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This Month's Theme:
Thanks for the Memory
Books for June

The Same River Twice: A Memoir
by Chris Offutt

Sunday, June 21 at 6:30/5:30 am CT and 11:30/10:30 pm on KET2

At 19, Chris Offutt left his home in rural Rowan County, Kentucky, with $200 and a half-baked ambition to be an actor in New York. This critically acclaimed 1993 memoir chronicles the 10 years that followed. The Same River Twice is a real-life coming-of-age story that is alternately moving, funny, and horrifying.

Offutt hitchhiked around the country, working a series of odd jobs and meeting a series of odd people, from a suicidal Vietnam vet to a tattooed circus lady. His wild odyssey finally drew to a close when he met Rita, "a Calliope making do with a mortal." Offutt married Rita, settled down, and began to write.

The Same River Twice juxtaposes tales of Offutt's youthful misadventures with his reflections on the birth of his first son. Throughout his adult life, Offutt has kept journals of his experiences. He draws on these journals to recreate his past and to probe his feelings about impending fatherhood. The result is both fascinating and hopeful.

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