Welcome to Media Lab Workshops

At the KET Media Lab, you can…

Explore using iPads, iPhones, and apps to make classroom multimedia projects in less time and for less cost; introduce students to Blender or GarageBand; try KET’s online classroom resources. Enjoy one of our free Media Lab workshops, then stay for a career-readiness tour of KET’s multimedia production facility!

What and Where: KET offers free workshops in multimedia production and related topics for Kentucky students and educators in the KET Media Lab at the KET Network Center in Lexington. We hope you’ll join us in the Media Lab to explore ways to make project-based learning exciting, meaningful, and memorable with multimedia tools and resources!

Presenters: Workshop instructors include KET education consultants as well as other KET education and production division staff, and occasional guest presenters.

How and When: Choose from the current Media Lab workshops in the featured resources of this collection for students and teachers and e-mail or call Cynthia Warner at cwarner@ket.org, 800-432-0951 ext. 7263, to arrange a visit that suits your needs and schedule. Kentucky schools, homeschools, community service organizations, and government social agencies are welcome to schedule year-round student, teacher, and staff workshops during weekday hours from 9:00 a.m. 4:00 p.m. EST, M-F. Workshop start times and durations are negotiable to suit travel needs. While schools can bring a maximum of 60 students/day, seating is limited to 30 participants per workshop with a few extra seats available for teachers, guides, and observers. Groups of 31-60 will be divided in half. One group will be touring KET while the other will be learning in the Media Lab and then they will flip. Schools and groups may also bring or order lunches to eat at KET. All required equipment and software for workshops is provided.

About Media Lab Workshops

KET Media Lab Workshops…

  • provide pc laptops, iPads, and software for participant use.
  • are free to Kentucky public and private schools, home schools, community service organizations, and government social agencies.
  • support Kentucky and national academic standards as well as ISTE and national technology standards.
  • are approved by the Kentucky Department of Education for K-12 teacher professional development training.
  • address the 21st-century student and classroom by incorporating relevant new tools and resources whenever possible.

ADD A TOUR! Those bringing students for a workshop are welcome to also schedule a tour of KET, which can last from 30 minutes to an hour and which features various jobs and skills of KET staff used to produce multimedia resources and TV programming — our tours are great for career readiness! Many of our staff are Kentucky born and educated and many have children in Kentucky schools. We enjoy encouraging the young to enter the fields we chose, perhaps to join KET one day to carry on its good works. Please contact Cynthia Warner at cwarner@ket.org, 800-432-0951 ext. 7263 to schedule a visit.

Homeschools, government social agencies, and community service organizations are welcome! Several non-profit groups and homeschool organizations have enjoyed our free KET Media Lab workshops and tours, and we welcome the opportunity to share our resources with yours. If you’d like to bring your group to KET, please contact Cynthia Warner at cwarner@ket.org, 800-432-0951 ext. 7263 to schedule a visit.

For more information and to make workshop reservations, e-mail or call Cynthia Warner at cwarner@ket.org, 800-432-0951 ext. 7263.