University of Kentucky, aka UK Healthcare, et al. v. Sarah R. Moore, et al., and Commonwealth of Kentucky Dept. of Revenue et al. v. Sarah R. Moore

6/07/19 11:09 AM

University of KY., AKA UK HEALTHCARE, et al. V. Sarah
R. Moore, et al (2018-SC-000193-TG) and Commonwealth of Ky., Dept. of Revenue et al V. Sarah R. Moore
“Collection of accounts owed to the University of Kentucky hospital. Referral to
the Department of Revenue. KRS 45.237 et seq. and KRS 45.241.”
Fayette Circuit Court, Judge John E. Reynolds
Attorneys for University of Kentucky, A/K/A UK Healthcare and Mark F.
Newman, in his official capacity as Executive Vice President for Health Affairs,
University of Kentucky: Kevin G. Henry, William Thro, Bryan Howard Beauman
and Joshua Michael Salsburey
Attorneys for Sarah R. Moore: William L. Davis and E. Douglas Richards
Attorneys for Commonwealth of Kentucky, Department of Revenue and Daniel
P. Bork, in his official capacity as Commissioner of the Kentucky Department of
Revenue: Mark Stephen Pitt, Frank L. Dempsey, Raymond Campbell Connell,
Stephen Chad Meredith and Matthew Kuhn