KET Leadership

Board Members of KET and Associated Organizations


The governing body for KET is the Kentucky Authority for Educational Television, an agency of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. KET is in the Education & Workforce Development Cabinet. Two independent nonprofit foundations, the KET Foundation and the Commonwealth Fund for KET, manage and solicit the corporate, institutional, and individual contributions that support local productions as well as the acquisition of PBS and other national programs.

Kentucky Authority for Educational Television

  • Chair: Rusty Cheuvront, assistant vice president & director of global community relations, Brown-Forman, Louisville
  • Vice Chair: Donna Moore Campbell, Lexington
  • Secretary: Hilma Prather, Somerset
  • Executive Committee At Large: Dr. Suvas Desai, Saint Joseph Medical Foundation, Lexington
  • Executive Committee At Large: Heidi Margulis, senior vice president for public affairs, Humana, Louisville
  • Angela Cain, Walton
  • David Couch, associate commissioner, Kentucky Department of Education, Frankfort
  • Terry Holliday, Ph.D., commissioner, Kentucky Department of Education, Frankfort
  • Laura Ladd, Cross Gate Gallery, Lexington

KET Foundation Inc.

  • Members of the Kentucky Authority for Educational Television
  • Romanza Johnson, Bowling Green (representative of KET Friends Board)
  • Shae Hopkins, KET Executive Director (Treasurer)

KET Friends Board Executive Committee

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  • President: Nancy Thames, Richmond
  • President-elect: Sean Mestan, Princeton
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Martha Deener, Lexington
  • Vice President: Kathy Brauer, Henderson
  • Vice President: G. Dan Griffith, Owensboro
  • Vice President: Romanza Johnson, Bowling Green
  • Vice President: A. Dale Josey, Louisville
  • Vice President: Donna Wear, Paducah
  • Past President: Maude Teegarden, Germantown
  • Nominating Chair: Carol Beirne, Fort Wright

KET Friends Board Members

  • Abdus-Sabuur FM
  • Ann Beard
  • Carol Beirne
  • Daphne Blevins
  • Kathy Brauer
  • John Burton
  • Mary M. Butler
  • Judy C. Cain
  • William M. Cox Jr.
  • Martha Deener
  • Deede Dykes
  • Laura Fields Eason
  • Pat Goetz
  • Kelly Green
  • G. Dan Griffith
  • Romanza Johnson
  • A. Dale Josey
  • Henrietta Kemp
  • Steve Kerrick
  • Surekha Kulkarni
  • Barbra Ledford
  • Edith Lovett
  • Carol Major
  • Peggy Mershon
  • Sean Mestan
  • Brenda Owen
  • J. Donald Parrish
  • Marie Piekarski
  • Diane L. Porter
  • Wayne Rassman
  • Rebecca Forsythe Rose
  • Patricia Seiber
  • Kaye Smith
  • Elsa Spurlock
  • Terri Srinivasan
  • Martha Taylor
  • Maude Teegarden
  • Nancy Thames
  • Donna Wear
  • Deneen Zimmerman

Commonwealth Fund for KET Inc. Board of Directors

  • Chairman: Nick Nicholson, retired president, Keeneland Association, Lexington
  • Chairman Emeritus: John R. Hall, retired chairman and CEO, Ashland Inc., Lexington
  • Secretary: Kimberly D. Patton, SFA/PDT Architects, Hebron
  • Treasurer: John S. Domaschko, retired president, MCSquared, Inc., Edgewood
  • Mira S. Ball, chief financial officer, Ball Homes, Lexington
  • Vickie Yates Brown, Frost Brown Todd, University of Louisville, Louisville
  • Rusty Cheuvront, assistant vice president & director of global community relations, Brown-Forman, Louisville
  • Billy Harper, president, Harper Industries, Inc., Paducah
  • Bill Jones, community division manager, U.S. Bank
  • James H. “Mike” Molloy, Lexington
  • William T. Young Jr., president, W.T. Young, Inc., Lexington
  • Representatives of the Kentucky Authority for Educational Television: Donna Moore Campbell; Hilma Prather; and Shae Hopkins, KET Executive Director
  • Representative of the Friends of KET Board of Directors: Terri Srinivasan, Maysville

Louisville Regional Fund Board

  • Chair: Sherry M. Feldpausch
  • Vice Chair: Valerie Scott
  • Jackie Hays Bickel
  • Vickie Yates Brown
  • Anthony  Carney
  • Lucy Dalton
  • Mark Eliason
  • Don C. Graeter
  • Jason C. Groneck
  • Phil Lynch
  • Becky Shaw
  • William Summers V
  • Mary H. Wilson

Northern Kentucky Regional Fund Board

  • Chair: Janice Way
  • Vice Chair: Ben D. Barlage
  • Carol Beirne
  • Roger L. Cole
  • Milly H. Diehl
  • Katie Enzweiler
  • Gee Gaither
  • Jennifer Mearns
  • Jack Moreland
  • Kim D. Patton
  • Robert Rich
  • Kelly Schoening-Holden
  • Rosemary Weathers Burnham
  • Ashley Norton