TV-G

A bright red piri piri chicken is packed with heat. Cape Malay chicken curry is also prepared.

Taipei Cooking Lesson

26:46 | #210 | TV-G

Taipei, Taiwan is visited. Taiwanese flaky scallion pancakes and Taiwanese five-spice pork are made.

New Mexico, Old Mexico

26:46 | #209 | TV-G

Recipes include flavorful carne adovada and Mexican chicken soup with tomatillos and hominy.

Tunisian Couscous

26:46 | #208 | TV-G

A hearty North African chicken couscous and chickpea and harissa soup (lablabi) are made.

Pizza and Pasta

26:46 | #207 | TV-G

Roasted mushroom pizza with fontina and scallions and a weeknight cacio e pepe are prepared.

Secrets of Thailand

26:46 | #206 | TV-G

Christopher Kimball travels to Chiang Mai, Thailand, where he learns how to transform a simple bowl of broth and rice into an explosion of flavors and textures. Thai stir-fried spinach and Thai beef salad are prepared.

Easy French Desserts

26:46 | #205 | TV-G

French apple cake, a light chocolate-orange tart, and salted butter caramel-chocolate mousse are prepared.

Japanese Tuesday Nights

26:46 | #204 | TV-G

Christopher Kimball travels to Tokyo, Japan and learns how to make skillet glazed chicken.

Middle East Classics

26:46 | #203 | TV-G

Puffed pita bread, sumac-spiced chicken (musakhan), and a recipe for fattoush are highlighted.

Quick Suppers from Madrid

26:46 | #202 | TV-G

Chris visits Madrid, Spain and Spanish ratatouille and sherry-soaked French toast are prepared.

Home Cooking in Taiwan

26:46 | #201 | TV-G

Taiwanese beef noodle soup, stir-fried cumin beef, and the techniques Chris learned in Taipei to make three-cup chicken are showcased.

Milk Street Holidays

26:46 | #111 | TV-G

Milk Street Cook Catherine Smart shows host Christopher Kimball how to turn economical beef eye-round into a succulent holiday roast as she makes prune, peppercorn, and fresh herb-rubbed roast beef.

Japan Fried Chicken

26:46 | #113 | TV-G

Milk Street Cook Catherine Smart demonstrates a simpler and tastier way to crisp fried chicken.

Crazy Noodles

26:46 | #112 | TV-G

Milk Street visits Peru to learn a new way to make pesto and soba with miso butter and asparagus.

Milk Street Menu

26:46 | #110 | TV-G

Milk Street Cook Matthew Card shows how to make no-sear lamb or beef and chickpea stew.

Not Your Mother's Cake

26:46 | #109 | TV-G

Catherine Smart shows how to make whipped cream biscuits with macerated strawberries with lime.

Simply Spanish

26:46 | #108 | TV-G

Matthew Card makes garlic soup. Spanish spice-crusted pork tenderloin bites are prepared.

Milk Street Italian

26:46 | #107 | TV-G

Italy provides inspiration as Matthew Card shows how to make a fast and fabulous Italian flatbread.

Milk Street Suppers

26:46 | #106 | TV-G

Milk Street Cook Catherine Smart shows Christopher Kimball how to make Georgian chicken soup.

Mexico Every Single Day

26:46 | #105 | TV-G

Milk Street visits Mexico for an insider view on shrimp in chipotle sauce and traditional classics.

Tahini Rules!

26:46 | #104 | TV-G

Milk Street Cook Rayna Jhaveri shows how to make Turkish meatballs with lime-yogurt sauce.

From Thailand with Love

26:46 | #103 | TV-G

Christopher Kimball travels to Chiang Mai, Thailand to get lessons in Thai cooking from Andy Ricker.

The New Baking

26:46 | #102 | TV-G

Chris goes to London's Violet Bakery to visit with rising pastry star Claire Ptak. He learns some of her baking techniques, such as under-whipping egg whites for a lighter cake.

Homecooking, Chinese Style

26:46 | #101 | TV-G

Chris visits world traveler and cookbook author Fuchsia Dunlop in London to learn about the Chinese approach to cooking. He learns how to get perfectly cooked chicken every time by focusing on the meat, not the skin.

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