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Comment on Kentucky

May 29, 2015

Journalists Ronnie Ellis of CNHI News Service, James Pilcher of the Kentucky Enquirer, and Laura Ungar of the Courier-Journal recap the GOP gubernatorial vote recanvass and discuss how Obamacare could play into the general election campaign.

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Connections with Renee Shaw

Jay Williams

Jay Williams, the U.S. assistant secretary of commerce for economic development and the former mayor of Youngstown, Ohio, talks with Renee about how Youngstown recovered from the decline of the steel industry, and how those lessons can apply to Eastern Kentucky areas distressed by the sharp downturn in coal jobs.


My Bionic Pet

The animals of the world may increasingly need our help with big issues like preserving habitat or species conservation. But sometimes individual animals need our help as well. Left disabled without fins, flippers, beaks or tails because of disease, accidents or even human cruelty, these unfortunate creatures need what amounts to a miracle if they are to survive

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Kentucky Afield

Who’s Up for Bowfishing?

Tim Farmer and Jim Doom take aim on Asian carp at Barkley Dam before getting out the fishing poles for white bass fishing. Tim also visits the annual Peace Officers Memorial Day ceremony, and a dermatologist talks about protecting your skin for summer.


Obama at War

Go inside the Obama administration's struggle to deal with ISIS and the deadly civil war in Syria. With interviews from key military and diplomatic leaders, the program examines the hard choices facing the president as he tries to defeat the Islamic State without dragging America into a prolonged regional conflict.

Roosevelts: An Intimate History

Part 4 | The Storm (1920-1933)

Franklin Roosevelt runs for vice president in 1920 and seems assured of a still brighter future until polio devastates him. He spends seven years struggling without success to walk again, while Eleanor builds her own personal and political life. FDR returns to politics in 1928 and acts with such vigor during the first years of the Great Depression that the Democrats nominate him for president.

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Education Matters

Reading by Third Grade

Many studies show that children who can’t read by the third grade are at a much greater risk for academic failure, and from there, struggles in the job market.

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One to One with Bill Goodman

Taking on Kentucky’s Heroin Epidemic

Congressman Andy Barr and White House Office of National Drug Control Policy Director Michael Botticelli discuss the heroin epidemic in Kentucky.

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Kentucky Life

Dixie Chili and Deli Delivers

Today's Special comes from Dixie Chili and Deli, founded in Newport in 1929 by Greek immigrant Nicholas Sarakatsannis; a look at the historic coal camps of Southeastern Kentucky; Columbia in Adair County is Our Town; and meet landscaper Josh Samples from Rockcastle County.

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Louisville Life

Dig It: Yew Dell Gardens

Located on the outskirts of Louisville, Yew Dell Gardens is considered one of America's most unique gardens; Janet Strait of Swash-Bucklers crafts one-of-a-kind leather belts and other items at her LaGrange, Kentucky studio; Throwback Louisville tunes into the city's television history; an interview with Greg Galiette, senior vice president of The Louisville Bats.

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