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‘Kentucky Tonight’ announces candidate programs for Kentucky primary races

KET continues its in-depth political coverage with Kentucky Tonight programs featuring candidates in Kentucky’s statewide primary races. The Kentucky Tonight programs with primary candidates, hosted by Renee Shaw, will air Mondays, April 24 – May 8, on KET beginning at 8/7 pm. The programs also will stream live at and will be archived online at

‘Kentucky Life’ explores Hillbilly Days festival in Pikeville; using repurposed materials in clothing fashion design; Kentucky’s ‘Stonehenge’ and an over-buried Louisville cemetery

On this episode of Kentucky Life, host Chip Polston visits the Hillybilly Days Festival in Pikeville; meets a Lexington fashion designer whose students use repurposed clothing in their work; beholds Kentucky’s version of Stonehedge in Munfordville; and explores the most over-buried cemetery in the United States, found in Louisville, where 138,000 bodies lay in ground suitable for about 16,000 bodies.

‘Kentucky Life’ explores the history of the Packhorse Library, the Fall traditions of Nancy, the album artwork of Robert Beatty and the musical history of Beaver Dam

On this episode of Kentucky Life, host Chip Polston learns about the Packhorse Library, the Great Depression-era program in which women delivered books and magazines by horseback in Eastern Kentucky; enjoys the hayrides, pumpkin patches and other Fall traditions in the town of Nancy; visits with modern digital artist Robert Beatty in Lexington who’s designed a host of memorable album covers; and explores Beaver Dam, with its legendary musical history and amphitheater.

‘The Farmer & The Foodie’ learn about farms run by military veterans and tryout recipes for sorghum popcorn balls and alpaca shepherd’s pie

On the next episode of The Farmer & The Foodie, Maggie and Lindsey highlight the Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s Homegrown by Heroes program. They visit farms run by military veterans, including an alpaca ranch in Richmond and a sorghum farm in Montgomery County. Great recipes include sorghum popcorn balls and alpaca shepherd’s pie.