Child Care Training

Need to earn credits towards your annual training requirements? For a small administrative fee, our child care training program will help you complete those courses in the following ways:

  • Online — Some online courses are complete and fully functional with all the materials needed (including video) to complete them online. For other online courses, you will need to have access to the videos from the local library to complete the coursework.
  • DVDs/Paper Coursework — Several KET productions on parenting and early childhood education are available for purchase on DVD.
  • Lending Library Paper & Online Coursework — Through a partnership with the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives, you may obtain additional programs on videotape/DVD through your local library. This option is ONLY available to Kentucky residents.

For your convenience, all courses are marked with training levels, CDA subject areas, and Core Content labels. Multiple sorting options are also available to make finding and selecting your classes easy.  All KET child care training offerings are administered by a trainer who has obtained a Level 4 Kentucky Early Childhood Trainer Credential.