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Peg + Cat

This series is designed to engage preschool children and teach them how to solve math-based problems with Peg, a chatty and tenacious five year-old, her feline pal, Cat, and her smart, handsome, cool friend Ramone.

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The Compost Problem/Raiders of the Lost Arch

28:55 | #223 | TV-Y

By mixing different types of compost just right, Peg and Cat turn garbage into a garden. Peg and Cat head into a deep, winding cave in search of the famous Lost Arch.

The Big Dig Problem/The Crayon Problem

28:55 | #225 | TV-Y

The Pirates are digging up Peg's neighborhood, all because of a treasure map that has a strange purple splotch. When Peg and Cat find themselves without a background they use crayons to create their own world.

The Hotel Problem/Another Hotel Problem

28:55 | #224 | TV-Y

Bellhops Peg and Cat help famous guests find their rooms in the luxurious Addison Hotel. It's a crazy night at the Addison Hotel! The clowns are sleepwalking, the pirates are flooding the hallway, and bellhops Peg and Cat are covered with chickens.

The Awards Show Problem/The Wrong Headed Problem

28:55 | #212 | TV-Y

Peg and Cat host an awards show that can only last seven minutes. When Peg's hat shrinks in the dryer, Mac leads Peg searching for something big enough to fit her head.

The Peanut Problem/More Adventures of Robin Hood

28:55 | #214 | TV-Y

George Washington Carver will have a total of one hundred peanut-based inventions - if Peg and Cat can catch the tiny tricksters who keep swiping them. When a greedy Pig shows up next door, Peg and Cat summon Robin Hood to their neighborhood.

The Pig Problem/The Mariachi Problem

28:55 | #220 | TV-Y

When the Pig leaves the farm to join the opera, Peg and Cat realize they can't make it without him. Cat hires a 7-piece Mariachi band to serenade his true love, Rosana.

The Sam Problem/Mac the Fork

28:55 | #222 | TV-Y

Jesse fears that if his Mom gets married she'll love him less. Sweet treats are being swiped four at a time, on the infamous utensil of Mac the Fork.

The Fuzzball Problem/The Silliest Song Problem

28:55 | #221 | TV-Y

In an outer space adventure, Peg and Cat are besieged by swiftly multiplying Fuzzballs. Peg and Cat must present the King with the silliest song in the land.

The Funky Seventies Problem/The Umbrella Problem

28:55 | #217 | TV-Y

Peg's grandparents love groovy 60s tunes, but their pet goats only want 70s funk! Peg and Cat search for their umbrellas, which they need for measuring puddle depth and singing in the rain!

The Too Big Dog Problem/The Giant Baby Problem

28:55 | #209 | TV-Y

Big Dog is too big to play Little Red on Peg's stage, until an elephant and mouse get into the act. Peg and Cat must figure out how to use a giant beeper while chasing a giant baby and fleeing a giant mouse.

Peg Meets Cat/The Valentine's Day Problem

28:55 | #210 | TV-Y

Baby Peg tries to tell Mom she wants a stray kitty for her pet and problem-solving partner. Peg and Cat scramble to make enough valentines for all their party guests and surprise visitors.

The Dance Problem/Follow The Bouncing Ball

28:55 | #216 | TV-Y

Peg and Cat can dance with their idol Misty Copeland, if Cat can overcome a big obstacle-his tail! Cat chases his favorite ball as it bounces through 10 different worlds to 10 different beats.

Another Train Problem/The Odd Sea

28:55 | #215 | TV-Y

Albert Einstein's prize is missing and the clues point to everyone aboard the Peg + Cat Express! Peg and Cat help the great Odysseus navigate the odd beasts and odd numbers of the Odd Sea.

The Friday t he 13th Problem/The Looking Glass Problem

28:55 | #219 | TV-Y

At the camp sleepover, Richard is terrorized by the number 13! Peg and Cat go through the looking glass. Nonsense starts to make sense with the help of patterns.

The Poetry Problem/The Disappearing Art Problem

28:55 | #211 | TV-Y

Peg and Cat lead Emily Dickinson far and wide in search of a rhyming pattern for her new poem. It's a nightmare for art museum guards Peg and Cat: Shapes are being stolen right off the paintings!

The Package Problem/The Train Problem

28:55 | #204 | TV-Y

Peg and Cat wait for a package but one minute feels like forever. Is there a thief on the Peg + Cat Express that is stealing lollipops, bananas, and chickens?

The Pentagirls Problem/The Tree Problem of National Importance

28:55 | #218 | TV-Y

The Pentagirls get to record with the famous Worm. But this big break starts to break up the band! Peg and Cat must save the nation from humiliation when the Vice President is stuck atop a monument that's 170 feet or meters tall.

The Tree By the Nile Problem/The Eid al-Adha Adventure

28:55 | #213 | TV-Y

Cat gets stuck in a tree in Egypt - with 3 crocodiles! On Eid al-Adha, a holiday devoted to giving, Cat is asked to give more than he expected.

The Camp Problem/The Two Homes Problem

28:55 | #205 | TV-Y

Peg and Cat's gophers face the rowdy raccoons in a "non-competitive" battle of the bunks. How can Peg and Cat make Jesse a present for his room when he lives in two places?

The Imaginary Friend Problem/The Promise Problem

28:55 | #206 | TV-Y

Peg and the dinosaurs search the jungle for Cat and Minkus, his imaginary monkey. Nothing can keep Romeo and Juliet from meeting between their balconies - except maybe a dinosaur.

The Claymation Problem/The Grumpy Judge Problem

28:55 | #203 | TV-Y

Temperamental director Richard finally finds performers he can totally control, shape, and mold. On the singing competition "Perfect Ten," Peg and Cat must impress the toughest judge ever.

The Mermaid in the Mall Problem/The Painting Problem

28:55 | #202 | TV-Y

When a furniture store becomes a magical forest, Peg and Cat must become Knights of the Round Table. To get purple paint for their masterpiece, Peg Casso and Vincent Van Goo need a new kind of addition.

The Polka Dot Planet Problem/The Mardi Gras Problem

28:55 | #201 | TV-Y

When Peg's spaceship breaks down, she needs the help of a friend who communicates without speaking. To jam with Billie Holiday in the Mardi Gras parade, Peg and Cat must learn to use sheet music.

Peg and Cat Save the World: Part 2

28:55 | #208 | TV-Y

Peg and Cat call everyone they know to save the earth from a planet-sized Pig's behind.

Peg and Cat Save the World: Part 1

28:55 | #207 | TV-Y

The President of the United States summons Peg and Cat to solve a problem of national importance: strange signals are coming from space, in a pattern.

The Bermuda Triangle Problem/The Breeze in the Branches

28:55 | #133 | TV-Y

While on their beach vacation, Peg, Cat, and the Pig tumble through a portal to a bizarre triangular universe. The Toad brings Peg and Cat to the forest where he grew up.

The Ring Problem/The Wedding Problem

28:46 | #124 | TV-Y

Peg and Cat must retrieve a diamond ring that the Giant accidentally dropped into a pipe. Peg and Cat are chosen to organize the Giants' wedding.

The Robin Hood Problem/The Owl and the Pussy Cat Problem

28:55 | #140 | TV-Y

Robin Hood can't tell how to redistribute the goodies! Peg and Cat must teach him more and less. Peg and Cat sail off in search of infinity.

The Wonderland Problem/The Bat Mitzvah Problem

28:55 | #131 | TV-Y

The Queen of Hearts has Peg's stick! Peg and Cat eat berries to grow bigger or smaller. Peg and Cat help Tessa's Bat Mitzvah run smoothly by keeping an eye on Uncle Phil.

Richard The Third/The Lemonade Problem

28:55 | #135 | TV-Y

Peg and Cat try to help Richard not come in third in every single event at his family's annual picnic. Cat must make a series of shrewd business deals to get 200 cups with only 2 cookies.

The T-Ball Problem/The Bus Problem

28:55 | #138 | TV-Y

Peg's T-Ball Team, the Mighty Nine, have no chance against a team of Aliens all-stars. When the Electric Eleven perform on the farm, the 100 chickens swipe the band's bus and drive it around the world!

The Cold Camel Problem/The Einstein Problem

28:55 | #130 | TV-Y

While Cleopatra is visiting Peg, her camel wanders off in search of a comfortable climate. Peg and her pal Albert Einstein track down Cat with the help of a metronome, equations, and a surprise appearance by Marie Curie.

The Magic Uke/The Rocking Out Problem

28:55 | #139 | TV-Y

Peg goes to the Kingdom of Night to reach Cat and uses a magic ukulele to cross star-shaped steps. When Baby Fox makes a spectacular musical instrument out of junk, Peg and Cat get stuck in it!

The Groovy Sixties Problem/Bad Jack Is Back

28:55 | #137 | TV-Y

Peg and Cat help Peg's hippy Grandmom create a groovy birthday present for Granddad based on the sixties. A surprise guest shows Peg and Cat how to fend off Bad Jack's six feathers with four feathers.

The Roxanne Problem/The Girl Group Problem

28:55 | #134 | TV-Y

Cat longs to impress the savvy Roxanne with his knowledge of solid shapes. Peg's girl group the Pentagirls has a big show, featuring a hit song about flips, slides, and turns.

The Allergy Problem/I Do What I Can: The Musical

28:55 | #132 | TV-Y

When Peg is told she's allergic to Cat, Cat leaves home! Peg and Cat present a Broadway musical.

The Christmas Problem

28:55 | #118 | TV-Y

Peg and Cat have to solve their biggest problem ever: how to make and wrap presents for all the children of the world, and then deliver them using 100 sleighs.

The Flat Woman Problem/The Hanukkah Problem

28:55 | #136 | TV-Y

Super Peg and Cat Guy face a great challenge when Triangulo and Flat Woman try to flatten the town! Albert Einstein has Peg and Cat over for Hanukkah and shows them how to make a 2D piece of paper into a 3D dreidel.

The Election Problem/The Littlest Chicken Problem

28:55 | #123 | TV-Y

When the Farmer holds an election, Peg and Cat run against the Pig to win the votes of 100 chickens. Peg and Cat follow the Littlest Chicken as she searches for a group that's just the right size to be her new family.

The Sushi Problem/The Highlight Zone Problem

28:55 | #129 | TV-Y

Peg and Cat help Aki pursue a tricky thief through the Japanese countryside. Peg and Cat find their world turned black and white!

The Pirate Puzzle Problem/The Scrap of Map Problem

28:55 | #128 | TV-Y

Peg and Cat must help the pirates put together the four sections of their sinking ship. When the Pirates' treasure map is torn and carried off, Peg and Cat put the scraps of map together to find the treasure.

The Potty Problem/The Butter Problem

28:55 | #127 | TV-Y

Peg and Cat must teach Big Mouth the 6 steps for making on the potty. To compete in a butter sculpting contest, Peg and Cat must learn certain math skills by doing farm chores.

The Pizza Problem/The Pizza Pirate Problem

28:55 | #126 | TV-Y

Peg and Cat get orders for halves of pizzas and learn about fractions to keep their patrons pleased. Peg and Cat deliver pizzas and are menaced by the flying Pizza Pirates who want to "take away one!"

The George Washington Problem/The High Noon Problem

28:55 | #125 | TV-Y

Peg and Cat use a map to help George Washington and his team cross the Delaware River. Peg and Cat agree to face Bad Jack in a show down at high noon.

The Big Dog Problem/The Three Friends Problem

28:55 | #119 | TV-Y

When Peg and Cat need to mail some letters for Peg's Mom, they find their path to the mailbox blocked by a big dog. Using a graph, Peg attempts to figure out what's wrong with Cat.

The Clown Problem/The Ninja Problem

28:55 | #121 | TV-Y

Peg and Cat help Mac achieve his dream of being a clown in the circus. Peg and Cat help Aki find 15 missing cherry blossom trees by using Ninja skills and math skills.

The Perfect Ten Problem/The Long Line Problem

28:55 | #117 | TV-Y

Peg and Cat judge a singing competition in which all performers must get a rating of exactly ten stars. Peg and Cat help Richard realize his dream of being first in line for the first time.

The Play Date Problem/The Blabberwocky Problem

28:55 | #122 | TV-Y

Peg and Cat use the power of music and patterns to help Beethoven and the Three Bears play together. Peg and Cat are back as the Knights of the Round Table to reclaim missing shapes.

The Arch Villain Problem/The Straight and Narrow Problem

28:55 | #120 | TV-Y

When the Arch Villain turns everything into arches, Super Peg and Cat Guy come to the rescue. Super Peg and Cat Guy trail the Arch Villain, who has gone on a rampage with straight and narrow shapes.

Yet Another Tree Problem/The Romeo and Juliet Problem

28:55 | #116 | TV-Y

Peg is stuck up in the tree and Cat must figure out how to get her down. Peg and Cat help their poetic pal Romeo reach Juliet's balcony using a series of horizontal and vertical lines.

The Mega Mall Problem/The Cleopatra Problem

28:55 | #115 | TV-Y

Peg and Cat search the huge Mega Mall for the teens so they can enter the Zebra Guy dance contest. When Peg and Cat play marbles with Queen Cleopatra, Peg's marble is stolen by a mysterious man.

The Blockette Problem/The Tulip Problem

28:55 | #114 | TV-Y

Peg and Cat try to make the set perfectly symmetrical for the Radio City Music Hall Blockettes. When Connie and Viv have a tiff, Peg and Cat make peace by making sure each has the same number of flowers.

The Birthday Cake Problem/The Doohickey Problem

28:55 | #106 | TV-Y

Peg and Cat make a rockin' birthday cake for Jonah and his friends the Teens. When their space ship is smashed, Peg and Cat must reassemble its variously shaped parts.

The Baby Problem/The Sparkling Sphere Problem

28:55 | #112 | TV-Y

Babysitters Peg and Cat rescue the precocious Baby Fox from the top of his elaborate block tower. Peg and Cat search for the Wizard Ramone, who has floated away in a sparkling sphere.

The Slop Problem/The Birthday Present Problem

28:55 | #111 | TV-Y

Peg and Cat enlist the Teens to help them figure out how to clean filthy farm animals. Peg and Cat gather 30 rocks from their favorite lands to give Peg's Mom for her 30th birthday.

The Race Car Problem/The Big Gig Problem

28:55 | #110 | TV-Y

Peg and Cat rebuild their homemade race car, "Hot Buttered Lightnin'," to compete in a race. Peg and Cat need to round up the missing members of their touring band before a concert.

The Honey Problem/The Penguin Problem

28:55 | #109 | TV-Y

The 3 Bees will produce honey for Peg and Cat's honey cake - but only if Peg and Cat will dance for them. Peg and Cat coach a team of skiing penguins who might have a shot at the Olympic gold medal.

The Dinosaur Problem/The Beethoven Problem

28:55 | #108 | TV-Y

Peg and Cat get lost riding dinosaurs through a prehistoric forest. Peg and Cat help their pal Ludwig Van Beethoven write a symphony.

The Parade Problem/The Halloween Problem

28:55 | #113 | TV-Y

Peg and Cat need to sort out recyclables to clean up the park in time for the Halloween Parade. While trick or treating, Peg and Cat find themselves pursued by a metal monster.

The Messy Room Problem/The Golden Pyramid Problem

28:55 | #102 | TV-Y

Peg and Cat sort through the mess in Peg's room just in time for company to come over. Peg and the Sir Cat search far and wide to retrieve the Mermaid's golden pyramids.

The Tree Problem/Another Tree Problem

28:55 | #107 | TV-Y

When Cat is stuck in a tree, Peg needs to figure out how to get him down using three giant gifts. When Cat is stuck in a tree again Peg has to find a different way to get him down.

The Circus Problem/The Buried Treasure Problem

28:55 | #105 | TV-Y

Peg and Cat climb, swing, swoop, and juggle their way over amazing heights and lengths. Peg and Cat measure their way to buried treasure using Cat as a measuring stick!

The Three Bears Problem/The Giant Problem

28:55 | #104 | TV-Y

Peg and Cat bring the Three Bears, the Three Little Pigs, and the Three Billy Goats Gruff together. Peg and Cat must attempt a great escape when they think the Giants want to eat them.

The Pirate Problem/The Sleepover Problem

28:55 | #103 | TV-Y

Peg and Cat show a group of very hungry Pirates how to share tropical fruit fairly. Peg and Cat help scared Pirates fall asleep by counting chickens.

The Chicken Problem/The Space Creature Problem

28:55 | #101 | TV-Y

Peg and Cat have to get 100 chickens back in the coop before the farmer sees. Peg, Cat, and Richard must get the 100 chickens away from Big Mouth and back to their spaceship.

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