Of Hands and Hearts: The Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen

Episode #601 First Aired: September 28, 2013

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Learn the rich history of a longtime Kentucky institution, and meet some of the artisans who make up its membership, when Kentucky Muse presents “Of Hands and Hearts: The Kentucky Guild of Artists & Craftsmen.”

To tell the story of the guild, KET introduces you to artists of various ages and media, providing a sense of individual works and perspectives of guild membership. Interwoven into these profiles is a history of the guild, which at one time sponsored a craft train that traveled the state. Today, it has become a living, growing organization fostering careers of longtime members and young artists alike.

Marianna McdonaldThe program provides a picture of what drives these artists and craftspeople individually, as well as the importance of an artisan community connection provided by being a member of the guild.

The visually stunning documentary shows off the artistic process, showcasing artists at work in their studios.

You’ll meet:

  • Jewelry maker Carrie Blackburn of Winchester, who uses lost-wax technique to cast sterling silver
  • Traditional basket weavers Gin Petty and Janet Northern, both lifetime guild members
  • Potter Matthew Gaddie, who operates a wood-fired kiln on a farm in Bardstown
  • Acclaimed stained glass artist Dan Neil Barnes, who calls the guild an “eternal flame” that plays a vital role in career development for artists
  • And many others, while also making visits to the Kentucky Artisan Center in Berea and the fall craft fair.