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KET Special Features

  • One to One with Bill Goodman

    Election 2014

    One to One with Bill Goodman

    Bill speaks with incumbent U.S. Rep. Andy Barr of Kentucky’s 6th District 9:30/8:30 am CT on KETKY

  • Masterpiece Mystery!

    Beyond Austen

    Masterpiece Mystery! Death Comes to Pemberley

    Six years after Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth & Darcy plan a ball with fatal consequences 9/8 pm CT on KET

  • Great Estates Scotland

    Myths and legends

    Great Estates Scotland

    Mysterious Rosslyn Chapel, where part of The Da Vinci Code was filmed 10:30/9:30 pm CT on KET

  • Masterpiece Classic

    Triple threat!

    Masterpiece Classic: The Paradise, Season 2, Part 5

    An heirloom watch incites sales, seduction, and sorcery at the Paradise 8/7 pm CT on KET

  • How We Got to Now with Steven Johnson

    Time out!

    How We Got to Now with Steven Johnson

    Advancements in navigation, technology, and travel are due to heroes of time 10/9 pm CT on KET2

  • Wild West with Ray Mears

    Plain talking

    Wild West with Ray Mears: The Great Plains

    Blackfeet Indians demonstrate bare-back riding; the life and myth of the cowboy 8/7 pm CT on KET2

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