Crossroads Café

Crossroads Café

Series is designed to teach English as a second language in the classroom or at a distance.

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Winds of Change

26:36 | #126 | TV-G

The café employees face difficult choices about their futures.

Comings and Goings

26:36 | #125 | TV-G

Henry pursues his plans to become a rock star, and Katherine's going-away party takes an unexpected turn. Vocabulary/grammar: talking about plans and possibilities.

All's Well That Ends Well

26:36 | #124 | TV-G

Katherine's wedding day is a near disaster, and Henry is caught in a snowstorm. Vocabulary: talking about future events; cultural information: wedding customs.

The Gift

26:36 | #123 | TV-G

Brashov is convinced that everyone has forgotten his birthday. Then someone from his past pays an unexpected visit. Vocabulary: making invitations.

Helping Hands

26:36 | #122 | TV-G

The café employees help a homeless man get on his feet, and Jamal and his family take a trip. Vocabulary: asking for and giving permission; life skills: coping with financial pressures.

Walls and Bridges

26:36 | #121 | TV-G

Rosa comes to the aid of a student whose father wants her to quit school, while Brashov struggles with his citizenship exam. Vocabulary: asking for and offering help; cultural information: the citizenship process.

Outside Looking In

26:36 | #120 | TV-G

Rosa enters high society, and the landlord's son disrupts work at the café. Educational topics: giving advice, raising children.

The People's Choice

26:36 | #119 | TV-G

Jess runs for city council. Jamal's cousin visits from Egypt and falls in love with Rosa. Cultural information: elections and government.

Opportunity Knocks

26:36 | #118 | TV-G

Jamal is offered an engineering job, and Brashov buys a jukebox for the café. Grammar: comparing things; cultural information: worker protection and benefits.

United We Stand

26:36 | #117 | TV-PG

When their landlord refuses to make repairs, Rosa and the other tenants fight back. Henry makes a documentary for his journalism class. Vocabulary: reporting information; cultural information: aging in the U.S.

The Bottom Line

26:36 | #116 | TV-PG

Brashov tries to attract more business so he can impress the bank and qualify for a loan.

Breaking Away

26:36 | #115 | TV-PG

Henry and his Caucasian girlfriend deal with negative reactions from their parents, and a laundromat opens next door to the café. Vocabulary: talking about likes and dislikes; cultural information: intercultural relationships.

Life Goes On

26:36 | #114 | TV-PG

The café employees try to cope while Brashov is in the hospital. Vocabulary: describing things; cultural information: the hospital environment.

Trading Places

26:36 | #113 | TV-PG

The café employees switch jobs for a day, with mixed results. Jess and Carol have problems at home. Vocabulary: talking about ability; cultural information: couples and the roles they choose.

Turning Points

26:36 | #112 | TV-PG

The café is vandalized, and Rosa learns to drive. Vocabulary: talking about possibility; cultural information: problems with gangs and possible solutions.

No Vacancy

26:36 | #111 | TV-PG

Rosa runs into an unexpected roadblock when she tries to move to a new apartment, and Henry tries his hand at journalism. Instructional topics: asking for clarification; identifying and fighting discrimination.

Let the Buyer Beware

26:36 | #110 | TV-PG

Brashov falls for a woman who promises to improve the café's business, and Katherine reluctantly goes on a date. Vocabulary: giving compliments; life skills: avoiding consumer scams.

Rush to Judgment

26:36 | #109 | TV-PG

Jam is a suspect in a bank robbery, and Henry's grandparents get lost in the city. Vocabulary: describing people; cultural information: the role of the police.

Family Matters

26:36 | #108 | TV-PG

Katherine takes a second job to make ends meet, and Rosa teaches Henry to dance. Life skills: making offers; single parenting.

Fish Out of Water

26:36 | #107 | TV-PG

Brashov's brother arrives from Romania and finds that life in the United States is not what he expected. Vocabulary: describing experiences. Life skills: adjusting to a new culture.

Time Is Money

26:36 | #106 | TV-PG

Brashov brings in an over-eager efficiency expert, and Rosa struggles in her night school class. Topics: making suggestions; the importance of time.

Lost and Found

26:36 | #105 | TV-PG

Katherine's son has behavior problems in school but gets help from an unexpected source. Jess and Carol's house is burglarized. Grammar: telling someone to do something. Documentary segment: neighbors working together to prevent crime.

Who's the Boss

26:36 | #104 | TV-PG

Jamal unexpectedly runs into two old friends who think he's the owner of the café. Topics: making apologies; strategies for job change.

Worlds Apart

26:36 | #103 | TV-PG

When her boyfriend arrives from Mexico, Rosa must make a difficult decision. Brashov grapples with insomnia. Vocabulary: talking about wants.

Growing Pains

26:36 | #102 | TV-PG

Henry's plans to work at the café unravel, and a demanding health and safety inspector pays a visit. Topics: making introductions; immigrant families in a new culture.

Opening Day

26:36 | #101 | TV-PG

Victor Brashov's new restaurant is about to open, but still doesn't have a name or any employees. Vocabulary: giving and getting personal information; life skills: finding job openings and interviewing for a job.

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