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Louisville Life

Get Your Oven Mitts

Take a cooking class at Cooking at the Cottage in St. Matthews with "Louisville Life." Also, visit Sunergos Coffee, the winner of "America's Best Espresso" competition at CoffeeFest and sample Kentucky's signature dish, the Hot Brown, at the place where it originated 80 years ago - Louisville's Brown Hotel.

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Comment on Kentucky

April 24, 2015

Host Bill Bryant and journalists from around the state discuss the latest in the GOP primary for Kentucky governor as the candidates donate to their own campaigns and the debates get testy. Also a preview of Tuesday's oral arguments in the U.S. Supreme Court cases about gay marriage.

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Connections with Renee Shaw

Easing Anxiety Disorders with Virtual Reality

Clinical psychologist Kevin Chapman of Louisville discusses anxiety disorders and an innovative approach called virtual reality exposure therapy to help ease those conditions.

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One to One with Bill Goodman

Kim Baker of KCA: Keeping the Arts Accessible and Relevant

Kim Baker recalls watching the gala grand opening of the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts when she was a child. Her television flashed pictures of Charlton Heston, Jessye Norman, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., and other celebrities walking the red carpet into the shiny new performing arts complex that opened in downtown Louisville in 1983. The venue is known as the Kentucky Center, or Kentucky Center for the Arts, or simply, KCA.


Animal Homes: Cities

Some animal species congregate in huge groups. Icelandic puffins form colonies of more than a million, which provides shared information about food sources and reduces the odds of being attacked. Social spiders in Ecuador gather by the thousands to capture large prey. Leaf cutter ants in Costa Rica build enormous acre-wide cities to house multimillion-citizen colonies.


Invisible Universe Revealed

Follow the historic rescue of Hubble - the space telescope that unveiled the cosmos - to mark the instrument's 25th anniversary.

American Masters

Jascha Heifetz: God’s Fiddler

Discover the story of legendary musician Jascha Heifetz (1901-1987), the first truly modern violin virtuoso. This documentary portrays an artist for whom only perfection would do through vintage performances, master classes and Heifetz’ previously unseen home movies.

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Kentucky Tonight

Republican Candidates for Attorney General and Ag Commissioner

Candidates seeking the Republican nomination for state Attorney General appeared on Monday’s edition of Kentucky Tonight on KET. Here’s a recap of what contenders Michael Hogan and Whitney Westerfield said about themselves and their perspectives on being the commonwealth’s chief law enforcement officer.

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Great Conversations:

Kentucky Author Forum Hosts High-profile Attorney David Boies

The landmark Supreme Court of the United States case Bush v. Gore decided the disputed 2000 presidential election between George W. Bush and Vice President Al Gore. It was also ...

American Experience

My Lai

The 1968 My Lai massacre, its subsequent cover-up, and the heroic efforts of the soldiers who broke ranks to try to halt the atrocities, and then bring them to light.

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