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Legislative Update

March 5, 2015

After contentious debate, a bill that changes the rules for beer distribution in Kentucky won final passage in the Legislature and is on its way to the governor's office to become law.

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Legislative Update

March 3, 2015

Representatives from the local and national beer industry are in Frankfort discussing the pros and cons of a proposed distribution law, and legislators take up other issues in the capital on March 3, 2015. Host Renee Shaw discusses the highlights.

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Kentucky Life

Paw-Abiding Citizens

The Dog Scouts organization teaches humans and their four-legged friends a few tricks, and it isn't just sit or shake.


At the Edge of Space

Explore some of nature's most puzzling and alluring phenomena at the boundary between Earth and space: the shimmering aurora, streaking meteors, and fleeting flashes that shoot upwards from thunderclouds, known as sprites.


Hummingbirds: Magic in the Air

Hummingbirds spend most their lives in fast forward, but now high speed video lets us enter their world.

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Legislative Update

March 2, 2015

Kentucky state legislators take up a host of issues in Frankfort, including telephone deregulation, domestic violence, and dextromethorphan abuse, and host Renee Shaw discusses the highlights from March 2.

The Great British Baking Show

The Final: Is it Richard, Nancy, or Louis?

Just three challenges lie between the 3 finalists and the trophy. And what a trio of challenges they are!


This Is It: Downton Abbey 5, Episode 9

The Crawleys go to a shooting party at a castle in Northumberland and return to Downton for a joyful Christmas holiday.

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Kentucky Life

Moonbow Over the Falls

As spectacular as Cumberland Falls is during the day, another show awaits at night. The romance of the waterfall at Cumberland Falls State Park is enhanced by a moonbow, or lunar rainbow, during the full moon each month.

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Comment on Kentucky

Heroin Bills Still Face Hurdles

As people across Kentucky dig out of the snow, state legislators dig in to a number of bills in Frankfort. "Comment on Kentucky" interim host Bill Bryant and panelists discuss and analyze a wide range of topics from the capital, including heroin use, drunk driving, school bathrooms, teachers' pensions, and accommodations for pregnant workers.