To Dine For with Kate Sullivan

To Dine For with Kate Sullivan

In this series, journalist Kate Sullivan accompanies different guests to their favorite restaurants. Guests include entrepreneurs, change agents, musicians, actors, newsmakers, and others. They discuss their early lives, their struggles, their successes, the American dream, and how they have tried to achieve it.

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Kathryn Minshew, CEO and Founder, Themuse.Com

26:46 | #110 | TV-G

Tech dynamo Kathryn Minshew takes us to her favorite restaurant, Izakaya Nomad, in Manhattan.

Kavita Shukla, Inventor, Fenugreen

26:46 | #109 | TV-G

FreshPaper inventor Kavita Shukla takes us to Great Sage restaurant in Clarksville, Maryland.

Norman Lear, Television Producer

26:46 | #108 | TV-G

Legendary television producer Norman Lear takes us to his favorite restaurant, Crossroads in Los Angeles.

Emily Giffin, New York Times Bestselling Author

26:46 | #107 | TV-G

Bestselling Author Emily Giffin discusses writing at her favorite Seafood restaurant in Atlanta.

Jessica Alba, Actress and Founder of the Honest Company

26:46 | #106 | TV-G

Actress Jessica Alba takes us to her favorite West Hollywood restaurant, Night + Market.

Jose Andres, Chef and Philanthropist

26:46 | #105 | TV-G

Spanish born chef Jose Andres achieved the American dream by creating a restaurant empire.

Jim McIngvale, Philanthropist, Gallery Furniture

26:46 | #104 | TV-G

Jim Mcingvale takes us to his favorite Mexican restaurant, Lopez Family restaurant, to eat fajitas and hear the story of how any local businessman can make a tremendous social impact.

Leila Janah, Social Entrepreneur, Samasource

26:46 | #103 | TV-G

Leila Janah started Samasource with $14,000 she won in a business plan competition. Her goal was to reduce global poverty by putting people into jobs where they could earn a living wage.

Jason Mayden, Designer, Nike

26:47 | #102 | TV-G

Nike shoe designer Jason Mayden takes us to Giordano's Deep Dish pizza and discusses Chicago. His Nike Air Monarch became the highest grossing shoe of all time.

Howard Schultz, CEO, Starbucks

26:47 | #101 | TV-G

Howard Schultz talks about the heart and soul of Starbucks and his future mission in the world.

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