Murder Maps

The series transports viewers to the Victorian era and beyond to learn about some of England's most shocking and surprising murder cases. Host Nicholas Day revisits the locations of diabolical crime scenes, perpetrators and victims, as well as the burgeoning field of forensics.

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Ruth Ellis

43:48 | #304 | TV-PG

In 1955, London nightclub manager Ruth Ellis confessed to the murder of her abusive lover. She was the last woman to be executed in Britain.

The Tow Path Murders

43:40 | #303 | TV-PG

The murder of two teens along the River Thames leads to one of Britain's most massive manhunts, and ultimately to the capture of Alfred Whiteway.

The Acid Bath Murderer

43:51 | #302 | TV-PG

During the 1940s, London Police investigated John George Haigh, a con man responsible for killing six people and destroying their bodies with acid.

The Brighton Trunk Murders

43:56 | #301 | TV-PG

Grim discoveries made in Brighton train station and King's Cross in the summer of 1934 sparked a police probe and took a surprise turn.

The Black Widow

Serial killer Mary Ann Cotton, aka the Black Widow, murdered men for their life insurance in 19th century England.

The Jigsaw Murders

Dr. Ruxton, a physician who lived a quiet life in Lancaster, beat, strangled, and stabbed his wife and housemaid to death in 1935.

The Shepherd's Bush Murders

This episode examines the 1966 murders of three police officers in Shepherd's Bush that led to calls for reinstating the death penalty.

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