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Welcome to the KET home for all things kids and families! Here you will find live streaming videos of your favorite PBS shows including: Cat in the Hat, Daniel Tiger, Curious George, Odd Squad, Pinkalicious & Peterriffic, Splash and Bubbles, and more! To supplement the skills and lessons taught in the videos, explore the educational apps and download free, age-appropriate activities that teach you how to incorporate learning into your everyday lives.

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cat in the hat app

Cat in the Hat Builds That!

Do you want a science app? The Cat in the Hat gives you that with a tap! Kids play and learn in their backyard, to see how science is fun, not hard!

Splash and Bubbles Ocean Adventure App

Splash and Bubbles Ocean Adventure

Join Splash, Bubbles, Dunk, and Ripple on a journey to the world’s undersea habitats, where you’ll discover the creatures that live there and learn about the many different ways plants and animals thrive in the ocean. Then use the animals, plants, and objects you find to build and decorate your very own ocean!

Discover more apps for learning on PBS KIDS.

Parent Resources

everyday learning

KET Everyday Learning Collection

Learning does not take place only in the classroom. Children learn by observing animal friends in the backyard, discovering new ways to get moving, picking out shapes in a walk around the neighborhood or critiquing a famous piece of art. Learning occurs naturally, everyday! This KET collection uses original animation and wonderful, visual images to introduce basic concepts of math, science, social studies, art and health to the youngest learners.

Sesame Street

Sesame Street Parents

Access Sesame Street videos, games, ebooks, apps, printables, merchandise, and more on this family centered website powered by the Sesame Street Workshop.

PBS Parents

PBS Parents

PBS Parents is a trusted resource that’s filled with information on child development and early learning. It also serves as a parent’s window to the world of PBS KIDS, offering access to educational games and activities inspired by PBS KIDS programs.

teacher working with preschoolers

*LET YOUR TEACHERS KNOW* – KET offers many free resources for teachers to use in their classroom as well as training. Email your child’s teacher to share with them what is available:

PRE-K Teacher Resources
K-12 Teacher Resources