This Old House

This Old House

America's favorite home improvement series. Kevin O'Conner hosts.

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This Old House

26:46 | #3826 | TV-G

The guys tour the finished home and review all the features that transformed the space into a modern marvel.

Brookline Mid-century Modern House | Finally Finishes

26:46 | #3825 | TV-G

Finishing touches abound as the project wraps up: closet systems, modern baseboards and a linear wall drain in the master shower are all installed. Homeowner Sunil selects door hardware and Nathan Gilbert installs floating bathroom vanities.

Brookline Mid-century Modern House | Attack of the Giant Tile

26:46 | #3824 | TV-G

Mark Ferrante lays giant porcelain tile in the main living spaces of the house. Kevin and Richard head to sunny Key West to visit the 20th anniversary project.

Brookline Mid-Century Modern House | See Glass

26:46 | #3823 | TV-G

Kevin travels to the Midwest to see the manufacturing of plate glass and windows. Back in Brookline, Mauro teaches Kevin some cold weather painting tricks.

Brookline Mid-century Modern House | What's the Miter with the Corner

26:46 | #3822 | TV-G

Mark McCullough rebuilds a century-old Puddingstone wall. Tommy and Kevin revisit the 2005 Cambridge modern project. Electrician Heath Eastman installs trimless LED recessed lights.

This Old House

26:46 | #3821 | TV-G

Tommy handles cantilevered roofs and snow cleats, while Richard solves venting and ductwork.

This Old House

26:46 | #3820 | TV-G

Tommy teaches Kevin how to calculate the risers for a set of stairs. The foundation is insulated with a DIY foam system. Norm and Richard head to Santa Fe to visit the project they did 30 years ago.

This Old House

26:46 | #3819 | TV-G

Jenn and the homeowners select pavers for hardscape, while the water main is replaced and the original foundation is repaired.

Norm Revisits a Skylight

26:46 | #3818 | TV-G

Kevin learns about in-counter outlets, Tommy visits former apprentice Nathan Gilbert, and Norm teaches Carly how to frame a skylight.

Brookline Mid-Century Modern House: Beam Me Up Tommy

26:46 | #3817 | TV-G

Mark McCullough pours a buttress to the foundation. Kevin visits the 2001 Manchester by the Sea project.

Brookline Mid-century Modern House | Apprentices in Sill School

26:47 | #3816 | TV-G

Norm teaches the apprentices how to lay a sill on a new foundation, while Richard scopes the sewer to see what might be lurking inside. Kevin, the homeowners, and their designer start in on a plan to create a sleek, modern space.

Brookline Mid-century Modern House | Next Generation Demolition

26:46 | #3815 | TV-G

While old fixtures are salvaged and asbestos is removed at the house, Norm, Richard, and Kevin head back to where it all began 40 years ago, in Dorchester, Massachusetts. Later, Roger starts to remove a tree that's threatening the property.

Brookline Mid-century Modern House | Mid-century Modern Makeover

26:46 | #3814 | TV-G

Tommy and Kevin cruise around Brookline in a '57 Chevy before rolling up to the latest project: a lackluster 1957 mid-century modern house in need of a total overhaul. They learn about the full scope of work, and Charlie starts in on demo.

Jamestown | Net Zero Comes Together

26:46 | #3813 | TV-G

The Net Zero house is complete. Kevin and Tom discuss challenges with Jeff. Don gives Kevin a tour of the yard and barn. Richard reviews mechanicals and all gather in the kitchen.

This Old House

26:46 | #3812 | TV-G

Induction cooking, installing solar panels on the barn roof, installing a unique lattice, an ERV demonstration, and more.

Jamestown | Roger's Nod to Sod

26:46 | #3811 | TV-G

Roger visits a nearby sod farm with Jenn and Kevin. Richard inspects the HVAC installation.

Jamestown | Powering Net Zero

26:46 | #3810 | TV-G

Tom discusses the difference between blueboard and drywall and Jeff and Tom install a wood ceiling.

Jamestown | Designing Their Dream Home

26:46 | #3809 | TV-G

Richard demonstrates how a heat pump works and Mark watches as stone veneer is applied.

Jamestown | Air Tight House

26:46 | #3808 | TV-G

Jeff reviews his pre-drywall checklist. Kevin sees the landscape plan. Jeff fabricates pieces for porch columns and rails. Tommy puts on shingles as the last layer of the exterior wall system.

Jamestown | Modern Barn Raising

26:46 | #3807 | TV-G

The electrician installs a load center. Tom and apprentices put up cedar roof shingles. Kevin and Jeff add insulation to the basement. Tom shows apprentices how to block behind walls with future cabinets and wall fixtures. The barn gets raised.

Jamestown | Net Zero Blanket

26:46 | #3806 | TV-G

Roof insulation is next step at the net zero house. Richard tours the basement of The Breakers in Newport. Kevin meets Congressman Norcross at the house, who is also an electrician. Apprentices install and flash windows.

Ramp Up the R Value

26:46 | #3805 | TV-G

Insulation is crucial to a net zero house. Kevin finds Jeff and the apprentices starting the work. Dana shops for efficient yet decorative lighting. Tom and Jeff work with the apprentices to build false rafter tails and then they install them.

Jamestown | A Charleston Family Home Is Reborn

26:46 | #3804 | TV-G

New apprentices join the team in Rhode Island as the roof goes up. The homeowners visit a cabinet showroom to finalize their plans. The house gets sheathed. It's the finish line at Judith's house in Charleston. Kevin and Tom take the grand tour.

HVAC of the Future

26:46 | #3803 | TV-G

Jeff shows Kevin how he's framing the net zero house. Richard demonstrates heat loss and gain to design a balanced HVAC system. He and Don visit the International Builders Show. Now that the house is open, Kevin can see the old wiring and plumbing.

Net Zero from the Ground Up

26:46 | #3802 | TV-G

Shingles with asbestos are removed. Kevin visits a manufacturer in Pennsylvania that makes precast concrete walls. Homeowner Donald gives Kevin a historic tour of Jamestown. After the hole is prepped, the foundation wall panels arrive and are placed.

The Net Zero Bungalow

26:47 | #3801 | TV-G

Tom and Kevin tour their next project, a 1920s Rhode Island bungalow that will become a larger net zero house.

Charleston | Singular Single House

26:46 | #3726 | TV-G

At the house in Charleston, a custom iron gate is installed by students from a building arts school. Kevin and Tom tour the house with the homeowners.

Charleston | Raise The Pergola

26:46 | #3725 | TV-G

The pergola goes up, Ross tours a smart home, and kitchen cabinets are installed at the Single House.

Charleston | Rainbow Row

26:46 | #3724 | TV-G

Judith looks at house colors starting at Rainbow Row, while Tommy inspects termite damage.

Charleston | Smithies

26:46 | #3723 | TV-G

The old piazza columns are restored offsite and modern light fixtures are selected for an old house.

Charleston | Rough Plumbing

26:46 | #3722 | TV-G

The rotting porch is assessed and a new floor is made to look old at the Single House.

Charleston | Good Wood

26:46 | #3721 | TV-G

In a house with no stud walls, Tom sees how pipes are disguised. Kevin learns about Single Houses.

Charleston | Southern Roots

26:46 | #3720 | TV-G

A new foundation starts out back while out front Roger determines if a crepe myrtle can be saved. Kevin visits Fort Sumter.

Charleston | Brick and Mortar

26:46 | #3719 | TV-G

An old fireplace will house a new stove. The demo continues while Tom looks at flooring options.

Charleston | Demo Time

26:46 | #3718 | TV-G

Demo starts on the Charleston projects and homeowner Judith discusses planting options with Roger.

Charleston | Southern Charm

26:46 | #3717 | TV-G

A new series begins in Charleston, South Carolina, where Kevin and the team introduce two projects: a brick 1840s "single house"-unique to Charleston's historic downtown district-and a multi-generational 1890s home in a nearby transitioning neighborhood.

Move In Day

26:46 | #3716 | TV-G

It's the wrap of another great project. Kevin tours the renovated house with the homeowners.

Final Touches

26:46 | #3715 | TV-G

Tommy and Charlie install a fireback on a kitchen wall. Roger returns the roses and lilacs he saved and brings in some new plants. The island countertop goes on. The wood stove finally arrives.

Homeowner Going The Distance

26:46 | #3714 | TV-G

Charlie makes exterior decorative brackets. Kevin watches quartz countertop installation. Roger's crew makes a new front walk. Dry wells are needed for storm water runoff.

Graduation Day

26:47 | #3713 | TV-G

Roger explains why some preventative tree work is needed. Homeowner Liz gets a lesson on tiling. The original black newel post is found to be walnut. The apprentices graduate after 10 weeks of hard work.

Salvage Helps The Bottom Line

26:46 | #3712 | TV-G

Norm installs an old door in the hallway. Kevin visits a career day for the trades. In Rhode Island, twin built-in beds are made.

Homeowners Pitch In

26:46 | #3711 | TV-G

Tommy trims the rough interior columns. Liz makes a stained glass window. Norm shows Kevin a few new tricks he's learned for installing stair treads.

Time for Trim

26:46 | #3710 | TV-G

Granite goes down for wood stove. Nathan installs the porch ceiling. Kevin visits a home in Rhode Island where the exterior trim is pine.

Tommy's Flair for Flares

26:47 | #3709 | TV-G

Tommy builds a shower seat made of foam and teaches how to install replacement windows.

Duct Dynasty

26:47 | #3708 | TV-G

The apprentices get a lesson in roofing and a new slab of concrete goes in the basement.

Approaching Half Way

26:46 | #3707 | TV-G

Dining room flooring is used to make a barn door. Roger teaches a horticulture class in the field.

This Old House U.

26:46 | #3706 | TV-G

The apprentices learn how to frame a wall in the master bedroom and lay decking on the front porch.

All Decked Out

26:47 | #3705 | TV-G

The apprentices learn the basics of framing a deck, while around the corner the chimney is demo-ed.

Construction Gets A Jumpstart

26:46 | #3704 | TV-G

A new floor is built. Richard, the homeowners, and the designer hunt for an old clawfoot tub.

Generation Next Arrives

26:46 | #3703 | TV-G

Tom's crew and intern install a beam to support a new opening to the kitchen.

A Few Good Landscapers

26:46 | #3702 | TV-G

Tom finishes the forms for the new foundation and pours the concrete with a new intern.

A House for the Next Generation

26:47 | #3701 | TV-G

A homeowner inherits her childhood home and makes changes to accommodate children and inlaws.

Detroit | Rebirth In Detroit

26:46 | #3626 | TV-G

Tour the interior and exterior of the house to see the major areas of improvement and preservation.

Detroit | Going Old School for Tile and Molding

26:46 | #3625 | TV-G

Interior painting begins. Tommy repairs decorative molding using a putty knife. Tommy and Frank install interior doors and the tile installer gives the fireplace a much needed facelift.

Detroit | Stain Glass Revival

26:46 | #3624 | TV-G

The restored leaded glass bay windows are installed and modern wood-grain tile goes down in the kitchen. Roger installs a drywell and Tommy leads the kitchen cabinet installation.

Detroit | A Mason Steps Up

26:46 | #3623 | TV-G

Tommy uses a clever fix for some damaged oak flooring. Mark McCullough repairs the front steps. Kevin heads to a famous Detroit ceramic studio to see how they've been making tile for a century.

Detroit | Fixing The Fascia

26:46 | #3622 | TV-G

Rough wiring is installed in the kitchen, a new HVAC system goes in, and Tommy installs new fascia.

Detroit | Plumbing Road Trip

26:46 | #3621 | TV-G

A modern solution is used for some traditional decorative molding. Plumbing fixtures are selected.

Detroit | Windows of Detroit

26:46 | #3620 | TV-G

Peeling paint is removed. The original leaded stained glass windows in the living room is restored.

Detroit | Down The Rehab Rabbit Hole

26:46 | #3619 | TV-G

Richard snakes a camera down a drain to look for damaged pipes. Tommy repairs a leaky parapet.

Detroit | Ready for Rehab

26:46 | #3618 | TV-G

Scott Caron installs a security system, while Tommy helps Frank blow in insulation from the outside.

Detroit | Rebuilding Motor City

26:46 | #3617 | TV-G

Meet the Polks, homeowners who plan to renovate an abandoned home in Detroit, Michigan.

Arlington Arts & Crafts | An Arts & Craft for the Ages

26:46 | #3616 | TV-G

Take a tour of the completed project house, including the addition at the back and the front porch.

Arlington Arts & Crafts | Details Make the House Beautiful

26:46 | #3615 | TV-G

The kitchen island countertop is installed. The crew starts on a fieldstone wall in the front yard.

Arlington Arts & Crafts | Ship Lap for a Ship Shape House

26:46 | #3614 | TV-G

The homeowners have chosen ship lap, the hottest wall covering right now, for the third floor. Reclaimed granite is used for steps, and a marble slab is cut for the kitchen island. A cast stone mantel is built around the fireplace in the family room.

Arlington Arts & Crafts | Decorative Touches Make the Difference

26:46 | #3613 | TV-G

The architect plans call for exterior decorative features on all sides of the house. Kevin learns to lazure paint in a bedroom.

Arlington Arts & Crafts | Changes Start to Show

26:46 | #3612 | TV-G

New shingles, radiant tubing on the first floor, a fireplace makeover, and side decks are featured.

Arlington Arts & Crafts | Underground Energy

26:46 | #3611 | TV-G

The process of burying electrical cables begins. Norm and Charlie build the porch base columns.

Arlington Arts & Crafts | Shedding the Old Look

26:46 | #3610 | TV-G

A shed is built, copper is installed on the front porch, and windows are trimmed with a PVC product.

Arlington Arts & Crafts | Make Way for the Family Room

26:46 | #3609 | TV-G

A new Arts and Crafts style front porch and new color combinations for the exterior are showcased.

Arlington Arts & Crafts | A New Look to Match The Old

26:46 | #3608 | TV-G

The new foundation is parged to match the old stucco. Richard uses some creativity to drain the new master bath shower and the electrician starts work in the new powder room.

Arlington Arts & Crafts |To Paint Or Not to Paint

26:46 | #3607 | TV-G

A custom range hood is fabricated, and on the roof a rebuild of the original chimney. The homeowners meet with the designer to talk about options for the first floor.

Arlington Arts & Crafts | One Brick at a Time

26:46 | #3606 | TV-G

The homeowner apprentices with the mason on the fireplace. A custom cabinetry shop is visited. Tommy changes the pitch of the two small dormers in back.

Arlington Arts & Crafts | A Steely Den

26:46 | #3605 | TV-G

Tommy and Kevin follow steel beams from fabrication to installation on the addition. Richard works on the HVAC plan for the 2nd and 3rd floors. After the front porch is removed, new footings are placed. Kevin learns how to size a new firebox.

Arlington Arts & Crafts | Foundation Fundamentals

26:46 | #3604 | TV-G

A new foundation is built using insulated concrete forms and precast stairs, while the old exposed foundation is reinforced and waterproofed.

Arlington Arts & Crafts | Make Way for the Family Room

26:46 | #3603 | TV-G

The heavy lifting and dirty work are underway: installing a new steel beam to provide support for the addition, removing an oil tank and digging for the new foundation. Meanwhile, Norm visits local examples of English-style Arts and Crafts houses.

Arlington Arts & Crafts | A New Look, Inside and Out

26:46 | #3602 | TV-G

Homeowner Emily sorts through colors and wallpaper ideas for the living room. The old plaster walls are demolished. Landscape architect Kim Turner presents her plan to Nick and Emily and a certified arborist begins removing the old silver maple.

Arlington Arts & Crafts | Arts and Crafts Class Begins

26:46 | #3601 | TV-G

In Arlington, homeowners Nick and Emily plan to restore and expand their early English-style Arts and Crafts home, built in 1909. On the first floor, Kevin checks what has been preserved.

What's New Is Old Again

26:46 | #3526 | TV-G

The guys walk through the house, noting the craftsmanship, systems and interior details.

A Race to The Punch List

26:46 | #3525 | TV-G

The staircase is finished with a maple newel post. A reproduction antique light fixture is featured.

House Requires Some Assembly

26:46 | #3524 | TV-G

Landscaping begins with a backyard patio and the den gets some formal wainscoting.

Making New Look Old

26:46 | #3523 | TV-G

Clapboard siding is installed and a landscape architect selects salvaged granite for the yard.

400 Years of Home Technology

26:46 | #3522 | TV-G

Drilling begins on a geothermal system and Norm tours local 1st period homes.

Up on the Roof

26:46 | #3521 | TV-G

Erik lays red cedar shingles on the roof. Reproduction light fixtures are handcrafted in Vermont.

North Shore Framezilla

26:46 | #3520 | TV-G

With framing in full force, interior designer Kristina details the plan for the living/dining room.

Truck in the New House

26:46 | #3519 | TV-G

Erik installs the perimeter drain and an inspector arrives to approve the new foundation.

The North Shore Is A Blast

26:46 | #3518 | TV-G

Tommy and Kevin visit the factory where the house will be built. The foundation is poured.

This Old New House

26:46 | #3517 | TV-G

On the North Shore of Massachusettes, homeowners Bill and April Harb begin building their dream home on a plot of raw land. The traditional farmhouse will look as though it's been there for 200 years, but the building methods are at the forefront of innovation.

Goodbye Tired Old House

26:46 | #3516 | TV-G

A new Victorian front porch, restored windows, and a relaxing master suite are revealed.

The Final Countdown

26:46 | #3515 | TV-G

The kitchen counters are installed. Richard points out the mechanical improvements in the basement.

Inside Out Restoration

26:46 | #3514 | TV-G

The refurbished clawfoot tub and marble countertop are installed. Kevin reveals the treehouse.

What's Old Is New Again

26:46 | #3513 | TV-G

The tree house build continues. Refurbished windows and wainscoting are installed.

This Old Tree House

26:46 | #3512 | TV-G

Arched gable shingles and custom floor cloth are installed. The crew begins building a tree house.

Grinding Out The Details

26:46 | #3511 | TV-G

Custom mudroom windows, interior paint colors, and shingling porch piers are showcased.

Victorian Warmth

26:46 | #3510 | TV-G

Front porch flooring, Victorian light fixtures and modern hearths are featured.

True Colors

26:46 | #3509 | TV-G

Mudroom framing, exterior paint colors, and clawfoot tub refinishing are featured.

Antiques for An Antique House

26:46 | #3508 | TV-G

HVAC expert Brian Palen solves the puzzle of snaking ductwork through a house. Kevin heads to Brimfield, the world's largest outdoor antique show, where Katherine searches for furnishings.

Victorian 2

26:46 | #3507 | TV-G

Tommy's excavation crew replaces the old steel main water line at the front of the house. Katherine and interior designer Amanda Reid select tile for the bathrooms.

Opening The Entry

26:46 | #3506 | TV-G

Kevin meets mason Mark McCullough as he starts laying blocks for the mudroom foundation. Norm visits the shop where the original windows are undergoing restoration.

It's Foundation Time

26:46 | #3505 | TV-G

Work begins on the mudroom foundation. Kitchen designer Linda Cloutier discusses the cabinets. Norm and Tommy resize an existing door.

It's All About The Beams

26:46 | #3504 | TV-G

Flitch beams are installed in the kitchen and a plan is designed for the shade-covered backyard.

Bracing The Basement

26:46 | #3503 | TV-G

Tommy replaces rotten lally columns in the basement. Norm removes the marble sink and claw-foot tub. Tom saves hardwood floors.

The Kitchen Came Tumbling Down

26:46 | #3502 | TV-G

Tom starts the demo to open up the kitchen. Norm learns about Victorian details. The window pulley systems are repaired.

Dude, Where's My Victorian

26:46 | #3501 | TV-G

A new project begins in Belmont, Massachusetts, with a focus on salvage and restoration. Homeowners Katherine and Murat Bicer plan to revive their 1895 Victorian by building a front porch, refurbishing the original windows, and opening up the kitchen.

A Home for Matt & Cat

26:46 | #3426 | TV-G

A special design for the master closet is discussed and a table for the new dining room is built.

Adaptation & Accessibility

26:46 | #3425 | TV-G

An ADA-compliant threshold is created in the shower and the automatic door technology is discussed.

The Veteran's Special House Project

26:46 | #3424 | TV-G

Norm, Tom, and Kevin join builder Ken Dionne and his team to help with framing the exterior walls.

Lexington Project 2015/Garrison No More

26:46 | #3423 | TV-G

Norm and Kevin review the transformation that has taken place in the 1966 Garrison Colonial.

Lexington Project 2015/Down to The Wire

26:46 | #3422 | TV-G

Interior designer Robin Gannon discusses how she designed the great room entertainment center.

Lexington Project 2015/Finishing Details

26:46 | #3421 | TV-G

The first new plants in the landscaping plan are placed. Richard uses two kinds of radiators to bring heat to the garage and the upstairs sitting room. A massive wrought-iron chandelier with 52 bulbs is installed.

Lexington Project 2015/Mudroom, Ventilation, Kids Rooms

26:46 | #3420 | TV-G

New LED ribbon strip lights under the cabinets in the kitchen and butler's pantry are installed. Norm and Tom build the new mudroom storage system.

Lexington Project 2015/New Walk, Old Stone

26:46 | #3419 | TV-G

Work begins on the bluestone front walk. Porcelain tile is made to look like slate for the porch.

Lexington Project 2015/Designer Details

26:46 | #3418 | TV-G

The second floor is sanded, stained and sealed. In the kitchen, the cabinets are mostly installed.

Lexington Project 2015/Old to New

26:46 | #3417 | TV-G

Norm recaps progress on the mudroom and kitchen. A smart way to paint shutters is showcased.

Lexington Project 2015/Conservation Concerns

26:46 | #3416 | TV-G

Gutter fabricator Mike Vidulich installs a one-piece covered gutter that should never have to be cleaned. Roger shows Kevin the infiltration system that is going to disperse the water from gutters into the ground.

Lexington Project 2015/Inspections

26:46 | #3415 | TV-G

Norm and Tom install reinforced fiberglass columns to support the new farmer's porch. Kevin and Tom learn what goes into the rough mechanical and rough framing inspections.

Lexington Project 2015/Exterior Details

26:46 | #3414 | TV-G

Tom shows Kevin the new mudroom door and the work required to patch in new clapboards. Kevin meets electrician Allen Gallant and inspector Alix Berube to see what goes into a rough electrical inspection.

Lexington Project 2015/Making Connections

26:46 | #3413 | TV-G

Landscape designer Tim Lee shows how the stream in the backyard affects other areas of the yard. Tom and Kevin cut away a five-foot section of wall to connect the new kitchen to the great room. Richard shows Kevin two common plumbing conditions in the kitchen.

Lexington Project 2015/Smart Solutions

26:46 | #3412 | TV-G

The new architectural shingles on the roof and the progress on the new back deck are highlighted.

Lexington Project 2015/Colonial Curb Appeal

26:46 | #3411 | TV-G

The front gable wall of the second is floor up and the roof framing is underway in Lexington.

Lexington Project 2015/Footings & Framing

26:46 | #3410 | TV-G

The layout and excavation for the new footings for the home's first floor addition gets underway.

Lexington Project 2015/Colonial Roots

26:46 | #3409 | TV-G

Work begins on an addition to a 1966 Colonial in historic Lexington, Massachusetts.

Charlestown Project 2014/A Rowhouse Reimagined

26:46 | #3408 | TV-G

After five months of work in Charlestown, the exterior is restored with a new dormer, windows, shutters, and front entry. Walk through the restored rowhouse, from the basement to the third floor.

Charlestown Project 2014/Rowhouse, Lighthouse

26:46 | #3407 | TV-G

Tom conceals a basement door behind a system of rails and stiles that look like paneling. Projects include the marble island top, new PVC fence in the backyard, and the salvaged marble mantel.

Charlestown Project 2014/Kitchens and Baths

26:47 | #3406 | TV-G

Tom gets ready for a major upgrade to the front of the house - a Greek Revival-style front door. See the new kitchen cabinets and the feature wall insert in the master shower.

Charlestown Project 2014/Gardens & Greek Revival Style

26:46 | #3405 | TV-G

Fireplace expert John Sullivan roughs in the ductwork for the new direct vent gas fireplace units. Norm and Tom add some subtle Greek Revival details to the interior window trim package.

Charlestown Project 2014/Wood and Water

26:46 | #3404 | TV-G

Tom shows Norm the progress on the approved dormer and how he's waterproofing its low slope roof. Inside, insulation is in and wallboard goes up.

Charlestown Project 2014/A Bridge to Charlestown

26:46 | #3403 | TV-G

The chimney is modified for the new gas fireplace units. The third floor master suite is framed up. Norm visits a salvage yard that has architectural elements from the Greek Revival period.

Charlestown Project 2014/Brick Rowhouse Blues

26:46 | #3402 | TV-G

Tom works on the exterior walls which are bowing out from the weight of the roof over 160 years. Richard works in the basement and brings the floor down and installs the sewer line and the radiant heat/insulation system.

Charlestown Project 2014/35 Years of This Old House

26:46 | #3401 | TV-G

Renovations of an 1850s-era Greek Revival house tucked into the backside of Bunker Hill begins in Charlestown, Boston's oldest neighborhood.

Arlington Italianate Project/Italianate Renaissance

26:46 | #3326 | TV-G

The newly finished basement spaces highlight the completion of the Arlington Italianate project.

Arlington Italianate Project 2014/Sod, Garbage Disposers, Crown Molding

26:46 | #3325 | TV-G

A replica ceiling medallion is made using a 3D printer and a custom copper vent hood is installed.

Arlington Italianate Project 2014/Decorative Details

26:46 | #3324 | TV-G

A teak island top in the kitchen and a solid surface vanity top in the master bath are showcased.

Arlington Italianate Project 2014/Made in the Shade

26:46 | #3323 | TV-G

A custom PVC fence is installed and a marble herringbone pattern is created in the powder room.

Arlington Italianate Project 2014/Soapstone, Marble, Oval Picture

26:46 | #3322 | TV-G

Countertop contractor Michael Parodi creates final edge detail for soapstone countertops.

Arlington Italianate Project 2014/Brick, Trim and Tile

26:46 | #3321 | TV-G

Roger installs a front walk in a running bond pattern. Tom runs a custom profile for the chair rail.

Arlington Italianate Project 2014/Water Water Everywhere

26:46 | #3320 | TV-G

A new water line, pre-finished Brazilian chestnut flooring, and fiberglass gutters are installed.

Arlington Italianate Project 2014/House Vs. Nature

26:46 | #3319 | TV-G

Painting contractor Mauro Henrique offers strategies for working with potentially messy red paint.

Arlington Italianate Project 2014/Old World New World

26:46 | #3318 | TV-G

Roger sets granite steps on a bed of ice to melt them into place. 3D printing specialist David Kempskie shows how plaster repairs can be made in a computer.

Arlington Italianate Project 2014/Deadliest Old House

26:46 | #3317 | TV-G

Edgar Hansen from Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch helps patch cracks in the plaster walls.

Arlington Italianate Project 2014/Italianate Inspiration

26:46 | #3316 | TV-G

A paint color consultant presents exterior color schemes. Norm and Tom patch old oak veneer floors.

Arlington Italianate Project 2014/Arlington Heights

26:46 | #3315 | TV-G

Arborist Matt Foti does some selective tree pruning. A doorjamb is converted into a cased opening.

Arlington Italianate Project 2014/Additional Details

26:46 | #3314 | TV-G

Kevin enjoys the windows from inside the new eat-in kitchen. Tom installs vertical beaded siding.

Arlington Italianate Project 2014/Getting to Level

26:46 | #3313 | TV-G

Landscape architect Cricket Beauregard shares her solutions for the shady front yard.

Arlington Italianate Project 2014/Quest for a Dry/Quest for a Dry Basement

26:47 | #3312 | TV-G

The addition's new roof is married to the old by graduating the rafters. Masonry repairs are shown.

Arlington Italianate Project 2014/Concrete Jungle

26:46 | #3311 | TV-G

Breaking through the living room ceiling, more headroom and the original plaster molding are found.

Arlington Italianate Project 2014/Old House Discoveries

26:46 | #3310 | TV-G

Dramatic discoveries are made while demolishing the kitchen and baths and a rhododendron is moved.

Arlington Italianate Project 2014/A New Project in Arlington, MA

26:46 | #3309 | TV-G

The demolition work gets started on an Italianate-style home in Arlington, Massachusetts.

Jersey Shore Rebuilds 2013/One Year Later

26:46 | #3308 | TV-G

Three projects conclude on the Jersey Shore. Richard Trethewey visits the "Mantoloking Miracle."

Jersey Shore Rebuilds 2013/Stories from Sea Level

26:46 | #3307 | TV-G

Sea-level foundation footings are installed in Bay Head. Kevin O'Connor surfs with pro Sam Hammer.

Jersey Shore Rebuilds 2013/Go with the Flow

26:47 | #3306 | TV-G

Breakaway walls and flood vents are installed in Point Pleasant. Rita's modular cape steams along.

Jersey Shore Rebuilds 2013/Lines in the Sand

26:46 | #3305 | TV-G

A Texas contractor explains how they're dredging sand shoaled in Barnegat Bay after Hurricane Sandy.

Jersey Shore Rebuilds 2013/Built for Speed

26:46 | #3304 | TV-G

Seaside Heights, New Jersey scrambles to bring the boardwalk back. Work continues at the Bay Head project. In Point Pleasant, a compact Italian concrete crusher makes quick work of an old slab. Richard learns how the Manasquan house is built in the factory.

Jersey Shore Rebuilds 2013/Getting to Work

26:46 | #3303 | TV-G

Kevin gets a look at decimated Mantoloking, NJ. The Bay Head home's new first floor is framed. Helical pull-down micro-pile technology literally screws the Point Pleasant house in place.

Jersey Shore Rebuilds 2013/Drastic Measures

26:46 | #3302 | TV-G

Norm tours the Bay Head, New Jersey revetment project and gets a lesson on FEMA zones and foundations.

Jersey Shore Rebuilds 2013/Sandy and The Jersey Shore

26:46 | #3301 | TV-G

Homeowners on the Jersey Shore who are determined to rebuild after Superstorm Sandy are showcased.

Essex 2012/13, A Home for Mom & Dad

26:46 | #3226 | TV-G

Interior designer Keith Musinski gives a grand tour of the beautifully decorated "English cottage."

Essex 2012/13, Design for Everyone

26:46 | #3225 | TV-G

Reclaimed marble tile in the foyer and hand-painted border tile in the kitchen are installed. Kevin learns about universal design touring the Seattle home of architect Emory Baldwin.

Essex 2012/13, from Our House to Daryl's House

26:46 | #3224 | TV-G

Salvaged hearth tile and stained quarter-sawn oak floors revive the look of the original cottage.

Essex 2012/13, Wooden Ships & Shiplap Boards

26:46 | #3223 | TV-G

Building shiplap barn board walls and a mantel, the finished yard, and laying out the reclaimed tile hearth are featured.

Essex 2012/13, Rustic Plaster, Advanced Septic

26:46 | #3222 | TV-G

Installing ceilings singlehandedly, the Old World look of the walls, installing a self-contained membrane bioreactor system, and a granite and cobble border on the driveway are highlighted.

Essex 2012/13, Clam Flats & Lightning Rods

26:46 | #3221 | TV-G

The barrier-free walk that leads to the house is finished using granite and bluestone but no steps.

Essex 2012/13, Cottage Style

26:46 | #3220 | TV-G

Geothermal bore holes are filled and shingles are weaved around a corner for a cottage look.

Essex 2012/13, Liquid Assets

26:46 | #3219 | TV-G

Roger Cook helps aquatic systems specialist Yorgos Gregory revive a neglected water feature.

Essex 2012/13, One-Level Living

26:46 | #3218 | TV-G

Correct flashing and water table techniques keep water out of a house and preserves a level grade.

Essex 2012/13, Human Centered Design, and Demo

26:46 | #3217 | TV-G

The bad shed dormer is removed at the house and work starts on a barrier-free entry.

Essex 2012/13, A Cottage in the Wood

26:46 | #3216 | TV-G

Work begins on a 1935 English-style cottage that the homeowners hope to turn into an accessible in-law residence for aging parents.

Cambridge 2012, The Big Finish

26:46 | #3215 | TV-G

The last details come together for the Cambridge project finale. Granite posts set off the landscape and the revived vintage doorbell crowns the foyer.

Cambridge 2012, Secondary Spaces

26:47 | #3214 | TV-G

Finishing touches on the driveway, walk-in closets, and home automation; installing wallpaper in the powder room; making the foyer light; and building a quick and easy workbench.

Cambridge 2012/Hearthstone, Waterfall Island Top

26:46 | #3213 | TV-G

Lining hearth and woodbox with rustic sandstone, fabricating the huge butcher block countertop, and installing wall-mounted lavatory faucets.

Cambridge 2012/Rounding The Corner

26:46 | #3212 | TV-G

Installing plastic drywells to keep the yard from flooding, sleek new cabinets, thermostats that program themselves, and installing Ipe deck tiles over the old deck are highlighted.

Cambridge 2012/Window Seat, Stairs, Knee Walls

26:46 | #3211 | TV-G

New granite steps, a timeless window seat, and some MDF doors cleverly disguised as wainscoting are installed.

Cambridge 2012/Swedish Details

26:46 | #3210 | TV-G

Installing Southern yellow pine board accents, tiling the master bath, and the roof deck gets PVC porch boards and a custom rail treatment.

Cambridge 2012/Hot Stuff

26:47 | #3209 | TV-G

Painting the house yellow, trimming out the windows with a custom detail, installing custom copper half-round gutters and a Danish wood-burning fireplace, and a look at commercial grade kitchen appliances are featured.

Melting Pot

26:46 | #3208 | TV-G

The exterior trim details, creating a staggered shingle pattern, and adding floor warming radiant heat and a state-of-the-art condensing boiler to fuel both the radiant and the hydro air systems.

Old and New In Harmony

26:46 | #3207 | TV-G

Replacing the existing concrete front walk, modifications on the replacement windows, using a shower waterproofing system, and paint prep begins.

Exterior Improvements

26:46 | #3206 | TV-G

Repointing the old brick foundation, repairing the sagging front porch, rebuilding the rotted historic porch railing to meet conservation district standards, and spray foam insulation begins in the balloon frame house.

Getting Around In Cambridge

26:46 | #3205 | TV-G

The steps to the roof deck and the giant stump left over from the old Norway maple are removed. The ducts out of the roof rafter bays are moved and the air handler is hidden.

Cambridge Project, Part 4 of 15

26:46 | #3204 | TV-G

The crew starts the ceiling work on the first floor, more about Swedish Style, and installing a new skylight in the master bedroom.

Cambridge Project, Part 3 of 15

26:46 | #3203 | TV-G

Examining the bones of the building, relocating a load-bearing partition wall, and selecting Victorian-era house colors.

Cambridge Project, Part 2 of 15

26:46 | #3202 | TV-G

Removing a central chimney brick-by-brick, an "eco" resale store, and removing a sick Norway maple.

Cambridge Project, Part 1 of 15

26:46 | #3201 | TV-G

Work begins turning an 1887 Victorian-era two family house in Cambridge, Massachusetts, into a one-family home.

Barrington Project, Part 10 of 10

26:46 | #3126 | TV-G

Installing solar shades on the first floor, dividing up "his and hers" spaces in the master closet, a daughter's suite that employs timeless pieces and colors that allow the accessories to change as tastes change with age, and the guest room will do double-duty as an "away" space for adults.

Barrington Project, Part 9 of 10

26:46 | #3125 | TV-G

Installing a glass tile backsplash in the kitchen, installing a garage storage system, finishing up the cable railing system on the front deck, installing a gas stove, and installing a new LED down light in the front hall.

Barrington Project, Part 8 of 10

26:46 | #3124 | TV-G

Installing a new retractable awning over the deck, sealing the soapstone countertops with wax, dressing up the half-walls at the stair with oak caps and a scotia molding, and installing the electric floor warming system in the master bathroom.

Barrington Project, Part 7 of 10

26:46 | #3123 | TV-G

Replacing the old cracked asphalt with new concrete pavers in the driveway, using high-end cherry veneers for the kitchen cabinets, setting the new soaking tub, and using a "full spectrum" paint that relies on other pigments to deepen the colors.

Barrington Project, Part 6 of 10

26:46 | #3122 | TV-G

Installing the new deck, installing the red cedar shingles, the progress on the flooring, and using decorative polyurethane brackets for the exterior.

Barrington Project, Part 5 of 10

26:46 | #3121 | TV-G

Creating a sustainable coastal landscape, finishing up the shingles and trim at the master bedroom porch, installing the custom copper gutter and scupper, a lighthouse that is also an off-the-grid bed and breakfast, and installing the solar hot water system.

Barrington Project, Part 4 of 10

26:46 | #3120 | TV-G

Using red cedar shingles instead of white, using a hydronic system that is integrated with a solar hot water system on the roof, a look at one of Newport's most famous mansions, and installing spray foam insulation.

Barrington Project, Part 3 of 10

26:47 | #3119 | TV-G

Installing the windows using a custom copper pan for flashing, installing architectural shingles with the requisite "hurricane nailing" pattern that is required by local code, and a clambake down on the beach.

Barrington Project, Part 2 of 10

26:46 | #3118 | TV-G

The new open floor plan requires structural steel that gets bolted and then welded in place, Hurricane Irene hits the area, the crew gets back to work framing the second floor, and Kevin learns about the challenges of living on the coast.

Barrington Project, Part 1 of 10

26:46 | #3117 | TV-G

Work begins on a Rhode Island beach home by removing everything that is outdated in the kitchen.

Bedford Project, Part 16 of 16

26:46 | #3116 | TV-G

Installing both the new and old plant material, installing the ceramic backsplash tile with a crackle finish, hanging the new hand-woven wallpaper from Japan, installing the reproduction boot scraper and doorknocker, the finished kitchen is revealed, and other final touches.

Bedford Project, Part 15 of 16

26:46 | #3115 | TV-G

The finish goes down on the driveway, installing a new LED strip light, a bright custom canvas wall covering, making a Colonial-inspired boot scraper and doorknocker, the new single garage door that's made to look like two carriage doors, and why antique homes can be challenging to sell.

Bedford Project, Part 14 of 16

26:46 | #3114 | TV-G

Restoring the circa 1720 raised panel front door with flexible epoxy and a new paint job, the 1,300-pound marble island top is hefted into the kitchen, upgrading the ducted HVAC system, making the custom farm table top out of reclaimed floor joists, making sliding "barn" entry doors for the new walk-in pantry, and installing the new raised brick hearth.

Bedford Project, Part 13 of 16

26:46 | #3113 | TV-G

Creating a winding path to the new entry door, installing the kitchen cabinets, the zero-clearance gas fireplace, installing wainscoting for the powder room out of old sheathing boards, and painting the red farmhouse gray-blue.

Bedford Project, Part 12 of 16

26:46 | #3112 | TV-G

Installing the massive decorative timbers in the new family room, how to set the new A/C condenser on a prefabricated concrete mounting pad, the Parson Capen House, the progress on the new front entry deck, installing a new garden shed, and adding closed cell spray foam insulation to the new addition.

Bedford Project, Part 11 of 16

26:46 | #3111 | TV-G

Installing a 3,000-pound slab of reclaimed granite for the front step, installing new wood windows, the progress on the period restoration of the Colonel James Barrett house, sealing and insulating the old ductwork, and broadcasting a rye grass mix.

Bedford Project, Part 9 of 16

26:46 | #3109 | TV-G

Installing new red cedar clapboards, removing some existing plumbing that's in the way of the new kitchen, installing a new horseshoe-shaped asphalt driveway, and solving a rough plumbing problem by using a wet vent in the downstairs powder room.

Bedford Project, Part 10 of 16

26:46 | #3110 | TV-G

Rebuilding the front door surround to eliminate rot, prescribing deep root injections, and where the design for the new space is headed.

Bedford Project, Part 8 of 16

26:46 | #3108 | TV-G

Replacing an undersized and partially rotted old post in the kitchen, reinstalling the restored historic window sashes, upgrading the electrical service, installing a system of metallic tubing, a visit to the house that inspired the look for the Bedford Project kitchen; and restoring the pine board flooring.

Bedford Project, Part 7 of 16

26:46 | #3107 | TV-G

Topping off the existing cellulose insulation in the walls of the oldest part of the house; a display of "garden to table" raised beds at Elm Bank Reservation in Wellesley, Massachusetts; building raised beds out of fieldstone from the old foundation; and waterproofing the roof.

Bedford Project, Part 6 of 16

26:46 | #3106 | TV-G

The new family addition is framed up and sheathed; installing a new footing and lally column in the basement and new post supports in the kitchen; and the historic window sash is stripped, repaired, re-glazed, and repainted.

Bedford Project, Part 5 of 16

26:46 | #3105 | TV-G

The plan for the rambling site, reclaiming a good percentage of the backyard from invasive vines and brambles, assembling and raising the gable wall for the new family room addition, repairing a historic windowsill, and demo of the old ceiling.

Bedford Project - Part 4 of 16

26:46 | #3104 | TV-G

Framing up the new roof that will overlay the existing roof, repairing the exterior chimney, removing the fireplace and chimney from the top down, revisiting the Acton Project, and some recent discoveries from the jobsite.

Bedford Project - Part 3 of 16

26:46 | #3103 | TV-G

Removing the old clapboards, opening up a hole in the old fieldstone foundation, removing the historic sashes to be taken off site for rehab, the oldest existing flag in the country, the footprint of the addition starts to take shape, and pouring concrete.

Bedford Project - Part 2 of 16

26:46 | #3102 | TV-G

Transplanting the shrubs and plants from the front of the house, clearing the small trees and overgrowth that are in the way of the new family room addition, removing the front entry porch and the accessibility ramp, removing the peeling and rotted clapboards, laying out for the new addition, setting up a drain and sump pump system, and demo of the exterior parts of the 1970s-era chimney.

Bedford Project - Part 1 of 16

26:46 | #3101 | TV-G

A new season begins with work on a 300-year-old farmstead that is rich in Colonial history. Inspecting the structure and historic window sash, the relic of an antique water pump system, concern about the high water table, and assessing the landscape work are featured.

This Old House

26:46 | #3008 | TV-G

Patching in some sidewall shingles on the front of the house; installing the ductwork for the new hydronic heating and cooling system; reviewing a few different aesthetic options for opening up the top of the wall that currently conceals basement stairs; in the kitchen, finishing up the rough electrical work; and installing a pocket door kit you can get at a local lumberyard.

Los Angeles Project (Part 10)

26:46 | #3026 | TV-G

Work on the Los Angeles project wraps up with the finishing touches both outside and in. Homeowner Mary Blee introduces Kevin to her new son, who's arrived just in time to enjoy the renovated house. After a look at the master suite and the new kitchen, the family gathers on the back terrace to congratulate general contractor Steve Pallrand and site supervisor Angel Leon on a job well done.

Los Angeles Project (Part 9)

26:46 | #3025 | TV-G

Using broken concrete for the walkways; restoring the old hardware and light fixtures; Kevin visits the Adamson House in Southern California - which is known for its extraordinary use of decorative tile; installing a new, custom garage door that blends seamlessly with the period of the house; and installing the front gates.

Los Angeles Project (Part 8)

26:46 | #3024 | TV-G

Wrapping the kitchen cabinets in plaster, installing a pedestal sink, installing soapstone countertops in the kitchen, replicating the original ceiling star, installing the 400-pound Juliet balcony, and the new decorative iron balustrade.

Los Angeles Project (Part 7)

26:46 | #3023 | TV-G

A close-up look at the Hollywood sign and the man in charge of preserving it, installing new floors to match the existing hardwood, adding prefabricated decorative corbels, evaluating the yard for landscaping, and installing California-made terra cotta tile on the back terrace.

Los Angeles Project (Part 6)

26:46 | #3022 | TV-G

Finishing the stucco work, period-appropriate ornamental ironwork, glazing the reproduction tile, and laying tile in the powder room.

Los Angeles Project (Part 5)

26:46 | #3021 | TV-G

Installing custom foam forms to create a tray ceiling, how work is progressing on the kitchen cabinets, the "cat face" plaster technique used on the walls, and replacing the roof due to leaks and rain damage.

Los Angeles Project (Part 4)

26:46 | #3020 | TV-G

Replicating the arch details from the front living room in various openings in the house, how the stucco system starts, architect Richard Neutra's VDL Studio, installing the batt insulation, selecting tile, and wallboard goes up around the main arch leading from the kitchen to the new family room.

Los Angeles Project (Part 3)

26:46 | #3019 | TV-G

Using the roof tiles from the old house for the perimeter of the new roof only where they can be seen from the street., how piles of clay and sand are mixed with water and fire to produce the roof tiles, setting the tiles, providing LA with drinking water, and evaluating the condition of the stucco.

Los Angeles Project (Part 2)

26:46 | #3018 | TV-G

The back of the house is opened up from demolition; a massive foundation form for the new addition that will meet LA's strict seismic code and "hillside ordinance" regulations; Norm visits a facility where they replicate real earthquakes; how the building science has been applied to the house through shear walls, hold-downs, and tying off at every level; the rough plumbing progress; and the new heating and cooling systems are installed in the basement.

Los Angeles Project (Part 1)

26:46 | #3017 | TV-G

Norm and Kevin arrive at the 1933 Spanish Colonial Revival project house in the hillside neighborhood of Silver Lake. The homeowners plan to expand and renovate the 1,500-sq.-ft. house, while keeping and extending the character of the existing house into the small addition.

Auburndale Project (Part 16)

26:46 | #3016 | TV-G

Finishing up the exterior low-voltage lighting, the installed lighting plan, the water-saving plumbing fixtures, the carpets for the house using both old and new world technology, the hops vines that will be planted to grow on the pergola, the new composite shutters, the finished kitchen and appliances, the reveal of the master bedroom, and the final remodel of the downstairs.

Auburndale Project (Part 15)

26:46 | #3015 | TV-G

Installing the wood island top, the "his & hers" closet systems that were designed online, and the new wireless security system; the high-efficiency two-stage air conditioning system, and an equally efficient system for heat and hot water; installing the kitchen window stool made out of marble, the "leathered" granite countertops, and the exterior hardware; and planting the trees in the community island.

Auburndale Project (Part 14)

26:46 | #3014 | TV-G

Installing the new custom pergola in front of the house, modifying the turnouts at the base of the main staircase, prepping the beds for planting, installing a new click-together laminate floor over the new concrete slab in the basement.

Auburndale Project (Part 13)

26:46 | #3013 | TV-G

Installing nine tons of rustic Pennsylvania fieldstone for the new entry walkway, how to recognize a quality cabinet, assembling the kitchen island, installing the tile in the kids' bathroom, boxing in the ceiling beams in the sunroom, and details of the interior and exterior doors.

Auburndale Project (Part 12)

26:46 | #3012 | TV-G

Putting down a new generation of composite decking, how paint performs, and modifying the fireplace mantel to update its style.

Auburndale Project (Part 11)

26:46 | #3011 | TV-G

Setting the new pergola, giving the concrete stoop a makeover using fieldstone and bluestone, trimming out the first floor windows, selecting a vine for the front yard landscaping, and using pitching sticks to create a mud job at the base of the new shower.

Auburndale Project (Part 10)

26:46 | #3010 | TV-G

Front yard landscaping, Kevin and Norm take a tour of the Charles River, blending the old plaster work with the new, and removing paint from the old shingles.

Auburndale Project (Part 9)

26:46 | #3009 | TV-G

Using an acrylic stucco system to make the new basement addition blend in with the poured concrete, Chris Kimball of America's Test Kitchen critiques the final layout of the kitchen, waterproofing the roof, and installing four different kinds of insulation.

Auburndale Project (Part 7)

26:46 | #3007 | TV-G

Installation of the floor-warming radiant heat that will be in the slab under the new family room; pouring all of the concrete on the basement level, including the footings for the new deck; making aesthetic decisions at the Boston Design Center; and installing the new energy efficient, vinyl clad casement windows.

Auburndale Project (Part 6)

26:46 | #3006 | TV-G

Framing the flat roof over the new sunroom; an expensive change order in the basement bathroom - the homeowners have decided to add air conditioning; Kevin visits the Boston Public Library to learn about the former resident of the home, one of Boston's most famous street photographers; the progress on the rough plumbing in the new back-to-back bathrooms; and installing the underlayment on the flat roof.

Auburndale Project (Part 5)

26:46 | #3005 | TV-G

The new front entry and framed up kitchen; at the garage, turning the flat roof into a pitched roof with prefabricated trusses; the new kitchen design; in the backyard, the native and non-native species taking over the flood plain; Norm and Tom review the layout for the new back deck and walkways; and framing up the floor of the new sunroom using engineered lumber.

Auburndale Project (Part 4)

26:46 | #3004 | TV-G

Most of the demolition is completed; taking the dip out of the old kitchen floor; framing up the new mudroom and powder room on the first floor; Massachusetts State Director of Flood Control, Bill Gode, shows how the Charles River has been literally formed and shaped by several major engineering projects over the years, including three major dams; and pest control expert Todd McNamara shares his "eco-friendly" plan to address the termites and the carpenter ants out back.

Auburndale Project (Part 3)

26:46 | #3003 | TV-G

The arrival of a 17-foot-long steel beam - it will carry the load of the house over the 16-foot opening that was made in the rear foundation wall; insulated concrete forms being used not only for the foundations, but also for the above-grade walls on the new additions; Chris Kimball of America's Test Kitchen stops by to discuss the kitchen and the updates to it; and a discussion abot how the new lead laws affect interior work and how to properly test for it.

Auburndale Project (Part 2)

26:46 | #3002 | TV-G

Prepping for the new foundation of the entry hall; demolishing the sun porch to the specifications of the new national EPA lead law; a visit to the original gatehouse, which is now a private home; and cutting through 10-inch thick concrete foundation walls to make way for a new family room addition.

Auburndale Project (Part 1)

26:46 | #3001 | TV-G

The new season begins with a renovation of a 1940's house on Boston's famous Charles River. Out front, the home's bland exterior will receive a curb-appeal makeover thanks to the creative ideas of architect Chris Chu. On the inside, the house will get a new, larger kitchen, updated baths and loads of new windows to take advantage of the spectacular views out back.

Newton Centre Project (Part 8)

26:46 | #2908 | TV-G

Replicating the old exterior trim details around the new windows in the addition, installing the pre-hung Douglas fir exterior door for the back entry, a tour of a recently renovated Dutch Colonial Revival that makes the most of its small footprint, and removing the old bookshelves and plaster wall to gain entry into the new library.

Roxbury Project, Part 10 of 10

26:46 | #2926 | TV-G

The final landscaping is compeleted in the front and back yards, installing the entry gate on the perimeter fence, final light fixtures and window treatments are installed, Boston Mayor Thomas Menino stops by to see how the house has progressed, and everyone gathers for the wrap party.

Roxbury Project (Part 9)

26:46 | #2925 | TV-G

How to install meshed white subway tiles with a rail cap; a visit to the Washington, DC, project house; and customizing and installing the stair treads and newel post.

Roxbury Project (Part 8)

26:46 | #2924 | TV-G

Landscape apprentices from YouthBuild Boston spread new soil and plant low-maintenance ground cover, the progress at the front entry and in the second unit kitchen, how to clean and remove stains from new marble countertops, the historical aspects of Roxbury, and installing a new tankless hot water heater.

Roxbury Project (Part 7)

26:47 | #2923 | TV-G

The progress on the puddingstone retaining walls and front entrances; fabricating custom arches for the front of the house; installing a decorative antique marble fireplace surround and mantel; laying out and installing a pre-finished, solid birch floor; and designing the cabinetry and countertop details for the new kitchen.

Roxbury Project (Part 6)

26:46 | #2922 | TV-G

Installing a plaster crown molding, painting an accent wall in the back bedroom, a matching marble fireplace surround, and the new front doors arrive.

Roxbury Project (Part 5)

26:46 | #2921 | TV-G

Spreading soil and putting down sod in the backyard, installing a PVC privacy fence along the perimeter of the yard, installing custom casings and paneling, and replacing plaster ceiling medallions.

Roxbury Project (Part 4)

26:46 | #2920 | TV-G

The landscape work begins, roofing and siding of the house are completed, the new high-efficiency two-stage hot air system is installed, spray foam insulation is installed, selecting flooring and kitchen cabinet finishes, and using low-maintenance PVC decking and prefabricated railings to dress up the rear entrance decks.

Roxbury Project (Part 3)

26:46 | #2919 | TV-G

Extensive framing work is completed but more is needed, a concrete truck arrives to pour the footing for the new front entry, putting down the new roof using architectural shingles, the new energy-efficient vinyl windows are installed, installing the new siding, and a classic color scheme.

Roxbury Project (Part 2)

26:46 | #2918 | TV-G

Major engineering challenges, the work of Nuestra Comunidad in Roxbury, the foundation walls for the new rear addition have been poured and backfilled, and a framing crew arrives to start raising the walls for the new addition.

Roxbury Project (Part 1)

26:46 | #2917 | TV-G

Partnering with the city of Boston and local non-profit Nuestra Comunidad, the team will take a foreclosed and abandoned two-family house from the 1870s and turn it into two units of affordable housing in Roxbury, Mass.

Newton Centre Project (Part 16)

26:46 | #2916 | TV-G

Planting and laying sod around the new patio, prepping for the new oak flooring, final heating installation, installing the new LED under-cabinet lighting, the finished exterior elevations, the new library and office space, and a look at the renovated rooms.

Newton Centre Project (Part 15)

26:46 | #2915 | TV-G

Kitchen countertops are installed; shopping for plant material for the yard, prepping and putting the new plants in the ground, work continues on the new library, and installing and grouting the subway tile backsplash using a new pre-mixed urethane grout.

Newton Centre Project (Part 14)

26:46 | #2914 | TV-G

How to patch and spot prime a water-damaged ceiling, repainting the ceiling in 3x3-foot patches to keep a wet edge, the latest offerings in countertops, and the new built-in bookshelves for the formal living room.

Newton Centre Project (Part 13)

26:46 | #2913 | TV-G

Putting down new asphalt, installing new cabinets, the latest in under cabinet lighting, stripping wallpaper, and trimming out the bank of windows in the back corner of the kitchen.

Newton Centre Project (Part 12)

26:46 | #2912 | TV-G

Building a small deck to connect the kitchen to the patio; laying concrete pavers for the new patio; the range of options available in white subway tile for the kitchen backsplash; installing new oak flooring to match the existing flooring; and applying polymeric sand, compaction, and water to lock the patio in place.

Newton Centre Project (Part 11)

26:46 | #2911 | TV-G

The exterior paint job is underway, landscaping, installing custom copper half-round gutters, putting up a base coat of veneer plaster, meeting with painting contractors, and rebuilding the homeowner's one-car garage.

Newton Centre Project (Part 10)

26:46 | #2910 | TV-G

Building a brand new stairway to the basement, how to select a good quality faucet, making a vaulted ceiling, and installing spray foam insulation.

Newton Centre Project (Part 9)

26:46 | #2909 | TV-G

Fabricating the new decorative bracket that will support the rear entry porch roof, piping the old radiators, a beautiful new kitchen and a combination home office/library space, and using new red cedar clapboards to patch in the old exterior siding.

Newton Centre Project (Part 7)

26:46 | #2907 | TV-G

Pruning the existing hemlock trees, installing a bath fan in the new powder room, revisiting This Old House's first certified green building project in Austin, and roofing the new addition to match the existing house using an architectural asphalt shingle.

Newton Centre Project (Part 6)

26:46 | #2906 | TV-G

Reframing the existing walls to accommodate new door and window openings in the kitchen, installing a large new window in the library, kitchen designer Tamara Raymond helps the homeowner envision her new kitchen with the help of paper mock-ups, and a renovated 1906 Gambrel-style Victorian gets LEED green building certification.

Newton Centre Project (Part 5)

26:47 | #2905 | TV-G

The first floor family room is entirely framed in, building the gable-end wall for the new addition, upgrading the service from 100 amp to 200 amp, running new lines to the old radiators, and a sense of the new library and home office space.

Newton Centre Project (Part 4)

26:46 | #2904 | TV-G

Bizarre and inadequate framing requires the team to reinforce and level the entire kitchen ceiling using an angle iron, a laser level, and multiple new LVLs. Also, the origins of Dutch Colonial Revival and framing the first floor of the new addition

Newton Centre Project (Part 3)

26:46 | #2903 | TV-G

The homeowners decide to stay in the house during constuction, extending the windowsills for a historic look, 90 percent of the old house has to be rewired to meet building code, and the foundation for the new addition is poured.

Newton Centre Project (Part 2)

26:46 | #2902 | TV-G

Removing the old vinyl siding, smart ideas for restrained remodels that won't break the bank, and preparing for the new foundation.

Newton Centre Project (Part 1)

26:46 | #2901 | TV-G

The crew begins a small but sophisticated addition to a 1915 Dutch Colonial Revival that includes a new kitchen, home office, and family room.

New York City Project (Part 10)

26:46 | #2826 | TV-G

Sod and furniture arrive, the new rental apartment, and celebrating the completion of the project.

New York City Project (Part 9)

26:46 | #2825 | TV-G

Reinstalling the beautiful white oak entry doors that were absent for several months, installing a new pot filler over the range, the new temporary wall in the master bedroom that creates a nursery, a lesson in shopping for furniture, and the strategy for fire prevention in the project house.

New York City Project (Part 8)

26:46 | #2824 | TV-G

Reinstalling old interior door trim in the new library area, a mechanical room that contains two complete systems, and an unconventional method for grouting the floor tile.

New York City Project (Part 7)

26:46 | #2823 | TV-G

Using a faux painting technique to disguise old and damaged woodwork, the custom kitchen is installed in the owner's unit, a mud bed for tile on the garden level floor, and laying the mosaic floor by doing a complete dry layout.

New York City Project (Part 6)

26:46 | #2822 | TV-G

Installing the vintage spiral stairs, design choices for the rental apartments, and rehabilitating the original five panel interior doors.

New York City Project (Part 5)

26:46 | #2821 | TV-G

Installing white oak flooring, new showerhead combinations, paint color scheme for the first floor, replicating baseboard profiles using routers, and installing a new privacy fence.

New York City Project (Part 4)

26:46 | #2820 | TV-G

Laying new floors, replicating and installing the plaster crown moldings, installing new replacement windows, and spray foam insulation

New York City Project (Part 3)

26:46 | #2819 | TV-G

How to restore the multiple wood finishes in the house, some period-appropriate tile combinations for the bathrooms and kitchen, and converting the old steam radiators to hot water.

New York City Project (Part 2)

26:46 | #2818 | TV-G

Framing the brownstone progresses, a look at a perfectly preserved 1832 rowhouse, and how to operate a garden center in the middle of the city.

New York City Project (Part 1)

26:46 | #2817 | TV-G

Work begins on a neglected 1904 brownstone in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Weston Project (Part 16)

26:46 | #2816 | TV-G

Final landscaping, installing a rustic granite hearthstone for the fireplace, laying the last of the handmade tile in the bathroom, finishing touches on the security system and light fixtures, and a tour of the finished home.

Weston Project (Part 15)

26:46 | #2815 | TV-G

Installing a berm and fence in the front yard, countertops are installed in the kitchen, cooling the home with a split-type air conditioning system featuring outdoor heat pump units and indoor wall mounted units, and installing a handcrafted copper owl weathervane.

Weston Project (Part 14)

26:46 | #2814 | TV-G

Norm meets with Michelle Moore from the U.S. Green Building Council to learn more about their LEED for Homes program and how the Weston house will qualify.

Weston Project (Part 13)

26:46 | #2813 | TV-G

Setting underground tanks that are part of the rainwater harvesting and runoff control system, a new hidden deck-fastening system to put down composite decking, cladding a wall in reclaimed galvanized metal and a new low-VOC paint that comes from a local home center.

Weston Project (Part 12)

26:46 | #2812 | TV-G

Installing granite steps on the entry porch, precast footings for the pergola, and Goshen stone for the front patio, and sophisticated options for furnishing a timberframe home.

Weston Project (Part 11)

26:46 | #2811 | TV-G

Installing 18 solar panels that can provide up to 75 percent of the home's power needs, and new custom half-round copper gutters and decorative brackets going in on the street side of the house.

Weston Project (Part 10)

26:46 | #2810 | TV-G

The rough plumbing and electrical are nearly complete, the cabinets are in, and the concrete countertop fabricators are on site to template for the tops, which will take four to six weeks to make and to cure. At the Bensonwood shop in New Hampshire, Tom lends a hand to finish carpenter Dennis Wright as he installs "home slicker" and pre-stained white cedar shingles to the exterior wall panels.

Weston Project (Part 9)

26:46 | #2809 | TV-G

Masons arrive from Wisconsin to help with the exterior stone veneer; new synthetic slate roofing material made from 80 percent recycled content; and custom wainscoating, chair rail, and horizontal wallboards.

Weston Project (Part 8)

26:46 | #2808 | TV-G

The Bensonwood crew places the last of more than 50 insulated roof panels and applies a standing-seam copper roof to the cupola, then sets the whole 5,000-pound assembly in place to cap off the house.

Weston Project (Part 7)

26:46 | #2807 | TV-G

Roger works on the landscape plan. With the final roof rafter in place, the homeowners join the builders for a traditional tree-branch dedication ceremony.

Weston Project (Part 6)

26:46 | #2806 | TV-G

The second week of house raising begins with a ceremonial timberframe raise on the first floor—by hand. The rest of the job will be done with a crane, including lifting a 48-foot-long assembly of Douglas fir timbers and live-oak crucks that will run the length of the first floor.

Weston Project (Part 5)

26:46 | #2805 | TV-G

The homeowners are on site for the first day of raising their new house, but the excitement is soon tampered by unexpected rain. Despite the weather, the crew manages to close in the basement level.

Weston Project (Part 4)

26:46 | #2804 | TV-G

Kevin and Tedd head to New Hampshire for a look at how the prefabricated house is coming together, then load up the first truck for delivery to Weston.

Weston Project (Part 3)

26:46 | #2803 | TV-G

To start the new house, the crew sets pre-cast foundation walls that were poured in a factory, trucked to the site, and lifted in by crane. The slab for the basement and garage floor is poured, with an insulated radiant heating system built in, and the homeowner and designers work on a landscape plan.

Weston Project (Part 2)

26:46 | #2802 | TV-G

The crew finishes demolishing the Weston house, designs a new home with the help of 3D software, and gets the new works under way.

Weston Project (Part 1)

26:46 | #2801 | TV-G

Kevin and Norm reveal the new project: a prefab home, designed to be eco-friendly, that will be made over to look and feel like an old barn.

New Orleans Project (Part 8)

26:46 | #2724 | TV-G

Landscaping on a sizable lot, the Global Green housing development, installing kitchen countertops, and more work at Musicians' Village.

New Orleans Project (Part 7)

26:46 | #2723 | TV-G

Laser technology is employed to make templates for the new quartz countertops, and a unique hospitality and construction program helps rebuild the lives of at-risk young people. Also, reclaimed-pine flooring and a lesson in making a window stool and apron.

New Orleans Project (Part 6)

26:46 | #2722 | TV-G

Kevin and Norm take a streetcar ride, the new contractor gets started, and Kevin learns about the Mercy Corps program to help homeowners rehabilitate damaged property. The crew works on trimming the side porch.

Newton Project (Part 9)

26:46 | #2709 | TV-G

Norm shows homeowner Paul Friedberg troublesome conditions with the wood-to-ground contact on the side of the house, underneath the front porch, and at the garage. Pest control expert Bill Seigel provides a treatment to stop termite activity and prevent further damage.

Newton Project (Part 8)

26:46 | #2708 | TV-G

Digging up an established shrub, installing a replacement window, adding radiant heat panels, and crafting a teak island top.

New Orleans Project (Part 10)

26:46 | #2726 | TV-G

The finishing touches on the house, including installing an iron fence, and a dedication ceremony at Musicians' Village.

New Orleans Project (Part 9)

26:46 | #2725 | TV-G

Rebuilding 22 damaged firehouses, installing new custom composite shutters for privacy and security, and planting screening shrubs and grasses.

New Orleans Project (Part 5)

26:46 | #2721 | TV-G

Norm and Kevin visit the neighborhood jazz clubs of Frenchman Street, the homeowner hires a new contractor, and the crew begins installing spray foam and milling French doors out of Spanish cedar. At Musicians' Village, the plans now include a music education and performance center.

New Orleans Project (Part 4)

26:46 | #2720 | TV-G

How the first New Orleans project held up during Hurricane Katrina, the plumbing plan for the new project, and installing windows for Rebuilding Together. Branford Marsalis shows Kevin around Musicians' Village.

New Orleans Project (Part 3)

26:46 | #2719 | TV-G

Norm works on the side porch, and he and Kevin lend a hand at Musicians' Village. Tasks include stripping paint for reuse and coordinating bright color schemes for the neighborhood.

New Orleans Project (Part 2)

26:46 | #2718 | TV-G

As demolition begins, the story of how the house was originally constructed from wood from dismantled Mississippi River vessels is uncovered. Also, a visit to Musicians' Village.

New Orleans Project (Part 1)

26:46 | #2717 | TV-G

In historic Holy Cross, along the banks of the Mississippi River, homeowner Rashida Ferdinand shows Kevin why she loves her c. 1892 flood-damaged shotgun single and artist's studio.

Newton Project (Part 16)

26:46 | #2716 | TV-G

New light sources and modern fixtures illuminate formerly dark areas of the house. After finishing the garage, the crew throws a wrap party.

Newton Project (Part 15)

26:46 | #2715 | TV-G

Installing the teak island top and a custom closet system, refinishing the old clawfoot tub, using wedges to create even grout lines on the tile backsplash, and reassembling the restored antique pool table.

Newton Project (Part 14)

26:46 | #2714 | TV-G

Laying sod, installing quartz and resin countertops, a new high-efficiency air conditioning system, and techniques for cleaning oak woodwork.

Newton Project (Part 13)

26:46 | #2713 | TV-G

Installing new custom garage doors, scribing the base molding to the floor, laying the mosaic "rug" tiles in front of the new vanity, and countertop and tile choices for the kitchen.

Newton Project (Part 12)

26:46 | #2712 | TV-G

The garage is inspected for rot problems. The crew layers aniline dye, stain, and polyurethane to achieve the floor color and waterproofs the shower with a flexible paint-on membrane.

Newton Project (Part 11)

26:46 | #2711 | TV-G

Wrapping the columns under the back porch in shingles; saving the old plaster in the billiards room using a new adhesive system; lighting, paint color, and furniture choices; and some rare and valuable antique pool tables.

Newton Project (Part 10)

26:46 | #2710 | TV-G

Prepping the exterior of the house for paint, wrapping the exterior columns with shingles woven together in a hand-crafted flared detail at the base, adapting an antique light fixture to meet modern needs, and how work on the pool table is progressing.

Newton Project (Part 7)

26:46 | #2707 | TV-G

Some surplus materials are donated to the Building Materials Resource Center, a local nonprofit that sells the materials to needy homeowners at discounted prices. Roger installs the new Milford pink granite, matching the old mortar.

Newton Project (Part 6)

26:46 | #2706 | TV-G

Picking paint colors, building a new kitchen wall, restoration and rebuilding of the home's historic windows, and pouring a small buttress wall that will support the exposed rubble stone foundation.

Newton Project (Part 5)

26:46 | #2705 | TV-G

Installing pre-cast concrete, evaluating historic wallpaper, and moving buildings at Harvard.

This Old House

26:46 | #2704 | TV-G

The crew removes the temporary support beam and installs a new 16' beam in the kitchen to open up the space. Some faulty electrical work is identified, and the structure of the floor under the master closet is reframed.

This Old House

26:46 | #2703 | TV-G

While the footings for the new porch columns are being prepared, the landscape plan is subjected to the "perk test." The crew removes a rotted red maple from the side yard.

This Old House

26:46 | #2702 | TV-G

The landscaping plan is completed, and demolition begins. After a visit to a recycling center, the crew evaluates the state of the chimneys with a "flue cam" and cuts down some giant yews.

This Old House

26:46 | #2701 | TV-G

The crew begins work on a project house in Newton, MA, where the plans include opening up the kitchen and adding a mudroom.

Austin Green Remodel Project (Part 6)

26:46 | #2624 | TV-G

The crew uses old roof rafters for a railing system, paints the kitchen, installs a water tank that collects rainwater, lays handmade tile, and installs a high-efficiency two-stage air conditioning system with an electronic clean air filter.

Austin Green Remodel Project (Part 5)

26:46 | #2623 | TV-G

Installing a French drain, a moisture barrier, and new French doors and kitchen cabinets; creative ways to use native plants in residential landscaping; laying a composite deck; using compact fluorescent and LED lighting to increase energy efficiency; and tiling a shower.

Austin Green Remodel Project (Part 4)

26:46 | #2622 | TV-G

Mounting the solar modules; finding interior doors and glass knobs; connecting the circulator pump for the tankless hot water heater; and injecting polyurethane foam under the concrete slab to lift a sagging front porch pad.

East Boston Project (Part 9)

26:46 | #2609 | TV-G

New thermostatic valves give the homeowners greater flexibility and control of their heating systems. The crew removes a broken stained glass window, and arborist Matt Foti prunes the street tree both up and down to allow more light and water views into the apartments.

East Boston Project (Part 8)

26:46 | #2608 | TV-G

The crew digs holes for the footings for the new deck using a compact utility loader, installs the new smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and patches the crumbling stucco.

Austin Project (Part 8)

26:46 | #2626 | TV-G

The crew visits the Broken Spoke, which has been called "the last of the true Texas dancehalls," and Richard reviews the green features of the plumbing. The project house also gets a new drip irrigation system and custom light fixtures, shades, and shutters.

Austin Project (Part 7)

26:46 | #2625 | TV-G

Locally abundant natural materials are spotlighted as the old wooden porch columns are set on new bases and a countertop made of recycled glass and concrete is installed in the kitchen. The landscaping plan calls for native plants, minimal use of grass, and borders of local limestone.

Austin Project (Part 3)

26:46 | #2621 | TV-G

Norm visits the Texas State Capitol. The standing-seam metal roof goes on the bungalow, and builder Bill Moore reports that the rough plumbing and electrical work is complete, wallboard is up on the first floor, and foam insulation is being sprayed into the rafter bays of the new second floor.

Austin Project (Part 2)

26:46 | #2620 | TV-G

The first truckload of framing material arrives while the crew is busy "deconstructing" the house. Program manager Richard Morgan explains what they will need to accomplish to qualify for a rare five-star rating from Austin Energy's Green Building Program.

Austin Project (Part 1)

26:46 | #2619 | TV-G

The crew, the homeowners, and local experts in green building begin drawing up plans for turning an Austin, TX bungalow into an eco-friendly home.

East Boston Project (Part 18)

26:46 | #2618 | TV-G

The East Boston project draws to a close as furniture is delivered, a tent goes up, flat-screen TVs are installed, and the upstairs windows get custom café shutters. Downstairs, the grout on the glass tile backsplash is finished.

East Boston (Part 17)

26:46 | #2617 | TV-G

East Boston (Part 16)

26:46 | #2616 | TV-G

East Boston (Part 15)

26:46 | #2615 | TV-G

East Boston (Part 14)

26:46 | #2614 | TV-G

East Boston Project (Part 13)

26:46 | #2613 | TV-G

A flexible polyurethane caulking blended to match the texture of the old stucco; repairs to the original front doors; patching plaster; and an elastomeric coating for the stucco that will seal out water and provide a fresh, clean look.

East Boston Project (Part 12)

26:46 | #2612 | TV-G

A new custom copper shower pan and drain, updated service panels, and an external whole-house surge suppression system that will protect appliances and electronics from power surges and lightning strikes.

East Boston Project (Part 11)

26:46 | #2611 | TV-G

The crew sets new basement windows into the existing jambs, installs the new stainless steel double-wall chimney that will be used to vent the heating equipment, and insulates existing walls with spray foam.

East Boston Project (Part 10)

26:46 | #2610 | TV-G

Replacing old wood trim with new rot-resistant PVC material, replacing aging oil tanks, and installing IC-rated recessed lights.

East Boston Project (Part 7)

26:46 | #2607 | TV-G

The crew makes design and finish choices for the upstairs unit's kitchen, plumbs a new full bath, and removes an old cast-iron boiler.

East Boston Project (Part 6)

26:46 | #2606 | TV-G

Antique plumbing fixtures are removed, and the central chimney is dismantled, brick by brick.

East Boston Project (Part 5)

26:46 | #2605 | TV-G

The crew examines possible layouts for the new kitchen in the first-floor apartment and installs a carrying beam.

East Boston Project (Part 4)

26:46 | #2604 | TV-G

Landscape architect Stephanie Hubbard shares her strategies for creating a "bold and simple" urban landscape. Tom and Norm remove the original mouldings for reuse, and Kevin helps knock down a partition wall to make space for the new kitchen. City contractors arrive to excavate the sewer main and lateral line to the house.

East Boston Project (Part 3)

26:46 | #2603 | TV-G

Roger puts homeowner Liz Bagley to work removing dead privets, and then architect Craig Buttner walks her through three options for opening up her kitchen. As demolition begins, the crew replaces knob and tube wiring and drains and removes radiators that will be reused.

East Boston Project (Part 2)

26:46 | #2602 | TV-G

Kevin meets local architect Craig Buttner to see how he saved money on his own renovation by doing the work himself and by using salvaged materials. Craig agrees to draft some plans for the East Boston house. Tom meets with a specialist on historic masonry for a closer look at the stucco exterior of the project house. Roger shows how a street tree might be strangling the sewer pipe with its roots, causing backups in the basement.

East Boston Project (Part 1)

26:46 | #2601 | TV-G

In East Boston, the challenge is to renovate a 1916 two-family house on a modest budget. Though the home needs new wiring, plumbing, and insulation, the owners hope to spend most of their money on a stylish new kitchen and baths. Then Kevin and Norm discover additional problems with the roof, heating systems, and an aggressive vine that is engulfing the house.

This Old House

26:46 | #2524 | TV-G

Kevin takes a tour of the most famous block in the DC project house's neighborhood, the "U Street Corridor."

This Old House

26:46 | #2523 | TV-G

Restoration contractor Danny Palousek shows how he's repointing and rebuilding the decorative brickwork on the façade. Crew members also complete rehabilitation work on the front entrance stairs, install new maple cabinets, and create a functional urban landscape.

This Old House

26:46 | #2522 | TV-G

Kevin and Norm visit Washington's restored Union Station. Contractor Danny Palousek begins work on the exterior brick, and millwork specialist David Baldwin shows how he is creating new wood casings by replicating originals found in the house. HVAC contractor Michael Bonsby finishes installing the new gas furnace.

This Old House

26:46 | #2509 | TV-G

Gregory Lombardi shows the final design for the entry courtyards and water feature, and Tom replaces the old single-pane steel slider in the living room with a more energy-efficient insulating glass unit. In Keene, NH, Norm meets artisan tile manufacturers Stephen and Kristin Powers. Pool specialist John Fitzgerald and his crew form the bed of the water feature out of gunite.

This Old House

26:46 | #2508 | TV-G

At the project house, stone specialist Jason Buechel installs natural quartzite veneer on the landscape walls. Designer Todd Tsiang shows how obscure glass, custom shoji screens, and low-E coatings will work together to provide privacy, UV protection, and energy savings. Tom oversees the installation of the low-slope EPDM roofing system, and Kevin reviews possible layouts for the new kitchen and wet bar.

This Old House

26:46 | #2526 | TV-G

Norm and Kevin visit the Jefferson Memorial. General contractor Mahyar Mahvi finishes up an elaborate tile medallion at the entryway while his crew attends to final details. Then everyone assembles on the front steps to await the arrival of Washington, DC mayor Anthony Williams and the official dedication of the house.

This Old House

26:46 | #2525 | TV-G

Roger takes Kevin to visit the U.S. Botanic Garden. Garden designer Kevin Cordt and his crew bring in steel edging, pea stone, and plant material for the new backyard garden. General contractor Mahyar Mahvi explains how he sealed the exposed brick and then starts the tile work on the second floor.

This Old House

26:46 | #2521 | TV-G

Architect Genell Anderson shows a new design with a more open floor plan, a first-floor powder room, and an upstairs laundry area. Norm meets with preservation planner Steve Callcott to review the procedures for working in the Mt. Vernon historic district. Restoration contractor Danny Palousek begins repairing and rebuilding the brick on the front of the house, and Richard visits the Solar Decathlon on the National Mall to see solar houses designed by university students.

This Old House

26:46 | #2520 | TV-G

Kevin checks on the progress of the renovation of the Lincoln Memorial. Meanwhile, the project house has been almost completely gutted. In the basement, a new slab has been poured, electrical service has been updated, and a new water system is being installed. Master plumber Robert Major replaces the old lead water-service pipe from the street with copper tubing. On Capitol Hill, garden designer Kevin Cordt shows some of his low-maintenance gardens for small urban lots.

This Old House

26:46 | #2519 | TV-G

In Washington, DC, Norm and Kevin look over a new project: helping nonprofit developer Mi Casa Inc. renovate an abandoned 1879 rowhouse. The group attempts to preserve economic diversity in transitioning neighborhoods by selling renovated houses to low-income families at below market costs. For this project, architect Genell Anderson envisions a three-bedroom, two-bathroom home with exposed brick, dramatic lighting, new windows, and updated amenities.

This Old House

26:46 | #2518 | TV-G

Specialist Joe Ferraro installs a new custom garage system, and designer Amy Leonard presents the finished kitchen. Richard shows the central vacuum system and modern plumbing fixtures on the first floor. Chimney specialist Mark Schaub installs new vented gas logs in the corner fireplace, Tom installs custom shoji screens from California, and audio/visual specialist Dan Chadwick shows the finished media system and whole-house automation.

This Old House

26:46 | #2517 | TV-G

With the treads and balustrade finally in place on the dramatic three-story stairway, Tom works on installing the handrail. Audio/visual specialist Dan Chadwick shows how he's concealing a 61-inch plasma TV and enhancing the sound in the living room. Designer Todd Tsiang shows the finished master suite, Tom reveals the private roof deck off the master bedroom, and Roger visits a sod farm in Rhode Island. In the wet bar, tile contractor Joe Ferrante shows a "bubbly" glass tile being installed on the backsplash.

This Old House

26:46 | #2516 | TV-G

Tom meets with building inspector Michael Grover and shows the brushed nickel mortise lockset on the custom oak front door. Richard explains the additions in the mechanical room, which include a gas-fired boiler, three different temperatures of radiant heat, an HRV for fresh air, and a fine-mist humidifier. In the kitchen, carpenter Charlie Silva installs the custom cabinetry and scribes the base trim to the irregular bluestone floor. Roger checks out the new irrigation system, and Norm travels to Maine to see some of the modern cherry furniture being made. Master electrician Allen Gallant and audio/visual specialist Dan Chadwick install a complex electrical landscape that employs more than six miles of wire to support whole-house automation and lighting control.

This Old House

26:46 | #2515 | TV-G

Roger sets the massive bluestone treads on a stringer that appears to "float" over the new water feature. Landscape architect Greg Lombardi shows the low-maintenance plants for the side yard, and plastering contractor Alberto Riponi demonstrates the most challenging trim detail in the house: a narrow plaster bead that creates a subtle shadow line around every window and door. Richard explains why a chiller makes sense for cooling a house on a tight urban lot. Contractor Pat Hunt shows the new European flooring, made of red oak and engineered to lock together without glue. Rug specialist Steve Boodakian cleans, dries, and repairs 26 of George's Oriental rugs. And custom door specialist Tim Forester shows a cutaway of the front door construction as Tom prepares install it.

This Old House

26:46 | #2514 | TV-G

Kevin visits Harvard University to learn about efforts to preserve several historic buildings. Roger installs two underground concrete storage tanks that should help dry the waterlogged yard, a crew from a local home center coats the garage slab with a two-part epoxy finish, and Norm tours the shop that is machining the stair treads and other millwork. Roger installs the new concrete driveway pavers over radiant "snow melting" heat.

This Old House

26:46 | #2513 | TV-G

Roger installs a pre-fabricated pitched structural foam trench drain at the entrance to the garage. Richard shows the radiant tubing in the master suite, the cast-iron waste pipe and PEX water supply lines in the walls of the library, and the high-velocity mini-duct system on the first floor. Painting contractor Jim Clark works to develop a stain formula that will work with all the woods in the house. Tom shows the water-blown expanding soft foam insulation going in on the second floor. Kevin visits MIT to see how modern architecture is serving the needs of one of the country's most advanced universities, and Tom lowers the generator into place on the newly poured pad next to the garage.

This Old House

26:46 | #2512 | TV-G

Exterior coatings specialist Dan Rourke and his crew apply the EIFS finish coat, and custom pool specialist Bob Snay installs a black pebble finish on the bed of the new water feature. Tom oversees the installation of the steel stairs while Kevin visits the metal shop that fabricated the steel as well as the dramatic bronze "wishbone" balustrade to be installed later. Richard McFarland shows samples of reclaimed wood from all over the world as Tom's crew installs exterior redwood siding harvested from giant olive casks. Richard gives an update on the mechanicals: The new boiler has arrived, radiant panels are installed under the first floor, and PEX water supply lines have been run.

This Old House

26:46 | #2511 | TV-G

Roger and Kevin tour the Mount Auburn Cemetery, America's first landscaped cemetery. Tom creates a modern look inside the house by using minimal wood trim around the windows. While the garage slab is poured, Roger starts installing 18 tons of bluestone in the front courtyard. Tile contractor Joe Ferrante re-uses old slate from the front entry to extend the old kitchen floor, and Kevin helps Tom build a small deck on the flat roof off the guest suite.

This Old House

26:46 | #2510 | TV-G

Kevin and Richard taste-test a burger named after the show. Norm and installer Dan Rourke explain why they're using a formerly controversial exterior cladding system known as EIFS, showing how manufacturers have addressed problems with installation and water infiltration. Chimney specialist Mark Schaub installs the new gas fireplace in the library, and Kevin and Tom demolish the old stairs and rebuild the landings for a new steel stair system. Tom saves time in prepping for the pour of the new garage slab by using new plastic clips rather than wire ties to fasten rebar together.

This Old House

26:46 | #2507 | TV-G

Water damage in the kitchen convinces George that it should be renovated after all. Master mason Lenny Belliveau builds up the lower landscape wall. Kevin travels to the West Coast to see a classic Los Angeles home that once belonged to Gary Cooper. In the entry to the library, Tom uses fir two-by-fours turned sideways to frame for the future pocket door.

This Old House

26:46 | #2506 | TV-G

Norm and Kevin visit Cambridge Common, a center of rebel activity in the early years of the American Revolution, then head back to the house to help frame the "not-quite-flat" roof above the library. Richard shows a new software program that lets him design and test ideas for the HVAC system on a laptop. Homeowner George Mabry begins selecting hardscape materials for the landscape.

This Old House

26:46 | #2505 | TV-G

Norm shows the problems caused by the poor workmanship of a previous contractor, and Tom tackles one of them in the living room by installing a new flush frame beam to carry the load of the second floor. Pest management expert Dan Fleicher shows the extent of the termite and carpenter ant damage and suggests treatment options. Roger shows how the new landscape walls will be constructed, and Kevin visits Six Moon Hill, a utopian neighborhood of modern houses created by the Architects Collaborative in 1948. Richard ponders where to hide the ductwork in this minimalist modern house.

This Old House

26:46 | #2504 | TV-G

Kevin and Norm get a feel for the neighborhood by visiting some nearby shops, and then Kevin helps jack up the old floor joists of the future library. Landscape architect Gregory Lombardi presents a plan for the front yard featuring stone walls and courtyards organized around a water feature. Arborist Jack Kelly treats the hemlocks with an oil to protect them from a fatal infestation of wooly adelgid, and curator Nancy Jones gives a tour of the legendary Longfellow House.

This Old House

26:46 | #2503 | TV-G

The trees have been cleared, the access road is in, excavation for the new foundation is complete, and the form work is under way. But two new problems turn up: extensive rot and termite damage on the eastern elevation and under-structured framing from two previous renovations in the basement. The homeowner shows the exterior materials he's thinking of using, and Kevin visits the modern house that architect Walter Gropius designed and built for his family in 1938.

This Old House

26:46 | #2502 | TV-G

Tom dismantles the carport to gain better access to the house. Kevin and landscape architect Gregory Lombardi evaluate the existing landscape and discover that while much of the backyard is worth saving, the rest of the site will need to be completely reworked.

This Old House

26:46 | #2501 | TV-G

The team assesses a new project near Harvard Square in historic Cambridge, MA: a mid-20th-century Contemporary-style house. Kevin and Norm discover that the house is the sleeper on a street of renovated beauties. Problems include water damage, structural issues, failing plumbing, and an outdated floor plan that locates the master bedroom near the front door. But the kitchen, renovated 13 years ago, and many aspects of the landscape will stay. Tom inspects the failing 50-year-old tar-and-gravel roof, while Richard checks out the house's original boiler and early radiant heat system—both of which are still in use.

This Old House

26:46 | #2424 | TV-G

Interior designer Mally Skok welcomes Norm to the dramatic entry hall, and Alexa checks out the loft space and guest suite in the barn. Tom makes saddle thresholds out of oak, Kevin tours the completed kitchen and checks Norm's progress on the TV hutch, and designers Charles Spada and Hilary Bovey show their ideas for the library and the breakfast room.

This Old House

26:46 | #2423 | TV-G

Designer Susan Arnold shows the cable lighting system in the kitchen, the master bath gets a new limestone tub deck, and Richard installs an undermount sink in the kids' bath. Garage system specialist Christopher Hubbuch installs a new workshop storage system, and designer Beth Ferencik shows the terrace furniture she's picked out. Condensers that use an ozone-friendly refrigerant and heat-recovery ventilators complete the HVAC system. Finishing specialist John Dee shows how he's going to stain the pine stair treads.

This Old House

26:46 | #2422 | TV-G

Norm checks out the new motorized screen system on the back porch, and Robert Hanlon explains how he made the African mahogany countertops for the kitchen and office. Tom installs custom-made interior double doors and solid-surface shower walls. Richard visits an appliance factory in New Bern, NC to see how dishwashers are made. The wine cellar is completed, and wallpaper blocks are applied in the master bedroom.

This Old House

26:46 | #2409 | TV-G

Landscaping is finally under way, and 100 new windows have arrived, but stone wall expert Nick O'Hara has to send back an entire truckload of fieldstone. Tom shows how to properly flash a window, and Kevin and Norm enlist a designer's help in defining the huge kitchen space.

This Old House

26:46 | #2408 | TV-G

Kevin and Roger meet landscape architect Stephanie Hubbard to review her plan for the property. Richard installs a new 2,000-gallon dual-compartment septic tank and formulates a plan for the rough plumbing. Norm meets architect Jeremiah Eck to learn how his modern window selections will update the New England farmstead vernacular. In Park City, UT, Kevin visits a house that's all about windows. Specialist Kevin Kirkland gives the new construction a non-toxic treatment to protect against insect infestations.

This Old House

26:46 | #2426 | TV-G

A tour of the finished project—completed in just one year instead of the projected two—includes the rustic barn court, the sophisticated library hallway, a screen porch on the backside of the barn that manages a little glamour, the fun and luxurious first-floor laundry room, and the barn entry and interior.

This Old House

26:46 | #2425 | TV-G

Kevin and Alexa continue to explore the designer show house, Tom shows how he's going to extend the sliding barn door to make up the difference lost in the barn jacking, and Richard shows the new whirlpool tub and walk-in shower room in the master bath. Designer Frank Roop shows his Mediterranean-inspired master bedroom, painting contractor Jim Clark finishes up the trim, and Alexa shows off her own space—a formal dining room.

This Old House

26:46 | #2421 | TV-G

The fireplace fails a safety inspection, and Mark must swap out his oak lintel for one made of masonry. Alexa shows the furniture and fabrics she's chosen for the dining room, and Kevin and Tom look into high-density polyurethane trim. Cabinet specialist Maureen MacDonald shows the newly installed cabinets in the office, kitchen, and pantry, and the built-ins for the library arrive on site.

This Old House

26:46 | #2420 | TV-G

A seamless, clog-free gutter system is installed on the barn. Contractor Patrick Hunt lays down a pre-finished engineered cherry floor, Tom builds the railing system for the stairway, and Richard visits a lab where new plumbing products are tested. Designer Michael Galvin shows Kevin a 3-D animation of the future wine cellar, and the new cabinets arrive from Pennsylvania.

This Old House

26:46 | #2419 | TV-G

Roger and his crew finish up the terrace and retaining wall under the cover of a heated tent. John Barros shows the new standby generator, which will restore power to the house in less than 30 seconds. Tom explains how he's re-creating the look of the old barn loft on the new ceilings, Kevin checks on the restoration house that's trying to save the old barn lighting fixture, contractor Joe Ferrante lays bathroom tile, and Richard installs an air handler and a hydro-air unit.

This Old House

26:46 | #2418 | TV-G

Despite freezing temperatures, Roger lays down sod in the front yard. Contractor Stephen Norton gives Kevin a lesson in the fine art of plastering, and two specialists finish installing the custom garage doors. Norm travels to upstate New York to see a new house that was designed to feel like a period Greek Revival, and Richard shows the new radiant floor heating system in the barn.

This Old House

26:46 | #2417 | TV-G

Kevin visits Nashville to learn about Greek Revival Architecture. Back on the job site, Roger begins the process of planting the hedges as landscape architect Stephanie Hubbard plants trees. The insulation is applied to the barn, and the house begins to take shape as the wallboard goes up.

This Old House

26:46 | #2416 | TV-G

Natural gas is hooked up, the paving crew begins putting down the binder layer of asphalt on the driveway, and Norm shows how the new siding is being installed. Kevin meets an in-home media specialist who will help pick the entertainment system, then takes a look at the "stringer-less" stairway that will connect the garage to the first floor.

This Old House

26:46 | #2415 | TV-G

Kevin revisits the first barn project, the Wickwire house, from 1989. Meanwhile, inside the current project house, chimney specialist Mark Schaub deals with the challenge of lining the fireplace; Richard helps choose a new well pump; and Tom, Norm, and Kevin frame the porch floor, which will serve as the main entranceway.

This Old House

26:46 | #2414 | TV-G

Syd March prepares to pour the new concrete slab for the garage, master mason Tony Martin discusses the difficulties of laying fieldstone, and Alexa walks Kevin through the process of choosing granite. Then Kevin checks in with Tom as the exterior siding is painted.

This Old House

26:46 | #2413 | TV-G

Elm specialist Roger Holloway helps identify and plant disease-resistant trees, and contractor David Haynes begins drilling the new well. Master electrician Allen Gallant deals with the challenge of installing wires in insulated paneling. Kevin visits a barn illuminated by lighting designer Susan Arnold for ideas, then returns to Carlisle to check on how the shingling is coming.

This Old House

26:46 | #2412 | TV-G

With the house just about to go on the market, real estate agent Laura Baliestiero goes over her sales pitch. Roofer Mark McNicholas and crew finish off a crisp black roofline, and Tom and Roger help chimney specialist Mark Schaub install the new hearthstone in the barn. Two carpentry apprentices begin installing pre-finished cedar shingle panels on the barn, and Kevin visits their high school.

This Old House

26:46 | #2411 | TV-G

Tom mills exterior window casings out of rot-resistant cellular PVC material, and Richard installs PEX water supply lines. Chimney specialist Mark Schaub shows the materials chosen for the Rumford fireplace: granite hearth, fieldstone surround, soapstone firebox, and recycled oak lintel. Kevin welcomes senior design consultant Alexa Hampton to the show by visiting a 10,000-square-foot French neoclassical home she's working on in New Orleans. Kitchen designer Kathy Marshall presents her plans.

This Old House

26:46 | #2410 | TV-G

Roger reuses the old foundation capstones as granite steps to connect the two driveways. Mason Mike Lapitsky explains how he selects, chisels, and dry-fits fieldstone to create a farmer's wall. Inside the barn, the windows and floor decks are in place, and the rough plumbing is complete. Entomologist Ron Schwalb treats the old timbers for insects and mold, and architect Jeremiah Eck shows Kevin a dramatic great room in a home he's recently designed in Lincoln, MA. The crew raises the ceilings in the future kids' room, and contractor Dave Hayes tests the flow and capacity of the well.

This Old House

26:46 | #2407 | TV-G

Bob Phillips and his metal detector find a cannonball that may be a souvenir from the War of 1812. Norm shows how the framing is coming along, and Tom explains how he's built up the posts on the short side of the barn with scarf joints. In New Haven, CT, Kevin meets some graduate architecture students who are designing and building a stylish home in a low-income neighborhood. Frank Baker shows how SIPS technology can speed up the installation of an insulated structural floor.

This Old House

26:46 | #2406 | TV-G

Tom uses laminated veneer lumber to make support beams for the first-floor deck of the barn, specialists oversee the installation of floor panels for the new ell and the SIPs wall system, and an arborist and his crew remove several diseased trees. Tom and Norm are surprised to learn that the barn was built with one side shorter than the other—a quirk that will cost them time and money.

This Old House

26:46 | #2405 | TV-G

Kevin visits Great Brook Farm State Park, a 1,000-acre park and the last working dairy farm in Carlisle, MA. Tom shows how he created a custom crushed stone footing for the foundation using a high-speed "stone slinger," and Norm oversees the installation of a pre-cast insulated foundation system. Arborist Matt Foti shows how to relocate the septic tank without harming an old catalpa tree.

This Old House

26:46 | #2404 | TV-G

Tom brings in an excavator fitted with a hoeram to jackhammer the ledge standing in the way of the new basement, Richard uses a 3-D model to explain the update of the septic system, and Norm crawls under the jacked-up barn to take a look at the foundation. In Vermont, Kevin meets Ken Epworth of the Barn People, who rescue, restore, and relocate old timber-frame barns.

This Old House

26:46 | #2403 | TV-G

Roger clears land for a job-site parking lot, architect Jeremiah Eck walks Norm and Kevin through a 3D model of his proposed design, and Tom and a barn-jacking crew lift the 65-ton barn two feet so the crew can repair the foundation and replace the first-floor deck. Demolition contractors knock down the failing ell, which will be rebuilt using structural insulated panels.

This Old House

26:46 | #2402 | TV-G

Kevin and Norm meet with local real estate agent Laura Baliestiero to see what buyers are looking for in the area around the Carlisle project. Kevin asks architect Jeremiah Eck to do the design work and checks in with the town's Board of Appeals to see what bylaws may affect the project.

This Old House

26:46 | #2401 | TV-G

Kevin and Norm mark the series' 25th anniversary by paying a return visit to the very first project: a house in Dorchester, MA that was bought, renovated, and sold in 1979. Then they head to Carlisle, MA to check out the new project: an 1849 Greek Revival-style farmstead that's big on charm but needs a lot of work to be comfortable for a modern family.

This Old House

26:46 | #2324 | TV-G

Norm and Kevin greet the container ship delivering the new kitchen cabinets. Back at Harbour View, HVAC contractor Steven Cardoza installs a high-efficiency, environmentally responsible heating and cooling system, and interior designer Michele Smith previews the new kitchen. Homeowner Andrea Dismont and job foreman John Richardson show a recently discovered treasure—an 1884 gold sovereign found beneath the dining room floor. Kevin tours Bermuda's Royal Naval Dockyard.

This Old House

26:46 | #2323 | TV-G

Kevin meets the homeowners to see how they're managing the renovation while operating a guest house and raising two young boys. They show him the historic mantel they'd like Norm to replicate for their new home. Foreman John Richardson and lead mason Dilton Cann pour the bond beam that will unify the structure and bear the load of the new stone roof. Norm and Tom decide that the firebox needs to be rebuilt to accommodate the new mantel, and project manager Alex DeCouto reluctantly adds the masonry work to his list. Curator Hugh Davidson leads a tour of Verdmont, a 300-year-old house with an extensive collection of Bermuda-made cedar antiques.

This Old House

26:46 | #2326 | TV-G

The homeowners inspect their new kitchen and set up a custom closet system in the master suite. Norm and Kevin check out the new shutters; Richard gives a tour of the master bath; project manager Alex DeCouto shows off the swim spa, hot tub, and composite decks; and interior designer Michele Smith shows the completed living room, dining room, and master suite. Up on the roof, the team assembles for a traditional Bermuda "roof wetting"—a ceremony celebrating the end of the project with rum and good wishes.

This Old House

26:46 | #2325 | TV-G

The scaffolding is down, the old building has been painted, and the landscaping is well under way. Alex shows the new cedar French doors, kitchen contractor Mark Henneberger finishes the countertops, and tiling contractor Gene Aitkin shows the progress on the bathrooms. In the dining room, painting contractor Paul Mathias applies a three-coat latex paint that results in a "brushed suede" finish. Jeff's crew installs Mexican river rocks and Turkish travertine pavers to create a courtyard for two outdoor spa units, and decorative flooring is installed in the upstairs hall and master suite.

This Old House

26:46 | #2322 | TV-G

Norm and Kevin open the show 120 feet below ground, in Bermuda's Crystal Caves. Back at Harbour View, project manager Alex DeCouto oversees the prepping and pouring of the second-floor deck. Richard and civil engineer Keith Claridge tour rooftop catchments and cisterns, a massive military fort turned catchment, and a modern reverse-osmosis plant to see how Bermudians get their water. John Richardson gives a progress report on the interior, and Norm volunteers to help out by building a cedar mantel for the dining room fireplace.

This Old House

26:46 | #2321 | TV-G

Norm, Kevin, and homeowner Delaey Robinson go over the building permit and the budget. General contractor Alan Burland uses a steel beam to pick up the second floor load, and lead mason Dilton Cann builds the walls of the addition out of concrete block. Master plumber Gerald Smith shows how two cisterns will collect rainwater from the roof. Electrical rough-in progresses on both the old house and the new addition.

This Old House

26:46 | #2320 | TV-G

Architect Colin Campbell reviews his plans for Harbour View. Fourth-generation quarry man Jonathan Cumberbatch shows Norm how native limestone is quarried and cut into slate roofing tiles, and lead mason Dilton Cann uses them to repair roof damage caused by hurricane Fabian. The former kitchen and second-floor bath have been removed, the cedar roof rafters have been exposed and reinforced, excavation for the addition is complete, and the window frames are being replaced. Homeowners Andrea Dismont and Delaey Robinson begin stripping their old Bermuda cedar window sash by hand.

This Old House

26:46 | #2319 | TV-G

Kevin and Norm sail to Bermuda to meet homeowners Andrea Dismont and Delaey Robinson—local innkeepers who want to fix up Harbour View, a vacant and dilapidated 1805 Georgian-style home on their property. Kevin meets with local architect Colin Campbell to see whether he thinks the project is viable.

This Old House

26:46 | #2318 | TV-G

Richard shows Norm the finished bathrooms and mechanical room, and Kevin meets furniture specialist Debbie McKirihan for a look at the furniture her company created for the cottage. Architect Holly Cratsley explains the design principles she used in the kitchen to Kevin and homeowner Jackie Buckley, and interior designer Tricia McDonagh describes how she evoked the classic feeling of an old carriage house.

This Old House

26:46 | #2317 | TV-G

Kevin and architect Holly Cratsley go over exterior details, including a long-life roof shingle made of pressure-treated Southern yellow pine. The "Black Zimbabwe" granite kitchen countertops and new stain-resistant carpet are installed. Lead carpenter Jason Wood shows some tricks for installing hardware on a rail-and-stile closet door, and glass artist Jim Anderson shows the windows he's created. Kevin looks over the custom closet systems, then goes to work sealing the stair treads with polyurethane. Norm tours a plant in Flora, IL to see how polyurethane and stain are manufactured.

This Old House

26:46 | #2316 | TV-G

Roger unloads and installs four dozen 62-foot rolls of sod, and Kevin meets with landscape architect Stephanie Hubbard and homeowner Janet Bernard to go over ideas for the new garden. Contractor Joe Ferrante lays distressed Irish limestone tiles, a team from a local home center installs the engineered maple floor, and Norm visits a factory in Virginia to see how the flooring was made. In the master suite, screen fabricator and installer Steve Primack shows the custom retractable screen for the balcony door. Kevin gets some basic painting tips from contractor Jim Clark.

This Old House

26:46 | #2315 | TV-G

Granite bollards installed in front of the barn door prevent vehicles from accidentally backing into the barn while adding old-time character. Tile contractor Joe Ferrante preps the radiant deck in the front hall, and chimney specialist Mark Schaub shows the new remote-controlled gas fireplace. Kevin meets interior designers Tricia McDonagh and Charles Spada to see the antiques they're considering, then helps Norm install the sliding windows over the kitchen sink.

This Old House

26:46 | #2314 | TV-G

Landscape architect Stephanie Hubbard explains how plantings can help conceal the utility shed. Kevin takes a look at the new custom front door and a built-in hutch made by local cabinetmaker Jon Sammis. Tom shows Kevin coping techniques—traditional and new-fangled—as he builds and fits a cap for the crown molding in the dining room. Kevin stops off at the historic Noah Brooks Tavern in Lincoln, MA to see the Junior League of Boston's Show House, then checks on Norm's progress on the frame for the interior sliding window unit.

This Old House

26:46 | #2313 | TV-G

In the future dining room, Norm and Tom create decorative wall panels by applying a chair rail, baseboard, and mouldings directly to the plaster. Homeowner Janet Bernard goes to Walpole, MA to pick out a shed with the help of fencing specialist Mark Bushway, and Kevin helps Mark put it together back in Concord. Norm and Tom show Kevin a simple way to fabricate the face frames using a pocket hole cutter. In the parking court, Roger lays and sets cobblestones.

This Old House

26:46 | #2312 | TV-G

Roger shows how he has laid out the new brick walkway and raised the grade by the front door to allow for a comfortable stair rise. Tom's crew builds kitchen cabinetry on site, including a base cabinet for the pantry made out of veneer plywood. Kevin visits a garden center to select, tag, and dig plants, including Japanese tree lilacs, stewardia, and spectacular pink diamond hydrangea. Tiling contractor Joe Ferrante shows the challenge he's facing in pitching the whole bathroom floor to a corner drain while incorporating radiant tubing.

This Old House

26:46 | #2311 | TV-G

Roger inspects shipments of select bluestone from Pennsylvania and cobblestones from India, then shows the right way to lay a bluestone patio. Inside the cottage, contractor Paul Landry hangs a new wallboard that resists fire, moisture, and mold. Richard shows the air-to-air heat exchanger that will bring fresh air into the building and a new radiant heat system to be installed in the outside walls. Kevin meets with homeowner Janet Bernard and interior designer Tricia McDonagh for a preview of her design choices, then accompanies architect Holly Cratsley to Acton, MA to see another in-law suite she created. Family friends Joanne and Jordan Lovejoy show Kevin and Janet how to turn her ripe Concord grapes into jelly.

This Old House

26:46 | #2310 | TV-G

Roger excavates the job site in preparation for the hardscape install. Roofing contractor Alex Alpert and his crew install a standing-seam copper roof on the new addition. Tom gives a progress tour of the interior spaces, showing how they are being transformed for one-floor living. Upstairs, Richard shows the new five-foot cast-iron whirlpool tub, a European towel warmer that will also serve as the room's main source of heat, and a split-type air conditioner that will cool the entire second floor. Norm makes a false exterior door out of medium-density overlay, and Kevin visits Martha's Vineyard to see a small cottage designed by architect Jeremiah Eck for an active couple in their 70s.

This Old House

26:46 | #2309 | TV-G

Tom shows red cedar sidewall shingles installed in a classic turn-of-the-century pattern, with braided shingles covering both the outside and inside corners. Norm cuts holes in the old barn door for the new windows. Richard shows the compact wall-mounted condensing boiler, which will save space and energy and virtually eliminate boiler noise. In Spring Green, WI, glass expert Tom Kaiser shows Kevin how insulating glass panels are manufactured. Homeowner Jeff Bernard meets with Roger and landscape architect Stephanie Hubbard to see the first pass at the landscape plan.

This Old House

26:46 | #2308 | TV-G

Tom installs exterior trim that looks like wood but is actually rot-resistant cellular PVC. In the future sunroom, Kevin lends Norm and Tom a hand installing the new clad windows, which look just like the traditional wood windows on the main house. Then, with the rough plumbing complete and inspected, it's time to infill the slab. To cut costs, Tom shows Kevin how to make concrete from scratch.

This Old House

26:46 | #2307 | TV-G

Tom and Ron show Kevin the progress on the rough plumbing, including how adding a shower at the last minute affected the layout of the first-floor powder room. Norm discovers that the stairs to the second floor are too steep for older residents to navigate and that headroom is tight on the landing. Tom suggests a solution, and Kevin and Norm lend him a hand in building a new staircase.

This Old House

26:46 | #2306 | TV-G

Roger protects and then propagates a threatened 100-year-old Concord grape vine that's growing in the middle of the work zone, while Norm shows Kevin how to set pressure-treated 2 X 6 sills squarely on the new foundation using sill seal foam insulation and fasteners. Tom digs the footing for the new porch stairs.

This Old House

26:46 | #2305 | TV-G

At the cottage, 200-amp electrical service is installed, the rafters are reinforced, and a hole is cut in the roof to accommodate the new dormer. Architect Sarah Susanka shows Kevin a 3,000-square-foot house that illustrates the design principles outlined in her best-selling book, The Not So Big House.

This Old House

26:46 | #2304 | TV-G

Tom checks on the progress of the new utility trench, which has already eaten up $30,000 of the budget, while Richard visits Norm Abram to see how his workshop is heated and cooled. Inside the cottage, all four walls are reinforced, old sheathing comes down, new plywood goes up, and the new windows are framed.

This Old House

26:46 | #2303 | TV-G

Kevin visits architect Holly Cratsley to see the first pass at floor plans, elevations, and a scale model of the cottage they're converting. Norm and Tom prepare to brace a bowed wall, but find a completely rotted sill that needs replacing, so they put Kevin to work building temporary walls.

This Old House

26:46 | #2302 | TV-G

Kevin and the homeowner meet with the town's building commissioner to discuss the roadblocks she faces in trying to turn an accessory building into a full-time residence. Norm and the preservation architect reconstruct the architectural history of the shed and discover that the building is actually older than the zoning law itself.

This Old House

26:46 | #2301 | TV-G

New host Kevin O'Connor goes to Concord, MA, where homeowners Jeff and Janet Bernard want to convert a small (20'X26') garden shed into an in-law cottage. Protected by local zoning laws, the c. 1894 shed can't be torn down and rebuilt, so it will be reframed from the inside out.

This Old House

26:46 | #2226 | TV-G

Steve, Norm, Tom, and Richard look over the site of the next project: the rejuvenation of a 1922 Colonial Revival house in Winchester, Massachusetts.

This Old House

26:46 | #2225 | TV-G

This Old House

26:46 | #2224 | TV-G

This Old House

26:46 | #2221 | TV-G

Project manager Jim Eimerman gives Steve a progress report: The dip in the floor has been addressed with a steel beam in the basement, the floor has been resheathed with plywood, new windows have arrived, a new concrete floor has been poured in the breakfast room, and the drywall is up.

This Old House

26:46 | #2220 | TV-G

Project manager Jim Eimerman shows Norm and Steve the plumbing and electrical rough-in; the new bath, which has been stripped and reframed; and the brickwork associated with moving windows. Steve and John discuss the challenges of squeezing a powder room into a former dead space along the hallway.

This Old House

26:46 | #2219 | TV-G

The crew begins a new project chosen by viewers: the renovation of a 1928 Tudor for the Smith family of Lake Forest, IL. Plans call for new custom cabinets and appliances, relocating an ill-placed powder room, and turning an old greenhouse into a new eating area at the front of the house.

This Old House

26:46 | #2218 | TV-G

Steve checks out the new garage storage system, which boasts diamond-plated cabinets, toolboxes, and adaptable "gear walls." Norm helps coppersmith Larry Stearns install a weathervane atop the finished garage, while Steve test-drives some high-tech toys for the new home office.

This Old House

26:46 | #2217 | TV-G

Steve and homeowner Kim Whittemore try out the new stainless steel appliances, and Norm presents a custom yard package: a driveway gate made to look like the 1920s original, a perimeter fence, an arbor, a pergola, and a new plastic fence post system designed to prevent insect damage and rot. Projects include a master closet and chandelier installation.

This Old House

26:46 | #2216 | TV-G

On the sun porch floor, tiling contractor Joe Ferrante shows Norm how to apply grout around the new 12" x 12" Chinese slate tiles. Painting contractor Jim Clark demonstrates tips and techniques for prepping and painting the interior of the house, and flooring contractor Pat Hunt installs a new oak floating floor in the master suite.

This Old House

26:46 | #2215 | TV-G

Steve helps pour and trowel the new front walk. Custom cabinetmaker Jeff Peavey shows the unique features of the newly installed kitchen cabinets. Richard talks about what's new with radiant heat and explains how he plans to heat three different types of floors with three distinct radiant zones.

This Old House

26:46 | #2214 | TV-G

Tom shows Steve an extruded polystyrene crown moulding that is affixed only with joint compound—no nails. In the kitchen, soapstone installer Glenn Bowman shows how his crew customizes soapstone counters on-site. Garage door maker Roger Jurczak installs sectional overhead doors designed to look like original 1920s swing-out doors.

This Old House

26:46 | #2213 | TV-G

Steve joins interior designer Manuel de Santaren to see how his firm decorated the living room of a similar Colonial Revival. Flooring contractor Patrick Hunt discovers three different species of wood flooring used throughout the house. Roger has planted a small forest of spruce and white pine to provide both shade and privacy.

This Old House

26:46 | #2212 | TV-G

Using a 70" tree spade mounted on a front-end loader, Roger and arborist Matt Foti remove a healthy but poorly located blue spruce from a front yard in a nearby town and replant it in Winchester to begin the process of screening the backyard.

This Old House

26:46 | #2211 | TV-G

This Old House

26:46 | #2210 | TV-G

Steve arrives at the Winchester house to find a surprise in the backyard: The neighbors have cut down some more hemlocks, and the house to the rear is now fully exposed. In the basement, Tom shows Norm and Steve the adjustments made to help reroute traffic around the future media room instead of through it, and chimney specialist Mark Schaub uses a centrifugal hammer to break up the ailing chimney's old flue.

This Old House

26:46 | #2209 | TV-G

Steve finds homeowner Kim Whittemore experimenting with Colonial Revival paint colors on the front of the Winchester house. Richard plans a radiant-heat solution for keeping the exterior concrete basement stairs ice-free.

This Old House

28:46 | #2208 | TV-G

This Old House

28:46 | #2207 | TV-G

This Old House

28:46 | #2206 | TV-G

This Old House

28:46 | #2205 | TV-G

This Old House

26:46 | #2204 | TV-G

Steve lends Charlie a hand in slowly jacking up the second floor, then Tom glues and bolts reinforcing LVLs to the damaged floor joists. Richard arrives to drain the heating system and disconnect the old radiators. In the kitchen, homeowner Kim Whittemore and a friend take down the chimney, brick by brick. The next day, the crew removes some unwanted trees by chainsawing them apart and lifting them piece by piece out of the backyard with the help of a large crane.

This Old House

00:00 | #2203 | TV-G

Architect David Stirling and homeowner Kim Whittemore look at the latest plans for expanding the kitchen and improving flow on the first floor.

This Old House

00:00 | #2202 | TV-G

Project architect David Stirling gives Steve a tour of a beautiful home he designed from the ground up.

This Old House

00:00 | #2201 | TV-G

Steve, Norm, Tom, and Richard look over the site of a new project: the rejuvenation of a 1922 Colonial Revival house in Winchester, MA.

This Old House

26:46 | #2126 | TV-G

The McCues' project is completed, and Steve, Norm, and Tom take a look back at the dramatic transformations that have taken place over the last nine months—especially in the southwest corner of the house.

This Old House

26:46 | #2125 | TV-G

Jim shows how he's using tung oil to give the music room's mahogany paneling its final, rich look; Tom helps install an interior mortise set, in tarnish-proof brass, into one of the house's many new MDF doors; and Steve checks out part of the new audio system.

This Old House

26:46 | #2124 | TV-G

Granite countertops and drawer and door pulls are in place in the kitchen. Richard salvages a pedestal sink from the master bathroom; it will be fitted with new fixtures and installed on the third floor. An ornate wood compass inlay is installed in the wood floor of an entryway, and the conservatory finally gets its glass roof. Norm shows Steve how to turn a leg for the seat that is part of the inglenook in the music room. Tom completes some curved molding with plaster.

This Old House

26:46 | #2123 | TV-G

Norm checks out the newly arrived kitchen cabinets, and Jim gives Steve a lesson in painting complex trim. Tom inspects the quarter-sawn oak flooring, and homeowner David McCue helps install a bumper system that will keep car doors from banging into the garage walls.

This Old House

26:46 | #2122 | TV-G

Norm begins installing the inglenook in the music room, Steve looks over the wiring and fuse panels with electrician Pete Woodbury, and landscape contractor Roger Cook and arborist Matt Foti ponder what to do about a couple of problematic trees. Tom Silva shows the system he is using to make the music room's mahogany paneling, which uses plastic "bow ties" to hold wood to wood.

This Old House

26:46 | #2121 | TV-G

The planting areas around the outdoor spa are landscaped, the elaborate ceiling molding in the dining room is completed, and Norm talks to cabinetmaker Tom Perkins about the computer software he uses to design built-in storage units. Steve talks with the painting and plumbing contractors, and Joe Ferrante shows off his tiling work in the master bathroom, which features a steam shower built of limestone and marble.

This Old House

26:46 | #2120 | TV-G

Fireplace specialist Mark Schaub shows Steve the sealed gas unit in the guest room, then landscape architect David Hawk walks him along the new curved driveway. Homeowner David McCue visits Norm's workshop to help build the inglenook. Tom puts up beadboard and shows a baseboard rabbeting trick.

This Old House

26:46 | #2119 | TV-G

Roger and crew enclose the new spa in veneer stone, the music room receives its finish coat of acoustical plaster, and Tom shows Steve a flexible molding that bends around the radius of the kitchen bay and matches perfectly with the wooden moldings on the straight runs.

This Old House

26:46 | #2118 | TV-G

Tom begins installing the beautiful new wood portico columns, using an ingenious jig to fashion two of them into engaged columns up against the house. Norm helps Dick trim out one of the windows in period detail.

This Old House

26:46 | #2117 | TV-G

The study and dining room are shaping up, with blue-board in place on the walls and the old fireplace rehabilitated. In the music room, the dramatic coved ceiling is getting the first part of its acoustical plaster system. Steve checks on painter John Dee's slow but steady progress on the portico restoration.

This Old House

26:46 | #2116 | TV-G

In the basement, Richard explains the plumbing set-up to homeowner David McCue. Norm helps Tom put up a new porch column.

This Old House

26:46 | #2115 | TV-G

Steve and Norm make it to the project site by boat just before the season's first snow hits New England, then check out the progress made on the deck's harbor side. When he finally gets a chance to try his hand at plastering a room, Steve learns that the key is to get the plaster on as quickly as possible.

This Old House

26:46 | #2114 | TV-G

Steve catches up with plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey, who is bringing in temporary heating equipment until the permanent heating is installed. The landscape architect discusses his plans for trees on the harbor side, and Steve visits a local garden and stone shop with homeowner Janet McCue to choose brick for the patio.

This Old House

26:46 | #2113 | TV-G

With plans in place for a new driveway in a new location, Roger and his crew begin tearing up the old one. Painter John Dee shows Steve his approach to restoring the turn-of-the-century portico.

This Old House

26:46 | #2112 | TV-G

This Old House

26:46 | #2111 | TV-G

This Old House

26:46 | #2110 | TV-G

While work continues on the exterior face of the new addition, featuring water-struck brick, Norm checks out the use of an insulating chimney system made from pumice.

This Old House

26:46 | #2109 | TV-G

A new software program computes heat loss for the Manchester house and lets the crew see how heating and cooling costs would be affected by various insulation, window treatment, and power-plant choices.

This Old House

26:46 | #2108 | TV-G

Work on the Manchester house's roofing system includes decking, a bituminous membrane to cover every surface from eave to ridge, a three-dimensional nylon mesh to allow air to flow beneath the shingles, and shingles made of pressure-treated Southern yellow pine.

This Old House

26:46 | #2107 | TV-G

The transformation of the Manchester house begins to unfold. In preparation for re-siding the old house, Norm talks with specialist Rick Farrar about the finer points of red cedar shingles and bleaching oils.

This Old House

26:46 | #2106 | TV-G

A progress report on the job features the restored dormers, newly straightened floors, and an ingenious method of raising the kitchen/family room ceiling.

This Old House

26:46 | #2105 | TV-G

The new foundation is backfilled, and the team is busy putting up the forms for the new terrace. Homeowners David and Janet McCue meet with kitchen cabinet designer and builder Ted Goodnow to begin laying out the new kitchen, pantry, and office.

This Old House

26:46 | #2104 | TV-G

The crew reviews the costs associated with the new addition's foundation, trying to decide whether it would be better to simply tear down this tired old structure and put up a new one. Tom points out the hard-to-quantify value of saving what is left of a grand old building.

This Old House

26:46 | #2103 | TV-G

Steve, Norm, and Tom review what has been revealed of the original building and go over plans for the job. Architect Stephen Holt and homeowner David McCue discuss a range of options for improving the space and light in the kitchen and living room—some radical, others relying more on minor but clever changes.

This Old House

26:46 | #2102 | TV-G

The team continues working on the restoration of the McCues' waterfront home and learns some neighborhood history. Plans are made to expand several rooms, and landscaping work begins.

This Old House

26:46 | #2101 | TV-G

The team members tour a waterfront house outside Boston that was built up over the course of a century and talk with the owners about ideas for unifying its many different architectural styles.

This Old House

00:00 | #2026 | TV-G

In the finale of the West Palm Beach project, the team checks on the remaining details, including the finished landscape; the new, professional-grade kitchen appliances; and the interior design work, which homeowner Rob Thompson has been doing himself.

This Old House

00:00 | #2025 | TV-G

Steve oversees the installation of granite countertops in the new kitchen, while Norm checks on the pergola that will separate the driveway from the pool. Later, Steve meets with landscaper Jeff Blakely to discuss the new state-of-the-art subsurface drip irrigation system and checks out the landscape's new plantings.

This Old House

00:00 | #2024 | TV-G

Steve watches the new cabinetry being installed as the kitchen renovation nears completion. Norm checks in with general contractors Harley Edgell and John Kern, who are busy converting the garage into office space. Finally, the landscaping begins in earnest as the crew uses a new type of paver to install the new patio.

This Old House

00:00 | #2023 | TV-G

Homeowner Rob Thompson must make his decisions about cabinets, appliances, tile, countertops, and bath fixtures so that the materials can be ordered and arrive in time to avoid disrupting the workflow.

This Old House

00:00 | #2022 | TV-G

Steve checks in with homeowner Rob Thompson as renovation work continues in West Palm Beach. While the new lap pool is installed behind the house, progress continues with the kitchen expansion.

This Old House

00:00 | #2021 | TV-G

Hurricane-resistant replacement windows arrive at the West Palm Beach project house, and new shatterproof glass does away with the need for clumsy storm shutters.

This Old House

00:00 | #2020 | TV-G

Work begins in earnest on Rob Thompson's 1925 Mediterranean Revival home in West Palm Beach, FL.

This Old House

00:00 | #2019 | TV-G

West Palm Beach, FL serves as the backdrop to a new project house: a small Mediterranean Revival bungalow built in the 1920s.

This Old House

00:00 | #2018 | TV-G

The Charlestown project concludes with the team working its way through the checklist of finishes.

This Old House

00:00 | #2017 | TV-G

Bamboo flooring is laid in the basement hallway, and the marble kitchen countertops go in, bringing the kitchen one step closer to completion.

This Old House

00:00 | #2016 | TV-G

More landscaping is done, and two sets of cabinets—one for the rental unit and one for the Beliveaus' home—arrive at the job site.

This Old House

00:00 | #2015 | TV-G

A tour of the shop where the custom doors for the vestibule of the Charlestown project are being made.

This Old House

00:00 | #2014 | TV-G

Specialty painter John Dee begins the restoration of the old wooden double doors.

This Old House

00:00 | #2013 | TV-G

As the plastering nears completion, Steve gets some tips on how to achieve a smooth plaster finish.

This Old House

00:00 | #2012 | TV-G

New cast-stone lintels are installed, and the intricacies of reroofing the mansard are explained.

This Old House

00:00 | #2011 | TV-G

A metal spiral staircase is installed on the exterior of the rear ell, running from the Beliveaus' new kitchen to street level.

This Old House

00:00 | #2010 | TV-G

Steve meets with plaster restorer Rory Brennan to learn about the process of saving the old horsehair plaster and vintage ornamental details.

This Old House

00:00 | #2009 | TV-G

Work continues on the Beliveaus' prime viewing spot—their roof deck.

This Old House

00:00 | #2008 | TV-G

The crew does a safety inspection of the fireplaces and chimneys and gets them ready for wood burning.

This Old House

00:00 | #2007 | TV-G

Plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey shows Steve how the new HVAC duct system will be zoned to provide maximum comfort.

This Old House

00:00 | #2006 | TV-G

Chimney specialist Mark Schaub gives Norm a report on the state of the home's four fireplaces and the staggering costs involved in getting them all to work.

This Old House

00:00 | #2005 | TV-G

The crew discusses the construction considerations and effects of putting a roof deck on the building's hip roof.

This Old House

00:00 | #2004 | TV-G

A tour of the gutted kitchen and baths reveals the full interior space available for construction.

This Old House

00:00 | #2003 | TV-G

Homeowner Dan Beliveau rolls up his sleeves and works alongside the crew to demolish the old kitchen.

This Old House

00:00 | #2002 | TV-G

Steve meets with homeowner Dan Beliveau and architect Jack French to discuss their goals and ideas for the renovation.

This Old House

00:00 | #2001 | TV-G

A young couple has purchased a three-story 1865 Second Empire-style brick townhouse on famed Bunker Hill Street in Boston and is in need of some renovation help.

This Old House

00:00 | #1825 | TV-G

The project house is crowned with a storm-tolerant, "V-crimp" galvanized roof.

This Old House

00:00 | #1824 | TV-G

Norm and Steve work on the library, replace windows, and note the special considerations for insulating island homes.

This Old House

00:00 | #1823 | TV-G

Renovation continues with the removal of the old porch to make way for one with a refined Key West style.

This Old House

00:00 | #1822 | TV-G

Water usage and conservation issues unique to Key West make heating and plumbing a little tricky.

This Old House

00:00 | #1821 | TV-G

Norm visits a lumberyard to learn about the idiosyncrasies of building in semi-tropical and hurricane-prone places such as Key West.

This Old House

00:00 | #1820 | TV-G

From Key West, FL, Norm and Steve begin their newest renovation challenge, a Conch captain's house built by a shipwright in 1866.

This Old House

00:00 | #1819 | TV-G

Closing out the Watertown project, Steve and Norm check out the final touches on the media room and home office, emphasizing the placement and installation of the lighting.

This Old House

00:00 | #1818 | TV-G

With major construction completed, the contractors turn to perimeter termite treatment.

This Old House

00:00 | #1926 | TV-G

Steve, Norm, and Richard return to Santa Barbara and are amazed to find the 1907 bungalow completely transformed.

This Old House

00:00 | #1817 | TV-G

Norm visits the custom cabinet shop where the new kitchen is being crafted.

This Old House

00:00 | #1925 | TV-G

The countdown to the completion of the Santa Barbara bungalow renovation begins with the new kitchen and a magnificent oak front entrance.

This Old House

00:00 | #1816 | TV-G

Norm and general contractor Tom Silva install wainscoting fashioned from oak paneling.

This Old House

00:00 | #1924 | TV-G

Norm checks out the new custom windows, while Steve meets with the landscape architect to review the design for historically sensitive landscaping.

This Old House

00:00 | #1815 | TV-G

Norm oversees the installation of a large drywell in the front lawn, and Steve provides a look at the house's prized oak doors as well as a new copper shingling system being used on the porch roofs.

This Old House

00:00 | #1923 | TV-G

The general contractor outlines the aesthetic challenges he faces in giving the exterior an authentic historic look.

This Old House

00:00 | #1814 | TV-G

A tour of the completed heating system and options for lighting design, including fiber optics, are showcased as the Watertown project moves closer to completion.

This Old House

00:00 | #1922 | TV-G

Norm checks out the framing of the bungalow and then surveys the new garage, which had to be installed to meet city code.

This Old House

00:00 | #1813 | TV-G

The outdoor appearance of the Watertown project takes shape, complete with a truck full of plants and granite to finish the foundation at the front of the house.

This Old House

00:00 | #1921 | TV-G

The bungalow must be deconstructed and reinforced before it can support the new addition.

This Old House

00:00 | #1812 | TV-G

The crew works on a chimney liner, restores the original mantels, and prepares the lawn for hydroseeding.

This Old House

00:00 | #1920 | TV-G

The crew heads for the beautiful coastal town of Santa Barbara, CA to start the expansion and restoration of a vintage 1907 Arts and Crafts bungalow.

This Old House

00:00 | #1811 | TV-G

Reconditioning all of the home's old windows requires removing old rope mechanisms and replacing them with chains.

This Old House

00:00 | #1919 | TV-G

A year after a fire destroyed the Silva home, the crew celebrates the completion of the new house.

This Old House

00:00 | #1810 | TV-G

Norm and Tom install a skylight in a slate roof.

This Old House

00:00 | #1918 | TV-G

The crew puts the finishing touches on the new construction in Billerica, MA.

This Old House

00:00 | #1809 | TV-G

The house requires treatment for termites and fire ants and a new drainage system for a soggy backyard.

This Old House

00:00 | #1917 | TV-G

Installation of white oak flooring and the start of landscaping.

This Old House

00:00 | #1808 | TV-G

After discovering termite damage, Norm gets to work replacing the ravaged sill and repairing damaged studs.

This Old House

00:00 | #1916 | TV-G

Installation of linoleum floors and a kitchen island with a pull-out pastry board.

This Old House

00:00 | #1807 | TV-G

Norm and Tom investigate water damage at the front of the house, then begin exterior work.

This Old House

00:00 | #1806 | TV-G

Norm and Tom reframe the second floor and install skylights.

This Old House

00:00 | #1915 | TV-G

A local cabinet maker is building an entertainment center out of rare and beautiful tiger oak.

This Old House

00:00 | #1914 | TV-G

Interior design challenges, fast-drying lacquer on the new cabinet doors, and long-lasting steel edging for the landscape's walkways.

This Old House

00:00 | #1913 | TV-G

Landscapers use geotextile and proper drainage to ensure that the retaining wall is stable and impervious to changing weather conditions. In the workshop, Norm builds heavy-duty cabinet drawers with slide hardware to match.

This Old House

00:00 | #1805 | TV-G

Norm and Tom begin framing the oak staircase and re-installing it in its new location, and Steve examines the house's flues and fireplaces.

This Old House

00:00 | #1804 | TV-G

Norm checks the house for any structural surprises and shows the latest innovations in building scaffolding.

This Old House

00:00 | #1912 | TV-G

Norm helps general contractor Tom Silva build the last of the kitchen and bath cabinets while landscapers shape granite steps for a new walkway from the driveway.

This Old House

00:00 | #1803 | TV-G

Steve addresses issues of renovating in a "hot" real estate market. Norm begins dismantling an oak staircase which will be relocated within the house.

This Old House

00:00 | #1911 | TV-G

Wiring in anticipation of new home technologies, final decisions in the kitchen, and the rough-in for the new sprinkler system.

This Old House

00:00 | #1802 | TV-G

Steve meets with the owners of the Watertown house and tours a home in nearby Cambridge that inspired their renovation plans. On the project site, Norm experiments with different options for removing the exterior paint.

Watch and Learn: How to Prepare Your Home for Emerging Technologies and a Fire Sprinkler System

00:00 | #1910 | TV-G

Norm crafts a sample raised-panel door for the Silvas to consider for their new kitchen. Steve meets with the landscape designer, then checks out a new breaker called an arc-fault arrestor that can detect arcs—such as those commonly found in frayed cords and worn wires—before a fire starts.

This Old House

00:00 | #1801 | TV-G

Watch and Learn: Innovative New Roofing Materials

00:00 | #1909 | TV-G

New construction allows for the advent of home audio, video, and computer services of the future. Homeowner Sandy Silva reviews her wish list for the kitchen.

Watch and Learn: Innovative New Options In Window and Siding Materials

00:00 | #1908 | TV-G

A new synthetic slate roof, made from recycled automotive rubber and industrial plastic trimmings, is installed.

Watch and Learn: Home Fire Protection Safety Tips

00:00 | #1907 | TV-G

Before installing new, state-of-the-art windows at the site, Norm and general contractor Tom Silva affix corner trim that carries a 50-year warranty. The stonemason forms the new hearth for the Silvas' home.

Watch and Learn: The Hallmarks of a Good Framing System

00:00 | #1906 | TV-G

Homeowners Dick and Sandy Silva receive a satisfactory insurance settlement for the loss of their house. The stonemason shows a system for matching the brick veneer facing on the foundation with that on the chimney.

Watch and Learn: Ideas to Help You Avoid Becoming An Insurance Claim Statistic

00:00 | #1905 | TV-G

Norm shows how innovative, engineered wooden I-joists provide a column-free space. Steve reviews strategies for reducing the mass and visual dominance of the proposed three-car garage. Finally, the crew begins to raise the walls of the new house.

Watch and Learn: Regulations Regarding Residential Soil Contamination

00:00 | #1904 | TV-G

After weeks of environmental clean-up and construction delays, homeowners Dick and Sandy Silva decide which brick veneer to use for the exterior of the house.

Watch and Learn: Steps You Can Take to Insure Against The Worst

00:00 | #1903 | TV-G

The crew begins cleaning up the surrounding property in the aftermath of the fire. Technicians from an environmental testing company arrive to take soil samples to determine whether fuel oil has been spilled on the site.

This Old House

00:00 | #1902 | TV-G

Steve discusses the importance of having a "guaranteed replacement cost" endorsement on your homeowner's policy, and an insurance adjuster explains the process of writing claims.

This Old House

00:00 | #1901 | TV-G

When the home of Dick Silva (the brother of general contractor Tom Silva and a fellow carpenter) is destroyed by fire, America's favorite home team lends a hand. Host Steve Thomas and master carpenter Norm Abram tour the burned structure and survey the damage. The Silvas decide to rebuild, and the This Old House crew signs on for the job.

This Old House

00:00 | #1726 | TV-G

This Old House

00:00 | #1725 | TV-G

This Old House

00:00 | #1724 | TV-G

This Old House

00:00 | #1723 | TV-G

This Old House

00:00 | #1722 | TV-G

This Old House

00:00 | #1721 | TV-G

This Old House

00:00 | #1720 | TV-G

This Old House

00:00 | #1719 | TV-G

This Old House

00:00 | #1718 | TV-G

This Old House

00:00 | #1717 | TV-G

This Old House

00:00 | #1716 | TV-G

This Old House

00:00 | #1715 | TV-G

This Old House

00:00 | #1714 | TV-G

This Old House

00:00 | #1713 | TV-G

This Old House

00:00 | #1712 | TV-G

This Old House

00:00 | #1711 | TV-G

This Old House

00:00 | #1710 | TV-G

This Old House

00:00 | #1709 | TV-G

This Old House

00:00 | #1626 | TV-G

This Old House

00:00 | #1708 | TV-G

This Old House

00:00 | #1625 | TV-G

This Old House

00:00 | #1707 | TV-G

This Old House

00:00 | #1624 | TV-G

This Old House

00:00 | #1706 | TV-G

This Old House

00:00 | #1622 | TV-G

This Old House

00:00 | #1705 | TV-G

This Old House

00:00 | #1621 | TV-G

This Old House

00:00 | #1704 | TV-G

This Old House

00:00 | #1620 | TV-G

This Old House

00:00 | #1703 | TV-G

This Old House

00:00 | #1619 | TV-G

This Old House

00:00 | #1702 | TV-G

This Old House

00:00 | #1618 | TV-G

This Old House

00:00 | #1701 | TV-G

This Old House

00:00 | #1617 | TV-G

This Old House

00:00 | #1826 | TV-G

Landscape renovation is completed with the planting of some native island plants.

This Old House

00:00 | #1616 | TV-G

This Old House

Steve Thomas visits Wormsloe Hill, the ruins of the oldest house in Georgia. The turned metal roof is repaired and improved upon with a waterproof membrane applied over the metal.

This Old House

The restorationist purchases the old doors, windows, and bathroom fixtures. The oak floor is removed from the dining room to reach the original hard pine floor.

This Old House

The project manager demonstrates how faxes are used in modern construction. Norm is introduced to a new type of batt insulation of recycled denim scraps from jeans.

This Old House

Steve visits a Savannah blacksmith to see how the balustrade for the project is created. Back at the house, native Georgia heart pine wood flooring is laid.

This Old House

Master carpenter Norm Abram visits the Savannah headquarters of Gulfstream Aircraft. Norm takes a look at some of the fine woodworking that goes into creating the custom designed interiors of these jets.

This Old House

Renovation wraps up on the home near Monterey Square in Savannah, Georgia. Steve Thomas looks at another renovation project: the Pulaski monument in Monterey Square.

This Old House

Renovation begins on an 1880s Victorian home in Nantucket, Massachusetts. Steve and Norm meet with general contractor, Bruce Killen and homeowners, Craig and Kathy McGraw Bentley.

This Old House

A 3-D model shows proposed architectural changes, the HDC (Historic District Commission) must approve of any changes made to the homes. Richard talks about the various types of energy used in Nantucket.

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