Welcome to the KET brand team

The KET Brand Identity Guidelines provide for consistent application of the KET brand across all media including on-air, online, print, collateral promotions and advertising. Follow these guidelines in all expressions of the KET brand.

The KET® logo, KET®, KENTUCKY EDUCATIONAL TELEVISION®, KENTUCKY CHANNEL®, and the KET KY KENTUCKY CHANNEL®logo are registered trademarks of the Kentucky Authority for Educational Television.

Use or reproduction is not authorized without prior written permission from KET. All rights reserved.

Visit the official KET logos page to download logo images and printable vector files.

Requests for permission to use KET logo(s) and/or marks should be directed to:

KET Sr. Director of Marketing, Creative Director

Please state how and why you wish to use KET logo(s) and/or marks. Include your contact name, address, telephone number, and e-mail.

We look forward to working with you to build a strong KET brand identity.