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  • Latest Grimes Ads Off-Target; McConnell and Paul Split on ISIS Combat Vote

    by John Gregory | 09/22/14 10:17 AM

    With less than two months until Election Day 2014, the Comment on Kentucky panel had a long list of stories to discuss on this weekend's program, from a perplexing ad strategy by one U.S. Senate candidate to a big endorsement in next year's gubernatorial race. Read more.

  • Leach: Congress Needs to Start Governing Again

    by John Gregory | 09/22/14 9:59 AM

    In the spring of 2011, as politicians in Washington debated another possible government shutdown, Ron Leach was serving as a physician's assistant with a U.S. Army combat battalion in Afghanistan. With a shutdown looming, Leach says he saw soldiers, who should've been focused on their combat patrols, wondering whether they would be paid. Read more.

  • Lexington Women Find Rewards in Blogging

    by John Gregory | 09/16/14 9:37 AM

    When Emmie Sandford and Sheryl Withers Woolverton struggled with challenges in their lives, they turned to the Internet - not to find a top-10 list of self-help tips or search Google for answers, but to share their own stories. Read more.

  • Governor's Race Takes the Spotlight

    by John Gregory | 09/15/14 2:07 PM

    The 2015 race for governor took center stage on this week's edition of Comment on Kentucky. The panel discussed the details of state Agriculture Commissioner James Comer's official campaign launch, as well as how the Republican primary is shaping up in that contest. Read more.

The ACA: Repeal or Fix?

In just about every U.S. House and Senate race across the nation this fall, the candidates are debating the Affordable Care Act. Read more.

'Clinton Country' Welcomes Number 42 Pitching for Grimes

Senatorial candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes and her ambassadors want voters to know that the 35-year-old Kentucky Secretary of State is a Wendell Ford and Bill Clinton kind of Democrat, not a left-of-center Hollywood archetype ignorant to the Kentucky way of life. That message was a key takeaway from Kentucky's first and only female Gov. Martha Layne Collins, who's accompanying Grimes on the campaign trail. Read more.

  • Conway's Political Career Began Under Governor Patton

    by John Gregory | 09/15/14 1:29 PM

    Jack Conway says the moment that changed his life came in 1995 when he got an offer to work on Paul Patton's gubernatorial campaign. At the time, Conway was a 26-year old graduate of George Washington University Law School, and he was considering a clerkship with a federal judge in the nation's capital. Read more.

  • ACA in Kentucky is a Success - So Far...

    by John Gregory | 09/09/14 4:11 PM

    With some 521,000 Kentuckians already signed-up for health insurance coverage through Kynect, the state's health exchange, and a new enrollment period opening in November, is the Affordable Care Act a success for the commonwealth? Read more.

  • Business Consultant Encourages "Additive" Enterprises

    by John Gregory | 09/08/14 2:46 PM

    Chris Rabb says his highly accomplished family has been his greatest influence on his life and work. His grandfather was the only African-American doctor in Shelbyville during the 1930s and '40s. The grandparents pushed Rabb's father to rise beyond his Jim Crow childhood to become an internationally renowned eye surgeon. And Chris Rabb is a Yale-educated business consultant who specializes in social entrepreneurship. Read more.

  • GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Hal Heiner Says Job Creation is Top Issue

    by John Gregory | 09/08/14 10:11 AM

    Republican gubernatorial candidate Hal Heiner says job creation is the most important issue for the state, and as governor, he pledges to put Kentucky among the top 10 states in job attraction within his first two years in office. Read more.

  • Polls Show McConnell With Slight Lead, Low Favorability

    by John Gregory | 09/08/14 10:02 AM

    With two new political polls released in the last 10 days, the panel on this weekend's Comment on Kentucky had a wealth of data to crunch relating to several current and future elections. Read more.

  • Getting a Good Night's Sleep

    by Editor | 09/05/14 4:21 PM

    If sleep is food for the brain, then American brains are starving. A third of the adult population reports getting less than six hours of sleep a night. In a recent KET program, host Renee Shaw and guests separate fact from fiction and offer advice on proper sleep hygiene in Health Three60/Sleepless in Kentucky. The guest panel: Dr. Barbara Phillips of the University of Kentucky Sleep Center; Dr. Phillip Bale of Glasgow Primary Care; and Dr. Mohamed Saad, director of the University of Louisville Physicians Sleep Center. Read more.