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  • Legislative Update: March 24, 2015

    by Editor | 03/25/15 10:09 AM

    Kentucky lawmakers rush to complete legislative business on the final day of the 2015 General Assembly session. KET’s Renee Shaw reports on the fate of key bills, including a measure to address the state’s heroin epidemic. Read more.

  • Kentucky 2015 Elections: Let the Campaign Season Begin

    by John Gregory | 03/25/15 12:45 AM

    It was only a few months ago that voters in the commonwealth experienced a hard-fought U.S. Senate race, as well as Congressional contests and state House and Senate battles. Read more.

  • Legislative Update: March 23, 2015

    by Editor | 03/24/15 5:00 PM

    KET’s Renee Shaw reports on the most significant activities during the penultimate day of the 2015 General Assembly session, including committee testimony and actions, and debate and votes on the floor of the Kentucky Senate and House of Representatives. Read more.

  • Elaine Chao on a Life in Politics and Government

    by John Gregory | 03/23/15 4:00 PM

    Despite her years in government service and public life, former U.S. Labor Secretary Elaine Chao sees a different role for herself these days. "I believe that my job is to support Mitch," Chao says of her husband, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Read more.

Wendell Ford in His Own Words

In 2006, Bill Goodman sat down with former Sen. Wendell Ford to record an interview for KET's One to One. Ford had been retired from the U.S. Senate for just over seven years, yet he was still deeply interested in politics and the issues facing Kentucky and the nation. Here are a few quotes from their conversation. Read more.

Legislators at Impasse on Funding Teacher Pensions

A measure to address unfunded liabilities in the state teacher retirement system may be headed to a conference committee after Senators amended a House bill to replace a bonding proposal with a task force to further study the issue. Read more.

  • Shot Clock Winding Down on 2015 Session

    by John Gregory | 03/23/15 2:50 PM

    March is a month dominated by hard-fought battles and last-second drives to the goal. And we don't just mean on the basketball court. Read more.

  • Legislative Leaders Discuss the Fate of Key Bills

    by John Gregory | 03/18/15 1:40 PM

    At the beginning of the 2015 General Assembly session, there was a near-universal call for legislation to address the state's heroin epidemic. Read more.

  • Experts Discuss Severe Weather Preparedness

    by Robbie Clark | 03/18/15 1:29 PM

    The old saying goes, "If you don't like the weather in Kentucky, wait 15 minutes," and that adage about the state's inconsistent weather has some truth behind it, according to John Belski, a meteorologist for WLKY Channel 32 in Louisville. Read more.

  • Legislators Conference on Bills; Bluegrass Poll on Governor's Race

    by John Gregory | 03/18/15 1:27 PM

    The Kentucky General Assembly stands in recess as lawmakers hash out compromises in several conference committees. Read more.

  • Legislative Update: March 11, 2015

    by Editor | 03/12/15 9:31 AM

    It was a mad dash in the legislature Wednesday to move bills forward before the 10-day recess. Renee Shaw reports on heroin legislation, and the fate of bills addressing a local sales tax option, a smoking ban, public-private partnerships, school snow days, Internet gambling devices, animal welfare, and child booster seats. Read more.

  • Legislators at Impasse on Funding Teacher Pensions

    by Renee Shaw | 03/11/15 1:57 PM

    Former Senate President David Williams warned about looming pitfalls in the state pension systems years before lawmakers mustered the fortitude to address the problems. His successor, Sen. Robert Stivers (R-Manchester), spoke of William's political clairvoyance on the Senate floor Tuesday as he rationalized the need to further examine the ailing teacher retirement system. Read more.