Ready Jet Go!

Ready Jet Go!

This animated series for kids ages 3-8, takes viewers on a journey into outer space. The series two neighborhood kids: Sean, who has an all-consuming drive for science facts, and Sydney, who has a passion for science fiction and imagination. They befriend the new kid on their street, Jet Propulsion, whose family members happen to be aliens!

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Mars Rock for Mom/Sean Has a Cold

28:46 | #222 | TV-Y

Jet wants to do something special for Celery for Mother's Day. The kids are all trying out their new kites except Sean, who's stuck in his room with a cold.

Sunspot's Sunspot/Our Sun Is A Star!

28:46 | #216 | TV-Y

Sunspot is acting strange because of a large sunspot on the Sun. Mindy learns that our Sun is a star.

My Three Suns/Magnet P.I.

28:46 | #215 | TV-Y

Face 9000 tells the kids about a system with not one, but three suns! Sean becomes a magician called the Great Seanzo and dazzles the other kids with magnet tricks.

Moon Circus/Every Day Is Earth Day

28:55 | #221 | TV-Y

Carrot is about to turn 250 Bortronian years old and the kids set up a backyard circus to celebrate. It's Earth Day, and the kids prepare posters for the big community celebration.

Who Messed Up the Treehouse?/Fact or Fiction?

28:55 | #212 | TV-Y

The tree house gets too messy, and the kids have to learn to share responsibility and clean together. Sean and Sydney set out to show Mindy how to separate fact from fiction.

Potatoes On Mars/Bortron Leprechaun

28:46 | #211 | TV-Y

Jet is fascinated by the Earthie potatoes that the kids have grown and wants to grow them on Mars! Sydney tells Jet about the mythical Leprechauns that keep a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Astronaut Ellen Ochoa!

28:55 | #219 | TV-Y

Astronaut Ellen Ochoa comes to visit the DSA and the kids help her solve an engineering problem.

Moon Face/Lone Star 2 - Rocket Kids!

28:55 | #224 | TV-Y

The kids observe the full Moon at night and wonder why it seems to have a "face." The kids build their own "foot rocket" after they dig up a part of an old rocket down by the Lake.

Ain't No Mars Mountain High Enough/Treasure Hunt

28:46 | #223 | TV-Y

Jet convinces the kids to fly to Mars with Sunspot to join a mountain climbing expedition. Jet and Sunspot decide to make and bury their own treasure.

Freebird/Sean's Robotic Arm

28:46 | #218 | TV-Y

The kids set up an "observation station" to make notes about the migrating habits of Snow Geese. Sean accidentally drops his beloved Neil Armstrong action figure into a large crack in the ground.

That's One Gigantic Pumpkin, Jet Propulsion!

28:55 | #209 | TV-Y

Jet gets carried away and uses his Bortronian Grow-Lamp to grow a huge pumpkin. The kids have to get his enormous pumpkin downtown to win the contest!

You Can Call Me Albedo/The Tide is High

28:55 | #217 | TV-Y

The kids learn about how, just like asteroids, some things are easier to see in the dark than others. This amount of brightness is called "albedo." The kids learn that the beach looks different than last time they were there because of the tides.

Try and Try Again/Racing On Sunshine

28:55 | #210 | TV-Y

Jet and the kids try a bunch of different wheels so robot Jet 2 can rove over the surface of Mars. The kids enter their karts in the big kid-kart derby, but this year they all have to design solar powered karts.

Water, Water Everywhere/Commander Cressida Story Contest

28:55 | #206 | TV-Y

Jet takes the kids on a saucer tour around the Earth to discover the ways that water can be found. Sydney wants to enter a Commander Cressida story contest, but can't think up a good enough story.

Earth, Wind, and Flyer/Mini-Golf at the Dsa

28:55 | #205 | TV-Y

Jet is fascinated by the effects of wind on his saucer. He and the kids study how wind works. When the DSA builds a new mini-golf course, the kids team up against the grownups.

Asteroid Belt Space Race/Sydney 2

28:55 | #203 | TV-Y

The kids join Celery in a space race with Uncle Zucchini, Auntie Eggplant, and Zerk. Sydney designs and builds a robot companion for Jet 2.

I Feel The Earth Move/Zerk Visits Earth

28:55 | #202 | TV-Y

After an earthquake, Celery takes the kids into space to study the Earth's plates and fault lines. Zerk, Jet's overactive cousin, visits Earth.

Souped-Up Saucer/Pet Sounds

28:55 | #201 | TV-Y

Celery adds a robot arm and other features to the family saucer before taking a trip to the Moon. Jet takes care of Mitchell's dog Cody for the weekend, and attempts to teach him some new tricks.

Eye in the Sky/Total Eclipse Block Party

28:55 | #220 | TV-Y

The kids get help from Mitchell building a weather observation station to make a weather prediction. The kids prepare a Total Eclipse song and dance to perform at the DSA, where the whole town is gathered for the event.

Mindy's Bedtime/Galileo, Galileo!

28:55 | #214 | TV-Y

Mindy asks Jet and the others to help her keep the sun from going down. Sean portrays Galileo for a school report.

Mindy and Carrot Bake/Commander Cressida Begins

28:55 | #213 | TV-Y

While searching for an ingredient to make a cake, Carrot and Mindy accidentally blast into outer space, and now must find a way home.

Mindy's Ice Rink/Measure for Measure

28:55 | #207 | TV-Y

Jet, Sean, Sydney, and Celery retrieve ice from Saturn so they can build a skating rink for Mindy. The gang decides to make a scaled replica of the solar system.

Endless Summer/Jet Shrinks the Kids

28:55 | #204 | TV-Y

Jet flies from the Northern Hemisphere to the Southern Hemisphere to experience holidays in winter and summer on the same day. Jet and friends use a shrink-ray to become small like Mindy.

Mindy Turns Five

28:55 | #208 | TV-Y

Mindy celebrates her fifth birthday with her first space trip aboard the Propulsion family saucer and a tea party on the moon.

A Hammer and a Feather/Commander Mom

28:46 | #140 | TV-Y

Sydney shows Jet and Sean a cool experiment - dropping different items from the same height to see which reaches the ground first. Sydney brings Jet and Sean to the DSA to visit her mom, a robotics engineer named Dr. Amy Skelly.

From Pluto with Love/A Star Is Born

28:55 | #133 | TV-Y

Sydney leads an expedition to the edge of the solar system to bring Mindy's Valentine to Pluto. Sydney directs the kids in a backyard movie about the formation of a star.

Holidays In Boxwood Terrace

28:55 | #138 | TV-Y

Jet pitches an idea for the annual Boxwood Terrace Christmas Pageant and he gets to direct it!

Not a Sound/Mindy in Space

28:46 | #139 | TV-Y

The kids travel to outer space to confirm the amazing fact that there is no sound in outer space. Mindy and the rest of the kids watch a real, amazing, actual space event - the Leonid Meteor Showers shooting across the sky!

Castaway Carrot/Jet Can't Sleep

28:55 | #137 | TV-Y

Celery, Jet, and Sunspot discover that they have mistakenly left Carrot on the Moon! The Propulsions learn about Earth storms as compared to storms on other planets.

Sean's Neptune Tune/Earthday Birthday

28:55 | #136 | TV-Y

Sean's nervousness about flying out to visit Neptune is soothed by Jet's suggestion - an improvised "Neptune tune." The kids discover that they'e missed all 63 of Jet's Bortronian birthdays, so they throw a party.

Total Eclipse of the Sunspot/Sean's Year in Space

28:55 | #130 | TV-Y

The kids use a solar panel to improve their energy efficiency and notice Sunspot is acting strange. Sean is excited by NASA's "Year in Space" program on the International Space Station, and decides to try to live for a year in the tree house.

Space Race/Jet's Time Machine

28:55 | #135 | TV-Y

Celery competes against her brother, Uncle Zucchini, in an "Earthie-style race with a winner"! Jet uses his Bortronian skills to test his first experimental Time Machine.

The Mindysphere/Lone Star

28:55 | #134 | TV-Y

Mindy maps out exactly what her boundaries are. Sydney tells Jet stories about a local pioneer who went by the nickname "Lone Star."

Whole Lotta Shakin'/My Fair Jet

28:55 | #132 | TV-Y

The kids attempt to build the tallest tower ever on the Moon, hoping to beat Jet's cousin's record. After a hilarious outburst from Jet, the kids are motivated to try to "train" him to behave.

Beep and Boop's Game/Constellation Prize

28:55 | #128 | TV-Y

The kids help Dr. Rafferty and Bergs get Mars Rover BOOP over a ravine on the red planet! When Mindy thinks she's found her own star, the other kids explain how stars are labeled and identified.

Space Junk/Scientific Sean

28:46 | #127 | TV-Y

After learning about space junk, the kids are determined to help clean up their space neighborhood. Jet is fascinated by Earth paper airplanes when he watches Sean casually fold one.

What's a Satellite/Satellite Selfie

28:46 | #126 | TV-Y

Jet decides to fly up to space and see what the problem is with a broken communications satellite. The kids learn that they can use links to different websites to see a satellite view of their house.

Sunday Drive

28:46 | #129 | TV-Y

A test drive to Mars - usually a simple trip - is complicated by the new saucer dashboard.

Jet's First Halloween

28:46 | #131 | TV-Y

Jet enjoys his first Halloween. Carrot and Celery create a haunted house in their garage.

Sunspot and the Great Red Spot/Uncle Zucchini Babysits

28:55 | #122 | TV-Y

The kids and Celery do everything they can to get Sunspot to Jupiter and his Red Spot Club meet-up. Uncle Zucchini learns about the three states of water (solid, liquid, and gas).

Tiny Blue Dot/Earth Camping

28:55 | #125 | TV-Y

A rollicking, song-filled recap of the Propulsion family's mission to Earth is showcased. Mr. Petersen and Mitchell go camping with Carrot and Jet and get lost on a hike.

Which Moon Is Best?/Detective Mindy

28:55 | #124 | TV-Y

Sean wants to be the first to walk on a another moon, much like his hero Neil Armstrong. Mitchell takes up the case of the "black hole" kitchen counter.

Diggin' Earth/Mindy's Mystery

28:55 | #123 | TV-Y

The kids try to dig into the Center of the Earth and learn all about the planet's layers. Mindy is kept awake by a sweet, strong smell from outside, so the kids investigate.

So Many Moons/Project Pluto

28:55 | #121 | TV-Y

Mindy is worried that a possible addition of a younger sibling to her family might be a challenge. Mindy is excited about presenting her model of Pluto for school show and tell.

Date Night/Face on the Fritz

28:46 | #120 | TV-Y

The kids all get involved to help create the perfect date night for Carrot and Celery. When the kids try to build a new pet house for Sunspot, FACE 9000 gives them mixed-up directions.

Mindy Pet-Sits Sunspot/Treehouse Iss

28:55 | #119 | TV-Y

Mindy is upset because she can't go see the Northern Lights so Sunspot agrees to let her be his pet-sitter. The kids argue when they realize that they all want to use the treehouse at the same time.

Asteroids, Meteors, and Meteorites/Mindy's Meteorite Stand

28:46 | #117 | TV-Y

Celery flies the kids out to space to learn the difference between an asteroid, a meteor, and a meteorite. Mindy sets up a stand so people can see her meteorite, and bring her rocks to assess.

Solar System Bake-Off/Kid-Kart Derby

28:46 | #116 | TV-Y

Mindy and Carrot enter a cooking competition and make desserts representing the planets of the Solar System. Jet builds an electric engine from scratch for the annual soapbox derby competition.

A Visit from Uncle Zucchini/Mindy's Weather Report

28:55 | #114 | TV-Y

Celery's brother, Zucchini, and his pet, Moonbeam, decide to visit the Propulsions, but get lost along the way. Mindy and Sunspot learn of a huge storm system on Saturn but the other kids mistakenly assume the storm is local - mayhem ensues!

Comet Fever/Asteroid Patrol

28:55 | #118 | TV-Y

The neighborhood is having a star gazing party when Mindy discovers what may be a new comet. When Sean learns that asteroids are floating around the solar system, he decides to set up a homemade asteroid watch-station in the treehouse.

Ice Moon Enceladus/What Goes Up....

28:55 | #115 | TV-Y

Sean sets up a snow cone stand on a hot day to help raise money to send a spaceship to Mars. Jet builds a mini-flying saucer in his garage and wants to test it, but to succeed, he has to learn what gravity is and how it works.

How Come The Moon Changes Shape?/Night of a Bazillion Stars

28:55 | #106 | TV-Y

The gang fly out to space so they can see how the Moon changes shape depending on perspective. Jet, Sydney, and Sean use a telescope to look at the night sky and learn why stars twinkle and planets don't.

How Come the Moon Has Craters?/Backyard Moon Base

28:55 | #105 | TV-Y

The kids take a trip to the Moon and learn that falling asteroids probably created all the craters on the Moon's surface! The kids use their imaginations to figure out what challenges they would need to overcome in order to live on the Moon.

The Grandest Canyon/A Visit to The Planetarium

28:55 | #113 | TV-Y

The Propulsions are inspired to take their own trip to Mars to explore Valles Marineris - the largest canyon in the Solar System! Sean and Sydney take Jet to the DSA to see a show at the Planetarium.

What's Up with Saturn's Rings?/Sunspot's Night Out

28:46 | #112 | TV-Y

Celery takes Jet, Sydney, and Sean on a trip to explore Saturn's rings to learn what they're made of. The gang uses the North Star to navigate when Sunspot goes missing.

Mission to Mars/Sounds Abound

28:46 | #111 | TV-Y

Jet suggests they just have his mom fly the gang out to Mars. Sean tries to work on a science project for Space Troops, but is interrupted by his friends' constant noise.

More Than One Moon/Visit to Mom's Office

28:55 | #110 | TV-Y

Celery flies the kids out to Mars so they can see what its two moons look like compared to ours. Sean and Sydney take Jet to meet Sean's mom, a scientist, at the Deep Space Array.

How We Found Your Sun/Treehouse Observatory

28:55 | #102 | TV-Y

Jet explains how his family found Earth by way of the Sun, a star in the Milky Way galaxy. Sydney, Jet, Sunspot, and Sean fix up a treehouse and make it into their own clubhouse/observatory.

Beep Has The Blues/Chore Day

28:55 | #108 | TV-Y

Beep is sad because her sister rover on Mars, Boop, is sick and can't move. Jet learns what chores are, and he and Sean help Sydney turn her chores into science games!

Mission to The Moon/Mindy's Moon Bounce House

28:55 | #107 | TV-Y

The kids decide to do a real-life reenactment of man's first mission landing on the Moon! Jet gives a special birthday gift to Mindy that allows her to defy gravity.

Round and Round/The Plant from Bortron 7

28:55 | #103 | TV-Y

The kids learn how all planets orbit around the Sun and rotate on their own axes at the same time. Jet attempts to grow a seed from his home planet, but the light from our Sun is stronger than the light from Bortron 7.

Just The Right Distance from the Sun/Solar Power Rover

28:55 | #104 | TV-Y

Sean explains that Earth is a "Goldilocks" planet because it's not too hot and not too cold. Jet, Sean, and Sydney visit their Mars Robot Rover friend at the DSA, and discover that the rover seems tired.

Tour of the Solar System/Jet Cooks Dinner

28:55 | #101 | TV-Y

Celery, Jet's mom, takes the kids on a tour of the solar system and introduces all of the planets. Sydney, Mindy, Sunspot, and Sean help Jet cook a classic meal from Bortron 7 for his parents, Celery and Carrot.

A Kid's Guide to Mars/Jet 2

28:55 | #109 | TV-Y

Celery and Carrot need to update their guidebook about Mars, and the kids join them on a trip to see how much things have changed. Jet builds a robot version of himself, so that he can be in "two places at once!"

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