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KET Special Features

  • Kentucky Life

    Horse of a different color

    Kentucky Life

    Rare white Thoroughbreds, plus the bullion depository at Fort Knox and more 6/5 am CT on KETKY

  • Louisville Life

    State your business

    Louisville Life

    Caudill Seed, the Seelbach 21c Museum hotels, American Printing House for the Blind 8/7 am CT on KETKY

  • Earthflight, A Nature Special Presentation

    Fly with the eagles — and more

    Earthflight — a six-part series begins!

    Pelicans, snow geese, bald eagles fly over the Great Plains, the Golden Gate Bridge

  • The Man Who Lost His Head

    The Man Who Lost His Head

    Starring Martin Clunes

    A British museum curator goes to New Zealand to assess the return of a Maori carving 9/8 pm CT on KET

  • House of Cards Trilogy

    Down but not out

    House of Cards Trilogy: The Final Cut

    His support is ebbing, he's down for the count—but then Urquhart gets a brilliant idea 11/10 pm CT on KET2

  • Jubilee

    Lonesome’s a good thing

    Jubilee at the Festival of the Bluegrass

    Lonesome River Band, a force in bluegrass since 1982, plays a selection of its hits 12/11 am CT on KET2

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