Public Affairs


  • CDC Director Reports on Eastern Kentucky Health Forums

    by John Gregory | 09/02/14 9:56 AM

    When U.S. Centers for Disease Control Director Dr. Tom Frieden looks at the link between poverty and poor health, he says he sees a vicious cycle: People with medical issues are less likely to be economically productive, while people who are poor are less likely to get good health care. Read more.

  • Activists Empower Young Women with Life Skills

    by John Gregory | 09/02/14 9:48 AM

    Two activists who help girls and young women overcome challenges and gain important life skills appeared on this weekend's Connections to discuss their work. Tanya Torp is program director for Step by Step, a Lexington group that mentors young unwed mothers; and family court attorney Holly Houston is co-founder of Greater Louisville Outstanding Women (GLOW). Read more.

  • Candidates Hit Bumps in Senate Campaign Road; the Political Specter of Coal

    by John Gregory | 09/02/14 9:41 AM

    As the U.S. Senate race headed into the long Labor Day weekend, Sen. Mitch McConnell faced two stories that may have ramifications for his reelection bid. The panel on this weekend’s Comment on Kentucky discussed those reports and how they may play out with voters. Read more.

  • Washington Post Explores Coal's Impact on Appalachian Communities

    by John Gregory | 08/28/14 4:07 PM

    During Monday's Kentucky Tonight program about energy policy, the panel discussed some of the significant challenges eastern Kentuckians face from the dramatic decrease in coal mining jobs in the region. Now two stories in The Washington Post provide additional perspectives on those issues and the prospects for unemployed miners in central Appalachia. Read more.

New York Times Explores Sen. Mitch McConnell's Life in Politics

As I have written before, our U.S. Senate race is getting attention from print and broadcast media as well as bloggers from all over the world. It’s not uncommon to see the contest between Sen. Mitch McConnell and Alison Lundergan Grimes mentioned in many state and national publications almost daily. Read more.

'Clinton Country' Welcomes Number 42 Pitching for Grimes

Senatorial candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes and her ambassadors want voters to know that the 35-year-old Kentucky Secretary of State is a Wendell Ford and Bill Clinton kind of Democrat, not a left-of-center Hollywood archetype ignorant to the Kentucky way of life. That message was a key takeaway from Kentucky's first and only female Gov. Martha Layne Collins, who's accompanying Grimes on the campaign trail. Read more.