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Part 1 |Citizen Hearst | American Experience

Part 1 |Citizen Hearst | American Experience

William Randolph Hearst builds the nation’s largest media empire by the 1930s. Born into one of America’s wealthiest families, he used his outlets to achieve unprecedented political power, then ran for office himself.
S33 E43 Length 1:50:14 Premiere: 9.27.21

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American Experience, TV's most-watched history series, brings to life the compelling stories from our past that inform our understanding of the world today.

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Goin' Back to T-Town

  • Thursday September 30, 2021 4:00 am ET on KET2
  • Thursday September 30, 2021 3:00 am CT on KET2

Season 33 Episodes

Part 2 |Citizen Hearst | American Experience

S33 E44 Length 1:52:04 Premiere Date 9.28.21

Part 1 |Citizen Hearst | American Experience

S33 E43 Length 1:50:14 Premiere Date 9.27.21

The Blinding of Isaac Woodard, Spanish

S33 E42 Length 1:52:49 Premiere Date 3.30.21

The Codebreaker, Spanish

S33 E41 Length 52:51 Premiere Date 1.11.21

Sandra Day O'Connor: The First

S33 E6 Length 1:51:33 Premiere Date 9.13.21

Billy Graham

S33 E5 Length 1:51:41 Premiere Date 5.17.21

American Oz

S33 E4 Length 1:52:52 Premiere Date 4.19.21

The Blinding of Isaac Woodard

S33 E3 Length 1:52:49 Premiere Date 3.30.21

Voice of Freedom

S33 E2 Length 1:40:16 Premiere Date 2.15.21

Goin' Back to T-Town

S33 E2 Length 53:28 Premiere Date 2.8.21

The Codebreaker

S33 E1 Length 52:49 Premiere Date 1.11.21

Trailer | Citizen Hearst

Preview Length 01:45 Premiere Date 9.27.21

William Randolph Hearst

Clip Length 01:18 Premiere Date 9.27.21

Joseph Pulitzer

Clip Length 01:18 Premiere Date 9.27.21

Marion Davies

Clip Length 01:18 Premiere Date 9.27.21

Millicent Hearst

Clip Length 01:18 Premiere Date 9.27.21

Chapter 1 | Citizen Hearst, Part 1

Clip Length 09:52 Premiere Date 9.27.21

Yellow Journalism

Clip Length 07:38 Premiere Date 9.27.21

Last Days in Afghanistan

Clip Length 10:26 Premiere Date 8.21.21

The 1930s Series Preview

Preview Length 01:02 Premiere Date 8.20.09

Author Interview: Neil Maher

Clip Length 07:00 Premiere Date 9.24.09

Interview Dr. Alfred Crosby

Clip Length 06:07 Premiere Date 12.21.09

Interview Dr. Shirley Fannin

Clip Length 09:22 Premiere Date 12.21.09

Government Film: Combat America

Clip Length 08:21 Premiere Date 1.12.10


FDR's Pearl Harbor Speech

Length 01:10 Premiere Date 12.6.16

Olympian Profile: Andrew Campbell

Length 03:06 Premiere Date 8.2.16

Olympian Profile: Katelin Snyder

Length 02:53 Premiere Date 8.2.16

Radio Coverage of the 1936 Olympics

Length 05:28 Premiere Date 8.2.16

Olympian Profile: Bryan Volpenhein

Length 03:25 Premiere Date 7.18.16

Olympian Profile: Caryn Davies

Length 03:23 Premiere Date 7.11.16

Grand Central: Crisis Leads to Opportunity

Length 02:19 Premiere Date 2.4.08

Grand Central: Breaking Ground

Length 01:51 Premiere Date 2.4.08

The Design of Grand Central

Length 01:07 Premiere Date 2.4.08

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