Super Why!

Super Why!

This series focuses on the adventures of four fairytale friends who transform into reading-powered superheroes: Alpha Pig with Alphabet Power, Wonder Red with Word Power, Princess Presto with Spelling Power, Super Why with the Power to Read. The Super Readers jump into books (literally) to find answers to everyday preschool challenges.

All Past Episodes

The Sheep Who Lost Little Bo Peep

28:46 | #321 | TV-Y

The Super Readers meet two silly little sheep who can't find their Bo Peep.

Tilden the Caterpillar

28:46 | #319 | TV-Y

The team jumps into the e-book Tilden the Caterpillar where they meet a caterpillar in a big hurry.

Landon's Circus Adventure

28:55 | #315 | TV-Y

The Super Readers meet a nervous kid acrobat performing in the circus for the first time.

Monster Munch

28:55 | #314 | TV-Y

The team meets a hungry little monster who needs help finding his lunch in a digital Monster World.

Attack of More Man!

28:46 | #318 | TV-Y

A town's Fun Day Festival is in chaos because the mysterious More Man keeps adding Ss to everything.

Mathis' Book of Why

28:46 | #317 | TV-Y

The Super Readers jump into a book and meet Mathis, a curious kid who loves to ask WHY?

The Three Bears Go Camping

28:46 | #316 | TV-Y

The Super Readers help Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and Baby Bear agree on the right hiking trail to take.

Woofster and the Pet Pack

28:55 | #323 | TV-Y

The Super Readers help Keen Kitten and Hopkins find the clues that will lead to their Princess.

The Princess Who Loved Mud

28:55 | #322 | TV-Y

The Super Readers meet a princess who would rather jump in the mud than have tea parties and dance.

Super Puppy Saves the Day

28:55 | #313 | TV-Y

Woofster and the Super Readers must save some puppies and find out the true identify of Super Puppy.

Where's Woofster?

28:55 | #312 | TV-Y

The Super Readers have to use their superpowers to find Woofster in Puppy Land.

The Pupp-athon

28:55 | #311 | TV-Y

A puppy has a hard time focusing on her big day at the obstacle race due to a distracting butterfly.

The Unhappy Puppy

28:55 | #310 | TV-Y

The Super Readers jump into the book The Unhappy Puppy, where they meet lonely puppy Checkers.

Judith's Happy Chanukah

28:46 | #320 | TV-Y

The Super Readers jump into the book Judith's Happy Chanukah where they learn more about the holiday.

The Mixed Up Story

28:55 | #305 | TV-Y

The Super Readers jump into Baby Joy's book where they help sort out the scrambled story, A Day with Farmer Fred.

The Rhyming Carnival

28:55 | #304 | TV-Y

The Super Readers meet a boy who wants to win a stuffed purple porcupine at the carnival midway.

The Silly Word Play

28:55 | #303 | TV-Y

The Super Reader help a boy who wants to win a stuffed purple porcupine at the carnival midway.

The Alphabet's Sad Day

28:55 | #302 | TV-Y

The Super Readers show the sad letters in the Alphabet just how important they are.

The Cowgirl Mystery

28:55 | #309 | TV-Y

The team meet Cowgirl Hazel whose plans for a picnic with her horse Buttercup keep getting foiled.

The Underwater Lost Treasure

28:55 | #308 | TV-Y

The Super Readers jump into the book The Under Water Lost Treasure where they meet a treasure-hunting Starfish who needs help.

The Banana Mystery

28:55 | #307 | TV-Y

Pig's lemonade stand is sabotaged! Someone keeps taking his lemons. To solve Pig's mystery, the Super Readers take a trip into the book The Jungle Mystery where a search for Monkey's missing bananas takes them on a wild ride.

Roxie's Missing Music Book

28:55 | #306 | TV-Y

The Super Readers jump into the book Roxie's Missing Music Box to help singer and musician Roxie retrace her steps to find her missing book of music.

The Story of the Super Readers

28:55 | #301 | TV-Y

Whyatt and the Super Readers are surprised when they jump into a book about themselves!

Galileo's Space Adventure

28:55 | #215 | TV-Y

The super readers blast off into the tale Galileo's Space Adventure and investigate the solar system with a young astronaut seeking to rescue his beloved teddy bear named Houston.

Zora's Art Adventure

28:55 | #213 | TV-Y

The super readers venture into A Magical Art Adventure and join Zora, a young artist looking for ideas.

Monty's Adventures in Music Town

28:55 | #212 | TV-Y

The super readers soar into the book Monty's Adventures in Music Town and meet a loveable monster who is having trouble picking an instrument to play for the big show.

The Adventures of Math-a-Million

28:55 | #211 | TV-Y

The super readers accompany a math superhero as he confronts a series of arithmetic emergencies.

Around the World Adventure

28:55 | #214 | TV-Y

With the help of their teacher, Whyatt and his friends have contacted a girl from another school over the computer, but they wonder where she lives. The super readers take a trip around the world with a wacky explorer name Wigglesbottom who is on the hunt for his friend Sophie.

Naila and the Magic Map

28:55 | #206 | TV-Y

Pig and his friends are playing when they find what looks like an Egyptian treasure map, but they can't make out the symbols! To search for some answers, the super readers soar into the book Naila and the Magic Map and explore the world of ancient Egypt.

The Great Robot Race

28:55 | #210 | TV-Y

Whyatt and his puppy want to win the porridge race, but the bowl of breakfast cereal keeps falling off the puppy's back. The reading friends visit The Great Robot Race and encounter a boy named Bradbury who is determined to help his robo-doggie win a race too!

Princess Gwennie Saves the Day

28:55 | #209 | TV-Y

Princess Pea pretends she's a queen but Red doesn't know what to be! The super readers fly into the story of a princess with a silly sense of humor and a big job to do. They help Gwennie use her talents to save the day, and Red discovers her own special gifts.

Baby Dino's Big Discovery

28:55 | #208 | TV-Y

The super readers soar into Baby Dino's Big Discovery where they lend a hand to a baby dinosaur searching for his mommy.

Jasper's Cowboy Wish

28:55 | #207 | TV-Y

Howdy Partner! Whyatt and his friends are playing cowboys, but Pig can't join in because he doesn't know what cowboys do. The super readers jump into the tale Jasper's Cowboy Wish and make the acquaintance of a cowpoke named Jasper who's desperate to become a rompin' stompin' cowboy if only he could get the hang of it!

King Eddie Who Loved Spaghetti

28:55 | #205 | TV-Y

It's dinner time at Whyatt's house but things are not going well! He's perplexed when Mom and Dad say that what's on his plate isn't healthy. To find out why, the reading superheroes fly into the story King Eddie Who Loved Spaghetti and encounter a wacky king who only wants to eat one thing - spaghetti!

Molly's Dance Show

28:55 | #204 | TV-Y

The curtain rises on Princess Pea's dance recital but she's too scared to come out of the wings! Super Why and his friends head into the story Molly's Dance Show to meet a ballerina doll with similar stage fright. When Molly's dreams of performing come true, thanks to a fairy princess and some magic slippers, Princess Presto wonders what it will take for her to have confidence, too.

Bedtime for Bear

28:55 | #203 | TV-Y

Baby Joy is afraid of the dark! To show her there's nothing to fear, Super Why and his literacy friends fly into Bedtime for Bear and meet Charlie - a bear who is scared of just about everything!

Webby in Bathland

28:55 | #202 | TV-Y

Red is practicing her soccer moves and kicking up dirt, when Grandma tells her it's time for lunch. Red gives her hands a quick rinse and gets ready to chow down, but Grandma says her hands aren't clean. The super readers zoom into the story Webby in Bathland and help a brave little penguin save his beloved town from the evil Squirmy Germies who are fighting down and dirty!

Woofster Finds a Home

28:55 | #201 | TV-Y

Whyatt goes to a pet adoption fair in Storybrook Village where he meets a little puppy who needs a family. Whyatt promises to look in a book to help until the puppy reveals he has a story of his own! As the superhero readers travel through the book Woofster Finds a Home, they find exciting ways to overcome obstacles and a new super reader joins the team!

The Story of Mother Goose

28:55 | #157 | TV-Y

Red is writing a new song but gets stuck because she simply can't think of the right word! To help her out, Super Why and his friends meet rhyming royalty - Mother Goose - just as she's starting to pen her legendary poems. Does Mother Goose pick her words at random, or is there a rhyme and reason to the way she composes her stories?

King Midas

28:46 | #151 | TV-Y

Super Why and his friends fly into the story of a ruler with the golden touch and meet King Midas.

The City Mouse and the Country Mouse

28:55 | #150 | TV-Y

The heroes jump into the tale of two mice brothers who live far away from each other - one in the city and one in the country.

The Swan Maiden

28:55 | #147 | TV-Y

The heroes help the Swan Maiden get her feathers back so she can return home before the sun sets.

The Beach Day Mystery

28:46 | #165 | TV-Y

Whyatt and the other fairytale buddies have found a clue leading to treasure and they need a little help! So the superhero readers fly into The Beach Day Mystery where they set off on a swashbuckling scavenger hunt adventure filled with clues, pirates, and of course, treasure!

The Big Game

28:46 | #163 | TV-Y

Whyatt wants to play baseball better, but he keeps missing the ball. The superhero readers jump into The Big Game and join some fairytale heroes gearing up for their big soccer match against their storybook foes. With the help of Super Why and his friends, Cinderella and her team work on their game skills to prevent the Big Bad Wolf's team from huffing, puffing, and blowing them right off the field!

The Cookbook

28:46 | #164 | TV-Y

Whyatt wants to bake Baby Joy a special birthday cake - but he doesn't know how! Super Why and his friends soar into a new kind of book - a cookbook - and get the information they need from a rhyming chef with a silly sense of humor as well as a recipe for fun! In the end, Whyatt learns how to cook up the perfect birthday for his little sister.

The Story of the Tooth Fairy

28:46 | #161 | TV-Y

Whyatt has lost his very first tooth! When his mom tells Whyatt that the Tooth Fairy will come and take his tooth, Whyatt wants to know what happens if he wants to keep it? Super Why and his friends decide the best person to ask is the Tooth Fairy herself, so they set off to meet her in person. With a little bit of magic (and a little bit of floss) the reading heroes are able to get all their questions answered.

The Comic Book: Attack of the Eraser

28:46 | #162 | TV-Y

Whyatt and his friends are playing kickball in the park when Wolfy erases the score! The super readers fly into a new kind of reading material - a comic book - called "Attack of the Eraser" to track down the diabolical Eraser who's causing trouble in Reader Valley. Will Super Why and his friends be able to stop Eraser from wiping out all of the words in Reader Valley - or have they finally met their match?

The Nutcracker

28:55 | #159 | TV-Y

Princess Pea doesn't know what to do about her friend Sleeping Beauty who is very, very grumpy! Super Why and his friends dance their way into the story of The Nutcracker, accompanied by Tchaikovsky's memorable music, to find out why the Mouse King is so cranky and give an innovative twist to the holiday classic. But will the super readers be able to restore magic to The Land of Sweets?

The Ugly Duckling: Becoming a Swan

28:55 | #158 | TV-Y

Pig is too big for his bed and his sneakers are pinching his feet - what is going on? The superhero readers zoom into the story of The Ugly Duckling: Becoming a Swan, and meet a little guy who is experiencing growing pains of his own. Super Why and his friends help Duckling accept himself as he is while Pig learns an important lesson about the benefits of getting bigger.

The Prince and the Pauper

28:46 | #152 | TV-Y

When they switch houses, a prince on the farm and a pauper in a castle soon leads to confusion.

Cinderella: The Prince's Side of the Story

28:46 | #148 | TV-Y

Little Boy Blue disappears and the prince in Cinderella's fairytale may help solve the mystery.

Hansel and Gretel: A Healthy Adventure

28:55 | #146 | TV-Y

The team convinces a witch to trade her gingerbread house for something delicious and nutritious.

The Muddled-Up Fairytales

28:55 | #160 | TV-Y

Everyone is busy and Whyatt doesn't know what to do with himself! So Super Why and his friends fly into the story Muddled Up Fairytales where they visit a young dragon new to Fairytale Land who is eager to find a legend of his own. But when Dragon tries to move in with The Three Pigs, he sets off a wacky chain of events that turns the whole land upside down! The superhero readers need to help Dragon find his Happily Ever After!

Dr. Dolittle

28:55 | #155 | TV-Y

Red's adorable new puppy is whimpering and whining and she just doesn't know why! So Super Why, Wonder Red, Alpha Pig, and Princess Presto ask the advice of a boy who understands what animals need because he can talk to them!

Alice in Wonderland

28:55 | #156 | TV-Y

Oh dear! Princess Pea is so busy playing she's late to Sleeping Beauty's birthday party. The reading heroes tumble down the rabbit hole in a madcap adventure to catch up with a famous white rabbit who is also tardy! Super Why and his friends must get through the topsy-turvy house and past the Queen of Hearts to find out if the white rabbit makes it to the tea party on time!

The Three Little Pigs: The Return of the Wolf

28:46 | #149 | TV-Y

Poppa Pig teaches the team to construct a sturdy building before Big Bad Wolf ruins their plans.

The Swiss Family Robinson

28:55 | #154 | TV-Y

Little Boy Blue is stuck on a little island in Storybrook Pond and can't get back to shore. Super Why and his friends head into the story of The Swiss Family Robinson to meet a family who is just as stranded as Little Boy Blue. They'll need to use what's around them to survive in this do-it-yourself island adventure!

George and the Dragon

28:46 | #153 | TV-Y

Knight George is about to face his own fears and battle a dragon to rescue a princess! But it turns out that George isn't quite so brave.


28:55 | #145 | TV-Y

The Super Readers meet a lucky lad and dive into his magic lamp to speak to a genie who grants wishes.

The Boy Who Drew Cats

28:55 | #144 | TV-Y

The Super Readers meet a boy in a Japanese folktale who is struggling to sketch a picture for the emperor.

Peter Rabbit

28:55 | #143 | TV-Y

The team chases the mischievous cottontail bunny, who is on the hunt for delicious vegetables.

The Rolling Rice Cakes

28:55 | #142 | TV-Y

The team meets an old man in a Japanese folktale who has chased his rice cakes into a mouse hole!

Snow White

28:55 | #141 | TV-Y

The Super Readers try to stop the wicked queen from giving a fairytale princess a poison apple!

Juan Bobo and the Pig

28:55 | #140 | TV-Y

The Super Readers meet a boy who thinks his Momma wants him to put his pig in a dress!

Twas the Night Before Christmas...

28:55 | #138 | TV-Y

The Super Readers catch up with Santa and his reindeer and unravel the mystery of Santa's childhood.

Super Why! and the Little Mermaid

28:55 | #139 | TV-Y

The team explores the ocean with the Little Mermaid, whose tail sets her apart from kids on land.

The Three Feathers

28:55 | #137 | TV-Y

A young prince must race to find a magic carpet. The only problem is he doesn't think he can do it!

The Stars in the Sky

28:55 | #136 | TV-Y

The team soars high with a little girl named Ella who has a big dream of playing with the stars.

The Ghost Who Was Afraid of Halloween

28:55 | #135 | TV-Y

The Super Readers teach a Little Ghost who is scared that there's more to Halloween than meets the eye!

The Gingerbread Boy

28:46 | #134 | TV-Y

The Super Readers try to keep the speedy little Gingerbread Boy safe, but is their plan half-baked?

Momotaro the Peach Boy

28:55 | #133 | TV-Y

The Super Readers find a boy in a Japanese Folktale whose friends are arguing so loudly, it angers an ogre!


28:55 | #132 | TV-Y

Whyatt learns the importance of telling the truth and meets a boy whose nose grows when he fibs.

The Magic Porridge Pot

28:55 | #131 | TV-Y

The Super Readers fly in to rescue a little girl whose magical pot just won't stop making porridge!

The Goose and the Golden Eggs

28:55 | #130 | TV-Y

The team visits a man who is as protective of his special eggs as Red is of her delicious apples.

The Foolish Wishes

28:55 | #129 | TV-Y

Whyatt gets to pick a toy from the toy store. The Super Readers help a farmer decide how to use three magic wishes.

Sleeping Beauty

28:55 | #128 | TV-Y

The team uses their powers to wake a Princess and show her that there's more to life than sleeping.


28:55 | #126 | TV-Y

A princess has a helper who is too busy to help spin straw into gold. Can the team guess his name?

Beauty and the Beast

28:55 | #125 | TV-Y

If the Beast can tune down his roaring, Beauty might learn they're not as different as she thinks.

Tiddalick the Frog

28:55 | #127 | TV-Y

Tiddalick the frog's puddle jumping is using up all the water and leaving his neighbors in the dust.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears: The Mystery

28:55 | #124 | TV-Y

The Super Readers consult with Goldilocks, who is determined to prove that she didn't make the mess in the Three Bears' house.


28:55 | #123 | TV-Y

The friends shrink down to the size of ants and join Thumbelina on her big adventure to find her missing brother.

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

28:55 | #122 | TV-Y

The Super Readers head into the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff, who really want to get the Troll's side of the story.

The Twelve Dancing Princesses

28:55 | #121 | TV-Y

Whyatt wants to know why his family is acting sneaky, so the Super Readers waltz into the story of the 12 Dancing Princesses to see whether they can discover what the princesses are concealing.

The Emperor's New Clothes

28:55 | #120 | TV-Y

Jill wants Littlest Pig to wear a bucket on his head for their game, but it makes him feel quite silly. The Super Readers dive into the tale of "The Emperor's New Clothes," about a ruler whose new clothes seem to be invisible, for some guidance.

Little Bo Peep

28:55 | #119 | TV-Y

Whyatt is frantically looking for Mister Lizard, so the Super Readers team up with Little Bo Peep for some practice in searching.

Tom Thumb

28:55 | #118 | TV-Y

The Super Readers jump into the story of Tom Thumb, a guy who knows what it feels like to be really little, and help him out of a few scrapes.

Little Red Riding Hood

28:55 | #117 | TV-Y

The Super Readers travel "over the river and through the woods" into the story of Little Red Riding Hood on an adventure to find Little Red, her Grandma, and the Wolf.

The Princess and the Pea

28:55 | #116 | TV-Y

With the annual Junior Princess Competition approaching, Princess Pea is worried that she won't be able to pass the test and win her golden crown. The Super Readers visit the story of "The Princess and the Pea" to learn how Pea's mother, Priscilla, handled her own princess test.

The Frog Prince

28:55 | #115 | TV-Y

Princess Pea wants to do ballet, and Spider wants to spin webs, so how will these two friends play together? To find some answers, the Super Readers check out the story of the Frog Prince, where they meet another princess who can't see eye-to-eye with a friend.

The Little Red Hen

28:55 | #114 | TV-Y

When Red needs help gathering apples, all her friends can say is, "Not I!" So the Super Readers consult the Little Red Hen, whose friends didn't want to help her, either.

The Ant and the Grasshopper

28:55 | #113 | TV-Y

Littlest Pig arrives at a picnic and realizes that he forgot to pack any food. The Super Readers fly into the story of the Ant and the Grasshopper, where the jovial grasshopper finds himself equally unprepared.


28:55 | #112 | TV-Y

Red doesn't feel like much of a princess, so she wonders how she'll fit in at Sleeping Beauty's princess party. A visit to Cinderella's story teaches her that she doesn't need the help of a fairy godmother to feel great about who she is.

Little Miss Muffet

28:55 | #111 | TV-Y

Poor Red wants nothing more than to play with Little Boy Blue, but he keeps running away. So the Super Readers venture into the tale of Miss Muffet and the spider who keeps frightening her right off her tuffet.

The Elves and the Shoemaker

28:55 | #110 | TV-Y

Whyatt has a secret admirer. The Super Readers visit the shoemaker and discover that he is just as curious about his own secret friends, so they help him write a note to them. Meanwhile, Whyatt uncovers his mysterious admirer.

The Ugly Duckling

28:55 | #109 | TV-Y

Princess Pea's twirls are falling flat, and her dance recital is fast approaching. The Super Readers soar into the story of the Ugly Duckling, who's having just as much trouble trying to swim. With a little hard work, the Ugly Duckling hits his stride, and Princess Pea learns that practice makes perfect.


28:55 | #108 | TV-Y

To help Princess Pea's kitten, who is stuck in the top of a tree, the Super Readers talk with Rapunzel. Climbing her hair turns out not to be the answer, so the Prince helps them come up with a new rescue plan.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

28:55 | #107 | TV-Y

Baby Joy has said her first words, but Whyatt was the only one around to hear her, and no one believes him. The Super Readers fly into the story of the Boy Who Cried Wolf and help the boy convince the townspeople that his tale is true.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

28:55 | #106 | TV-Y

Whyatt accidentally messes up Jack's room and is in big trouble with his big brother. The Super Readers visit Goldilocks and find her surrounded by three broken chairs, three bowls of porridge, and three times the mess.

The Tortoise and the Hare

28:55 | #105 | TV-Y

Princess Pea and Red are in a potato-sack race in the park but can't agree on how fast to go. The Super Readers fly into the famous race between the Tortoise and the Hare for ideas on how to help the two friends.

Jack and the Beanstalk

28:55 | #104 | TV-Y

Baby Joy, Whyatt's little sister, is having a giant-sized tantrum. The Super Readers use their literacy powers to venture up Jack's beanstalk to talk to a real giant and get advice from Jack about the soothing power of music.

Humpty Dumpty

28:55 | #103 | TV-Y

Pig is stuck at the very top of his brand-new slide and is afraid to come down. So the Super Readers fly into the Humpty Dumpty book to find out about getting down from walls.

Hansel and Gretel

28:55 | #102 | TV-Y

Peter Piper is angry at Red because she took his peppers without asking, and the Super Readers are trying to help Hansel and Gretel out of a sticky (sweet) situation. They get the witch's side of the story while Red learns to be more considerate.

The Three Little Pigs

28:55 | #101 | TV-Y

Pig asks the Super Readers to get Jill to stop knocking down his tower. But when they fly into the Three Little Pigs story, they come face-to-face with the Big Bad Wolf himself.

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