Donald G. Adams v. Commonwealth of Kentucky

6/07/19 11:02 AM

“Criminal Law. Expungement. KRS 431.073. Whether a defendant’s Class D
felony convictions qualify for expungement as a “single incident” under KRS
431.073 when: (1) the defendant was convicted on four counts of theft by
unlawful taking; (2) all four theft counts were charged in a single indictment; (3)
the thefts occurred over a six-month period; and (4) all four thefts involved the
same victim and the same type of property.”
Discretionary Review granted 6/6/2018
Daviess Circuit Court, Judge Joseph W. Castlen, III
Attorney for Appellant: Marty G. Jacobs
Attorneys for Appellee: Andy Beshear, John Paul Varo and James Patrick Judge
(Lambert, J., recused)