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Explore Kentucky. Explore the World.

KET Special Features

  • Earthflight, A Nature Special Presentation

    Under African skies

    Earthflight, A Nature Special Presentation

    See the most animal-packed continent by flying with fresh eyes 8/7 pm CT on KET

  • Nova

    Ghosts of Machu Picchu


    Areas of Machu Picchu that have been undisturbed since the Incas 9/8 pm CT on KET

  • Operation Maneater

    Polar bear plight

    Operation Maneater

    In Canada’s Hudson Bay, polar bears are causing havoc in isolated communities 10/9 pm CT on KET

  • American Masters

    Grab a Hunk of Lightning

    American Masters: Dorothea Lange

    Known for her images of the Great Depression, including “Migrant Mother” 2/1 am CT on KETKY

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