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  • Day 58: House Democrats Propose Response to Staff Harassment

    by Renee Shaw | 04/15/14 4:30 PM

    Criticism over the handling of sexual harassment complaints against a former House member has quietly percolated through this legislative session. Last week an ethics panel cleared former State Rep. John Arnold of those claims. Yesterday, House Democrats offered a remedy they believe will protect legislative workers from abuse and lewd workplace conduct. Read more.

  • A Candidate for Governor? Not Yet

    by John Gregory | 04/15/14 12:53 PM

    Although he increasingly sounds like a candidate for higher office, James Comer says he's in no hurry to announce his candidacy for governor of the commonwealth. The state agriculture commissioner appeared on this weekend's edition of One to One with Bill Goodman. Read more.

  • Lawmakers Get Mixed Grades for This Session

    by John Gregory | 04/15/14 12:49 PM

    On the eve of the final day of the legislative session, Kentucky Tonight gathered a panel to review the work of the General Assembly this year. Did lawmakers get a passing grade? Read on to find out. Read more.

  • Legislative Agenda for Tuesday, April 15

    by Editor | 04/15/14 8:00 AM

    Here are the meetings for Day 59 of the 2014 Regular Legislative Session that KET will broadcast live: Read more.

Comer on Next-Generation Republicans

In a wide-ranging conversation on One to One this weekend, Agriculture Commissioner James Comer says he thinks Kentuckians are ready to elect more "next-generation" Republicans to public office. Comer described them as GOP politicians who emphasize economic issues over social issues, like same-sex marriage. He places Kentucky 4th District Congressman Thomas Massie and U.S. Senator Rand Paul among this new generation of Republicans. Read more.

Democrats Propose Response to Legislative Staff Harassment

After the Legislative Ethics Commission cleared former Rep. John Arnold of sexual harassment claims last week, House Democrats announced a plan yesterday to address criticisms about how the ethics panel works. Read more.

  • Aaron Thompson on Higher Ed in Kentucky

    by John Gregory | 04/14/14 2:42 PM

    Aaron Thompson could be considered a classic example of the power of education to change a life. The sociologist, author, and motivational speaker was born in a three-room sharecropper's cabin in Clay County and rose to become executive vice president and chief academic officer for the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education (CPE). Read more.

  • Coming Down to the Wire: What Gets State Funding?

    by John Gregory | 04/14/14 11:38 AM

    While the legislature stood in recess last week, Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear used his veto pen to strike what he considers restrictive language from the state spending plan. Those actions highlighted the discussion on this weekend's edition of Comment on Kentucky. Read more.

  • Legislative Agenda for Monday, April 14

    by Editor | 04/14/14 8:00 AM

    Here are the meetings for Day 58 of the 2014 Regular Legislative Session that KET will broadcast live: Read more.

  • The State of Kentucky's Health

    by John Gregory | 04/10/14 12:12 PM

    Two recent reports rank Kentucky at the bottom for a series of health-related indicators, and show the Appalachian counties suffering the greatest impacts. Read more.

  • An Entreprenuer's Perspective on Education and Taxes

    by John Gregory | 04/07/14 1:23 PM

    The first experience John Williams had with a computer came at the University of Kentucky in the late 1950s. The vacuum tubes in the early machine generated so much heat that students nearly had to wear bathing suits to tolerate being in the room with it. Read more.

  • Winners and Losers in Budget Battles

    by John Gregory | 04/07/14 11:17 AM

    "I've never seen anything like it in 35 years of journalism." Read more.