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Respiratory Health Video Collection


Fighting to Breathe is a three-part series premiering in January 2022 that examines the under-told story of lung diseases in Kentucky – the causes, the impact on those afflicted, and the exciting new developments in treatment and prevention.

This series is funded in part by grants from the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky and the Kentucky Medical Association through a grant from the Anthem Foundation.

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Kentucky Health Episodes

Jason Chesney, M.D., director of the UofL Health-Brown Cancer Center in Louisville on the Kentucky Health set wearing a gray jacket, white shirt and blue tie.

Lung Cancer: Improving Treatment, Decreasing Mortality
Jason Chesney, M.D., director of the UofL Health-Brown Cancer Center in Louisville, talks about new developments in the treatment of lung cancer.

Dr. Wesley McConnell on the Kentucky Health set.

Asthma and COPD
Guest Dr. Wesley McConnell discusses COPD and smoking.

The host and guests on the Kentucky Health set.

Catching My Breath: Lung Diseases and Their Causes
Learn about lung diseases including pulmonary hypertension and COPD.

Guest Ellen Hahn on the Kentucky health set.

The Cost of Cigarette Smoking
Guest Ellen Hahn discusses the cumulative effect of smoking and being exposed to radon.

The host and guests on the Kentucky Health set.

Lung Cancer in Kentucky
Guests discuss radon’s link to lung cancer and the value of low-dose CT scans in catching lung cancer early.

Ben Chandler on the Kentucky Health set.

Smoking in Kentucky: Hidden Cost, Serious Impact
Hear about the effects of smoking in Kentucky and legislation the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky supported.

A guest on the set of Kentucky Health.

Strategies for Quitting Tobacco
This episode presents good information for smokers who want to quit smoking.

The host and guests on the set of Kentucky Health.

Tobacco Cessation: The Power of Group Education and Support
Watch testimonials from people who used peer support groups to quit smoking.

A guest on the Kentucky Health set.

Visualizing a Smoke-Free Kentucky
Learn more about vaping and recent legislation designed to reduce tobacco use in Kentucky.

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A woman leans over to wipe the top of a home radiator under a window.

Six Tips to Ensure a Healthy Home Environment
Learn about ways to improve the living space in your home in order to ensure better air quality and cleaner breathing.

Three teen boys standing together outside. One of them is vaping. There are trees in the background.

Kentucky Youth and E-Cigarettes: What You Should Know
Use of e-cigarettes among teens has skyrocketed, alarming health advocates, parents, medical professionals and educators.

Dr. Patrick Withrow uses a giant cigarette as a prop while speaking to students.

Outreach Efforts on E-Cigarettes and Youth Paying Dividends in Western Kentucky
In the past couple of years, a public health crisis is affecting youth across the U.S. and Kentucky: the rapid rise of e-cigarette use.

A woman and young man wearing winter jackets and smiling at the camera.

Smoking Cessation: An Essential Part of Mental Health Services
While tobacco use slowly drops among the general population, a startling 41 percent of persons with mental illness in Kentucky use tobacco.

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KET Health Documentaries

A close-up of fingers crushing a cigarette on a surface with the show logo superimposed over the image.

Calling It Quits
Experts discuss the risks of smoking and offer effective methods for quitting. Includes personal testimonials.

Several students in a classroom with a cigarette puppet and other props.

Tobacco-Free Kentucky Kids
Learn about enterprising teens who developed projects that promote tobacco cessation in their peer groups.

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Health Three60 Episodes

In the background, a woman sits working at a desk. In the foreground, a pink stethoscope sits on some paper.

Easing the Burden of Asthma
Learn about the high rate of asthma in Kentucky and tips to reduce exposure to asthma triggers.

A weathered barn sitting in a grassy field has the slogan, "Quit Now Kentucky" painted in large white letters. Trees line the back of the image.

Clearing the Smoke
Learn about the policies, programs and community solutions needed to reduce dependence on tobacco and create a healthier Kentucky.

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“How I Quit Smoking” Testimonials

A man outside in a ball cap and a horse sweatshirt.

It took a trip to the dentist to get implants due to his severe gingivitis to make Doug realize it was time to quit.

A man in glasses and a red t-shirt.

When Ken decided to stop smoking, at first he couldn’t go much past a week before lighting up.

A woman with dark, shoulder-length hair sitting in front of shelves with decorative items.

Knowing she needed help to quit, Paige joined a tobacco cessation class through her local health department.

A close-up of a woman smiling.

Priscilla’s smoker’s cough got so bad her husband convinced her it was time for them to quit smoking – together.

A woman in a pink shirt sitting in front of a couch.

Selena got a prescription for Chantix from her doctor and, despite some tough early days, overcame her habit.

A close-up of a man sitting outside.

Steve tried several ways to quit smoking, but nothing worked. Finally, his father suggested he attend a Freedom from Smoking class.

A man and a woman sitting next to each other with a lamp behind them.

And a few more!
People who quit smoking with the help of tobacco cessation classes share their success stories.

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