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Making a Difference

KET programs and services help people improve their lives every day. But you don’t have to take our word for it. On these pages, Kentuckians tell their own compelling and inspiring stories of how KET has helped them achieve goals, become more effective in their own work, or simply get more out of life.

A Resourceful Year in Education

High-quality, trusted educational resources like the ones KET provides to Kentucky educators are invaluable to any classroom, no matter where that classroom is. In this particularly challenging year, educators have […]

Randall Vaughn sitting in front of the KET logo

Lifelong Learning

As an architect for Gray Construction, specializing in industrial and manufacturing facility design, Randall Vaughn frequently travels the globe to meet with corporate clients, such as Michelin, Siemens Energy, and […]

Montana Leigers

Growing up on Sesame Street

Montana Leigers loved watching Sesame Street on KET as a child. But it wasn’t until last year, when she took part in a national research contest, that she fully appreciated what a groundbreaking force the program was for children’s television.

Dr. Brent Wright

A Healthy Commonwealth

"We're all in this together, Kentucky" That's been one of the central messages throughout the COVID-19 epidemic. And it's a vital one, says Dr. Brent Wright, president of the Kentucky Medical Association, because it asks that people look beyond themselves to gain perspective on what their fellow Kentuckians are facing.

Teacher Alexandra Farhadian with her students via video conference

A Wellspring of Resources

While much, including our educational system, has changed dramatically in recent months, fourth graders at Lexington's Meadowthorpe Elementary are keeping to their weekly tradition of watching KET's News Quiz program, which familiarizes them with current events.