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Simply Ming

Episodes feature mouthwatering recipes, celebrity chefs, and road trips. Host Ming Tsai demonstrates the ease of cooking seasonal, healthy, quick, and delicious meals.

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Sarah Grueneberg

26:46 | #1608 | TV-G

Michelin star chef Sarah Grueneberg whips up a tortelli verdi and Ming makes a garlic chive wonton.

On the Road - Riquewihr

26:46 | #1621 | TV-G

Ming travels to the small picturesque town of Riquewihr, France to learn how macaroons are made.

On the Road - Heidelberg

26:46 | #1620 | TV-G

Ming heads to Heidelberg, Germany to cook with Michelin-star chef Mario Sauer.

On the Road - Wines of the Rhine

26:46 | #1619 | TV-G

Ming travels to Rudesheim am Rhein, Germany for some wine, brandy, and local char.

On the Road - Amsterdam II

26:46 | #1618 | TV-G

Simply Ming goes On the Road to Europe to enjoy culinary experiences along the Rhine River.

Onthe Road - Strasbourg

26:46 | #1617 | TV-G

A choucroute royale garnie with salted bacon and pork liver is prepared in Strasbourg, France.

On the Road - Amsterdam

26:46 | #1616 | TV-G

Gingered mango-pineapple galette and a traditional Indonesian speck cake are prepared in Amsterdam.

On the Road - Cologne

26:46 | #1615 | TV-G

Austrian blutwurst with potatoes and a spicy sausage fried rice are served in Cologne, Germany.

Jay Hajj

26:46 | #1614 | TV-G

Boston chef Jay Hajj swings by to cook up some savory tastes from the Middle East.

Joanne Chang

26:46 | #1613 | TV-G

Joanne Chang makes a passion fruit and raspberry Pavlova and Ming makes a delectable isle flottante.

Ken Oringer

26:46 | #1612 | TV-G

Ken Oringer makes Thai sausage with oyster aioli and Ming prepares butter poached oysters.

Akhtar Nawab

26:46 | #1611 | TV-G

Chef Akhtar Nawab makes a hearty mushroom Bolognese with homemade ligurian corzetti pasta.

Billy Dec

26:46 | #1610 | TV-G

Actor and restaurateur Billy Dec cooks up a classic adobo pork belly bao with oozing fried egg.

Ivan Orkin

26:47 | #1609 | TV-G

Chef Orkin shows how to make a simple version of shoyu ramen. Ming prepares a quick vegetable ramen.

Bryan Caswell

26:46 | #1607 | TV-G

Houston chef Bryan Caswell barbecues a blackened black sea bass on the half shell with Swiss chard.

Simon Majumdar

26:46 | #1606 | TV-G

Simon Majumdar makes chicken tikka masala and Ming creates curry-apple chicken with house rice.

Sara Moulton

26:46 | #1605 | TV-G

Chef Sara Moulton cooks a flavorful Alsatian onion pie and Ming makes French onion apple soup.

Masaharu Morimoto

26:47 | #1604 | TV-G

James Beard Award-winning chef Rick Bayless stops by to make traditional Mexican chilaquiles.

Rick Bayless

26:47 | #1603 | TV-G

Chef Jacques Pepin creates an onion-crusted sole with anchovy butter and a butternut squash saute.

Jacques Pepin

26:46 | #1602 | TV-G

Carla Hall, co-host of The Chew, stops by to create delicious sea island shrimp with grits.

Carla Hall

26:46 | #1601 | TV-G

Chef Daniel Gamiche

26:46 | #1526 | TV-G

Chef Galmiche prepares pan-fried steelhead trout. Ming makes a trout "pho" with lemon-ginger broth.

Chef Simon Hulstone

26:46 | #1525 | TV-G

Ming and Chef Hulstone prepare cod two ways paired with wines from the stunning Sharpham Estate.

Fish & Chips with Chef Craig Maw

26:46 | #1524 | TV-G

Fish and chips are prepared. Ming visits a fish auction at the Brixham Fish Market in England.

Minnesota Episode with Jamie Malone

26:46 | #1523 | TV-G

Salmon en papillote is made with beans, leeks, and maitake mushrooms with brown butter couscous.

Langoustine & Tomatoes with Chef Axel Bjorn Claussen

26:46 | #1522 | TV-G

Icelandic pan sauteed langoustine and hot and sour soup with mussels and grilled cheese are made.

Arctic Char with Fanney Dora Sigurjonsdottir, Vodka Coctail

26:46 | #1521 | TV-G

A cured Arctic char tartar with grilled bread and tea-smoked five peppercorn Arctic char are made.

Icelandic Lamb with Chef Thrainn Freyr Vigfusson

26:46 | #1520 | TV-G

Grilled lamb ribs with dried grapes and almonds and lamb fried rice with sumac skyr are served.

Wild Cod with Chef Gisli Matthias Audunsson

26:46 | #1519 | TV-G

Ming is On the Road in Iceland and kicks off his time on the Nordic island nation by exploring its coastline. Whole roasted cod head with angelic emulsion and potato salad and rice paper-wrapped cod are made.

Michael Schlow

26:46 | #1518 | TV-G

An Italian spicy seafood stew called cacciucco and a tasty Thai seafood stew are prepared.

Leah Cohen

26:46 | #1517 | TV-G

Korean honey butter chicken wings and delicious blue ginger Laos chicken wings are served.

Seamus Mullen

26:46 | #1516 | TV-G

A lamb meatball stew with quinoa, baby carrots, sugar snap peas and herbs is prepared. Ming makes a lamb and leek pilaf with lemon cucumber tzatziki.

Jamie Bissonnette

26:46 | #1515 | TV-G

A spicy shrimp with Thai eggplant and a tasty Sichuan eggplant dish called Yu Xiang Qie are served.

Chris Hastings

26:46 | #1514 | TV-G

Creamy shrimp and grits and a savory rice porridge with a brown and white mixed house rice are made.

Joanne Chang

26:47 | #1513 | TV-G

Delicious Vietnamese espresso ice cream-filled profiteroles with spicy ganache and devil's balls are prepared.

Adam Richman

26:46 | #1512 | TV-G

A Port-Au-Prince sour; salmon BLT; and a kosher BLT without the bacon, lettuce, or tomato are made.

Mom and Pops

26:46 | #1511 | TV-G

A delicious steamed whole fish with zesty chiles and a spicy ground pork stir fry are prepared.

Ken Oringer

26:46 | #1510 | TV-G

An amazing fried chicken sandwich with a kimchi brine and a fried chicken bahn mi are prepared.

Mathew Peters

26:47 | #1509 | TV-G

Chicken and crayfish and surf-and-turf dark chicken and shrimp stir fry with snap peas are served.

Tiffani Faison

26:46 | #1508 | TV-G

Grilled tandoori chicken with a tomato and herb salad and tea-smoked whole chicken are served.

Rick Bayless

26:47 | #1507 | TV-G

Mexican street corn tacos with corn tortillas and an egg omelet wrap with a corn are served.

Amanda Freitag

26:46 | #1506 | TV-G

Amanda Freitag prepares pork chops with crispy pancetta while Ming whips up a pork scaloppini.

Todd English

26:46 | #1505 | TV-G

Todd English shares how to make a cauliflower risotto and Ming puts his own spin on this trendy vegetable.

Barbara Lynch

26:46 | #1504 | TV-G

Chef Barbara Lynch cooks up a ricotta ravioli with black olive croutons and a simple tomato pan sauce. Ming makes an Asian-inspired ginger edamame ravioli with a Chinese vinegar and brown butter sauce.

Aaron Sanchez

26:47 | #1503 | TV-G

Aaron Sanchez cooks his albondigas tacos while Ming makes beef and salted watercress scallion pancakes.

Jacques Pepin

26:46 | #1502 | TV-G

Jacques and his granddaughter Shorey swing by Ming's loft to make curly dogs with pickle relish, mayogrette dressing, and potato salad. Ming cooks up some quick Chinese sausage buns.

Carla Hall

26:46 | #1501 | TV-G

Ming and Carla Hall prepare fragrant calaloo, cassava in coconut sauce, and watercress soup.

Geir Skeier

26:46 | #1412 | TV-G

Chef Tsai continues his adventure in Norway. Two meals from the region's sumptuous salmon are made.

Matt Louis

26:46 | #1426 | TV-G

Goat meatballs with garlic mustard pesto, local farm feta and sunchoke chips are prepared.

Louis Dibiccari

26:46 | #1425 | TV-G

A lobster gravy with a lobster risotto and Thai basil-lobster risotto cakes are prepared.

Jason Bond

26:46 | #1424 | TV-G

Jason Bond of Bondir in Cambridge prepares grilled mackerel with charred eggplant puree.

Robert Sisca

26:46 | #1423 | TV-G

Chef Robert Sisca comes up from Rhode Island to visit Ming and to create two takes on halibut.

Hawai'i - Roy Yamaguchi and Alan Wong

26:46 | #1422 | TV-G

Ming visits the Hawai'i Food and Wine festival and cooks with chefs Roy Yamaguchi and Alan Wong.

Hawai'i - Mom & Dad

26:46 | #1421 | TV-G

Ming heads to Honolulu to join mom and dad in their kitchen for a family meal of favorite dishes.

Hawai'i - Lee Ann Wong

26:46 | #1420 | TV-G

Ming and chef Lee Anne Wong create a sumptuous meal celebrating the heritage of the islands.

Hawai'i - Ed Kenney

26:46 | #1419 | TV-G

Ming and chef Ed Kenney create two unique takes on traditional dishes in Hawai'i.

Hawai'i - Isaac Bancaco

26:46 | #1418 | TV-G

Ming spends time in Hawai'i with chef Issac Boncaco. Two different takes on tuna are showcased.

Andrew Taylor and Mike Wiley

26:47 | #1417 | TV-G

Oysters with kimchee, brown butter lobster roll, and beer battered oysters with shallots are served.

Susan Regis

26:46 | #1416 | TV-G

Susan Regi creates a rye berry salad with wine cap mushrooms, wild greens, and herbed creme fraiche.

Will Gilson

26:46 | #1415 | TV-G

Duck breast with hay-roasted carrots and toasted pistachios and Szechwan duck legs are prepared.

Andreas Viestad

26:46 | #1414 | TV-G

Chef Viestad introduces Ming to a farm apple Kir before they whip up two mouth-watering meals.

Orjan Johannessen

26:46 | #1413 | TV-G

Two distinctive Fjord Trout meals and a pickled herring and caramel pudding are served.

Gunnar Hvarnes

26:46 | #1411 | TV-G

Ming takes off for Norway to explore its rich culture. Two delicious Cod dishes are created.

Sam Hayward

26:46 | #1410 | TV-G

Local Bang's Island mussels, local cider, leeks and sea greens are combined with grilled bread.

Rocco Dispirito

26:46 | #1409 | TV-G

Rocco DiSpirito makes an almond vanilla protein smoothie and a spinach pesto pasta with tomatoes.

Shaun Hergatt

26:46 | #1408 | TV-G

Chef Shaun Hergatt creates an acacia-glazed duck breast with plum puree and fennel salad.

Johnny Iuzzini

26:46 | #1407 | TV-G

Award-winning pastry chef Johnny Iuzzini creates an amazing frozen dark and stormy souffle.

Rick Bayless

26:46 | #1406 | TV-G

Potatoes in a Marwari style with griddle bread and a Japanese chicken curry are prepared.

Madhur Jaffrey

26:46 | #1405 | TV-G

Marwari-style potatoes with griddle bread and a Japanese chicken curry are prepared.

Tiffani Faison

26:46 | #1404 | TV-G

Chef Tiffani Faison makes a Vietnamese dish called pad gra pow and Ming makes meatloaf sliders.

Jacques Pepin

26:46 | #1403 | TV-G

Chef Jacques Pepin makes chicken livers with mushroom port cranberry sauce and chocolate souffle.

Lidia Bastianich

26:46 | #1402 | TV-G

Chef Lidia Bastianich prepares calamari alla griglia with shrimp, salsa verde, and grilled bread.

Daniel Boulud

26:46 | #1401 | TV-G

French chef Daniel Boulud creates a poulet a l'estragon with rice pilaf and yellow wax beans.

Mom & Dad 2

26:46 | #1313 | TV-G

It's a family affair as Ming's Mom and Dad show their son a thing or two in the kitchen!

Texas 4

26:46 | #1326 | TV-G

Ming tries out the local fare in Texas, visiting area purveyors and meeting with friends old and new.

Texas 3

26:46 | #1325 | TV-G

It's fall in Dallas, Texas! Ming visits chefs and contributes his own dish to the cuisine culture.

Texas 2

26:46 | #1324 | TV-G

Ming enjoys the local fare in Texas and meets with renowned local chefs. He contributes his own dish to the cuisine culture.

Texas 1

26:46 | #1323 | TV-G

Ming visits with renowned local chefs and tries out the local fare in Texas. He contributes his own dish to the cuisine culture.

Jeremy Sewell

26:46 | #1322 | TV-G

Chef Jeremy Sewell makes whole black sea bass with ginger tomatoes, pesto, and squash blossoms.

Barbara Lynch

26:46 | #1321 | TV-G

Chef Barbara Lynch makes a shellfish and saffron stew and Ming prepares herb olive poached seafood.

Jasper White

26:46 | #1320 | TV-G

Boston's "King of Seafood" creates a Portuguese-style seafood stew of clams, mussels, and chourico.

Jody Adams

26:46 | #1319 | TV-G

Chef Jody Adams makes a flavorful green pea and artichoke soup with two kinds of pesto.

Michael Scelfo

26:46 | #1318 | TV-G

Michael Scelfo and Ming use butternut squash, curry, and edamame to create delicious hummus dishes.

California 4

26:46 | #1317 | TV-G

Ming drives up the California coast to get the scoop on local ingredients and try tasty dishes.

California 3 - Richard Zarate

26:46 | #1316 | TV-G

Ricardo Zarate, godfather of Peruvian cuisine, and Ming swap homestyle recipes from their cultures.

California - Animal

26:46 | #1315 | TV-G

Ming meets the two visionaries behind the LA hotspot Animal, chefs Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo.

California - Roy Choi

26:46 | #1314 | TV-G

Chef Roy Choi takes Ming on a ride in one of his food trucks while they cook up some daring cuisine.

Mom & Dad 1

26:46 | #1312 | TV-G

Ming's Mom and Dad stop by to share two delicious comfort food recipes.

Mario Batali

26:46 | #1311 | TV-G

Chef Mario Batali and Ming whip up two delicious home-cooked dishes in Ming's loft kitchen.

Ivan Orkin

26:46 | #1310 | TV-G

Flavorful shrimp, beef and broccoli is spooned over a tasty brown and white rice mix.

Joanne Chang

26:46 | #1309 | TV-G

Boston pastry chef Joanne Chang makes four scrumptious berry dishes.

Michael Schlow

26:46 | #1308 | TV-G

Chef Michael Schlow makes Spaghetti Amatriciana. Savory black bean pork chow mein is served.

Ken Oringer

26:46 | #1307 | TV-G

Boston legend Ken Oringer makes a decadent fideua and Ming revolutionizes risotto.

Matt Jennings

26:46 | #1306 | TV-G

Chef Matt Jennings joins Ming around the barbeque to feast on tuna, a highly sustainable fish.

Todd English

26:46 | #1305 | TV-G

Chef Todd English makes pizza on the grill. Todd opts for a pizza with fontina fonduta, meatball ribbons, shaved artichokes, and Heirloom pomodoro fresco.

Jamie Bissonnette

26:46 | #1304 | TV-G

Ming is cooks at home with Jamie Bissonnette, James Beard award-winning chef. Both chefs take on rice, creating two amazing dishes from one simple ingredient!

Tiffani Faison

26:46 | #1303 | TV-G

Top Chef all-star Tiffani Fasion makes Banh Xeo - a Vietnamese fried pancake loaded with shrimp.

Ed Lee

26:46 | #1302 | TV-G

Chef Edward Lee of 610 Magnolia in Louisville, Kentucky stops by to grill up a rich rib eye with spicy gochujang butter. Ming whips up a delicious shitake-umami glazed steak.

Carla Hall

26:46 | #1301 | TV-G

Carla Hall prepares country greens, chow-chow pickles, and hot water corn bread.

Spaghetti East Western

26:16 | #1226 | TV-G

Ming makes Asian spaghetti with pork, ginger, and garlic. Evan Deluty makes a classic bolognese.

All-In-One Satisfying Steak Dinners

26:46 | #1225 | TV-G

Ming prepares Mongolian Beef. Lydia Shire makes a mouthwatering Swiss steak from chuck steak.

Let Them Eat Fish Cakes

26:46 | #1224 | TV-G

Ming makes salmon cakes with fennel salad. Mark Gaier and Clark Fraiser make cod cakes with tartar sauce.

Dumplings - All The World Loves A Dumpling

26:46 | #1223 | TV-G

Ming makes ginger pork dumplings with dim sum dipper and Candice Kumai makes a tasty and nutritious matcha tea smoothie.

Sunday in the Park with Ming and Skip

26:46 | #1222 | TV-G

Cook out dishes include sesame noodle cucumber salad and Aunt Marguerite's famous potato salad.

Fruit Forward Desserts

26:46 | #1221 | TV-G

Ming makes frozen lemongrass parfait with pineapple flambe and Chef Nancy Silverton makes a blueberry brown butter tart.

Chicken Soup - The World's Favorite Cure

27:46 | #1220 | TV-G

Ming explores a universal comfort food staple: chicken soup. Every culture has its own version and Ming shares his from childhood, a wonton noodle soup.

Great Gratins

26:46 | #1219 | TV-G

Gratin dauphinois with grilled flat iron steak and Colin Cowie's Gratin of Linguine are served.

Cooking Local with Lachlan Colwill

26:46 | #1218 | TV-G

Recipes include seared blue fin tuna with cured egg yolk and a buttermilk tempura surf & turf.

Cooking in the Oval with Dennis Leslie

26:46 | #1217 | TV-G

Ming visits Adelaide, known as Austrailian wine country, and joins fellow chef Dennis Leslie to prepare pork adobo with muntrie jam and quondong.

Gourmet Markets with Dominique Rizzo

26:46 | #1216 | TV-G

Ming shops in some of the best gourmet markets in Australia with Aussie super-chef Dominique Rizzo.

Oysters Three Ways with Darren Robertson

26:46 | #1215 | TV-G

Ming heads out to Bondi Beach to cook oysters three-ways with Australian chef Darren Robertson.

Australian Lamb with Tim Bourke

26:30 | #1214 | TV-G

Ming travels to Kangaroo Island in South Australia where he cooks with world-famous Australian lamb.

Wood-Fired Cooking with Robert Marchetti

26:46 | #1213 | TV-G

Seared tuna nicoise with poached duck egg and herbed butter sauce and grilled quail are prepared.

Kangaroo Island with Kate Sumner and Craig Wickem

26:46 | #1212 | TV-G

Wildlife in Australia is explored. Australian marron and King George Whiting are put on the barbie.

Australian Beef with Mark Best

26:18 | #1211 | TV-G

Australia's spectacular Wagyu beef is seared and served with beetroot and radicchio kimchee.

Shrimp & Garlic: Compass-Wide Comfort Combo

26:45 | #1210 | TV-G

Ming prepares sauteed shrimp with garlic black pepper sauce over rice and gambas al ajillo.

A Chicken In Every Pot

26:46 | #1208 | TV-G

Red roast whole chicken is served with vegetables. Tory McPhail makes chicken and mushroom gumbo.

Fresh Shucked Summer Sweetness

26:46 | #1207 | TV-G

Scallop and sweet potato ravioli are prepared. Chef Michael Mina makes pan seared scallops.

Hungary and Seoul Satisfying: Stuffed Cabbage

26:46 | #1206 | TV-G

Ming makes Korean Steamed Lion's Head and Kristen Kish prepares her grandmother's Hungarian Stuffed Cabbage.

Blue Plate Special

26:00 | #1205 | TV-G

Shitake salisbury steak with pan gravy and comedian Lenny Clarke's Mom's Meatloaf are highlighted.

Pizza for Dinner & Dessert

26:46 | #1204 | TV-G

Ming puts his own spin on an old favorite from Pepe's Pizza, Spicy Clam Pizza. Elizabeth Falkner recreates her award-winning Finocchio Flower Power Pizza.

Leftovers Ignite and Take Flight

26:46 | #1203 | TV-G

A crispy noodle cake with ham and brisket is served. Chef Marcus Samuelsson makes Pytt I Panna.

Better Built BLT's

26:00 | #1202 | TV-G

Ming whips up a a bacon and peanut butter sandwich before making a decadent Panko-crusted eggplant BLT with homemade potato chips.

The Ultimate Comfort Food: The Egg

26:46 | #1201 | TV-G

Ming makese a wok stirred shiitake omelette cooking legend Jacques Pepin steps into the kitchen for a drink and some home cooking.

Ellie Krieger and Better Burgers

27:46 | #1125 | TV-G

Want to eat more Burgers? Ming and Chef Ellie Krieger make some lighter, tastier burgers on the fly.

Spring Roll Wrappers and Pesto

28:00 | #1128 | TV-G

Ming prepares pesto chicken and spinach spring rolls, tomato and cucumber napoleon, and Italian sausage and pan pizza.

Organic Ponzu and Jamon De Fermin

28:00 | #1127 | TV-G

Ming makes jamon wrapped asparagus with ponzu syrup and Chef Marco Canora prepares linguini with ponzu steamed clams and crispy jamon.

Einat Admony & Purees

26:46 | #1126 | TV-G

Chef Ming and Chef Einat Admony show how to make purees explode with texture and flavor.


26:46 | #1124 | TV-G

Ming visits the Canadian Rocky Mountain Ranch where Chef Allistair Barnes cooks elk and bison.

Rocky Mountaineer

28:02 | #1123 | TV-G

Chef Ming Tsai travels across British Columbia to experience the best of Canadian cuisine.


27:27 | #1122 | TV-G

Chef Ming Tsai goes to the Sake brewery in Nara, Japan to discover the wonders of Sake.


27:00 | #1121 | TV-G

Chef Ming learns about Kobe Beef and cooks at one of the best beef restaurants in Osaka, Rakutaian.

Cooking at Home - Miso

26:46 | #1120 | TV-G

Chef Ming visits one of the oldest Miso factories in Japan and learns Miso cooking techniques.

Mom and Dad - Show Two

26:46 | #1119 | TV-G

In this special edition, Ming is joined by his parents to cook some of their favorite dishes.

Mom and Dad - Show One

26:46 | #1118 | TV-G

In this special edition, Ming is joined by his parents to cook some of their favorite dishes.

Tony Maws & Funky Cuts

26:34 | #1117 | TV-G

Chef Tony Maws prepares those funky cuts of meat you might have trouble identifying.

Richmond - Andy Liu

26:46 | #1116 | TV-G

On the road in Richmond, British Columbia, Ming and Chef Andy Liu cook with one of the region's best local ingredients, crab.

Richmond - Ian Lai

26:46 | #1115 | TV-G

Ming and chef Ian Lai pair fresh haddock and salmon with ingredients from a community garden in British Columbia.

Vancouver - Rain City

26:24 | #1114 | TV-G

Ming and Chef Nick Hipperson explore Canada's fresh produce and wonderful salmon.

Vancover - Tojo

26:46 | #1113 | TV-G

Ming shops for fresh seafood with one of Vancouver's most famous chefs, Hidekazu Tojo.

Street Foods

26:46 | #1112 | TV-G

Ming experiences some of the best street foods that both Osaka and Tokyo have to offer.

Wakiya - Ramen

26:46 | #1111 | TV-G

Ming learns the secrets of cooking Ramen from famous Japanese Chef Yuji Wakiya.

Michiba - Seafood

26:00 | #1110 | TV-G

Ming joins Japan's first Iron Chef, Rokusaburo Michiba, to cook some amazing seafood dishes.

Todd English & Quick Pan Sauce

26:46 | #1109 | TV-G

Ming and Todd English make curried lobster and mushroom sauce with fettuccine and Thai rice noodles with lobster.

Amanda Cohen & Season Veggies

26:46 | #1108 | TV-G

Ming and Chef Amanda Cohen preparea fresh carrot pasta with grilled carrot salsa. Ming makes beef and broccoli - without the beef.

Michael Schlow and Basting

26:46 | #1107 | TV-G

Chef Michael Schlow creates a delicious dish of halibut with mushrooms, quinoa, and tomatoes.

Jamie Bissonnette & En Pappiote

26:46 | #1106 | TV-G

Chef Jamie Bissonnette prepares Scallops En Papillote a la Thai recipe.

Jody Adams & Cooking Greens

26:46 | #1105 | TV-G

Chef Jody Adams prepares nectarine and kale salad with pistachio pesto.

Morimoto & Knives

26:46 | #1104 | TV-G

Iron Chef Morimoto joins Ming to make sure we all know how important knife skills are. Morimoto prepares quick-smoked sea bass and sake-miso braised salmon.

Duff Goldman & Caramel

26:46 | #1103 | TV-G

Duff Goldman, the Ace of Cakes, prepares an unbelievably decadent Mexican breakfast fudge.

Grant Achatz & Scent Infusion

25:18 | #1102 | TV-G

Chef Grant Achatz, the avant-garde leader of Progressive American cuisine, prepares seared Wagyu beef with fermented morels, white soy, and lichen.

Kristen Kish & Soup

26:46 | #1101 | TV-G

Ming cooks with Top Chef star and Menton Chef de Cuisine Kristin Kish. They prepare prawn and bean en brodo and spicy kimchee seafood gumbo.

On the Road - Boston Vendor Trucks - Mobile Cuisine

27:50 | #1026 | TV-G

Ming explores Boston's street food scene and creates a unique East-West Vietnamese sandwich.

Fish Broth

26:03 | #1025 | TV-G

Fish is on the menu when Ming joins a local chef on the picturesque Island of Pico. Together they meet the fishing boats as they come in with the days catch.

On the Road in San Antonio with Diana Barrios Trevino

27:01 | #1024 | TV-G

Ming learns how to make simple and flavorful Tex-Mex cuisine with Chef Diana Barrios Trevino.

Wine & Tapas

27:32 | #1023 | TV-G

Ming helps harvest limpets and clams to come up with two unique dishes in Caldeira do Santo Cristo.

Poaching with Guest Jasper White

27:45 | #1022 | TV-G

Ming and celebrated chef Jasper White serve striped bass poached in saffron broth with fennel and potatoes and a salad Lyonaise with red wine poached eggs.

On the Road in San Antonio with Chef Johnny Hernandez

27:50 | #1021 | TV-G

San Antonio chef Johnny Hernandez and Ming chop, dice, and grill two fabulous Latin-inspired dishes.

Grilling with Andy Husbands

27:50 | #1020 | TV-G

Boston-based chef Andy Husbands and Ming prepare Thai buffalo salad, grilled mussels and clams with tomatoes, and a polenta cake.

On The Road In Chattanooga

27:32 | #1019 | TV-G

Chef Ming Tsai travels to Chattanooga, Tennessee to learn some of the region's culinary secrets.

On The Road In San Antonio with Chef Elizabeth Kossick

27:45 | #1018 | TV-G

Ming creates Peruvian dishes with Chef Elizabeth Kossick at the Culinary Institute of America.

Azores: Eduardo Reis

27:31 | #1017 | TV-G

Ming visits the Azorean island of Terceira and learns the history of a popular dish called Alcatra.

Reconstituting with Guest Gordon Hamersley

27:37 | #1016 | TV-G

Ming and Gordon Hamersley prepare salt cod with pasta and English peas and chicken stir-fry with wood ear and fermented black beans.

On The Road In San Antonio with Chef John Besh

27:37 | #1015 | TV-G

In the Lone Star State, Ming and Chef John Besh create dishes that reflect the spirit and spiciness of San Antonio.

On The Road In Chattanooga with Guest Daniel Lindley

27:55 | #1014 | TV-G

Ming heads south to Chattanooga, Tennessee to cook with renowned local chef Daniel Lindley.

Modern Azorean Cuisine

28:00 | #1013 | TV-G

Meals that reflect Azorean culinary traditions with a modern twist are made with local ingredients.

Pan Sauces with Guest Norman Van Aken

27:52 | #1012 | TV-G

Ming and his guest prepare pan-seared steak, beet salad and hash browns, and pork chop with kimchee-kale pan sauce.

Azores: Pedro Oliviera

27:54 | #1011 | TV-G

Cozida, a one-pot meal that is cooked underground by the Earth's volcanic heat, is prepared.

Ganache with Guest Joanne Chang

26:32 | #1010 | TV-G

Chef Joanne Chang whips up Chocolate Mousse Napoleon and flourless rum nut chocolate cake.

Omelets with Guest Todd English

27:54 | #1009 | TV-G

Chef Todd English and Ming prepare a shitake omelet with crab salad and arugula sauce and a vidalia onion omelet with lox orecciette pasta and avocado-cucumber salsa.

Tenderizing with Guest Jamie Bissonnette

27:21 | #1008 | TV-G

Tender recipes include a Tellegio Kimchee Steak Bomb and a trio of halibut new style sashimi.

Rice Pilaf with Guest Ellie Krieger

27:55 | #1007 | TV-G

Chef Ellie Krieger and Ming prepare toasted garlic quinoa and coriander crusted chicken and spicy shrimp over preserved lemon pilaf.

Making Sausage with Guest Chris Cosentino

26:50 | #1006 | TV-G

Recipes include San Francisco sausage and peppers and chicken mushroom sausage patties with orange snow pea salad.

On The Road with Michael Schlow at Tico

28:00 | #1005 | TV-G

Ming and longtime friend Boston Chef, Michael Schlow, go to Boston City Hall Plaza Farmer's Market for a little inspiration. Recipes includeRed Tape steak and a double lamb chop with pea shoot-beet salad.

Thickening with Guest Susur Lee

27:41 | #1004 | TV-G

Ming demonstrates how to make a reduction and a roux. Recipes include Chinese-style paella and seared chicken breast orzo risotto with endive caper salad.

Caramelization with Guest Jody Adams

26:17 | #1003 | TV-G

Recipes include scallops with curried gooseberries and loin lamb chops with plums.

Creme Anglaise with Guest Duff Goldman

27:27 | #1002 | TV-G

Ming is joined by pastry chef extraordinaire - Duff Goldman. Together they prepare chocolate souffle with creme anglaise and vanilla frozen custard with flambeed berries.

Blanching with Guests Seth & Angela Raynor

27:00 | #1001 | TV-G

Ming cooks on the fly with Nantucket chefs Seth & Angela Raynor. They prepare grilled lobster with summer herbed butter roasted potatoes and fried pork and couscous with peach sesame compote.

Dante Demagistris & Garlic

27:18 | #926 | TV-G

Ming and Boston chef Dante De Magistris make beef and broccolini stir fry with mango puree and basil ricotta gnocchi with shrimp and asparagus.

Shermay Lee & Peranakan Cooking

27:51 | #925 | TV-G

Ming and cookbook author Shermay Lee make Peranakan dishes with ingredients from an outdoor market.

Blue Ginger Chefs

26:46 | #924 | TV-G

Ming takes us behind-the-scenes to meet his James Beard Award-Winning Blue Ginger Team.

Andre Chiang & Cooking with Our Senses

27:13 | #923 | TV-G

Ming and Chef Andre Chiang create memorable culinary creations with pristine, fresh ingredients.

Charles Phan & Wok-Stirring

27:56 | #922 | TV-G

The chefs prepare sweet and sour clams with plums and cucumbers and a classic lemongrass chicken.

Samson Chan & Shellfish

27:39 | #921 | TV-G

Ming cooks with Samson Chan, the mastermind behind one of Singapore's best restaurants, Barnacles.

Michael Ruhlman & Salt

28:00 | #920 | TV-G

Author and chef Michael Ruhlman joins Ming for a demonstration on seasoning with salt.

Janice Wong & Desserts

27:53 | #919 | TV-G

Ming and Chef Janice Wong travel to the outskirts of Singapore to find inspiration at Oh Farms.

Dennis Lee & Cooking with the Binchotan

27:46 | #918 | TV-G

Ming visits Dennis Lee of Namu at his Korean Street Food Cart to try some amazing Korean food.

The Pallotta Sisters & Infusing Flavor Into Pasta

27:58 | #917 | TV-G

Ming prepares stir fry of wonton noodles with scallops and bacon paired with an arugula and radicchio pine nut salad.

Damian D'silva & Authentic Singapore Cuisine

27:18 | #916 | TV-G

Traditional ethnic cuisine is made using surprise ingredients from a local open market in Singapore.

Jamie Bissonnette & Breaking Down A Chicken

26:54 | #915 | TV-G

Ming prepare roast chicken breast with kimchee braised wings with Boston Chef Jamie Bissonnette.

Julio Bermejo & Cooking with Spirits

26:03 | #914 | TV-G

Ming cooks with tequila and explore amazing food stalls at the Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market.

Bryan Caswell & Filleting Fish

28:01 | #913 | TV-G

Recipes include tea-smoked trout with Thai cucumber tomato salad and crispy-skin snapper with fennel & Swiss chard agro dolce.

Kf Seetoh & Street Hawker Food

27:26 | #912 | TV-G

Ming tours the famous hawker stalls of Singapore and experiences the myriad of tastes that Singapore street food has to offer. Ming and KF Seetoh make their own version of their favorite street food.

Jody Adams & Pan Roasting

27:55 | #911 | TV-G

Recipes include pan-roasted chicken with orzo sausage risotto & chinese mushrooms and pan-roasted halibut with eggplant caponata.

Mom & Dad Tsai & Pressure Cookers

26:39 | #910 | TV-G

Ming's on top of the world in Napa Valley, affectionately known as the Spring Mountain District where he's joined by his parents, Steven & Iris Tsai. Together they show the perfect culinary marriage of chicken, duck, and wine when they create Coq au Vin and red roast duck with scallion pancakes.

Masuhara Morimoto & Lightly Cooked Fish

26:00 | #909 | TV-G

Chef Morimoto shows how to break down a fish and then cook it to maintain its pristine flavor.

Michael Schlow & Butterflying

26:46 | #908 | TV-G

Ming, along with his pal, chef Michael Schlow, show how to butterfly by creating two delicious new dishes: crispy potato shrimp with warm pineapple salsa and pork chops a la Nonna.

Jason Santos & Pounding Meat

26:00 | #907 | TV-G

Ming demonstrates one of the best ways to give home chefs more options with meat and fish -by pounding. Chef Jason Santos of Boston's Blue Inc., joins Ming to prepare new style sashimi with soy-lemon syrup & curry-coriander oil and buttermilk fried pork loin with a heirloom tomato salad.

Iris Tsai & Roasting Whole Birds

26:46 | #906 | TV-G

Veteran wine-maker Chris Howell, joins Ming and his mom, Iris Tsai, at Cain Vineyard, where he shows them how he blends boutique red wines that match perfectly with the dishes they prepare: tea-smoked whole duck and tea-smoked marinated chicken.

Jonathan Waxman & Oven-Roasting Vegetables

26:46 | #905 | TV-G

Ming demonstrates how one of the best ways to cook vegetables is to roast them because it concentrates their flavor. Ming and guest chef Jonathan Waxman create two delicious recipes: spicy oven-roasted chicken breast with baby cauliflower and potatoes and macadamia duck with roasted vegetables Waxman-style.

Joanne Chang & Pastry

26:46 | #904 | TV-G

Ming shows how grasping one small but important rule can allow viewers to bake countless desserts with just a few ingredients in quantities you can eyeball. Joining Ming, fabulous Boston baker, Joanne Chang, proves you don't need recipes to make amazing desserts on the fly.

Masuhara Morimoto & Sushi

26:46 | #903 | TV-G

Learn how to make sushi from the master, Iron Chef Morimoto, when Ming stops in at his downtown Napa Valley restaurant. They prepare Ming's omusubi with Alaskan crab salad and Morimoto's sashimi salad.

Andrew Zimmern & Cooking Veggies for Kids

26:46 | #902 | TV-G

Andrew Zimmern joins Ming to cook two new dishes your kids will devour: turkey spring rolls with hoisin-lime dipping sauce with bacon brussel sprouts and mixed vegetables and tofu with a miso sabayon.

Jacques Pepin & Paner

26:46 | #901 | TV-G

The French call it "paner a l'anglaise." Ming and his guest, the great man himself, Jacques Pepin show you the technique. They prepare panko-crusted butter fish with wasabi-avocado cream and mango and paner au beurre turkey with mushroom ratatouille.

Fish Sauce and Lemons

27:18 | #826 | TV-G

Ming prepares "all-in-one" shrimp scampi, crispy marinated scallop coins, and cucumber and smoked salmon summer rolls. Guest Ken Oringer makes grilled lobster with Thai curry butter and grilled lemons.

Sambal and Dijon

27:37 | #825 | TV-G

Ming prepares sliced hanger steak and onion hoagie. a spicy mustard crab dip with shrimp crackers, and mustard-crusted rabbit with sambal-garlic dipping sauce. Guest chef Andy Husbands of Boston's Tremont 647, creates dijon and sambal peach BBQ-glazed pork skewers, served with his raspberry gimlet.

Wasabi and Avocado

27:35 | #824 | TV-G

Ming prepares an enticing scallop Yakitori with wasabi-avocado dip. He also puts together an easy "all-in-one" dish, flashed salmon. Then Ming meets up with long time friends, Nantucket's Pearl chef/owners Seth & Angela Raynor who prepare tempura fried avocado tacos with wasabi crema.

Ginger and Cream

27:59 | #823 | TV-G

Ming prepares sweet potato pot pie and chicken and sweet potato pot pie. Leftovers are used to prepare sweet potato ginger soup. To satisfy his sweet tooth, Ming makes a quick and delectable dessert, ginger tapioca brulee. Then Ming swings by Cambridge's Summer Shack where Chef Jasper White is cooking his mussels with ginger and cream.

Cilantro and Bacon

26:53 | #822 | TV-G

Ming uses cilantro and bacon to grill up a uniquely flavorful dish - swordfish-bacon kebabs with Asian Gremolata, and a bacon-cilantro fried rice. Ming also spices up the traditional BLT by adding a dash of cilantro mayo. Then Ming meets up with chef/friend, Michael Schlow who prepares slow roasted salmon with brussel sprout leaves, bacon, and cilantro.

Sake and Black Pepper

26:07 | #821 | TV-G

Ming creates broiled black peppered sake-marinated salmon and zucchini spaghetti and sake-black pepper mussels. For something sweet, Ming cooks up a sake pineapple upside down cake with black pepper ice cream, a unique and delicious dessert. Finally, Ming catches up with Chris Schlesinger who uses today's master pair in his striped bass "poke" with spicy black pepper dust.

Star Anise and Oranges

27:16 | #820 | TV-G

Ming prepares "all-in-one" braised short ribs with root vegetables and orange-roasted squab with star anise orange syrup. Then heads on over to Boston's south end where Ginger Park's Patricia Yeo uses today's master pair on one of ming's favs - pork belly!

Thai Lime Leaves and Shallots

27:34 | #819 | TV-G

Ming prepares an "all-in-one" Thai seafood soup and flavorful lime leaf shrimp satays. Forget the traditional buffalo chicken wings - Ming puts his spin on the tasty favorite when he makes crispy chicken wings with lime leaf shallot chile sauce. Finally, Ming makes a trip down to Duxbury, Mass., to visit Island Creek Oysters' Skip Bennett and Shore Gregory who prepare oysters with a soy-Thai lime mignonette.

Lemongrass and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

27:01 | #818 | TV-G

Ming uses lemongrass and EVOO to create two "All-In-One" dishes: lemongrass capellini with clams and broccoli rabe, and lemongrass marinated chicken breasts with couscous. Rounding out the meal is a simple arugula salad with lemongrass pecans. Finally, from the original cast of Top Chef and now Boston's Rocca, chef Tiffani Faison takes today's master pair and uses them to create grilled dayboat tuna with grilled white eggplant with vinaigrette in chili, lemongrass, garlic, olive oil, scallion, Opal and Genovese basils.

Coriander and Fennel

26:17 | #817 | TV-G

Ming starts the meal by making crispy pita chips with fennel fondue followed by shaved fennel salad with coriander-crusted Ahi tuna. Finally, guest chef Jeremy Sewell of Boston's Lineage makes New England shellfish with toasted coriander and fennel.

Tofu and Parsley

27:46 | #816 | TV-G

Ming makes a healthy layered salad with green goddess tofu dressing and uses firm tofu for a tofu greek salad. He also makes a flavorful crispy tofu and parsley-tomato lavosh wrap. Finally, Ming and Craigie on Main chef/owner, Tony Maws hit the grill with an appetizer, grilled chicken wings with tofu-lemon marinade, and grilled lemon and parsley salad.

Thai Bird Chiles and Maple Syrup

27:54 | #815 | TV-G

Ming makes piggies-in-a-blanket, pork belly claypot, and maple spice cake with maple-Thai Bird cream. Finally, Ming heads over to Boston restaurant, Via Matta where chef/owner Michael Schlow makes loin of venison medallions with barley, mushrooms, and maple-Thai Bird Chile gastrique.

Thai Basil and Parmingiano Reggiano

26:01 | #814 | TV-G

Ming makes polenta satays with Thai basil pesto, an "all-in-one" Thai basil-shrimp orzo risotto, and tomato-Thai basil panzanella salad. Finally, Ming hits the road and joins chef/friend, Ken Oringer on the waters of Scituate, Mass., where he is cooking up his Thai-style clams casino.

Hoisin Sauce and Pizza Dough

28:00 | #813 | TV-G

Ming makes hoisin leeks and pork pie, grilled hoisin chicken sausage and roasted bell pepper pizza, and sweet hoisin-ginger fried dough. Chef Susur Lee joins Ming to create Beijing-style chicken and shrimp, green onion hors d' oeuvres.

Spring Roll Wrappers and Pesto

28:00 | #812 | TV-G

Ming makes pesto chicken and spinach spring rolls, tomato and cucumber napoleon, and delicious Italian sausage and reggiano "pan pizza." Chef Marc Forgione prepares tomato soup with basil-marinated cherry tomatoes and spicy spring roll "crouton."

Organic Ponzu and Jamon De Fermin

27:51 | #811 | TV-G

Dishes include Ming's fennel salad on jamon 'carpaccio.' wrapped asparagus with ponzu syrup, and seared jamon wrapped chicken breast with ponzu glazed melon de cavaillion. Chef Marco Canora of Hearth Restaurant prepares ponzu steamed clams and crispy jamon.

Chinese Mustard and Creme Fraiche

27:58 | #810 | TV-G

Ming makes crab "rangoons" with mustard dipping sauce, oyster ragout with mustard cream, and braised sake chicken a la Ming. Hungry Mother's Barry Maiden prepares mustard spiced pork "grillades" and grits.

Maitake Mushrooms and Italian Basil

27:54 | #809 | TV-G

Ming makes a "confit" maitake mushroom salad with tomato carpaccio, maitake fettuccine with basil-macadamia nut pesto, and a Philly cheese steak with maitake mushrooms and yukon gold potato fries. The great Daniel Bruce of Meritage prepares pan seared salmon with maitake, Italian basil, sweet corn, and watercress sautee.

Ginger and Brown Sugar

27:53 | #808 | TV-G

Ming prepares wok-stirred gingered chicken with brown sugar rice, flambeed ginger peach sundae with brown sugar cookies, and ginger-brown sugar pound cake. Top Chef contender Jody Adams makes sweet and sour ginger bluefish.

Chinese Rock Candy and Cranberries Script

27:36 | #807 | TV-G

Ming makes braised pork shoulder with cranberry-corn dumplings, crispy fried turkey legs with cranberry glaze, and frozen cranberry parfait with rock candy crunch. John Besh from New Orleans makes Wagyu beef short ribs with cranberry and rock candy.

Fermented Black Beans and Ketchup

26:57 | #806 | TV-G

Ming prepares stir-fried pork chops and peppers with spicy ketchup, warm beef dip with crudites, and his bacon wedge with tropical 1,000 island dressing. Boston talent and Hell's Kitchen finalist, Jason Santos makes seared duck breast with fermented black bean and ketchup glaze.

Garlic Chive and Greek Yogurt

27:38 | #805 | TV-G

Ming makes a blackened garlic chive dip with whole wheat pita chips, a tempura garlic-chive shrimp with yogurt-couscous parfait, and black peppered salmon with cooling garlic chive-cucumber sauce. Chef Joanne Chang makes Chinese shortrib tacos with garlic chive salsa and garlicky yogurt.

Shiso and Tomatoes

27:38 | #804 | TV-G

Ming prepares 'gazpacho' with shiso oil. tomato and tea-smoked mozzarella, and his lightest-ever olive oil angel hair pasta. Chef Michel Nischan makes heirloom grain risotto.

Organic Rice Vinegar and Honey

27:51 | #803 | TV-G

Ming prepares baby back ribs with honey-sesame glaze,a light honey grilled shrimp with corn and jicama salad, and sesame tempura cod with honey-vinegar dipping sauce. Marilyn and Sheila Brass make chicken and mango salad with toasted cashews.

Chinese Tea and Mint

27:58 | #802 | TV-G

Ming prepares tea smoked split chicken with mint pesto, tea braised lamb shoulder with mint salad, and to wash it down, his best ever mint iced tea and "soju sweet tea." Chef Susur Lee makes jasmine tea and mint chocolate mousse.

Tamari and Chipotle Chiles

27:56 | #801 | TV-G

Ming prepares broiled chipotle-tamari chicken wings with zucchini sticks, tamari slow braised chipotle pork stew, and his seared scallops with chipotle-soy syrup and sweet potato-onion homefries. Chef John Besh makes tamari-chipotle glazed Alaskan king salmon with a chipotle vinaigrette salad.

Citrus-Mint Syrup

26:26 | #726 | TV-G

Ming prepares seafood lumpias, similar to a springroll; pan-seared pepper lamb satays; and blackened scallops with carrot salad. Chef Geoffrey Zakarian makes sea scallop cru with rosemary honey essence and sea bean salad.

Master Doughnut Recipe

26:00 | #725 | TV-G

Ming prepares doughnut holes with ginger whipped cream and a warm eclair sundae. Chef Govind Armstrong makes coffee and doughnuts.

Clementine Marmalade

26:00 | #724 | TV-G

Clementine marmalade compliments Ming's braised lamb shank, grilled sausage in edamame stew, and grilled pork belly sandwich. Chef Kirk Avondoglio whips up spice-rubbed salmon with radicchio slaw and clementine marmalade.

Sesame Paste

26:00 | #723 | TV-G

Ming prepares chicken-cucumber noodles, sesame-orange pork rice noodles; and egg with spinach, asparagus, and sesame paste.

Kung Pao Sauce

27:51 | #722 | TV-G

Ming creates Kung Pao chicken, Kung Pao clams and pork, peppercorn tuna on Kung Pao bok choy fondue, and Kung Pao prawns.

Master Crepe

26:41 | #721 | TV-G

Ming prepares a signature Egg McMing, a rich seafood crepe, and a ginger-orange crepe flambe. Chef Eric Ripert creates his smoked salmon, creme fraiche, and herb crepes, ideal for brunch.

Ginger-Kiwi-Jicama Salsa

26:00 | #720 | TV-G

Ming prepare ginger-kiwi-jicama salsa, tropical glazed-black vinegar pork spareribs, and chicken "moo shu-quitos." Chef Jasper White makes scallop and maine shrimp seviche.

Master Sushi Roll

26:56 | #719 | TV-G

Ming develops a master sushi roll that includes three different varieties of nigiri made with tuna, striped bass, and ribeye, and two handrolls made with tea-smoked salmon and avocado and grilled shrimp salad. He also creates two maki sushi made with grilled vegetables, tea-smoked salmon, and cucumber. Chef Beau MacMillan of Elements restaurant in Arizona prepares seared scallops with maitake ginger garlic cream and rice.

Chocolate Mousse

27:51 | #718 | TV-G

Ming makes a chocolate mousse napolean, chocolate mousse sundae, and a warm double chocolate mousse cake. French chef Hubert Keller of Fleur De Lys in San Francisco creates an outrageous chocolate mousse "burger!"

Tempura and Aioli

26:00 | #717 | TV-G

Ming prepares colossal shrimp spiced tempura with lemongrass aioli, tomato and mozzarella basil tempura with 3-vinegar aioli, and chicken breast spiced tempura with sambal aioli. Also, master sommelier Andrea Immer Robinson makes seafood tempura with sesame aioli.

Ponzu-Soy Vinaigrette

26:33 | #716 | TV-G

Ming makes oven-roasted swordfish with lentil de puy salad, grilled ponzu-marinated chicken with orzo risotto, and carpaccio with broiled shrimp. Also, chef Patricia Yeo of Ginger Park Kitchen + Bar in Boston makes whole fried fish with sizzling lime-ponzu sauce and pineapple fried rice.

Ginger Syrup

27:03 | #715 | TV-G

Ming makes ginger beef and leeks, blue ginger gimlet, ginger-limeade, and glazed chicken thighs and carrots. Also, chef Michael Schlow of Boston's Radius and Via Matta makes chilled shrimp and cucumber salad with sweet and spicy ginger vinaigrette.

Cranberry-Lemongrass Sauce

26:00 | #714 | TV-G

Ming makes cranberry-lemongrass sauce, coriander-crusted venison carpaccio with cranberry-lemongrass frisee salad, double-thick glazed pork chop, and seared duck with yam ravioli. Also, chef Eric Ripert of Le Bernardin makes a Hamachi tandoori with pickled cucumber salad.

Sriracha/Greek Yogurt

27:18 | #713 | TV-G

Ming prepares chile grilled shrimp satays with ginger-yogurt fennel salad and panko eggplant with chile-yogurt salsa. Also, Billy Starr, founder and executive director of the Pan-Massachusetts Challenge, makes an open-faced grilled naan sandwich topped with grilled chicken tikka masala, grilled zucchini, summer tomatoes, feta cheese, and Sriracha hippy-shake.

Maitake Mushrooms/Worcestershire Sauce

27:57 | #712 | TV-G

Recipes include maitake-chicken hot and sour soup; angry and killer shrimp; maitakes on grits, maitake brown rice risotto, and braised oxtails with maitake, caramelized shallots, and orange.

Organic Teriyaki/Cream

27:54 | #711 | TV-G

Recipes include grilled teriyaki tempeh satays with garlic creamed spinach, teriyaki shrimp alfredo, all-in-one teriyaki chicken stew with potatoes served over brown rice, and summer lettuce salad with teriyaki-red wine vinaigrette.

Organic Soy Sauce/Preserved Lemons

27:29 | #710 | TV-G

Recies include preserved lemon-edamame tapenade served with whole wheat pita chips, lemon broccolini-shiitake sautee with garlic chips, pan roasted line caught halibut with soy-lemon sauce, and lacquered pork belly with preserved lemons and soy sake glaze.

Panko/Dijon Mustard

27:22 | #709 | TV-G

Recipes include panko crusted eggplant chips with dijon-sour cream dip, dijon meat loaf, panko and dijon crusted trout on cucumber-quinoa salad, and panko and mustard chicken tenders with vegetables and honey-dijon-yogurt sauce.

Tamari/Olive Oil

27:41 | #708 | TV-G

Ming prepares tamari marinated tofu-cucumber salad, Asian ratatouille with couscous, new style salmon sashimi, and tamari pork and bell pepper on olive oil-noodle cake.

Coconut Milk/Cranberries

27:55 | #707 | TV-G

Ming prepares coconut-cranberry chicken curry, peppered pork tenderloin with sweet and sour cranberry-coconut sauce, and coconut-cranberry poundcake with coconut glaze. Plus, Annie Copps, senior editor for food at Yankee Magazine makes coconut and banana freeze pops with dried cranberries.

Sesame Seeds/Butter

27:52 | #706 | TV-G

Ming prepares sesame butter brittle, sesame-chive butterfish with buttered edamames and spinach, and sesame tuile napoleon with gingered apple flambe served with vanilla hemp ice cream. Plus, renowned chef Charles Draghi creates elegant Piemontese-style veal chops with sesame and sage Butter.


27:50 | #705 | TV-G

Ming prepares ginger-thyme cake with ginger cream, seared scallops with ginger-thyme pan sauce, and a ginger-thyme soju martini. Plus, Joshua Viertel, president of Slow Foods USA, makes a thyme and ginger roast chicken.

Palm Sugar and Cranberries

28:00 | #704 | TV-G

Ming makes roasted cranberry glazed chicken breast on a bed of sweet potato-fennel fricassee, sweet and sour pork served over fried scallion-orzo, and free form cranberry orange tart served with vanilla ice cream. Also, celebrity chef Michael Schlow makes hamachi crudo with cranberry compote, jalapeno, and micro cilantro


27:47 | #703 | TV-G

Ming prepares a lemon-soju martini, a soju-citrus collins, shrimp balls with a tangy soju-tomato dipping sauce, and buckwheat crepes with lemon-banana flambe. Celebrity chef Susur Lee make soju and lemon-roasted crusted wild salmon.

Organic Ponzu/Bacon

27:07 | #702 | TV-G

Ming prepares bacon-pineapple fried rice, warm bacon-mushroom salad, and a ponzu-glazed bacon and shrimp dish. Renowned chef, author and humanitarian, Art Smith makes tomato and ponzu pie with bacon crust.

Wonton Wrapper/Parsley

26:46 | #701 | TV-G

Ming and his mother make shrimp and parsley wontons with a soy-vinegar dipping sauce; crispy wonton and salmon Napoleon with parsley-roasted garlic puree; Asian Pistou dumplings simmered in lime broth; and pork, shiitake, and parsley Shumai.

Tamarind/Brown Sugar

26:46 | #615 | TV-G

Ming makes sweet and sour chicken and peppers, tamarind-marinated shrimp and brown sugared pineapple satays, and tamarind-brown sugar creme brulee.

Hoisin and Tomatoes

26:46 | #626 | TV-G

Ming makes turkey-tomato loaf, asian barbeque chicken wings, and eggplant and tomato tempura satays with hoisin-lime dipping sauce.

Sushi Rice and White Wine

26:46 | #625 | TV-G

Ming makes shiitake sushi rice risotto, lemongrass mussel paella, and a turkey sausage pilaf.

Shaoxing and Figs

26:00 | #624 | TV-G

Ming makes all-in-one roasted duck legs and figs, red roast chicken wings and figs, and baked figs with shaoxing sabayon flavored with honey and candied ginger.

Maitake Mushrooms and Blood Oranges

26:46 | #623 | TV-G

Ming makes maitake hot and sour soup, maitakes with blood oranges, and blood orange chicken frisee salad with warm maitake vinaigrette.

Kechap Manis/Black Pepper

26:46 | #622 | TV-G

Ming prepares black pepper-teriyaki chicken and pineapple satays, stir-fried shiitake-bok choy noodle cake, soy braised short ribs. and stir-fried beef with sugar peas and red pepper.


26:49 | #621 | TV-G

Ming makes spicy galangal-coconut mussel soup, delicious Florida snapper curry, galangal braised pork, and a galangal pork and pepper hoagie.

Sambal/Crème Fraiche

27:00 | #620 | TV-G

Ming makes spicy crab dip, spicy wok clams and leeks, and spicy grilled quail with cooling cucumbers. Guest chef Alexandra Guarnaschelli, executive chef of Butter in New York City, visits the studio and makes roasted shrimp with spicy cucumber sambal and lemon creme fraiche.

Thai Curry Paste/Buttermilk

26:46 | #619 | TV-G

Ming makes Thai curried cockles and orzo, a simple one pot meal that includes clams and sausage. He makes Thai curry noodles and crab and Thai curry fried chicken. Guest chef Tom Douglas, chef/owner of Dahlia Lounge in Seattle, visits the studio kitchen and makes mac and cheese aalad with red curry buttermilk dressing.

Kochu Jang/Worcestershire Sauce

27:46 | #618 | TV-G

Ming combines one of his favorite drinks and appetizers to create bloody mary scallop ceviche. For an easy all-in-one meal, Ming makes barbecue shrimp and rice noodles. In his travels to Chicago, Ming visits Rick Bayless, host of American Public Television's Mexico-One Plate at a Time, who uses the East-West duo to create skirt steak salad with baby swiss chard.

Silken Tofu/Zucchini

26:46 | #617 | TV-G

Ming makes silken tofu-zucchini stir-fry, zucchini-tofu croquettes, and steamed shrimp-zucchini stuffed tofu.


26:46 | #616 | TV-G

Ming makes poached shiso-shrimp with miso-butter sauce, miso-butter with crispy tofu, and miso-butter pork udon noodles.

Lemongrass/Cream Cheese

27:59 | #614 | TV-G

Ming makes creamy risotto with baby shrimp and bok choy, lemongrass lobster rangoon, and lemongrass cheese cake.


26:46 | #613 | TV-G

Ming makes a simple parsley-garlic stuffed shrimp in Yuzu-Dashi Dip. In his travels to Chicago, Ming visits Shawn McClain, chef of Custom House, to watch him combine the East-West pair into steamed New Zealand greenshell mussels with dashi, fresh ginger, and parsley. Back in the kitchen studio, Ming prepares two all-in-one dishes, a hearty dashi braised lamb with parsley salad and a simple miso-parsley poached sole.

Soba Noodles/Pancetta

26:00 | #612 | TV-G

Putting a spin on the Italian classic, Ming makes a deeply-flavored soba noodle carbonara. Then, he creates all-in-one soba noodle-shrimp pancakes. Sharing his version of a traditional Japanese soup, Ming uses one pot to cook up soba noodle soup. Guest chef Michel Richard, chef/owner of Citronelle in DC visits the studio and makes beet soba bolognese.

Chile Oil/Sweet Potatoes

27:39 | #611 | TV-G

Ming makes an all-in-one chile chicken with sweet potato tamale. Then, Ming's off to Miami to cook with one of Florida's favorite chefs, Michael Schwartz, who makes grilled sweet potatoes with celery salad, toasted walnuts, and chile oil vinaigrette. Back in the studio kitchen, Ming makes sweet potato fries with chile aioli, and spicy sweet potato and sausage frittata prepared in one skillet.

Edamames/Olive Oil

26:40 | #610 | TV-G

Ming prepares steamed edamames tossed with olive oil, lemon, and sea salt. For an all-in-one dish, Ming uses the ingredient duo to make chicken fusilli with edamames and shiitakes. He prepares olive oil poached salmon with edamames in one dish. Guest chef Jose Andres visits the studio kitchen and uses the ingredients to prepare gazpacho with edamame, jamon and sherry vinegar.

Madras Curry/Olives

26:46 | #609 | TV-G

Ming makes an all-in-one eggplant-olive tapenade with pita chips, a deeply-flavored roasted curry chicken with olive orzo stuffing, and visits Rick Tramonto of Cenitare Restaurants LLC, in Chicago. He cooks up Madras curry chicken paillard with a green olive and preserved eggplant panzanella.

Star Anise/Cranberries

26:00 | #608 | TV-G

Ming prepares an all-in-one cranberry red roast braised pork shoulder, and Cranberry-Asian pear star anise cake. Guest chef and renowned mixologist Tony Abou-Ganim visits the studio kitchen.

Tamari/Hot Pepper Sauce

26:00 | #607 | TV-G

Ming makes hot and spicy wings and the best bloody Mary ever. Then, he cooks with groundbreaking Florida chef Norman Can Aken, and more.


26:46 | #606 | TV-G

Ming makes best-ever kir royal with champagne-honey granita, seared scallops in lychee champagne butter sauce, warm chicken spinach salad with champagne-honey vinaigrette, and watches pastry chef Gale Gand make moscato sorbetto with lychees and lime.

Hot Water Dough/Shallots

26:00 | #605 | TV-G

Chef Ming whips up shallot pancakes, a bacon cheeseburger and shallot bing, shiitake and shallot bing, and his Mom makes pork stir-fried bing.


26:28 | #604 | TV-G

In the kitchen, ginger lemon chicken with ginger wild rice proves to be a simplified supper that can be made from start-to-finish in one roasting pan. Next up, an elegant, healthy dish - steamed ginger Dover sole with lemon-cucumber carpaccio. Later, Ming is off to Miami where professional golfer Annika Sorenstam puts the East-West ingredients to work in her gravlax and lemon-fennel salad.


26:07 | #603 | TV-G

Ming makes a cranberry shrimp ceviche, an easy appetizer that balances citrus with the sweetness of jicama and coconut. He combines the ingredient duo in one pot to stir up fried duck tossed in ponzu-cranberry sauce. Then, Ming takes everyone's favorite baby back ribs to a whole new level with his ginger, ponzu, and cranberry glazed sweet and sour spare ribs.


26:03 | #602 | TV-G

Ming makes coconut braised chicken with carrots. In his travels to Chicago, Ming visits Chef Rick Bayless in the test kitchen at Frontera Grill. There, Rick takes the two ingredients and combines them in his dish of sea scallops with roasted tomato coconut cream.

Thai Basil/Butter

26:46 | #601 | TV-G

Ming simplifies dinner with an all-in-one recipe - sweet potato ravioli with basil-brown butter, an easy dish that uses wonton skins for the ravioli shells. Later, Ming travels to Miami, where renowned Chef Michelle Bernstein puts her East-West spin on the key ingredients, cooking up Thai basil and butter prawns.


26:30 | #515 | TV-G

Black Lychee Tea/Brown Sugar

26:49 | #526 | TV-G

Ming combines the satisfying flavors of black lychee tea and brown sugar in a tea-smoked, brown-sugared salmon; caramelized tea-coated butterfish with scallion couscous; and black lychee tea granita.

Five Spice/Chocolate

26:00 | #525 | TV-G

Ming uses five-spice powder and chocolate to add an exotic flair to crispy duck with five-spice mole and a flourless chocolate cake.

Thai Bird Chiles/Maple Syrup

26:00 | #524 | TV-G

Thai bird chile, the pepper that gives much of Asian cooking its heat, is paired with sweet maple syrup. Recipes include piggies in a blanket, clay-pot pork belly, and maple spice cake with maple Thai bird cream.

Thai Basil/Parmigiano-Reggiano

26:46 | #523 | TV-G

Ming showcases the versatility of Thai basil and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese in polenta satays with Thai basil pesto and an "all-in-one" Thai basil-shrimp orzo risotto.

Ginger/Dried Cranberries

26:23 | #522 | TV-G

Ming incorporates the complementary flavors of ginger and dried cranberries into a variety of dishes.

Sake/Black Pepper

26:33 | #521 | TV-G

The clean zing of sake is paired with the rich heat of black pepper.

Sesame Oil/Balsamic Vinegar

27:03 | #520 | TV-G

Appetizing dishes using the seemingly unlikely combination of sesame oil and balsamic vinegar.

Chinese Mustard/Potatoes

26:42 | #519 | TV-G

Ming adds spice to potatoes with Chinese mustard.


26:46 | #518 | TV-G

Recipes starring wasabi and avocado, a mainstay of sushi rolls.

Thai Lime Leaves/Shallots

26:24 | #517 | TV-G

An "all-in-one" seafood soup featuring Thai lime leaves and shallots.


26:46 | #516 | TV-G

Ming combines ginger and cream in three savory "all-in-one" dishes.


26:22 | #514 | TV-G

Ming pairs tofu, one of the most versatile ingredients in the Eastern world, with the Western staple parsley in three "all-in-one" dishes.

Star Anise/Oranges

26:33 | #512 | TV-G

Star anise, a fragrant Chinese spice, meets oranges, one of the most widely consumed fruits in the U.S.

Lemongrass/Extra Virgin Olive Oil

26:46 | #511 | TV-G

Lemongrass, which provides a big lemon flavor without the acidity, is paired with extra virgin olive oil.

Fish Sauce/Lemons

26:46 | #510 | TV-G

One of the main sources of flavor in Southeast Asian cooking is fish sauce with lime. Instead of using limes, Ming pairs fish sauce with lemons to create unique and flavorful dishes.


26:30 | #509 | TV-G

Dishes combining sambal, a spicy Asian condiment, and the classic French favorite Dijon mustard.

Shiitakes/Truffle Oil

26:46 | #508 | TV-G

Ming pairs shiitake mushrooms with truffle oil for a rich East-West blend.


26:46 | #507 | TV-G

Crispy pita chips with fennel fondue followed by shaved fennel salad with coriander-crusted ahi tuna.

Szechwan Peppercorn/Rum

26:46 | #506 | TV-G

Adding spice and sweetness to his dishes, Ming uses Szechwan peppercorn and rum as his East and West ingredients.

Soy Sauce/Limes

26:16 | #505 | TV-G

Soy sauce and limes are paired in roasted duck with soy-lime syrup and soy-braised oxtail with carrot and daikon.

Oyster Sauce/Hen of the Woods

26:47 | #504 | TV-G

Ming's mom joins him to craft a simple beef, mushroom, and broccoli stir fry as well as a lobster and hen of the woods stir-fry.

Soy Sauce/Tomatoes

26:46 | #503 | TV-G

Ming uses soy sauce and tomatoes to create Asian spaghetti, snapper americaine en papillote, and tomato carpaccio with vinegar-soy syrup. In his home kitchen, guest chef Michael Chiarello infuses his own style into a spuma di tonno and an heirloom tomato "short stack."


26:46 | #502 | TV-G

Ming prepares a seared halibut with vanilla-curry oil, curry-vanilla oyster stew, and a rum-flambéed mango sundae. World-famous chocolatier Jacques Torres gives a tour of his Manhattan chocolate factory.


26:46 | #501 | TV-G

Swordfish-bacon kebabs with Asian gremolata, bacon-cilantro fried rice, and a spiced-up version of the BLT featuring a dash of cilantro mayo.

Sesame Paste

26:46 | #413 | TV-G

Ming concocts a master recipe for sesame paste and creates chicken-cucumber noodles and sesame-orange pork rice noodles.

Kaffir Key Lime Curd

26:46 | #412 | TV-G

Ming gives curd an East-meets-West flair by adding Kaffir lime from Southeast Asia. Using the Kaffir-key lime curd, Ming makes a tart, a mousse with berries, and a frozen parfait.

Master Techniques—Tempura and Aioli

26:46 | #411 | TV-G

East meets West as Ming prepares three different versions of two popular master techniques that complement each other perfectly: crispy, fried tempura from Japan and garlicky, smooth aioli from France.

Ginger Syrup

27:57 | #410 | TV-G

Using the popular root, Ming develops a master recipe for delicious and versatile ginger syrup. Ming creates a new twist on a standby favorite, beef and broccoli, with his ginger beef and leeks, and serves up a blue ginger gimlet, by far the most popular drink at his restaurant.

Roasted Garlic Asian Pesto

26:46 | #409 | TV-G

Ming creates a roasted-garlic Asian pesto and uses it to enhance shrimp wontons in broth, Shanghai noodles with Chinese sausage, and roasted whole pesto poussin.

Ponzu Soy Vinaigrette

26:00 | #408 | TV-G

Made with citrus, ponzu is wildly popular in Japanese cuisine. Ming demonstrates its versatility with an oven-roasted swordfish with lentil de puy salad and a grilled ponzu-marinated chicken with orzo risotto.

Master Doughnut Recipe

26:46 | #407 | TV-G

Tasty variations on Ming's master doughnut recipe.

Ginger Kiwi Jicama Salsa

26:46 | #406 | TV-G

East meets West in a crisp and delicious ginger-kiwi jicama salsa.

Chocolate Mousse

26:46 | #405 | TV-G

Ming reinterprets chocolate mousse—one of the world's most beloved recipes—by infusing it with strong brewed coffee and exotic vanilla.

Kaffir Lime Avocado Puree

26:46 | #404 | TV-G

Ming uses his Kaffir lime avocado puree in pork and avocado dumplings, a lime-infused Thai shrimp avocado parfait, and an earthy three-mushroom Napoleon.

Asian Tapenade

26:46 | #403 | TV-G

Ming's Asian tapenade turns the traditional recipe upside-down, blending jalapeños, red peppers, Niçoise olives, and black beans. He uses it to make spicy Asian mussel pasta and a whole-roasted tapenade duck.

Cranberry Mango Vinaigrette

26:46 | #402 | TV-G

To top his panko-crusted turkey scallopini, Ming combines cranberries and mango in a light and tangy vinaigrette.

Asian Mole

26:46 | #401 | TV-G

Ming uses his Asian mole, which blends dried cranberries for tang and ginger for heat, for a grilled ribeye with corn salad and mole.

Flavors of Hong Kong

27:58 | #326 | TV-G

In Hong Kong, Ming explores the markets to find fresh fruits, vegetables, and seafood; checks out the Best of the Best Chef Challenge; and studies the techniques of authentic Chinese cuisine.

Best of Rubs

27:56 | #325 | TV-G

A citrus herbal tea rub, a curry tea rub, and a five-spice chile tea rub.

Best of Sauces

26:00 | #324 | TV-G

A best-of program showing how sauces can make the meal. The featured recipe, an easy garlic, ginger, and scallion stir-fry sauce, features three hallmark flavors of Chinese cuisine.

Best of Desserts

27:54 | #323 | TV-G

Ming combines Far East lychees and New England cranberries in a delicious sundae, whips up a foolproof ginger vanilla custard base, and mixes smooth caramel with a hint of floral jasmine tea to create jasmine caramel sauce.

Chile Ginger Oil

26:46 | #322 | TV-G

Ming uses ginger oil, a potent combination of chile and ginger, in chile-ginger chicken and three bell pepper stir fry, chile-ginger panko-crusted wienerschnitzel with cabbage slaw, and a chile-ginger shoestring potato and onion pancake. Tom and Ray Magliozzi of Car Talk make chile-ginger chicken burritos.

Three-Mustard Vinaigrette

26:24 | #321 | TV-G

Ming uses his three-mustard vinaigrette in oven-roasted peppercorn sirloin with mustard-shiitake salad, mustard-roasted whole natural chicken with potatoes and mirepoix, and grilled mustard-marinated portobello and radicchio. Then he joins Red Sox player David Ortiz at Boston's Fenway Park to make Papi's grilled three-mustard marinated chicken with sweet potato fried rice.

Tea-Smoking Technique

26:46 | #320 | TV-G

Tea-smoked chicken breast with celery rice, a tea-smoked chicken club sandwich, seared snapper with tea-smoked shrimp potatoes, and a tea-smoked duck with roasted scallion sweet potatoes.

Cranberry Wasabi Horseradish Relish

26:46 | #319 | TV-G

Ming visits the Victory Garden, where gardener Kip Anderson shows him horseradish in its raw form. Recipes: pork pot stickers, roasted pork loin, and a variation on the classic Cubano sandwich.

Paté Brisée Pie Crust

26:46 | #318 | TV-G

Paté brisée pie crust is a basic pastry dough that can be made in a food processor or by hand. Ming shows off its versatility with both savory and sweet recipes: a lemongrass crab quiche, a foie gras leek tart, and a five-spice apple pie.

Cilantro Oil

26:46 | #317 | TV-G

Ming makes black-bean chicken fajitas with mushu wrappers instead of tortillas, then prepares cilantro aioli with panko-crusted halibut and a peanut-free cilantro pad Thai as a flavorful alternative for people with nut allergies. At the Food Project, he talks with urban grower Danielle Andrews about other uses for cilantro.

Southeast Asian Shrimp Broth

26:46 | #316 | TV-G

Boston-area chef Jae Chung uses Ming's Southeast Asian shrimp broth to make a spicy seafood soup. Meanwhile, Ming employs it as a braising liquid for coconut-braised chicken and purple potatoes and as a substitute for chicken broth in a Thai basil risotto with shrimp.

Garlic Lime Aioli

26:46 | #315 | TV-G

At the Food Project, kids learn about agriculture and grow crops to share with food pantries and sell at farmers' markets. Ming uses his garlic lime aioli to add flavor to pork burger BLT, a shrimp cake with citrus salad, and a crispy spicy French fry sandwich. Seth and Angela Raynor prepare sautéed East Coast halibut with coconut-kaffir lime sauce.

Dim Sum Wrappers

26:46 | #314 | TV-G

Ming visits Hong Kong to watch some dim sum masters at work and creates three versions of his own: shrimp and garlic chive, vegetarian mushroom, and crispy and spicy pork. Guest chef Susanna Foo makes pan-fried curried lamb rolls with fresh tomato sauce.

Shiso Oil

26:46 | #313 | TV-G

Ming uses his shiso oil in tempura uni and shrimp; fusilli pasta with shiso-tomato sauce, a variation on the classic basil sauce; and shiso beef with spinach stir fry. Guest chef Pino Maffeo prepares tuna tartare with shiso oil and nori chips, and Ming visits a seafood market to learn how to select sushi-grade tuna.

Smoked Salmon Mousse

26:00 | #312 | TV-G

Ming prepares tea-spiced smoked salmon mousse served in a ramekin, rice paper-wrapped scallops, smoked salmon with caviar crême fraiche, and crispy salmon duo maki roll with lemon-wasabi vinaigrette. Guest Emeril Lagasse uses the salmon mousse mixture to encrust red snapper, then serves it with sautéed cabbage and carrots.

Preserved Lemons

26:46 | #311 | TV-G

Lemons preserved in lemon juice and salt are a staple in Moroccan cooking. Ming customizes the technique by adding lemongrass and jalapeños for some extra zing. Guest chef: Lidia Bastianich.

Butter Poaching Technique

26:46 | #310 | TV-G

Guest chef Todd English helps Ming use butter, stock, white wine, and aromatics to bring out the juicy richness in lobster, chicken, and duck.

Lemongrass Tzatziki Sauce

26:00 | #309 | TV-G

Ming uses tzatziki sauce, a garlicky yogurt and cucumber condiment that often accompanies Greek dishes, in seared salmon with lemongrass-tzatziki tomato salad. Guest chef: Stan Frankenthaler.

Cranberry Sweet and Sour Sauce

26:46 | #308 | TV-G

After adding cranberries to an original sauce of his mother's, Ming uses the tangy result to make sweet and sour pork with tropical fruits.

Honey Sesame Tuile

26:00 | #307 | TV-G

Ming's honey sesame tuile is a spreadable, flexible mixture that transforms into a paper-thin, crispy cookie. It can be used to decorate a dessert plate, make an edible bowl for ice cream, or provide a delicious vessel for savory fillings.

Asian BBQ

26:46 | #306 | TV-G

A recipe for Asian barbecue sauce combines flavors from around the world, including hoisin, the spice of sambal, and the flavor of tomatoes. Hockey legend Cam Neely and his wife, Paulina, join Ming at an outdoor grill to whip up cevapcici with Croatian slaw.

The Art of Curing

26:00 | #305 | TV-G

Ming uses seasoned curing salt in spicy fried chicken, Southeast Asian gravlax with avocado salsa, and Asian duck confit with red cabbage slaw.

Citrus-Truffle Vinaigrette

26:46 | #304 | TV-G

Ming's citrus-truffle vinaigrette enlivens new-style shrimp ceviche hors d'oeuvres and a maitake orzo "risotto" served with seared scallops and Moustache of the Dragon salad (pea tendrils).

Kaffir Lime Crab Mix

26:06 | #303 | TV-G

Ming uses kaffir lime crab mix, a blend of crab meat flavored with lime, shallots, and mustard, in crab beggar's purses with jicama, oven-roasted crab-coated halibut with cucumber carpaccio, and veggie tempura with crab dip.

3-2-1 Sauté Sauce

26:46 | #302 | TV-G

Based on a recipe he learned in his mother's kitchen, Ming's 3-2-1 sauté sauce combines soy, rice vinegar, and aromatics for a balance of sweet and savory. On a visit to the Food Network's test kitchen, he and über-chef Emeril Lagasse try it out in sautéed shrimp with udon noodles.

Guilt-Free Hollandaise

26:46 | #301 | TV-G

Ming makes his own variations on some classic recipes: guilt-free Hollandaise, fried duck eggs "Florentine" on rice cakes, and a version of eggs Benedict that retains the thick slices of Canadian bacon but finds other ways to trim a few calories.

Five-Herb Vinaigrette

26:46 | #126 | TV-G

Ming blends the light, nutty flavor of grape seed oil with complex flavors of dried spices in a vinaigrette sauce, and employees at Verrill Farms in Concord, MA share some of the secrets of growing the herbs. Recipes include a marinated tomato salad with sesame-crusted goat cheese; warm rock shrimp and celery root salad; wok-stirred mushroom salad; and guest chef Jody Adams' grilled pork tenderloin with grilled red onion, sweet and sour grilled peaches, and spinach salad.

Miso-Citrus Marinade

26:46 | #125 | TV-G

Ming blends the traditional Japanese ingredients of sake and miso, brightening a classic marinade with citrus juice, and visits the Kotobukiya Japanese market in Cambridge, MA to select miso paste. The finished marinade enlivens broiled salmon with umeboshi rice, grilled scallops lollipops, roasted chicken, and guest chef Ken Oringer's razor clam ceviche.

Tropical Fruit Salsa

26:46 | #124 | TV-G

Ming visits the Verrill Farms in Concord, MA to see how melons are grown; makes a tropical fruit salsa; and uses it in yogurt parfait, granita, and fruit martinis. Guest chef Ana Sortun prepares an exotic shredded phyllo with sweet cheese and tropical fruit salsa.

Asian Pesto

26:46 | #123 | TV-G

At Verrill Farms in Concord, MA, Ming picks out ingredients for his "Asian pesto," made with ginger, cilantro, chile, basil, and garlic. Recipes using it include a chicken salad variation; grilled shrimp with radicchio; vegetarian Asian pesto; and guest Gordon Hamersley's Asian pesto salad with sliced tomato, baby fennel, avocado, and shaved croutons.

Master Meat Broth

26:46 | #122 | TV-G

Ming uses a master meat broth made from veal bones—a variation on the classic French jus de veau—to make five-spice beef noodle soup, grilled lamb loin chops with wild mushroom ragout, and East-West beef and bean stew. Guest chef Michael Lomonaco creates charred beef medallions with poblano sauce.

Traditional Spicy Sambal

26:46 | #121 | TV-G

Ming visits the Kotobukiya, a Japanese market in Cambridge, MA, to select sambal for a fiery condiment. Back in the kitchen, he makes a spicy version of crab cakes with sambal aioli as well as chicken/rice noodle stir-fry. Guest chefs (and Ming's parents) Iris and Stephen Tsai use the master sauce to create spicy Hunan chicken.

Butter Shortbread Dough

26:46 | #120 | TV-G

Ming blends spices, chocolate, and nuts with his sweet, buttery dough to turn out five-spice shortbread, double chocolate-ginger shortbread, and caramel macadamia nut crunch cookies. Guest chef Tricia Karter of the Dancing Deer Baking Company contributes pepita lemon cranberry shortbread and parmesan with pinenuts.

Shallot Soy Vinaigrette

26:46 | #119 | TV-G

A Blue Ginger favorite, shallot soy vinaigrette combines a basic French salad dressing with Ming's signature flavors of rice vinegar, soy, mustard, and shallots. Ming uses it to make warm shiitake and corn salad frisee, grilled Asian antipasto salad, and shallot-soy marinated chicken breast with melted cabbage. Guest chef Martin Yan incorporates it into beef spinach salad.

Carrot Chipotle Syrup

26:46 | #118 | TV-G

Ming visits Verrill Farms in Concord, MA to pick out the perfect fiery jalapeño peppers, then combines them with the intense sweetness of carrots in a master sauce. He uses it to cook seared scallops with glazed carrots, root vegetable pie, and grilled shrimp with bacon, and guest chef Ana Sortun whips up an innovative crab, kohlrabi, and fennel "cigar."

Spice Mango Salsa

26:46 | #117 | TV-G

Ming unites the sunny sweetness of ripe mangoes with the heat of sambal for the master sauce spicy mango salsa. Showing off its versatility, he prepares a scallion-crusted cod with mango, mango and chicken stir fry with snap peas, and beef and shiitake satays with mango sauce. Guest Chef Jody Adams adds her own twist while grilling jumbo shrimp.

Tahitian Creme Anglaise

26:46 | #116 | TV-G

Adding the intense flavor of Tahitian vanilla bean to a rich crème anglaise, Ming creates the ultimate master dessert sauce. Pastry chef Marina Brancley uses it to make creamy, tasty vanilla ice cream; Ming tops berries gratine with it and then whips up a delectable pineapple custard by combining it with shredded coconut and rum; and guest chef Francois Payard creates a mouth-watering marriage of the sauce with chocolate.

Spiced Panko Bread Crumbs

26:46 | #115 | TV-G

Ming combines the ubiquitous Japanese panko bread crumbs with thyme, basil, ginger, black pepper, and chile powder to create the master recipe, visiting Kotobukiya in Cambridge, MA for panko and the best herbs. The finished bread crumbs spice up a few classic comfort foods, including Asian meatloaf, chicken sandwiches, and soft-shell crab with dim sum dippers. Guest chef Rene Michelena creates pork katsu with a curried stir-fry.

Five-Spice Chile Rub

26:46 | #114 | TV-G

Ming's aromatic five-spice chile tea rub adds smoky flavor and a spicy, peppery bite. He uses it in tea-rubbed beef sirloin with country mash, tea-braised lamb stew with root vegetables, and tea-rubbed salmon with scallion-lemon rice and visits a Japanese market in Cambridge, MA to show how to select the perfect loose tea leaves to make the rub. Guest chef Chris Schlesinger uses the master blend to make chile tea-crusted grilled giant New Bedford scallops with aromatic mango slaw and lime.

Ginger Fuji Apple Chutney

26:46 | #113 | TV-G

Prep cooks Mario Solis and Javier Morales show the secret to making delicious pork and apple potstickers. Ming blends New England flavors with traditionally Eastern dishes for sautéed pork chops with ginger apple sauce and maple sweet potatoes, then potato pancakes with apple scallion cream. Guest chef Michael Schlow prepares an elegant spiced tuna with cucumbers and green apple-ginger chutney.

Cucumber Kimchee

26:46 | #112 | TV-G

Ming celebrates the master ingredient of Korean cuisine, cucumber kimchee, with rice noodle soup with cucumber kimchee, spicy pork and cabbage sauté, braised kimchee short ribs, and spicy choucroute with seared Dijon halibut. New England chef Jasper White uses cucumber kimchee to create a perfect lobster salad.

Curried Ginger Oil

26:46 | #111 | TV-G

Creating complex flavor with a basic sauce, curried ginger oil, Ming prepares wok-stirred curry chicken with zucchini, wok-stirred curry beef and leeks, curried ginger beef and leeks, and oven-roasted curry-ginger sweet potato fries. At the New Shanghai Restaurant in Boston, chef C.K. Sau crafts a classic Chinese dish, ginger-scallion lobster. And Ming's mom shares a family favorite: Momma's party curry beef pinwheels.

Black Pepper Garlic Sauce

26:46 | #110 | TV-G

A favorite at Blue Ginger, Ming's savory black pepper garlic sauce adds a wonderful kick to lobster, pan-seared sirloin with Napa cabbage, and broiled stuffed eggplant. Guest chef Ken Oringer blends East and West together in a soft-shell crab tempura with black pepper garlic sauce.

Bittersweet Chocolate Ganache

26:46 | #109 | TV-G

Ming prepares a supply of his decadent bittersweet chocolate ganache, then uses the sauce as a base to create warm chocolate soufflé cakes with cardamom cream, bittersweet chocolate pots de crèmes, and an Asian banana split. Guest pastry chef Francois Payard prepares a tempting chocolate pastilla.

Three-Vinegar Syrup

26:46 | #108 | TV-G

Ming uses his sweet and tart flavoring on seared halibut, served with warm fennel and yellow finn potato salad, and on green peppercorn beef tenderloin with vinegar leeks. Guest chef Michael Schlow whips up shrimp with three-vinegar syrup and spicy pineapple salsa.

Soy Dijon Marinade

26:46 | #107 | TV-G

Ming uses his own blend of Dijon mustard and Asian soy sauce to enliven chicken wings, roasted rack of lamb with smashed blue cheese and spinach potatoes, and pan-seared hamburger on toast. Rob Mueller demonstrates the finer points of pairing food and wine, using butterfish and veggie Napoleon as examples.

Hoisin-Lime Sauce

26:46 | #106 | TV-G

Ming shows the many varieties of Hoisin, "the Chinese barbecue sauce." His parents, Steven and Iris Tsai, prepare moo shu pork, and Ming uses Hoisin in barbecue chicken with zucchini, roasted duck with sweet potatoes, and an Asian version of the classic American sloppy Joe.

Thai-Lime Dripping Sauce

26:46 | #105 | TV-G

Ming shops for fish sauce, a key ingredient in his signature dipping sauce, in Chinatown. Guest chef Jasper White helps make seared scallops with Thai lime dipping sauce.

Blue Ginger Cracker Dough

26:46 | #104 | TV-G

At Ming's Blue Ginger, guests are greeted with a heap of tasty homemade spiced crackers instead of the usual breadsticks. He discloses the recipe for this treasure, then uses it to enliven scallion pancakes and an Asian hamburger. Guest chef Todd English creates a delicious tuna carpaccio.

Master Chicken Broth

26:46 | #103 | TV-G

Ming enhances the Western staple of chicken broth with star anise, ginger, and soy sauce to create ginger-poached chicken breast, hot and sour shrimp soup, and lemongrass-coconut chicken soup. Guest chef Michael Lomonaco helps stir up shrimp and vegetable risotto.

Soy Kaffir Lime Syrup

26:46 | #102 | TV-G

Ming glazes his version of this Indonesian sweet soy sauce, accented with a hint of kaffir lime, over salmon with lemon sushi rice, then uses it to enhance chicken breasts with Asian slaw. Guest chef Martin Yan makes steamed cod with gingered Swiss chard.

Black Bean and Garlic Sauce

26:46 | #101 | TV-G

Chef Ming Tsai kicks off his series with a trip to Boston's Chinatown to demystify fermented black bean and garlic sauce—a favorite of Chinese cooking. Back in the studio, he prepares clams and black beans, beef with eggplant and black beans, black bean pork and tofu, and a black bean aioli. Guest chef Iris Tsai—Ming's mom—joins him to make sizzling fried red snapper.

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