Welcome to Multimedia Professional Development Day

The 2020 KET Multimedia Professional Development day is virtual and Free! Sessions will be offered from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm EST on July 20, 23, 28, 30. Each training session will be one hour in length, earning one hour of PD credit. (Up to 12 PD credit hours are available!) Sign up for as many sessions as you can attend. Space is limited so register quickly.

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July 20

Going the Distance with Remote Learning with Ashley Judd
Sharpen your distance learning skills with practical and practiced tips and tricks in Bitmoji, Google Meet, and Google Classroom.

Become a Podcasting Jedi in One Session with Jessica Greene & Josh Rayburn
You don’t need the force to become a Podcasting master. Hook up some microphones, press record, and discover an exciting avenue to present content for both students and educators. On the journey to Jedi status, you’ll learn about podcasts, how to create them, and ways to use them in the classroom. Podcast you will.

Girls Who Code: What is this? Why does it matter? Now, how do I get started? with Laura Raganas & Sean Jackson 
Girls Who Code: What is this? Why does it matter? Now, how do I get started? Girls Who Code brings high-quality computer science education to 3rd – 12th grade girls. Using a flexible and proven curriculum, GWC equips girls with concrete technical skills that will provide the foundation for futures in technology. This year, 1.4 million jobs will be available in computing-related fields but only 3% are expected to be filled by women. Prepare YOUR girls to fill those positions!

July 23

Music Production with GarageBand with Cynthia Warner
Take your students’ media projects to the next level with music production. Learn how to navigate and create music and sound effects in the free iOS app, GarageBand.

Media projects on a budget with Bill Hatfield
This session will discuss ways to use free or cheap multimedia applications and equipment to use in classrooms, along with starters and sample projects.

AR/VR in the Classroom with Sherry Curtsinger and students
Students will showcase their work called Kentucky History in 360. Students will present how they are using AR/VR in the classroom to create content. Students will showcase their work with CoSPACES, Google Street View, Theta 360 camera, and 360 Drone. Students will demonstrate how easy it is to use the technology and how much they learned about the content they created.

July 28

STLP: Great Tech-Ed Resources for K-12 with Jeff Sebulsky
Find out about STLP, how to involve your school, and participate in its excellent, fun student resources and projects.

Designing Lessons with Tech in a Meaningful Way with Nicole Routon
In this session, we will look at different types of technology that I have used in my classroom to improve student engagement and learning. We will look at the importance of deciding when to replace a lesson with tech or just to enhance it. We will look at Merge Cubes, Flipgrid, Nearpod, Makey Makeys, Cospaces EDU, AR/VR and other types of tech that I have incorporated into my lessons. You will walk away with ideas of ways to use tech in the classroom and hands-on experience.

Where Do We Come From? – World Language PBL and Collaboration with School Library with Heather Waters & Courtney McDonald
Learn how students explored with Project Based Learning (PBL) to bring awareness to stereotypes faced by students at Atherton High School. Using Google, KYVL tools, collaboration with the Media Arts Academy and the library media center. Students read, researched and developed google sites on Spanish speaking countries for background knowledge. Students then interviewed Spanish-speaking peers at Atherton High School to showcase the diversity of students within JCPS through blogs and video.

July 30

Using Screencastify for Remote Learning with Dee Dee Webb
Screencastify is an extension for the Google Chrome browser that allows you to screen record your explanations of lesson content while illustrating it on your computer screen. Videos are automatically saved to Google Drive and they can also be synced with Google Classroom. In this session, you will learn how you can use Screencastify in a remote learning environment to flip your classroom, blend learning or differentiate instruction. Best of all, Screencastify is a super easy tool! Additionally, you will learn how you can earn educator Genius and Screencaster Master badges from Screencastify to use in your email signature!

Stop, Collaborate, and Listen!: Tech Tools & Student Learning with Letitia Rudie
Learn about technology tools to foster student collaboration to enhance student learning.

Fact or Fiction? Finding Fakery-Free Online Information with Larry Moore & Kathy Davis 
In an age of misinformation, how can you help your students find credible factual content when doing research for a school assignment or just to find out the latest news? In this webinar, learn some basics of news literacy, including simple techniques the experts use for discerning the truth of online content such as “lateral reading” and “reverse image searches”. You will also learn about some great cross-curricular media literacy educational resources.

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PD Credit

To find out whether KET Multimedia Professional Development Day virtual session hours can be used toward fulfillment of your school district’s staff professional development requirements, please contact your school or district official in charge of professional development. Up to one hour of credit will be available per session, corresponding to how many sessions of the event are attended.

KET is also approved to award EILA (Effective Instructional Leadership Act) professional development credit to Kentucky K-12 school administrators for attendance at our summer event workshops.

Questions about the KET Multimedia PD Day? Contact Brian Spellman, KET Education Division, 859-258-7274; 800-432-0951 ext. 7274.